PUNCH 5 brothers destined to be together – Episode 2 Written Episode

Hello guys
It’s 18 years later..
Its a huge mansion surrounded by full of greenery
Roses zinya jasmin and lots of flowers and fruits…
A black shining car come inside the compound watchman greets the person …
A young man of 27 steps out of the car ..
Black suit blue eyes with beard and moustache shorter in height
He enters the mansion bodyguards greet him …
A girl of 18 comes running
Girl: Shivay bhayyaaa
(Screems in happiness)

Yes its Mr. Shivay sahay a great buisness man 2nd Son of Mr. Rajesh sahah
(You can imagine him to be nakul mehta)
Shivaye:Ru… my dear angel i misse you a lot
He hugs the girl his youngest sister ruhi sahay (aditi bhatiya)
Ruhi: Bro did you bring everything what i have sent you the list…
Shivay: its was more than 5 pages okay…
Ruhi : tomorrow is first day of collage for me and Aaliya im so exited finally you are back from your London trip
Shivay:Thts all right but where are others ….
Ruhi: they all went to shopping for taniya di’s engagement
She makes her face sad and tells
I was ill so i couldn’t go

Shivay : oh you got fever in tnsn of collage right…
Dont worry you are shivay sahay’s angel you are so strong
Ruhi : i know bro you are the best….
(All family members come home father, mother, aunty ,Aaliya,karan ,rohan greet shivay and welcome him to the house all are very happy)
Shivay: where is taniya and anita….
Mother: they are coming on the way..
Shivay :its almost 8 why did u leave them alone
Mother:they are not kids they will come..

Scene 2
Its late night 2 girls are walking on a road ..
Searching something
A boy with mask is starring them
Stranger look at the girl wearing long kurta …
She is so hot long weavy hairs my god….
He goes near the girls …
Stranger:hey hottie
Girl :hey tanu there are 7 men we should run

Taniya : but anu can we escape from them (jennifer winget)
Anita: through chilli powder and run (anita hassnandani)
They through chilli powder and try to run but masked man catches both of them and make them unconscious by spray he tries to seduce them mean time 2 masked girls come in bikes and beat all of them ..
The boys run in pain
Girls spill the water on them and leaves before they wake up …
Both anita and taniya rush towords house …

Scene 3
Sahay mansion
Taniya and anita come home..
Both are nervous…
Shivay :are back thank god i was tensed.
He hugs both of them and all sit to dinner..
Shivay:where are those 4…
Mother:they went to mahirs office he is handling some serious case and somebody broke the fire in his office and he lost the proofs ….
Tomorrow is the hearing of aakash a buisness man’s son there are 17 murder charges on him and harshad is the lawyer against him i dont know what will they do now…
4 young guys enter the house all are sad .. but gets happy seeing shivay elder brother hugs him
He is mr. Varun sahay a wll known psychologist (barun sobti)
Another one harshad vasist (harshad chopda) well known lawyer and neil sharma (zain imam) master chef and mahir sahay a CBI officer

Shivay :dont worry mahir if you loose the proofs…
And harshad you may lose the case inside the court but you will win it outside the court…
I have a plan call abhay our best friend we will teach that aakash a good lesson…
Scene 4 next morning
All are sitting for breakfast ruhi and alia take elders blessing and gets ready for collges first day…
Shivay:if anyone tortuous my angles in collage tell me il teach them good lesson
Alia ruhi: ya bro
Mahir : il drop you to collage
Mahir drops alia ruhi and rohan karan to the collage and

On the way mahir is thinking about aaksh …
Suddenly a girl comes infront of his jeep …
Girl wakes up and starts shouting mahir…
Girl cant you see and go …
If you dont know to ride then why you ppl show off…
Mahir : listen
Girl: i dont want to listen anything you have hit bela by your car and iwill complain about you in police
Mahir : oh very fine then call the cops
Bela :(surbhi jyoti ) dont think i am joking il really call the cops…
Immediately mahir gets signal in his walkie talkie
Mahir : yes it mahir sahay CBI officer reporting
Voice: head officer is waiting for you
Bela gets stunned

Mahir : il be there in 10 mins
To bela wont you call cops….
Bela : i was …she (screams) snake!!!
Mahir turn towards thr thr is no snake he turns and sees bela is nowhere
Mahir: strange girl! Anyway i have to meet head officer
(Mahir goes to meet head officer)

Scene 4
In the mumbai university collage
Ruhi aliya and some girls are chatting and introducing each other a boy sanjay who is very bad in the collage in rohan and karans collage planning to trap aliya and ruhi ….
Abhishek a new boy to the sanjay’s class who is so handsome all girls are behind him bt he is a macho man with full of attitude ignores the every girls….
Sanjay is planning to trap him tooo…
Aliya is watching the swimming pool in the sports club and enjoying…
Abhi is little away and coming on the same way sanjay pours water on his way abhi slips and falls on aaliya both of them fall in the pool both get drenched fully…
They share eyelock… abhi pushes her away..

Ruhi comes running and takes aaliya out of pool she gets angry and scolds abhi..
Abhi gets angry and shove her away from his way she is about to fall bt aalia holds her and scolds him ..
Abhi insults her and go…
Ruhi gets nervous by the crowd and runs out of the collage…
She comes home running and crying…
Shivay is shocked to see aaliya drenched and Ruhi crying aaliya tells him everything..
Shivay gets angry and head towards the clg…

He enters the clg in heroic style all girls are mad around him he asks sanjay who is abhi he points finger at him..
Shivay holds his collar and puches on his face telling how dare u insult my sistef…
He is about to punch again a girl hold his hand mid air and punches back on his face …
Shivays mouth bleads he is shocked seeing girl punching him.

To be continued….

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