Pyaar Ke Papad 13th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar and Shivika get locked Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Shivika breaking down and hugging Omkar. She cries. He asks what do you want. She says its wrong. He says its wrong that you are stopping you and me, this time is to move on together, give me one chance, I will talk to your dad, I m sure I will convince you, I won’t let him get hurt, we love each other, we will keep our family respect. She says its better that I go, I can’t stop myself, I will leave this job. He asks why, its happening as you said, I m doing as you want, don’t leave this job. She says you listen to me always, this is your problem, you are strange, I can’t work with you. He reminds the work contract and smiles. Mangal and Jagat come to meet Shivika. They try to find out whom does Omkar like.

Omkar meets them. They make excuse and try to know who is that girl. They get mistaken and ask a girl how does she like Omkar. She says he is a nice man. Jagat gives her shagun. They take pic with that girl. Jagat blesses her and goes. They don’t see Shivika and leave. Nisha and GST are on the way. Police inspector drops them to college. GST asks Nisha not to worry. Shalu comes and says the other form was mine. GST says you are pandit’s daughter, why did Omkar get a form for you. Shalu thanks him. He thinks what’s happening. He asks her to be friends with Nisha. He goes. Jagat says that girl looked aged. Mangal says its fine. Mangal sees Kallu again. Jaya says I find hard to earn extra money. Kallu asks did the shop get shut. He shouts to Jaya. Mangal asks what’s happening. Kallu says I get cylinder from here. Mangal doesn’t believe him. Gupta comes to bank. Shivika attends him. He asks for manager. She says he isn’t here. He says good, I want to get entry in passbook. He thanks her.

She says I m new here. He asks did you get married. She says no. He says manager is rude, no girl likes him. She says no, he is very good, any girl will like him, he loves people and wishes good for everyone, he never talks to anyone in loud voice, its tough to find such person. He says enough, I got an answer, he is nice, you are lovely. She returns his passbook. He blesses her. He takes selfie with her. She asks why selfie. He says I will come again, so that I remember. He goes. Shivika leaves from the bank. She says I will get late. Shalu says we are in the party.

Triloki says I forgot the shawl, I will go and get it. He comes home and looks for shawl. Shivika comes home. Omkar comes and calls him out. He says I had to come to take the file. She sees Triloki and hides. Omkar doesn’t see him. Triloki looks around. They hide. Triloki locks the door and goes. Shivika says I got locked up because of you. Omkar says you got me locked here, we will go out, get a hammer. She asks why. He says I will break the door or shout for help. She stops him. They fall down over the tape recorder. Ang lagade re….plays…. They have an odd moment. He laughs. She tries to stop the song. He also tries and switches off the tape. She asks why are you laughing, I had to attend the function, I m stuck here because of you. He says I had a meeting and got stuck. She gets ready for the marriage. He gets mesmerized seeing her. They smile.

Omkar says I wish I could lift you in arms all life. They go to attend the marriage. They lie to the people and get caught. Omkar collides with Triloki.

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