Pyaar Ke Papad 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar proposes Shivika Written Episode

Pyaar Ke Papad 6th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivika asking Omkar why did he put money in her account. He says you are misunderstanding, my intention wasn’t wrong, I wanted to help you, you can take it as a loan and return me. She asks do you help all customers. He says a friend comes to help always. She says I don’t take help in friendship, give loan based on file, not profile. She returns money and leaves. Omkar looks on. Shivika’s scooty breaks down. She says what happened to this scooty. Dolly says you change your thinking, you didn’t do right with Omkar, he is such a nice guy. Shivika says I did this as he is good, I don’t want him to be mistaken. Dolly asks don’t you like him, you can’t get a better guy than him. Shivika says I can’t have any relation with him, he will get any nice girl, I don’t like him to get heartbroken. Shivika recalls Omkar. She starts the scooty and goes.

Jaya cries and emotionally blackmails the family. GST asks his mum not to come here for dinner always. Chachi says I m just Omkar’s mum, you should have got educated and become peon in Omkar’s bank, than being DJ. Nisha gets tea. Omkar asks her to study. He says we promised Nisha, that we will help her study. He asks GST to get Nisha’s admission done. He says I m going to Ghat. Shivika is also at Ghat. Shalu calls her and says admission date is passing. Shivika says sorry, I forgot. She sees Omkar and thinks why is he angry. Shalu asks what happened. Shivika says I m coming in some time. Shivika worries. Omkar goes to help the rag picker. He says this is our Ghat and we have to keep it clean. Shivika looks on. She says sorry. Omkar asks why, for throwing junk. She says yes, and sorry for misunderstanding you, I know you are a nice person.

Omkar says I should say sorry, I did this without asking you, I can understand your situation, I m impressed that you are so strong. She says I should have not said that. He says its fine, just listen to me, I have a request. He gives her the cheque. He says I m not giving i, its loan cheque, bank has passed this with formalities, I have become guarantor, and loan passed, just repay loan on time. She says no sorry, I can’t take this. He says please take it, its profitable for us, my loan target will be reached. She takes the cheque and asks why do you help me. He says I feel good, I can’t explain you, I want to become your life and happiness’ guarantor forever. She says sorry, this can’t happen, thanks for the help. She goes. He gets sad. He comes home and thinks why did she refuse to me, maybe she thought I m taking advantage of the situation, she is in much problems and I proposed her, what would she think about me.

Shivika says he would be thinking I have much attitude, I didn’t feel his intention is bad, he is a nice guy, how can I say that nothing can happen between us, what would he be thinking about me. Omkar says I was right, but time was wrong, what shall I do, I will say sorry. She messages him to apologize. He thinks to call her later. He waits her for message. She cancels the message idea. Its morning, Shivika gets busy in her work. She sees the bhajan class going on at home. Omkar rushes to stop Mangal and a man’s fight. Ashok says Mangal is stealing the gas from the cylinder. Jagat says you are jealous of us. Omkar gets angry seeing the fight. Ashok passes taunts. Omkar removes his shirt. The man asks the ladies to focus on bhajan. The ladies taunt about Shivika’s marriage. Shivika questions them about their children’s lives.

Shivika asks Omkar about a job in his bank. He says its available. Shivika says I will come The man asks the people not to trouble Triloki. Shivika says you will get the money. Triloki asks how did you get the money.

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