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After dinner nani went to her room even Kunj and twinkle as well. Twinkle bedding the bed while Kunj come back from washroom after get shower.He went near twinkle and give her backhugged. She smiled and turned and look at him.

Twinkle: Kya hai??

Kunj: kuch nahi.. thanks for..

Twinkle:for what ???

Kunj:for each and everything twinkle I mean.Today you make so many things which you don’t know.. 

Twinkle:bas bas Kunj Sarna don’t be sentimental I did just for my lovely husband not for you sadu sarna both.  chucked..Kunj pulled her cheeks.. 

Kunj:meri cutie pie.

Twinkle:acha cheesy.they both lay down and look at each other’s. 

Kunj:aur Kya.. 

Twinkle:aur Kya.. 😛😛.. Kunj went near her Tucked her hairs. 

Kunj: yeh bhi batana padega Kya??

Twinkle: haa ji😝😝. Kunj winked at her. Nope Kunj Sarna sleep you have office at morning even now nana ji has come so stop your romance let me sleep I have work.. she said and turned Kunj give her backhugged both smiled and sleep.. 

Next day at morning.. 

twinkle wake up and went in washroom she get freshen up quickly she run downstairs see nani she was sitting and reading something she went near her wish her good morning. 

Twinkle: good morning nani.. 

Nani: good morning beta.. 

Twinkle:you sit I’ll come.She went in kitchen and make tea for she give her than she get busy in breakfast work. 

This Kunj never improves means always teased see till now he sleeping. 

Nani:he is like this only. Just than Kunj come downstairs he holding his tie in his hands. 

Kunj: good morning ladies he kissed on nani cheeks. Twinkle get shocked to see him. 

Twinkle: how you wake up today??

Kunj: what do you mean by this haa I can wake up itself as well acha tie.. 

Twinkle: haa she went near him and tied his tie and fixed his collar.Nani admires Kunj and twinkle love. Kunj making faces.Your Kunj is fully like a baby. 

Kunj: even you too. 

Twinkle:lets have breakfast.They went towards dinning table and sits maid served them breakfast. 

Kunj:nani you don’t go anywhere okay. I’ll bring maya di at night here only.

Twinkle: superb Kunj thanks nani you come whole day I stay alone and get bored. 

Nani:it’s not good Kunj.. what about others Kunj??

Kunj:everyone is fine nani Bebe and all’s.Acha now I’m going call me twinkle if you need anything. 

Twinkle:haa.he hugged them and left for office.. 

Soon Kunj reached office he directly went in his cabin he didn’t said anything everyone was busy in their work.while twinkle and nani chitchat with each other’s twinkle telling nani about her and Kunj relationship. 

Twinkle:nani where is Kunj parents??

Nani:he didn’t told you anything..

Twinkle:nope nani.just than twinkle got call she went to take call. Whole day went in just work. After work mode.. 

Kunj:acha guys I arranged dinner at my place so come. 

Naman:so suddenly haa. 

Kunj:haa I have something for you.. 

Yuvi: okay.. bring mom as well. 

Kunj: haa without massi don’t come. They left Kunj went to Rishi and maya house he went inside and see maya was sitting he went near her sit beside maya. Hi di… 

Maya: Arey tu hi.. 

Kunj: di lets go..?

Maya: where??

Kunj: mere saath so many days went na we didn’t stay together now see your mother in law too not here just than Rishi come there. 

Rishi: Arey aap yeha kunj ji.. 

Kunj: yes I come here to take my di with me. 

Rishi: why??? 

Kunj: what do you mean why she is my sister I’ll take her. 

Maya: bas bas but.. 

Kunj: Arey come even Rishi too stay with us at my place di. 

Rishi: haa maya even I had meeting so I have to go Chennai I can’t leave you alone in this condition you stay there only. 

Kunj:see di now let’s go na.. 

Maya: why are you so excited haa.. 

Rishi: I’ll bring her bag he went and filled their few clothes. Kunj hold maya hands and they went outside sits in car and left..soon they all reached at Kunj house from other side even yuvi or Mahi along with Anita.

At Kunj residence.@

Maya:why are you so excited today?

Kunj: you just come with me even yuvi and all’s too come they all outside. 

Anita: seemed like Kunj had something for us let’s go. 

Kunj: yup massi.. they all went for inside Kunj ring the bell ding dong..maid come and open they door they all went inside twinkle was in kitchen she come in living room take anita blessings while maya sit on couch resting fully. 

Maya: Arey Kunj ab Bata Kya Baath hai.. 

Kunj: offo di aap bhi na. 

Naman: she is right. 

Kunj: wait I’ll bring.. kunj went in side. Nani was talking with someone at phone . Arey nani Leave this come with me everyone come. 

Nani: acha than let’s go Kunj hold her hand take her downstairs. They coming down from staircase as soon as yuvi eyes went on her he get shocked firstly. 

Yuvi:nanniii he screamed so loudly immediately he rushed towards staircase maya too see get surprised to see her. Wowo nani aap yeh keshe kab hold her from shoulders. 

Nani: Arey ek saath itne Sawal. 

Kunj: haa idiot side please he push him slightly take her downstairs. 

Maya: nani you.. 

Nani: yes I’m here. How’s my surprise??

Maya: superb she hugged her tightly. 

Yuvi: yes you are the best to come here he hugged her too Kunj push them. 

Kunj:Leave she is my nani.They trio started fighting. Anita hold nani hand. 

Anita:you guys shut up she is my mom leave her Maa how’s you. 

Nani:I’m great. 

Rishi:so suddenly when you come.. 

Kunj:last night.They all look at Kunj in shocking way.. 

Maya: haww so bad she come last night you didn’t even calls us haa very bad Kunj. 

Yuvi: kamina huhu.. they all sit.. 

Kunj: Arey even I too don’t know about nani I was on the way than she calls me when I get to know even I’m too


Nani:he is so busy he didn’t even answer my calls.. 

Yuvi: Arey nani now toh our Kunj babu just knows about his wifey 😝😝. 

Kunj: I think less than you yuvi 😝😝. 

Naman: true but good you come we all missing you very much. 

Anita:haa you didn’t come India. 

Nani:haa what I’ll do here now I have reason.That’s why I come here.. 

Kunj: it’s me😎😎.. cuddles nani tightly. 

Asha: self obsessed. 

Nani:Arey Leave this all things maya beta how’s you. I’m so happy my little maya going to become mamma soon. 

Kunj: little really nani she is dayaan😝. 

Maya: kamina see nani in front of his wife he making fun of me. 

Rishi: haa. 

Kunj:after pregnancy news he become so innocent 😝😛.Naman,yuvi,Kunj hifi and laughs out. 

Yuvi:Arey Kunj think about him now maya is one who troubling him after baby they both he is one😂😂. 

Rishi:huhu no maya you’ll not do anything. 

Kunj:he itself had doubt too😜😜.They all laughing so much.Maya started coughing Kunj get worried about him Kya hua paani lau.I’ll come wait he went in the kitchen and bring warm Water for maya he come back he was in so hustle each and everyone get shocked.Lo di water.. 

Maya:hmm she take and drink water. 

Rishi:waha mere saale Kya Baath hai now I’m happy you can take care of maya in my absence. 

Kunj:kyu I’m her brother I can better than you haina di.Maya nodded her head in yes. 

Twinkle:lets have dinner.. 

Asha: haa I’m so hungry I’ll help you. 

Mahi:you sit I’ll do it.Come twinkle.They both went in kitchen and they both arrange dinner on dinning table.Each and everyone come and sits. 

Yuvi:so many things awww smell coming so delicious.Twinkle and Mahi served them and they both too sits. 

Kunj:very yummy twinkle. 

Nani:haa.Nani feeding maya food with her hands. 

Twinkle:maya now have more your baby too want. 

Rishi:see even I told this only to her twinkle but she never ever listen to me. 

Maya:Rishi I’m just one month pregnant .

Kunj:di after some days later you become panda 😝😝.Don’t make your baby like you investigator..  

Twinkle: why??

Yuvi: Arey you don’t know anything twinkle in university time maya always behind Rishi doing his investigation what he doing it.. 

Twinkle:acha but why??

Asha:because he is double timer😝😝. 

Twinkle:haww so bad.. but Kunj ta na. 

Maya:Kunj really he is too like him😛. 

Kunj:yes any doubt 😎. 

Anita:bas karo have your dinner.Aur Maa how’s she is.. 

Nani:I don’t know maya and Kunj look at each other’s.I didn’t went there., 

Anita:okay.they happily finished their dinner.They all went back to living room and sits again. 

Maya: I want ice cream. 

Rishi: I’ll bring. 

Kunj:you sit I’ll Oder here only. 

Maya:omg now my brother doing all work in one voice. Kunj smile sheepishly. 

Kunj:haa I have too for my nephew & niece 😛😛. 

Nani:see maya.Kunj Oder ice cream for each and everyone.Soon ice cream come twinkle take the parcel and went in kitchen she filled in cups.She went in kitchen and give everyone maya get so happy to see her favourite ice cream.. 

Maya: thanks.. 🥰.. 

Twinkle:eat how much you want.. 


Kunj:but limit me di you will get ill. 

Anita:Kitna caring brother otherwise both of them fighting with each other’s. 

They all enjoy lot after some times later. 

Naman: now we should take a leave.. 

Yuvi: haa lets go mom nani Chal. 

Kunj:oyye she will stay with me get it don’t dare to think of it.. 

Yuvi: huhu kamina okay bye nani.. 

Anita: haa bye they bid bye to each other’s and left maya take yawn. 

Maya: I’m going to sleep now okay with my nani.

Rishi: acha go.. maya and nani went in nani room while Kunj and Rishi sit near poolside and twinkle get Chinki call she went in her room and get busy with her on phone.. 

Maya resting her head on nani lap while she caressing her hairs. 

Nani: now take care of yourself.

Maya: hmm nani you know I wanted to share this news with papa but see na. 

Nani:you don’t think about tej and jhanvi let them maya puttar. When I see Kunj here feels so good he is so happy. 

Maya: haa nani he is very with twinkle both love each other’s madly.. 

Nani:because of tej and jhanvi he never trust on marriage now see hopefully he settled down in his life. 

Maya:how is Maa.. 

Nani: should I call her. 

Maya: nahi na.. acha me soh rahi hu. She hold her hand and closed her eyes. 

At twinj room.@

Twinkle and Chinki chitchatting with each other’s.

Chinki: how’s your honeymoon..ahem ahem😝😝.. 

Twinkle:great we enjoyed lot.. twinkle tell Chinki about maya. 

Chinki: hoo she is his sister awesome. You doubting at them only 😝😝. 

Twinkle:haa Arey both of them is so wired fighting so much but love each other’s as well. 

Scene turned at poolside Rishi and Kunj looking at sky. 

Rishi: Kya hua?? 

Kunj: kuch nahi bas I know di missing them at this time. 

Rishi:obviously yaar she will Miss her parents Kunj even my mom too didn’t give her love huhu. Just because of me she leave her parents Kunj. 

Kunj: nahi Arey they both just blind in each other’s they didn’t care about their kids I feel so ashamed to call him my father Rishi. He never loved my mom,, 

Rishi:Leave Kunj now you are happy with twinkle. 

Kunj:hmm.You never did anything with my di please. 

Rishi; did you think so I’ll do something like that with maya haa. 

Kunj: nahi Arey I trust you but sometimes dar lagta hai agar meri behan Ka Dil toot Gaya toh apni Maa Ka dard bardash karliya but apni di Ka nahi. Rishi give him side hug.. 

Rishi: mr Kunj Sarna don’t worry only I can bear you sister 😝😝. Both laughs out afterwards they went in their rooms. 

Kunj entered in room and see twinkle he went near her lay down beside twinkle she keep her phone aside. 

Twinkle: kaha te.. 

Kunj:Kahi nahi bas Rishi ke saath.. 

Twinkle: I’m so happy for maya Kunj. 

Kunj: acha baby ke liye.. 

Twinkle: haa I love cute babies very much. Kunj raise his eyes brows. 

Kunj: really do you want😝😝. See I’m so cute and hot handsome think about my kids 😝😝. Twinkle blushed.. 

Twinkle: hatt Kunj pulled her near himself. 

Kunj: such bol I don’t mind.. 

Twinkle: Kya. Baby Abhi pata nahi hai. 

Kunj: Chal koi na tell me whenever you wanted I’m always ready to do😛😝. 

Twinkle:shameless man.Kunj cuddles her she too him. Sleep took over them. 

Like this two and three days has been passed away they all enjoying very bit of it nani taking care of maya lot while Kunj and Rishi behind her fully.Twinkle laughs lot to see maya condition. 

At office@ 

Boss call everyone in his cabin. While Kunj and Rishi or Naman, yuvi get confused. 

Kunj: why he calls us??

Alisha:Arey you know new ceo come. 

Yuvi: acha. Let’s go before he fire us..

They four of them went inside the cabin they stand in line together while their current boss facing to them while a man his back facing to them.. 

Rishi: sir??

Boss:you guys come great so I wanna introduce someone with you people. 

Kunj:kaun.. man slightly turned as soon as they see him get shocked Kunj take his step in backwards. 

Boss:meet with our new head., so the man is tej sarna he look at Kunj and get shocked. 

Yuvi: what??

Boss:he is tej sarna he takeover our company.Kunj was in deep shocked. 

Tej: hi. 

Boss:this four of them best employees of this company. 

Tej;hoo I much.They trio look at Kunj.Understand his condition.. 

He went near them and forward his hand to shake hands they shakes but Kunj hands shivering fully. He too did but still not in sense. 

Boss:he is Rishi Malhotra Yuvraj Luthra Naman sha.. lastly before he can. 

Tej: Kunj Sarna M i right. 

Boss: correct how you know about him. today is my last okay I’m taking leave now he went out of the cabin while tej look at Kunj fully.. 

Tej: how I know about him really after all he is my son Kunj look at tej and tears escaping from his eyes. 

Kunj: I’m not your son in stern voice while they trio gestures him to stop. Why you come here haa. 

Tej:Arey my son why you crying you should get happy he come near him and hugged him I’m so happy to see you after a year Kunj kaha ta your papa is missing you so much. Kunj jerk his hands. 

Kunj: don’t dare tej sarna show him his finger and went out of the room.. they too tej sits.. 

Tej:POV I come India don’t know he is here haa I’m so happy my son where is maya she too here. Jhanvi will too get happy.last night when I get to know about this company immediately takeover.Now see Kunj my son will do.Kunj standing in


Kunj:he is here now why?? Babaji Abhi toh Hum itne Khush te nani diiii.Kunj went from office whole day he Roaming here and there.

At night Kunj went home Rishi still didn’t tell about tej is here Kunj entered in messy condition.Maya and twinkle or nani was sitting he went towards them and sit beside nani hold his head while maya and Rishi went in room or twinkle went in kitchen to make coffee for him nani look at Kunj face she get shocked to see his condition she cupped his face. 

Nani:Kunj what happened beta?? 

Kunj:nani he hold his hands. Naniii he is here. 

Nani: kaun why you so scared??

Kunj: nani tej sarna. 

Nani: what tej yeha keshe??

Kunj: I don’t know anything nani he is my new boss I know he just Doing purposely 

Nani why he come to us.. 

Nani: Kunj don’t worry.. 

Kunj: nani. 

Nani: shhh don’t tell maya about this right now in this condition Kunj.. 

Kunj: hmmm he cuddles twinkle come and see Kunj get confused. 

Other side at new bungalow servant arranging things while a boy and a girl cheers. 

Tanisha: bhai see this awesome watch, 

Karan: haa Tanisha very expensive. 

Tanisha: so what we have lots of money. Jhanvi listen this she went near them.

Jhanvi: really you have lots of money haa this all is my kids get it. 

Karan:who told you this mom. 

Jhanvi: I’m not your mom get it. Nandini come there. 

Nandini: Arey jhanvi they giving you so much respect and you doing this haa.

Tej entered there they saw him and rushed towards them and cuddles him jhanvi see this and remember something. 


Two little kids running here and there while their mother is behind them. She is jhanvi and kids is Kunj and maya. 

Jhanvi: Kunj wait. 

Kunj: mamma no papa they running tej come there they both see him and hide behind tej back.

Maya: papa see mamma. 

Tej: what happened why you running behind them??

Jhanvi; I’m not tej they didn’t having their food, 

Tej: ho why??

Kunj: papa we want new X box mamma didn’t let us buy you tell her na. 

Tej: ache yeh Baath he lifts them. I’ll bring everything for my kids but you have to have your food okay. Both nodded their heads in yes tej feed them they have happily jhanvi see this and smiled happily. 

Flashback end., 

Jhanvi:tej Waqat kitna Badal Gaya hai yeh tum Badal gaye haa.Ek time ta aaj you didn’t wanted to see their face.Tears especially from her eyes I come India with him she too behind with her kids.She went from there. While Tanisha or Karan along with tej and Nandini they sit in living room. 

While tej mind just stuck on Kunj.. 

Tej: now what I’ll do next?? He will not leave company.. I wanted to get back them but how now?? 

Nandini: tej why so suddenly we come India? 

Tej: why Nandini my family is here we’ll go Amritsar. 

Nandini: chiii tej they never allow me. 

Tej: hmm.. kunjj. 

Nandini: what Kunj?? Don’t take his name..tej pa come with some papers she give to tej. What kind of paper is it??

Tej: property I get new place. 

Nandini: wow kesh ke naam pe. Tej look at Nandini jhanvi come and sit in side, 

Tej; Kunj ke.. she get shocked.. 

Nandini: why?? Kunjj tej haa now you don’t have any relationship with them na. 

Tej: what do you mean by this he is my son. 

Nandini: really what about my kids.

Tej: Nandini we have so much. 

Jhanvi: haa Nandini she get up and went near them she take paper from tej hands and see them immediately tore the papers and put in Nandini hands tej get shocked, 

Tej: jhanviiii. 

Jhanvi; don’t be tej when you cut their name in your list than don’t need of this all things I don’t want anything.You asked me na is they are your kids or someone else. Than what is this Nandini is absolutely right. 

Tej: be in your limits jhanvi.. he held her hands and breaking her bangles.. she winched in pain..

Jhanvi: ouchh tejjj.. he jerked her hand and went from there while Nandini push jhanvi and walk out from there.Jhanvi get up with lots of difficulties she get hurt badly went in her room and sit down on floor tears escaping from her eyes. Kunj is right I’m blind in his love ahah.what you have done with me tej I’ll never ever forgives you in my life. 

Kunj didn’t have his dinner quietly lay down and stuck between his heart and mind. Whole night he just turning sides didn’t sleep next day he wake up with sad face twinkle asked him. 

Twinkle: Kunj what happened??

Kunj: nothing twinkle just headache acha please give my things I’ll get ready for office. 

Twinkle:haa she take out his clothes Kunj take and get freshen up he get ready his mind not working.Kunj went downstairs he didn’t have his breakfast just left for office.While maya sense something is fishy in his behaviour.But she didn’t said anything afterwards maya and twinkle along with nani they to Guruduwara. 

Kunj entered in his cabin he saw someone sitting on his chair. He went ahead. 

Tej: he turned towards him. Arey my Kunj come good morning.. 

Kunj: what are you doing here??

Tej:it’s my office I can do anything anywhere??he throw file to him. Kunj catch it this is new project for you. 

Kunj:acha he read all term and condition. And look at tej.Did you think I’m mad tej sarna he throw file back to him. For your kind of in formation I’m reach till here on my ability not on money power get it. One more thing. I’ll never do. 

Tej: really I’m your boss. You have to follow my rules.. 

Kunj:my so called boss listen carefully today me apne so called baap ke rules so follow nahi Kya aap ke Kya karuga Samje. I don’t want your money. Kunj Sarna marjayega but aapke niche kabhi bhi nahi jukega samje na. Tej get up in anger. 

Tej: don’t forget who I m.. 

Kunj:I know who you are a betrayer who cheat his wife and shameless father or husband.Who having affair with someone else. Why you giving me this proposal give this to your whore Nandini ji.Whatever I’m today on myself not like you mr tej sarna. 

Tej: get out of here. 

Kunj: I’m not dying to work with you I know you come here just to trouble me. I already resigned.,, good bye Kunj ko kal aap ki jaroot ti or aaj hai.He show him Tashan and went from there while tej was in shocked.

Scene freezes here only. 

( maya and Kunj faceoff with jhanvi at award ceremony)


How was the episode?

Hope you all like.

Now 2&3 episode more left.. 

bearing me at least..

Leave errors. 😛😛no time for rereading very much busy.

Love you all allahfiz.

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