Pyaar Ke Papad 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar meets Shivika Written Episode

Pyaar Ke Papad 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Omkar playing Shiv ji in some play. The crowd gathers. The girl playing Parvati doesn’t come. Omkar gets waiting. FB shows Omkar going with his friend. His friend asks Madhu where did she reach. Madhu comes and meets Omkar and Gauri Shankar Tripathi/GST. She gets flirting with Omkar. GST introduces Omkar to her and says he will become Shankar ji today. She praises his heroic look. Omkar calls her bahen ji and upsets her. He describes the girl of his dreams, who will be very different and not a part of the crowd. Shivika comes to temple. She prays that she never falls in love. Omkar comes there and prays to get a nice girl. She prays that there is no bachelor in her office. Shivika says my dilemma is because of my dad, he is the new Mahant of this temple. Her dad is seen, talking to Chobey about ordinary and Vip people entering the temple. He says poor people won’t get darshan today. Chobey says all the people are similar. Shivika’s dad Triloki says nothing is equal in this world. The man says you are new here, we don’t discriminate based on caste. He asks Chobey to make him taste prasad.

Triloki adds salty and sugary things together to explain them that even people of different caste can’t be treated equally. Omkar looks on. Chobey says this isn’t happening right. Omkar says we will do something. He gets Jagat’s call. Jagat asks when are you coming home. Omkar says I m coming. Omkar’s family is seen. The ladies gossip. Bhabhi asks Bau ji to fix Omkar’s marriage. Bau ji says I want to give freedom to Omkar, he should decide for it. Omkar takes tea for Triloki. He upsets Triloki by taking salty tea. Triloki shouts on him. Omkar tells him that he is motivated by him, tea, sugar and water can’t be equal, it will be good if they are in right balance, it won’t be right according to his discrimination talks. Triloki gets angry. He calls Chobey. He says its Shivratri today, we should follow the tradition, remove that board.

Omkar praises Triloki for having a big heart. Triloki says I will go home, we will meet at night in Rathyatra. He goes home. He gets angry on his other daughter Shalu for wearing torn jeans. Shivika takes the blame on her. Triloki scolds Devki. Devki comes to Shivika and asks why do you do this, your dad stays upset with you. Omkar comes home to take help from his brother, while Bhabhi signs to talk to Omkar about his marriage. FB ends. Omkar says marriage doesn’t happen just like that, the girl has to be special. Shivika comes there as Parvati. Omkar gets mesmerized seeing her. He holds her hand and gets her into the chariot. Triloki gets upset seeing her. The trustee thanks him and says your daughter has really helped us, when the girl playing Parvati didn’t come. He calls Triloki for the puja. Triloki goes for the puja. He touches Shivika and Omkar’s feet. He scolds GST and asks from which caste is this guy, playing Shiv. He gets angry and discriminates the caste once again. The people praise Shiv Parvati jodi. Triloki thinks I will never let such pairing form. He shouts stop.

Omkar thinks of Shivika. Triloki says I want to get Shivika married soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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