Pyaar Ke Papad 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar and Shivika get friendly Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Triloki coming to the bank and standing in the particular queue seeing his community man. The man asks him to get manager’s sign. Omkar is the bank manager. He comes there. Triloki sees him and gets shocked. He says if I knew you work here, I would have never come here. Omkar asks him to forget the old matter and apologizes. He signs the form and doesn’t see Shivika’s sign. Triloki learns Verma is sitting in Tiwari’s place. He gets angry again. Omkar asks Triloki will he have tea. Triloki says no, why didn’t Tiwari come. Verma says he is on leave for marriage. Triloki leaves. Shivika goes to hire a rickshaw. Omkar sees her and offers lift to her. She asks do you do this work also. He says no, you have seen my tempo driver misbehaving, so I have taken this rickshaw, I can share it with you. Shivika goes with him.

Guru ji gives lift to Triloki. They have a talk and laugh. Guru ji asks him not to waste money in marriage. Triloki says we have to keep the traditions. Omkar and Shivika are on the way. He says your friend was saying something. She asks do you work as electrician, she was saying the tube isn’t working. She jokes and laughs. He asks do you know my name, I m Omkar Gupta, and yours? She says Shivika Mishra, we shifted to Kanpur from Banaras some days back. He says it means, Shivika from Shiv town. She smiles. Triloki sees them going and says look at them. Guru ji says you are right on your place and they are right on their place. Triloki objects to their love affair. He prays and says I want to get rid of this Kalyug. Guru ji calms him down.

Shivika’s dupatta gets stuck in tyre. She asks man to stop the rickshaw. She falls on Omkar. Haule haule….plays… the man asks are you hurt. Omkar tries to free her stuck dupatta. Guru ji and Triloki get stuck in the traffic jam. Triloki gets angry hearing about two lovers. He goes to see. Omkar removes the dupatta from the tyre. They leave. Guru ji says you went there and crowd got cleared. He laughs. Omkar imagines Shivika. They have a moment. Omkar catches GST. GST gets scared and falls away. He thinks something happened to Omkar. Omkar asks him to go. GST says I won’t come in your room again. Omkar asks him to listen. GST says you have to marry soon. Omkar smiles seeing Shivika’s pic. Shalu teases Shivika. Shivika dances with her family. Triloki comes. They stop dancing. Devki asks how can Shivika stop going on job. Triloki says she can get married and go from here, then she can do anything she wants. Shivika says I have to give notice for leaving the job. Devki asks her not to worry. Chachi eats the kachori and likes it. A saint comes home and predicts everyone’s future.

Chachi asks how do you know all this. The saint says I know your husband got missing in Kumbh mela 20 years ago. Chachi runs to welcome him. She asks him to sit. Jagat asks what happened. Mangal says I know about him, he is fooling you. Saint worries and tries to fool him. Jagat says entire Kanpur knows about this. Saint says but they don’t know that you won’t have second child until Mangal gets a child. Jagat asks what nonsense, if you want to tell something, tell about Omkar. Saint says I can’t say, his life is empty. Jagat scolds him. Chachi asks what’s written in Omkar’s life. Saint says marriage Yog is not there in Omkar’s life. They get shocked.

Omkar eats golgappa. He doesn’t like it and makes golgappa for himself. Shivika comes and says I know you started this business also. She eats golgappas. Omkar asks don’t you like spicy golgappas. She says I can have it. Omkar says I always have spicy ones. They both eat spicy golgappas, just to show each other. Omkar says I will get water for you. He goes. She eats sweet golgappas. She asks about Omkar. The man says this isn’t his stall, that shop is of his brother. She asks about fruit stall and rickshaw. He says no, he is a bank manager, maybe he joked with you. She gets shocked.

Shivika says he has a fruit stall and chat stall, he has many businesses. Mr. Chadda goes. Omkar tries to explain. He comes home and learns about his marriage talks going on.

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