Pregnancy cravings Piansh OS by Sana Written Episode

Hello everyone..i am back but this time not with a ff but with an os..i hope u will like it..enjoy


  • It was fourth month of piya’s pregnency..her cravings and mood swings were on top n this was not good for the family especially for ansh..Ansh and cxzns were in the kitchen saavi was also there with them..together they were cooking something for piya as it was demand of the would be mother but they all were tired as it was seventh time piya rejected the food they made for her on her demand..not because  the food was not tasty but everytime piya craved for something else..everyone was busy in the kitchen..suddenly piya shouted on top of her voice..everyone went to her..piya saw them panicked n told them to relax as she was fine it was just she wanted to shout so she shouted..ansh patted his head with his hand..piya made a sad face and said to him”Ansh tm mujh se pyaar nai krte” saying this piya cried..ansh was not able to understand what to say..he hugged his wife n consoled her by saying her she only love her❤..piya giggled at his husbands funny actions n now she demanded for palak paneer..everyone shouted”nahiiiiii”piya laughed hard on thier antics..everbody understood that it was just a joke😎..the all hugged piya tightly to which she demanded for an ice cream and this time she was not joking..everyone leaved her to which she mad a sad face..the all laughed😄

8th month of her pregnency:

Ansh came back from office at night..expecting that he would rest now but destiny has planned something else for him..he went to his room there he saw his piya crying loudly..ansh got tensed..he asked piya”did your water broke..nothing will happen to u and our baby..i am taking u to hospital”piya pated his head and said”budhu my water didn’t broked but they broked”ansh was looking at her with a question ” if not ur water then who broked?”piya replied to him”couple in this movie beoked”ansh gave piya a disbelieving look..he pacified her..piya sat on ansh’s lap n sleeped there..ansh kept his both hands on her back and sleeped there carrying his love in his arms❤

9th month:

Everyone was present in the hall discussing about the baby..kajal spoked up “bhai what u want a boy or a girl”everyone wanted to knw the answer n to their question he smiled n replied “i just want a healthy baby”everyone smiled at ansh🤗..they all said together”but we all want a girl and we have decided her name too”piansh asked them about the name to which the said”Anya”..ansh told them about what kind of name it is to which saavi replied’Arre jiju nahi samjhe..aapke baam ka an ar di k naam ka ya ar ban gaya anya”rishi asked ansh to guess who suggested this name..ansh was not able to guess🤔 n finally rishi said to him”rehne do bhai aapse nahi hoga pr ek guess deta hu..aapki pyaari behan ne ye naam diya”ansh asked wether it is given by kajal or neha..rishi patted his head n told him”arre nahi aapki sabse pyaari bhn ruby ne😄”ruby looked at rishi with a shock😕to which everyone laughed hard..suddenly piya’s labour pain started n she started to shout..everyone took her to the hospital..piya was shouting “maa papaa anshh..agr pata hoti ki itna dard hoga to tmhe qareeb tak na aane deti..from tmrw dnt u dare to touch me..ansh was trying best to pacify his wife..piya was taken to the OT..after half an hour they all heard a noice of a baby..dr. came out of the OT and congrarulatec them as piya gave birth to a baby girl👶..everyone was having tears of happiness in their eyes..ansh went in the room where piya and his angel was waiting for him..ansh held the baby n kissed piya’s forehead n together they named the girl “Anya” n smiled☺ n by this their family got completed👪


Finally i am done..sorry if this os bored uh..i knw i left my ff incomplete but i promise i will complete them as soon i will get free but for now i have to make a lot of assignment..n yess flying chappals n rotten tomatoes are most welcomed🙇‍♀️till i come back..take care n keep smiling😘



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