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” I no ragini from the day we met we are not going well with each other but from now onwards we can be good friends please accept my apology and even these flowers “Sanskar says by kneeling down.

ragini opens her mouth in shock.

” close your mouth and take these flowers my legs are paining ” Sanskar says.

ragini takes the flowers. Sanskar gets up and forwards his hand ” so friends “.

” k friends “ragini says still shocked.

” k come lets go this is the first time I am late to office ” saying Sanskar goes.

” am I dreaming “ragini thinks” may be I am over thinking or he is not that sadoo as I thought ” ragini thinks.

” come fast “Sanskar shouts.

” hmm “saying ragini runs and collides with Sanskar who is walking in front.

she stumbles and about to fall but Sanskar holds her. flowers in ragini hand showers on them while Sanskar is holding ragini by her waist and both are lost in each other.

soon they come to senses and feeling awkward to say anything.

” sorry ” both say at a time after realizing they burst out into laughter.

” can you ever walk without tripping ” sanskar says. ” I will stop tripping when you stop standing in my way ” ragini replies. ” excuse me I am not in your way you are the one that is lost always while walking and blaming me Unnessarily”he says. “I am never lost it is you who always lost and do idiotic things like yesterday and this morning ” she taunts. “k fine let’s forget what had happen and not fight I am once again sorry for what I had done ” he replies defeated. “k now as we are friends I will forgive you Mr sadoo maheshwari” she says uninterested. “don’t you dare call names again ” he shouts.

” k fine let’s go ” she says playfully.


In car


“why you came here ragini ” sanskars asks after thinking. “because I am also coming with you to office so obviously I will be in the car ” ragini says. ” I mean not in the car dumbo I mean in kolkatta to be true from what I had observed you are not at all interested in going to office and don’t give me reasons like I want to stand on my feet, I want explore new city shit ” he says. Ragini is lost in her thoughts whether to say him truth or not. “see ragini now we are in mutual understanding you can stay here until you want as you are helping me with swara and laksh thing so if you need anything I mean with the reason you are here I will help you” he says ragini finally decide’s to tell him truth but not fully as she don’t know what he will react. “actually sadooo ” she immediately stop when she gets his glare and continues “I mean sanskar as you know I am only child of my mom but that’s not true when my Mom and her husband got separated they took my brother with them and they will not allow her to meet him my mom she doesn’t say how much she misses him but I saw how she cries holding his childhood pics I just want to Let my bai know that mom loves him even more than me what all his family told him about for which he never tried contact us is not true I want my mom to be happy if I say I know about bai and I am in kolkatta so that I can make everything right she will not let me when I got to know about you I thought it will be nice opurtunity for me as you are influenciatial and also mom trust ” she says and your are also his best friend she mutters to herself. “what you said something ” he asks. “no just thinking I am also sorry for everything and thanku ” she says. “and I thought you are Irresponsible and selfish kid ” he says deeply thinking of what she just reveled. “so now you don’t think I am irresponsible and selfish “she asks hoping for positive reply as she don’t want him to have bad opinion of her it effects her if he hates her which she is not understanding why. “no even if I think you are irresponsible a little bit but I understand you are doing everything for your mothers happieness even if I am Your play card which made me angry before, now I know you had a reason for everything you had done I am not angry any more ” he says which makes her smile . ” do you know for sure your brother is here ” he asks she nods yes ” hmm so you found him who is he ” he asks she gets tensed and nods negatively. “so you know he is here but you don’t no anything about him don’t worry as long as you listen to me I will help you find him reunite with janki mam ” he says she nods. “I know this is emotional topic but I can’t digest you being this silent “he says and stops the car.. Ragini realises she should not get this much emotionally involved with sanskar she is surprised by herself as she is feeling comfort with his talks she hasn’t not shared about her bro with anyone other than suraj not even with riya and sanju who are her best friends she composes herself and says “don’t fly Mr sado maheshwari I had not forgot anything according to my condition you are giving me good cabin and also lessen my work. Ha also announce I am winner of infornt of everyone one as you shouted on me yesterday while everybody are watching orelse I will tell sujatha aunty truth ” she says coming back to her normal self. “and here I thought devil turned into angel but I am not that lucky enough ” murmurs sanksar “what you said I am devil wait and watch what I will do “saying she apporches him and started hitting him with her hands sanskar is trying to block her hands then suddenly they where knock at the window they see siddhant over their and composes them selves. “as much as I am happy you to sorted your problems I don’t like to people think my best friend and sister romancing in middle of the road in car when half of the employees are watching not understanding what is happening ” sid says glaring them. Sanskar and ragini realises they surroundings and feels embarrassed as they know people are thinking them as couple. They get down the car try to avoid eye contact with each other.

“What took you so long to come to office when you left long back my bad sry for asking “sid says as if he realised something.

“someone told me they hate sanskar will live him and go back and not even see his face just this morning ” sid taunts by looking at ragini but she don’t know how to react as now she know about swara feeling she can’t take a chance to get Sid angry on her.

Sanskar understands ragini hesitation as now she should act as his girlfriend he says “he was ready to leave me but I begged her to say I can fight with her but I can’t stay without her ” ragini was lost by his words she was feeling happy hearing his words and yet again she doesn’t understand why his words effect her more over why he effects her does she falling for him no she can’t think of herself while their are so many things in front of her she can’t divert her path whatever this infatuation she feels towards sanskar should not over power her efforts to reunite her mom and bro she is determined not to make things more complicated than it already is.


In karma industries


As soon as trio go inside sanskar asks ragini to submit her report while she looks what is he upto. She gives her report sanskar asks Ajay his PA to bring it to his cabin. He checks the file after few minutes he comes out of his cabin and announces as ragini has completed the challenge she can work here as other employees and she will also be allocated her seat with others Ajay, ragini are happy while aditi and veni (other employees) are shocked. Siddhant is confused.


“congrats ragini I will do arrangements to your seat “saying Ajay leaves. “thank u Ajay “ragini says and thinks one problem solved and hopefully looks at sid to say something.

He gives her small smile and leaves along with Sanskar. Is bai angry with me or their is other matter may be he is feeling awkward to talk with me because he thinks I am sanskars girlfriend and Swara loves sanskar what should I do I thought I will convince bai easily but now I think I should try hard and swara does all guys in kolkatta died she should love only sanskar laksh is so good why can’t she like him instead of my sanskar.

My sanskar where that came from ragu focus you should not get diverted she is murmuring herself. When aditi and veni comes to her. “so spill it who recommended you that sanskar sir gave you job without interview “aditi asks.

“why you came with him that to in his car ” veni asks “you know him before or just after joining here ” aditi says “aditi don’t you see they know each other from before as you see she even know siddhant sir now spill it “veni says looking at ragini.. “actually don’t I know who you are you are one of his family friend are business partners daughter that is why even siddhant sir know you that’s it right “aditi asks hopefully. They are expecting ragini to speak but ragini is watching them as if they grown to horns. “will you speak now “aditi says irritated. “why would I tell you that between us and why are you so interested “ragini replies and leaves in search of Ajay. “did she just show us attitude ” veni gruts her teeth “don’t worry once kavitha mam comes all her attitude will come apart when she is coming back ” aditi says. “may be tmrw ” veni replies.


In sanskars cabin


Sansakar and siddhanth are discussing on their project.

“for our new project I signed contract with rd designing firm and I talked with their ceo janki mam personally as soon as we finish construction they will start with their interior designing ” sanskar was saying but siddhanth was to deep in thoughts he didn’t hear janki name. “sid where are you lost ” sanskar asks as soon as he realises sid is not listening. “sry sanskar I was thinking something so everything about project is finalised right so you carry on I may not be coming here more often like before papa allotted me to new London project so now I need to leave I know you can handle this on your own if you require my help also I am just a call away so bye ” saying did leave even without waiting for his reply leaving sanskar in confusion.


Sid sits in his car and hits steering wheel in frustration “how can I not see my shona is getting hurt every passing second what I should do to make everything right I don’t want to hurt anyone but I can’t let shona suffer like this and what about ragini she is treating me as her brother what should I do “sid is confused and angry as he remembers what had happened after sanskar, laksh and ragini left.


Siddhant was so upset about sanskar that he didn’t realised when uttara and swara left so he went in search of them when he spotted them in backyard he apporched them to hear swara crying her heart out lying her head in uttara lap when she is patting swara head asking her to calm down “how can I calm down uttara from the I know what love the only person in my heart and mind is sanskar every single second I thought is about sanskar only whether he ate or not, does he like this ,does he like that ,where is he, how is he everything I did is keeping him in my mind only you know that right I never told about my feelings to anyone when sanskar told he was inspired by a woman who single handedly established RD designing firm I was determined I would work hard to get placed in their just to make sanskar proud when bai found out about my feelings I was afraid he would not like it as sanskar is his best friend when he talked to elders of gododias and everyone was happy and even dp uncle asked my hand for sanskar I was the happiest girl alive I thought thats it this is my life sanskar is my destination everything is going the Way I always wanted but everything came crashing down with just one person coming into our lives that is ragini I just hope what if sanskar never went to Mumbai what if he never met ragini everything would same as before but I can’t undo anything not sanskar falling for her not she coming into our lives but at least I thought I had my family to support me but by the way siddhant bai was taking care of ragini I think she has not even taken my love but also she is taking away my brother “.

“enough swara how can you think like that did you really think I would abandon you for ragini yes I was good to her because I thought she is also victim like you as she doesn’t know the situation or us but I never or will forget she is the reason for losing your love and don’t ever think like that k” saying siddhant hugs her consoling. “I am ..sry bai I don’t know.. what came over I am talking all nonsense ” said swara sobbing.

“shhh don’t shona I can’t see you like this please don’t cry “even siddhanth sheds tears feeling guilty.




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