Patiala Babes 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ashok Character Assassinates Babita Written Episode

Patiala Babes 4th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Court hearing continues. Judge says Babita’s alimony and maintenance demands are valid. Madan says it is invalid as Babita is characterless. Babita sits shattered. Mini reaches court and requests constable to let her in as her mother is inside. Constable says he cannot let her in without pass. Khatri walks in showing pass. Mini asks why did he come here and calls Babes. Judge hears sound outside and asks constable to not let anyone in and close door. Hanuman brings passes, but constable closes door. Madan continues alleging that Babita is having an affair with inspector Hanuman Singh since 10 years. Judge warns Madan that he will not let a lady’s character assassination here and it is clear that Ashok does not want to give alimony, so he is maligning his wife’s characters, asks if he should finalize case or give next date. Madan says next date. He warns Ashok again that he can clearly see that Ashok does not want to give any alimony or maintenance, so he is character assassinating an innocent lady; it is his right to fight case, but if he uses vulgar language in his case, he will not spare him and will fine him and Madan. Madan takes Ashok out.

Babita walks out of court room. Mini asks what happened inside. Tirath says judge gave next date. Mini takes writ petition from Tirath and is shocked to read Ashok’s allegation. She confronts Ashok how can he stoop so low. Ashok starts Babita’s character assassination right there and alleges Hanuman that he is having affair with Babita, so he is protecting her. Hanuman warns to shut his mouth, but Ashok continues and asks Khatri if Babita did not have affair with him. Babita shatters more hearing that. Sukhi tries to stop Ashok, but he continues. Mini asks Lovely and Sukhi to take Ashok from there, but Ashok still continues and says he knows Babita well as he has seen her with and without clo… Mini shouts and cries loudly. Meeta walks away from there followed by Ashok, Lovely, and Sukhi. Mini takes Babita home and she walks in locality like a dead body. Whole locality watches her. Once in home, Mini locks door from inside. Babita pours water on her herself compulsively; Mini tries stop her, but in vain.

Ashok returns home. Biji gives him a tight slap. He walks to his room where Meeta warns him not dare not touch him, he is not the same man she loved and kicks him out of room. On the other side, Babita continues compulsively pouring water on her body, Mini fails to stop her.

Precap: Mini tells Hanuman that her Babes has shattered into pieces hearing Papaji’s allegations.

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