Patiala Babes 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s Changed Nature Written Episode

Patiala Babes 6th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashok walks to Meeta and asks if even she wants to vent out her anger on him like others. Meeta confronts him that his family did right and why did he character assassinate Babita and stoop so low. He says she is blaming him and did not see what Hanuman did, how Judge threw moral gyaan instead of pronouncing justice, how Hanuman fought with him, etc. Meeta asks if he thinks he is speaking sense, he just wants to satisfy his male ego thinking why did Babita leave his house before he kicked her out; how can she divorce him before he could, etc…, he is not the same man she loved. Ashok asks why don’t she leave him then. Meeta shouts she left her family and comfort life in London for him and if she had to leave him, he she would have left him long ago when she came to know that he is already married. She continues confronting him while he continues his insensitive explanation.

Babita walks to balcony reminiscing Ashok’s allegations and Minnie crying. Her dupatta flies away. She covers her modesty and runs in. She then glares herself into mirror and reminiscing Mini telling she is just Babita without any surname, she is not just a body and has a life of her own, etc. Next morning, Babita does pooja and plays shank. Minnie walks to her and thinks what happened to her. Babita gives her prasad. Minnie asks if she is fine. Babita says she is and making her sit says when she was born, fingers were so small like pearls, she used to touch her with her small fingers and used to love her bindi; slowly she grew up and I covered her with limitations to wear long clothes and not to show skin, etc.. She was overprotective and did not let her live herself, she forgot even she should also live a free life, etc. Minnie says she has changed. Babita says she wants to live her life now without being worried what people will think.

At Ashok’s house, Lovely tries to console Biji and asks her to stop crying. Dadaji says they have to bear guilt of giving birth to a heinous son like Ashok and have to burn in guilt. Meeta passes by. Dadaji asks they are Ashok’s parents, so are tolerating his nonsense, why Meeta is tolerating him and why don’t she leave him. Sukhi says because she loves him and love is not letting her go away from Ashok. Meeta serves tea to Ashok. Ashok yells even she can leave him instead of playing victim card like Babita. Meeta says she cannot leave him due to guilty of ruining Babita;s life; earlier Babita was just a photo for her and she used to be jealous of Babita, now she is seeing Babita with flesh and meat; her guilt will not let her go from here.

Precap: Babita asks Minnie to tell Hanuman that player is ready and will not let coach lose.

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