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lovely dovely 💗💗💗

Kunj and twinkle wake up together they recalled what happened last night..

Both get up and wish each other’s good morning.And twinkle give peck on his lips and hugged him. 

Twinkle: Kunj go and get freshen up I’ll see maya. 

Kunj:hmm you don’t go we’ll go together. 


they both get up and take their clothes went in washroom while went in another washroom soon they get freshen up quickly.both went downstairs they went near maya room see door was opened. Twinkle knocking at door. Kunj about to open door without knocking.. Arey Kunj what is this at least wait for her to open the door haa. 

Kunj: pagal hai Kya why I’ll wait for her. 

Twinkle. This isn’t good to entered in a girl room without her permission.

Kunj:hehe she is my sister baby. Badi behana meri he opened the door and entered inside see maya sitting with gloomy face.. Kunj went towards her and jumped on bed. Heyy good morning mamaya😝😝. He shake her with his shoulder. Twinkle sit in side. 

Twinkle:maya come let’s have breakfast  .

Maya: you both have please.

Kunj:kyu moti lets go you know I can’t stay without having anything Chal now get up do your devdas drama later twinkle giggles to see this.. 

Maya:kunjj please na don’t irritates me. 

Kunj:why it’s my right did you forget di.. he pulled her cheeks Chal na.. why you taking so much footage. Maya look at him. 

Maya: now I’ll not go to Rishi. 

Kunj: okay even I’m thinking this lets take divorce what’s say maya get shocked she give him look Kunj laughs out. Di look at your face I mean hehe I’m just kidding and you really get shocked Arey meri Maa you only said it’s normal between husband and wife than why. 

Maya: he doing this only Kunj every time. 

Kunj:cupped her face but you know he loves you lot for him you fight with whole world now will do this haa.She nodded in no.Than you are so my matured didi na let me stay stubborn. Itself you know he loves you lot and he just stuck between you and his mother. 

Maya: than why you tell him so much last night. 

Kunj:haa woh toh I just from your brother side otherwise I’m always in my bestie side as you know this 😝😝😛.. maya giggles Kunj give her side hug.. 

Maya: now what??

Kunj:nothing let’s have breakfast than your husband will be come back to take you okay. 

Twinkle:haa it’s fine na. 

Maya:hmm leave me alone please. 

Kunj: ab tera jada ho raha hai maya.. 

Maya:acha maya shameless don’t forget I’m your elder sister. 

Kunj: hmm my bad luck.. 😝😛. Maya hold his ears. Arey di Leave me what my will think about us.. 

Twinkle:good maya he deserves this. Kunj lift maya and take her towards dinning table while maid come prepared breakfast. Kunj make her sit while twinkle bring breakfast for them they sit and Kunj served maya she didn’t having.Kunj take spoon and feeding her forcefully. So cute..😍😍.. 

Kunj:tujhe mera jesha bhai nahi milega samji thanks to god,. 


Kunj: Arey you know twinkle don’t know about us she don’t know you are my sister she think something else about us 😝😂😂😂. Last night only she get to know maya look at twinkle with surprising way. She nodded in yes. 

Twinkle:haa because this sadu didn’t tell me. 

Maya:uff you don’t know.. 

Kunj:Tu lagti bhi nahi meri Behan jeshi look at me so hot handsome brother and you Moti bandariya 😝😝.Maya slap him playfully they having breakfast with a laughs and fun. Just than for bell ring ding dong..hoo finally my jija is come.Maid went and opened the door and see Rishi standing at door with a flowers he run inside. 

Rishi: maya baby giving her voice while Kunj.. 

Kunj: oyy bhai baby is here who waiting for you to make your keema😝😝.. Rishi turned and see them he moved toward dinning table. 

Rishi: good morning while looking at maya. 

Kunj:haa good morning sit have breakfast. 

Rishi: nahi im full. Maya look at him give roar look he get scared which make Kunj and twinkle laughs out. 

Kunj: Kamini here my sister didn’t having anything and you are full 😝😝very bad dii see my jiju. 😜😜. Nice flowers for whom you brought this while Rishi see Kunj and gritting his teeth’s at him. 

Rishi: saale stop your work aag lagu aadmi Tu sach much Ka saala hai.. 

Kunj:any doubt la give me roses I’ll give to my pretties wife 😜. 

Rishi:maya baby I’m sorry for last night see na.I did Bad but what to do you and mom make me stand middle of sea. Next time this will not happen swear of yours. 

Kunj: maregi maya 😝😝😝.. Rishi throw apple at Kunj while he catch it.. 

TwinkleKunj please let them talk you come with me.She get up dragging him. 

Kunj:maya don’t leave him take your revenge back.Twinkle take him in room. 

Rishi sits on his knees and take maya hands on his. 

Rishi: baby sorry na I know you love me and can’t stay without me even me see mom is too sorry so she went back to Amritsar from early morning fight.Maya look at him. 

Maya: acha that’s why you come na Rishi you don’t have guts to take stand for me look at me for you I leave my everything my mother and father sometimes I thought maybe dad is right. 

Rishi:maya please don’t say this I respect you lot and I’m too guilty for my mom behaviour even I too went against my mom maya this you know.Since the start she isn’t ready for our relationship but I didn’t listen her always choose you and our love that you know very well.while Kunj and twinkle standing side listen their conversation. 

Twinkle:lets go na. 

Kunj:haa they went from there. Rishi had tears in his eyes maya see this she take the flowers in her hands. 

Maya: next time if you did this than I’ll leave you forever. 

Rishi:haa he hugged her she too him.. thanks maya sorry. 

Maya: it’s okay. 

Twinkle keeping their clothes in wardrobe while Kunj back hugging him and nuzzles his face in her back neck.. 

Twinkle:kunjj let me do my work. 

Kunj:uff always work twinkle leave give me time. 

Twinkle:hehe.Kunj kissed on her cheeks from back.Just than Rishi and maya entered in room they both see Kunj and twinkle and started coughing. Ahem ahem twinkle slightly turned and see them while Kunj still busy in romance. Kunjjj she push him. 

Kunj: Arey What is this. 

Maya: bhaiya ji here don’t have shame haa Kunj turned and see maya and Rishi. 

Kunj: you both Rishi went near him and kiss on his cheeks. ewwww

Rishi: saale ji see my biwi maan gai. 

Kunj:great for whom you were waiting go and take your luggage back😝😝😝. 

Maya:acha Kamine.. she take cushion and started hitting Kunj. 

Kunj: abey bacha mujhe Arey maya leave me kunj running while maya behind him. 

Twinkle giggles to see this. 

Maya: maya haa ruk today I’ll beat you like anything here is no one who will save you from me. 

Kunj:huhu Rishiii

Rishi:maya maya.Bhai you making fun of me na now see my jhansi ki rani😝😝. 

Kunj lay down on bed and breathing heavily. 

Kunj:you did right with her haa keshe jhel ta hai iss ko meri toh ek din me hi lagai. 

Kunj laughing loudly maya come and sit beside him while Kunj pulled her and pulling her hairs. 

Twinkle:yeh Babaji keshe lad te ho Kunj tum she is your elder sister still.

Maya:see twinkle your husband.

Kunj:yes kitna hot hai.. 

Rishi:bas bas.. Rishi and twinkle too sits. 

Kunj: aur bhai sab theek.

Rishi: haa. ChAle. 

Kunj: haa go. 

Maya:why so hurry haa Kunj it’s my brother house. 

Kunj:aisa hai.. maya cuddles Kunj. 

Rishi: lets go somewhere what’s say guys. 

Kunj:yeah even I’m thinking too let’s go out for holidays even now there isn’t work. 


Maya: first let’s go out for dinner.

Twinkle: haa I didn’t went for out for food, 

Kunj: you should tell me I’ll take you na. 

Maya: hoo Kunj.. hmm😝😝.

Kunj: hehe biwi meri hai. 

Rishi: maya chAle Than we’ll go for dinner tonight call our too buddies as well. 

Kunj: don’t call Asha huhu. 

Maya: I’ll call her you just shut up.

Kunj: same to you b*t*h.. twinkle closed her mouth. 

Twinkle: hoo Kunj 😱.. 

Maya: Chalo bhaiya and bhabhi see you both soon. 

Kunj:haa ab jaa bye.. 

Rishi: despo 😝😝. Maya and Rishi get up. 

Kunj: less than should I tell her 😝😝. 

Maya: what. 

Rishi: nothing baby this flame be like this. Let’s go he hold her hand and they both left.. Kunj laughing loudly twinkle take cushion and throw at him. 

Kunj: what.. 

Twinkle: behaving like mads both brother and sister Kunj.. 

Kunj: we are like this only baby. Pulled her towards himself. So you wanna go out for food haa why you didn’t tell me. 

Twinkle: you didn’t asked me huh😛😛. Kunj caress her face. 

Kunj:hoo sorry but I’m hungry now only.

Twinkle: haa I’ll make something for us. 

Kunj: not like that you can fulfilled my hunger. 

Twinkle:innocently how. Kunj smirked and caress her lips twinkle understand she bite her inner lips.Kunj going near her. Kunjjj

Kunj:Kya hua.He cupped her face.

Twinkle:maid will come. 

Kunj:Leave na.He didn’t wasted much time immediately sealed her lips with his. 

Kunj pulled her more closer to himself and both kissing each other’s fully. 

Twinkle:in between kiss kunjjj.he bite her lips she moaning his name.He come upon her.And started kissing on her neck twinkle smiling.Just than Kunj phone ring. 

Kunj: ahah again who disturbed us. 

Twinkle: hehe. Kunj pick up his call put on speaker.

Kunj: kaun.. 

Yuvi: Arey me bhai kaha busy hai. 

Kunj: you yuvi huhu what you wanted. 

Yuvi: why you sounding so aggressive.. twinkle giggles. 

Kunj:kuch nahi Bol why you call me,. 

Yuvi:can’t I call now hoo now I understand I break your moment..😛😛. 

Kunj: correct absolutely now you break it tell me na.

Yuvi:woh Kunj maya and Rishi calls we all going out that’s why only. 

Kunj:haa tell Naman.. 

Yuvi: okay you continue 😝😝😛. He cut the call. Twinkle giggles Kunj see her.

Kunj:bhut hassi aarahi hai Kya haa.. 😛. 

Twinkle: nahi me kaha. 

Kunj:wait I’ll show you now only we have enough time for dinner till Than I’m thinking let’s. He winked at her. 

Twinkle:not at all Kunj see the time. 

Kunj:nobody do to see the time twinkle.

Twinkle:I know this.. first tell me where do you taking me haa.. 

Kunj:you tell me I’ll take you there only. Cupped her face kissed on her forehead gently she smiled.They both sits Kunj bring laptop they started seeing place where they should go.. see this one is cool. 

Twinkle:haa but I wanna go somewhere else. 

Kunj:Bali how’s it there atmosphere is cool. 

Twinkle: yes Bali in wanted this only Than I think there girls😛😛. 

Kunj: hoo possessive don’t worry I’ll not see any girl expect than my lady love😛. She smiled and kissed on his nose tip. 

Twinkle: I really love you. 

Kunj: same even I too love you twinkle like anything. Than fixed. 

Twinkle: what about others. 

Kunj:because of you I’m giving them treat because last time when we went for holiday yuvi sponsor us.Now it’s my time baby. 

Twinkle:hoo very good.They both started finding Hotels than they booked sea face resort which totally under water.They done each and everything and both get so happy. 

Twinkle: shopping.. 

Kunj:sure my love Now let’s go. 

Twinkle:we only. 


Twinkle: thanks.. 

Kunj take his car key while twinkle brought her clutch both hold each other’s hand and went downstairs locked their house and left for mall.Twinkle was so happy Kunj just admiring her smile. Soon they reached mall Kunj Parked the car Than they went inside.They went in shop. Twinkle see Western dress Kunj see their size. 

Kunj: it’s too much short.. 

Twinkle:I know perfect for place. 😛..Kunj just see her twinkle become fully crazy she buy many things. See kunj this shorts is suits on you what’s. 

Kunj:if you want I’ll loved it.. 

Twinkle:okay ji.. they spend whole day in shopping.They get tired than sit for coffee. 

Kunj:anything else you want.

Twinkle:nothing after so many days later I do so much shopping let’s go home we have to go for dinner as well. 

Kunj:haa they both quickly left for their house soon they reached. Kunj keep all bags on bed and lay down twinkle smiled and went in washroom get freshen up she come out of the washroom in bath robe and see Kunj who laying down on his back.Twinkle think something naughty and lay down on Kunj back he smiled and she sprinkle her wet hairs on his face. Ahah twinkle you are so heavy.. 

Twinkle:acha sadu i m heavy happy with your Alisha.. 

Kunj:hehe from where she come Kunj rolled her down and see her.Rubbed his nose on her neck sensually.. 

Twinkle: how much you love me kunj. Caress his hairs. 

Kunj: infinity 🥰🥰.. go and get freshen up. 

Kunj:we didn’t went for honeymoon so this is our honeymoon 😝😝. 

Twinkle: honeymoon 😂😂really. 

Kunj:haa honeymoon that’s why I taking that bones 😝😝.. without their support today I’m not here.. 

Twinkle: I always love your friendships Kunj. 

Kunj: I just had them only in life me and di. 

Twinkle: hmm what about family haa Kunj you didn’t tell me why maya saying this because of Rishi she leave her parents. Kunj sits and hold his head while twinkle too. 

Kunj:so maya di and Rishi marry each other Against their family wills.. 

Twinkle: what but why they are against Kunj they so cute love each other’s haa. 

Kunj: haa twinkle but what to do. Rishi mother didn’t like maya di every much she wanted daughter in law who bring money for her.And my di leave everything just for Rishi. 

Twinkle: what about your family why they are??

Kunj:Leave about my family they don’t deserve family words. I’ll get freshen up he went in washroom. 

Twinkle: what happened to him haa so suddenly.She leave her thoughts aside and take her clothes get ready beautiful while Kunj too come and get ready both looking beautiful yuvi message them restaurant name.Soon they all left for restaurant within no time they reached. And went inside yuvi and Mahi along with others 2 couples they waiting for Kunj and twinkle. They entered and finding them only yuvi see them. 

Yuvi:here my Romeo ji.They turned and see them and went toward them. They sited down Kunj sit beside yuvi while twinkle beside Mahi. 

 Naman: you people take so much time. 

Kunj: haa we went out na. 

Asha:without us 😛😛.. 

Kunj: lets go again 😝😝. All laughs out. 

Asha: this Kunj sense of humour is very bad. 

Kunj: mera killer hai you think about yourself pata nahi kish ki Asha hai tu😝😝. Naman too laughs. Acha Leave I have surprised for you. We all going Bali.. all like what. 

Mahi: when this decided. 

Kunj: today only Mahi bhabhi. 

Naman: I’m not this time hands up.. 

Kunj:pata ta bikhari..😛😛. I’m taking you all. So don’t increase your bp level😝.

Yuvi:Naman Ka toh High hogya😝.. 

Mahi:nice idea what about others things. 

Kunj:Arey di I and twinkle fixed each and everything you people just get ready tomorrow.. this make them more shocked.

Rishi:tomorrow only Kunj it’s so fast. 

Kunj:we had 7 days Holliday so I don’t wanted to waste my time that’s why. 

Yuvi:damn true that buster will not give us more holiday. 

Mahi: haa I’m happy 

twinkle: I’m toh hell happy. 

Naman: twinkle this Kunj just taking us because of you otherwise toh he always hide behind yuvi 😝😝. 

Kunj:it’s none of your business me and he is one only. 

Maya:haa kamine dono.Waiter come they give their Oder. Just than Kunj phone ringing he see the call id and cut the call. 

But back to back his phone ringing. 

Twinkle: Kunj pick up your call na.. 

Kunj:nahi wrong number hai.All see Kunj face expression and understands.He off his phone their food come they all started having their food.yuvi and Rishi cracking jokes Kunj laughing like anything twinkle admires his Laughs .

Twinkle:I never see him this much happy see him he looks so good mere sadu.. 

they all finished their dinner happily. 

Yuvi:now we should go and have to do packing as well. 

Naman: yuvi you aren’t going for honeymoon so you were excited this much 😝😛. 

Rishi: hell true. 

Yuvi: you think about yourself Rishi because you slip very easily and maya is with us😝😝. 

Kunj:pata chala maya make his bhurji😝 in bali😝😝.. 

Rishi:jab tumhare jeshe kamine dost ho na dushamn ki zaroot nahi padti hai.. 

Yuvi:okay 😛😛..

Maya: Chalo Rishi leave them. 

Rishi:haa baby see your baby brother after biwi he flying so much 😝.Rishi about to go Kunj bring his leg and he about to falls Kunj hold his hand. 

Kunj:Arey yuvi yeh Rishi Kitana girega 😝. 

Rishi:you ass hole. 

Kunj:same to you while girls looking here and there. 

Maya:shame on your face.. 

Kunj:teach this to your husband. 

Rishi: haa him too. 

Kunj:you will come to us only Kunj save me from maya mimics of him😝😂.. both give each other’s Tashan and all left for their respective places. 

At twinj room@

Twinkle doing their packing while Kunj laying down on bed and looking at her. 

Kunj: Arey twinkle why you taking so many clothes it will just wasted. 

Twinkle: why I’ll wear this all. Kunj went near her. He see something s*xy and pick up. 

Kunj: this is s*xy😝.. take this only because there you don’t need much clothes. He went near twinkle lips give her shiver. 


Kunj:because me aur tu..😛.. 

Twinkle: Me aur tum anything else I didn’t understand. 

Kunj: smart should I show you practically 😝. Twinkle blushed and become all red she push him. 

Twinkle: tu bhi na lets see there only we aren’t going alone there everyone with us. 

Kunj:haa so what spend day with them but at night just in my embrace cuddles her fully kissing on her collar bone. 6 days and 7 days will be best for our life it’s my promise to you she cuddles him back. 

Twinkle: thanks Kunj you are the best sorry for everything. You seemed very much happy what cause of your happiness. 

Kunj:locked his arms around her neck. Cause of my happiness it’s you twinkle jab me tere saath hota hu na I’m just happy you promise me you will not leave me ever. 

Twinkle: Arey why you asking me this I’ll not go anywhere I’ll always with you cupped his face. 

Kunj:because whom I love most they all leave me now I don’t have strength to lost you.. 

Twinkle:promise Kunj I’ll always with you she hugged him he too.Both smiling like anything. 

Other Side in Germany..@

A man sitting with a lady and holding alcohol glass his eyes is dark red. 

Lady: what happened baby why are you so angry. 

Man: what I’ll do here I’m calling him he didn’t pick up my calls don’t know how he is. Where he is if he is happy or not .

He take a photo frame in his hands my kids kissed on frame while lady get angry to see this .

Lady:with fake smile you really love them haa. 

Man:haa. Suddenly there a another lady come who wearing saree with a innocent face she see them and get sad she went near man see photo frame she snatch photo frame his hands. What is this. 

2 lady:what happened how so suddenly you stated caring about my kids haa. She look at lady. Just than there a girl and boy come and hugged the man. 

Both: hi papa.. 

Man: hi.. 

2 lady:he is not your papa.She said this and went from there tears escaping from her eyes like anything. 

Scene freezes here only.. 


Silence before storm 😛😛😛. 

Hi after long time I posted this ff finally. 

How was the episode??

Hope you all like the episode.

Finally twinkle and Kunj going Bali with their gang let’s see what life hold for them😛. 

No proof write in hustle just for yashu hope you will like this small episode. 

And vibhu don’t worry I’ll show tej and Kunj bond soon in Rssi😊😊.. 

bye love you all do tell me your views. 

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