PYAAR TOH HONA HI THA :TWINJ-Episode12 last shot Written Episode



Kunj entered in his cabin he started taking his all things and putting in his bag just than there yuvi and Naman or Rishi entered in cabin and see Kunj and get shocked. 

Yuvi:Kunj what are you doing ??

Kunj: kuch nahi bas packing my things. 

Rishi: why?? Kunj turned and zipped his bag. 

Kunj: because I resigns. They get shocked. 

Naman: what???😱😱. 

Yuvi:resign.. why??

Kunj:because I can’t work under this man that’s why I leave this company what he think of himself he will control me as a boss never., 

Yuvi: kunjjj what you will do I mean..

Kunj:I’ll survived yuvi don’t worry when I can live without my mother this job is nothing in front of this.. 

Rishi:but Kunj now what.. 

Kunj:nothing I get offer from another company let’s see what babaji decided for me. Acha okay bye all the best. 

Yuvi: Kunj without you,, 

Kunj:please you trio don’t I have personal issues with him that’s why. They trio hugged each other’s yuvi see hidden tears of Kunj.they trio wiped his tears.. 

Yuvi:all the best.Kunj went out of the cabin he went out of the office tej was standing at window and watching Kunj while going.. 

Tej:see him he leave his job.. 

Kunj sit in his car and drove off in anger. 

Kunj:babaji Kare mere jesha Baap Kishi ko na de.what I’ll do now I don’t have any job babaji please show me something.Kunj wiped his tears and went to beach and sits there for sometime. 

Twinkle and nani or maya come back from Guruduwara.Maya get tired she resting while twinkle making lunch for them.. just than Kunj entered maya and nani see him and get shocked he went towards them and sits loosing his tie.. 

Maya:Kunj you are here at this time? 

Kunj:my all work get finished so I come early di.nani looking at Kunj and immediately understand.Twinkle entered in hall and get surprised to see Kunj. She sit beside him and admiring Kunj face.

Twinkle: in mind what happened to him since yesterday he looking so dull.. she rest her hand on his hand Kunj look at her twinkle gestures him what happened through his eyesight,.

Kunj: Kya hua.. 

Twinkle: lunch??

Kunj:hmm I’ll get freshen up.He went in room and get freshen up quickly.He come down back twinkle arrange lunch meantime Rishi too come back Kunj see him.They all sit for lunch and having while Kunj just playing with food this all seen by maya and twinkle. 

Maya:oyye Kunj Kya hua??

Kunj:nothing di., nani look at Rishi.. they finished the lunch maya and Rishi went in their room while twinkle cleaning kitchen Kunj went in his room. He take out photo frame and look at photo tears escaping from his eyes.Kaha ho aap.. why he again entered in our life Maa. 

Twinkle finished her all work and went in her room she see Kunj standing near window and lost in his thoughts she closed the door and went towards him give him backhugged lock her hand around his waist resting her head on his back. 

Twinkle:Kya hua mere sadu sarna ko haa why you looking so tensed tell me na she turned him Kunj look at him. 

Kunj:Kya hoga.. 

Twinkle: don’t try to hide anything from me I can read your eyes Kunj tell me na you love me my swear of me please kunj cupped his face. 

Kunj: twinkleeee.. I leave my job. 

Twinkle:what why?? Suddenly something happened. Tears escaping from Kunj eyes twinkle get hell shocked she cupped his face and take him towards bed and hold his hands. Both sits.Tell me please you scaring me Baba.

Kunj cuddles her and slightly sobbing. 

Kunj:why mee twinkle always.. I was so happy with you but babaji can’t bear this I stay happy.. twinkle just get shocked. She cupped Kunj face and wiped his tears. 

Twinkle:something happened haa.. 

Kunj:nothing just.. 

Twinkle: today I got invitation card from some awards ceremony for you haa and you telling me you resign your job why?

Kunj: I’ll get new soon don’t worry. 

Twinkle:I don’t care about job I care about you kunj Kya haal bana ke rakha hai last night didn’t sleep even not having properly what is the matter. 

Kunj; I’ll tell you when time will come you don’t tell about this to Di.Bas I get tired twinkle lot now don’t have energy to fight with anyone since childhood doing this all.. he rest his head on her lap twinkle fully confused but she didn’t said anything simply she caressing Kunj hairs he closed his eyes they both lay down on bed perfectly Kunj cuddling twinkle to see Kunj like this twinkle too crying.Kunj sleep in twinkle embrace while twinkle shocked she get worried about Kunj.She place Kunj head on pillow and covered him with duvet and kissed on his forehead. 

Twinkle:babaji what happened to my Kunj he was so happy now see him. Please don’t do anything I can’t see him like this. 

At other side.@

Tej entered in house in anger he directly went in jhanvi room she sitting and seeing her kids photos tej entered in room and look at jhanvi in anger.He look at jhanvi closed his eyes and leave from there without telling anything. Tej tell nandani they going Amritsar due to some award ceremony attend that’s why. 

Nandani:why tej Amritsar I didn’t understand one thing why we come India. 

Tej: I think nandani I don’t need to give you all explanation. 

Nandani: tej what do you mean by this?? I’m your??

Tej:what is you are of my nothing nandani haa. She get shocked in these years she never listen this all. 

Nandani: what happened tej are you okay na?? Haan. 

Tej:nothing nandani I’m done please here my kids wasn’t with me. What type of father I m nandani haa.. 

Nandani:why so suddenly you thinking about them did you forget what they actually done with you haa tej?? 

Tej: what they done with me haa I’m mad who doesn’t understand their values but Karan make me understand everything. 

Nandani: what??

Tej: acha nandani what I haven’t done for you kids each and everything giving them father love leave my own kids whatever you filled in my mind for them and I’m doing that only didn’t give them love separate them from their mother send them Hostel haa afterwards what I have done with my daughter maya throw her out of my life she calling me everyday leaving messages for me I’m sorry papa what I done never replied her even not asked her how she is. When I need kidney karan kidney matched with me what he said he can’t give me because I’m not his father he can’t take risk with his life. If he is my real son he never said this today I son own Kunj leave his job just because of me he can’t faced him he is right what I have done with them. After listen nandani all shocked her all hard work went in water.Tej sit in sadness tears escaping from his eyes when he remembered those days nandani went out of the room. 

Nandani:what is this all haa tejjjj uff mu

All plain flops just because of this karan if tej bring his kids back this all money went from my hands no I can’t.After sometimes later tej and his family fly for Amritsar jhanvi didn’t said anything she just quiet tej just look at her feel so ashamed what he have done with her and his kids they can’t forgive him.. 

Other side Kunj wake up he went downstairs everyone sitting twinkle bring coffee for him and give to him.. she sit beside him.

Rishi:Kunj are you going you nominate. 

Kunj:yes I’ll go let see who will win this award. 

Twinkle:I’m sure your project was successful na. 

Maya:haa let’s go we’ll meet with our family as well. 

Kunj: hmm you packed your things we’ll leave after dinner and Naman and yuvi with their family they already leave for Amritsar.

Rishi; haa I called them they reached Amritsar just some time before only. 

Maya:everything is fine na I mean you both looking tensed. 

Rishi:we are absolutely fine My baby you just thing about you and baby okay.. 

Kunj:haa di.. 

Twinkle:you all sit I’ll do our packing. Twinkle went in her room in stress she packed their few clothes even Rishi and maya as well they done with their packing. 

They Oder food from outside soon they had their dinner.After sometimes later they leave for airport.They sit after they went in aircraft and sit fly for Amritsar while during whole journey Kunj was just silent.After sometimes later they reached Amritsar come out of the airport Kunj and Rishi keep all luggage inside the taxi and they sit and drove off for Sarna Mansion. 

Usha and Manohar waiting for them. 

They reached Sarna Mansion. Twinkle and maya along with nani while Kunj and Rishi takes out their luggage they went inside. 

Kunj ring the bell Usha come and open the door she see them and get so happy. 

Usha:aww you all come finally she hugged Kunj tightly.They all went inside.Bebe and Manohar or Anjali come and meet with them.All sit in living room. 

Manohar: we just waiting for you all only aap keshe ho..??

Nani: I’m fine aap keshe ho??

Bebe:ache hai acha Laga aap aai. Twinkle went in her room.. 

Usha:now you all sleep Anjali beta.Anjali

Show room to maya and Rishi while Bebe take nani ji with her while Kunj went in their room twinkle arranging the room Kunj take his night dress and went in washroom.Twinkle get freshen too Kunj come out of the washroom she informed her mother she come Amritsar.Twinkle lay down Kunj too beside her. 

Twinkle: sojao ab don’t take stress.. 

Kunj:thanks twinkle he cuddles her.. 

Twinkle:don’t be thanks.I’m here na for you.Don’t worry okay.. 

Kunj:hmm. Kunj pulled her towards him he caress her lips she closed her eyes he grab her lips and pulled blanket with his toe and covered them both engaged in each other and made love.❤❤❤❤.. 

Next day@

At morning sunlight coming on Kunj and twinkle face both laying in each other embrace covered under blanket they wake up at the same time and look at each other twinkle blushed to remember last night Kunj kissing on her neck.. 

Twinkle:mr sarna come out of your romance now let me go. 

Kunj:acha should I give you company.. 😛. 

Twinkle:nope..I’m fine also she went in washroom and get freshen up after Kunj went after they both went downstairs. Twinkle take her in laws blessing while Anjali and twinkle making breakfast.While Kunj playing with Anjali daughter and maya or Rishi sitting and chit chatting with each other’s after each and everyone sit for breakfast.They all having their breakfast happily.after breakfast everyone sitting in garden just than their Tanejas come Kunj take their blessings. 

Kunj:how’s you Maa.. 

Leela:I’m fine beta good to see you didn’t come haa..twinkle take Abeer and Mehar baby in her arms and started playing with her. 

Abeer:so suddenly you all come?kunj tell them. 

Rt:nice Kunj wish you’ll win.. 

Leela:maya beta careful now. 

Maya:haa my brother and husband is here for me. 

Leela:today you all have to lunch with us and where is yuvi. 

Yuvi:I’m here Anita and Surjit or Mahi. Naman and Asha they all come and sit with them. 

Usha:I feel so good to see everyone here I’m missing my Kunj.. 

Kunj:even I too my Maa. 

Anita:Maa when you all come??

Nani:last night only Anita.. they all chit chatting with each other’s having fun while twinkle adoring Kunj who laughing at Abeer Jokes while nani see Kunj with Usha and Manohar.

Nani:{in heart}.Kash jeshe kunj Usha ans Manohar ke saath Kitna happy hai jhanvi and tej ke saath hota but they did so much with my kids. She wiped her tears while maya and Kunj phone ringing continuously they see caller ID cut the calls again call come everyone started looking at them. Just than Mehar??

Mehar:Arey Kunj and maya where is your parents we didn’t see them till now?maya and Kunj get silent and looking at each other’s.

Leela:haa Kunj puttar.. kaha hai?? 

Maya: they was in Germany.. in low voice look at Kunj. 

Rt:hoo but they didn’t come India.Haan.

Twinkle see maya and Kunj face

expression suddenly changed it.Leela and Mehar went TM back they prepared lunch for everyone at afternoon they all went Taneja mansion.They all sit twinkle bring cold drink for them Leela and Mehar finished all lunch dishes after they all sit for lunch all have praising Lot after lunch sarna’s and Luthra or others went back to their place.

Kunj: twinkle you spend sometime with them okay. 

Twinkle:promise me you’ll not go anywhere please I can’t leave you for a second. 

Kunj:don’t worry about me okay you stay I’ll see my di okay.He kissed on her forehead and left. Twinkle sitting in tension Chinki and Mehar sit beside her.

Mehar: aur now everything is okay??

Twinkle: haa bhabhi everything.. 

Chinki: when you will go back??

Twinkle: pata Nahi kunj knows. Maybe soon because maya is pregnant can’t stay here more. 

Chinki: haa.. 

Maya and Kunj sitting holding each other’s hand. 

Kunj:di Kya hua??

Maya:kuch nahi bas sad because of you see my baby brother face. 

Kunj:I’m fine di don’t worry di lets go back London maya get shocked.

Maya: London?? Why so suddenly.

Kunj:haa see na di let’s go with nani.

Maya: why I feeling something is bothering you haa Bata mujhe she clutch her tummy. 

Kunj:nothing di you don’t take stress okay. He kissed on her forehead both brother and sister stay together.Soon night come. 

They all get ready looking beautiful Kunj wear his watch and went downstairs everyone was waiting for him only they all went and sits in car and left for venue. Kunj was hell angry if there tej will come than what will happen.They park the car and went inside take their respective seats.The function starts many of comes and take their awards while tej and jhanvi or nandani was too there. 

Host: so the last award of this night best

Employee award goes to all looking at Kunj.So the man is Kunj Sarna Kunj get shocked while twinkle get so happy she hugged him tej and jhanvi get shocked more is jhanvi and nandani. Kunj hugged nani he went on stage and take the award he kissed on the award. He take mic. 

Kunj:thanks for this.. finally my hard work

Worth it someone told me years back I can’t do anything in my life my identity is just because of him that I’m his son.To see Kunj jhanvi was shocked tears escaping from her eyes like anything after years she seeing her son while tej was hell happy to see Kunj here. 


Kunj:today I proved that I have my own identity thanks for this without my team this wouldn’t possible. And my wife twinkle who support me lot.twinkle smiling Kunj went down and hugged twinkle. 

Jhanvi:Kunj is here?! 


Kunj: nani.. 

Nani:I’m proud of you my son..😀😀. 

They enjoy all evening after they went outside jhanvi run behind Kunj. She screaming his name. 

Jhanvi:kunjjjj she breathing so heavily. Kunj turned and get shocked to see Jhanvi.Maya as well all seeing jhavni. Jhanvi rushed towards kunj she about to falls down.Kunj run and hold her hand. Jhanvi raise her face and look at Kunj. Tears flowing down from her eyes.Kunjjj. She hugged Kunj tightly. Kunjjj mera beta😭😭😭😭😭.. nani and maya too having tears while others get confused. Jhavni break the hug and cupped Kunj face mera bacha Kunj looking jhanvi . She hold his hands. Kunj turned his face other side.Kunj Kya hua apni Maa se naraz hai Abhi tak haa.Look at me in your mother. Maya come near jhanvi. 


Jhanvi: maya.. Kunj hold maya hand. 

Kunj: di chalo. 

Jhavni:kunjjjj.Just than nandani and tej come there Kunj see nandani his anger raise lot.Tej see na our kids is here,, 

Kunj: I don’t want any drama here chalo di.. 

Jhavni:Kunj please don’t say this I’ll die without you both look at me kunj please she fold her hands Kunj see his mother. 

Kunj:mat karo aisa please.Tears escaping from his eyes too.Kunj hold maya hand take her from there. No one said anything they left from there. 

Jhavni: tej mere bacha. 

Tej: where are you going jhanvi haa, 

Jhanvi: this time not tej I’m going to my kids she look at her mangalsutra pulled it and give to tej. You ask me one day

Whom I’ll choose my kids and you and I

Choose you over them today I’m done with tej you can’t understand and can’t see my love you have Nandani in your life be happy with her tej bye. He get shocked. Jhavni went from there while nandani smiling. Everyone having question in their minds they reached Sarna Mansion maya was crying continuously while Kunj is in anger. 

Usha:jhavni is here??

Twinkle: I didn’t get it. Rishi eyes went on door entrance.

Rishi:jhanvi aunty.all listen this and look at door entrance and see jhanvi was standing there.She taking baby step and went ahead. 


Jhanvi: kunjj. 

Kunj: why you come here haa what you wanted now Mrs Sarna.. 

Maya: kunjjj,

Kunj: bas di now I can’t bear this all, what they wanted from us haa now we leave them why her husband come back. 

Jhanvi: kunjj Maa hu me tumhari haa. 

Kunj: keshi maa haa you just love your husband never think about us.jhavni hold Kunj hands and sobbing so badly. 

Jhavni:don’t say this kunjj Maa hu me 😭😭. I love you both like anything I didn’t do anything trust me please I leave tej today . 

Kunj:what why Maa kyu ab everything is over now between us. 

Jhavni:nahi na kunjjj I don’t have anything now at least thing about me.I’m blind kunjj I just do just for you and maya I don’t wanted you both grown up without father, 

Kunj:really Maa what he done for us,till

Now.Kunj cupped her face.What he had done with you haa and with us, even tej and nandani too come.Kunj see tej. Don’t dare to come here, tej still went inside, 

Tej:kunj.. and maya. Manohar and Bebe see tej. 

Kunj:please Maa go from here.Jhavni hold nani hands. 

Jhavni:Maa tell na Kunj I’m sorry Kunj and maya.  Nandani looking here and there, 

Kunj:you don’t have shame haan you bring her here haa. 

Tej:Kunj Listen to me please. 

Kunj: Kya suno me haa, 

Twinkle: what is this all. 

Bebe: Kunj calm down. 

Kunj: how will Bebe what this man done with us haa he never cared for us what he have done with my Maa we see you all not

She crying for him he treat my mother like Slave and give respect this so called his whore.

Nandani:kunjjj mind your tongue.. 

Kunj:really you should mind your tongue this is truth you are whore of my so called father all get shocked more those don’t know.Maya hold side pillar. Jhanvi told each and everything to Kunj whatever nandani and tej done with her. Kunj closed his fist he didn’t think once immediately slapped tej all get shocked. Chiiiii feel so ashamed to call you my father Keshe pati ho aap for this outsider who just behind your money you did this all with my mother who bear all pain still love you didn’t leave you why., 

Tej:kunjjj I’m sorry for this all things I’m blind didn’t see anything. 

Kunj:what sorry aap ki sorry meri Maa or meri behan Ka mera dard dur kar shakte hai Kya haa. 

Jhavni:Leave Kunj Him you go tej with Nandini. You go tej me and my kids will not come now. 

Tej:no jhanvi please I’ll do all possible things please forgive me He fold his hands. Tej and jhavni started argument maya listen she done she started breathing heavily Kunj and Rishi get shocked. 

Maya: just shut up please go from

Here Kunj and Rishi hold her hands, 

Kunj: di please don’t. Please don’t do this. 

Maya:please go stop this kyu kar rahe you.Maa and papa you both did this only always because of you both we always

Embarrassed in front of world.What you wanted now papa you throw me and Kunj

We leave you why you come again you didn’t think about us I pleased you so much.In this years you call and think

About us how we living haa suddenly you saying you feel guilty Kya guilty haa, 

Tej:you all right at your place but I can’t do anything I know I’m wrong.Just say one thing I’m sorry he fold his hands. 

Kunj:today papa you saying this all because of you our childhood went in tears and again too. 

Tej:kunjj i know I already tell nandani I can’t now because of her I messed up my life Lot.please forgive me I’m really sorry Kunj and maya I understand your values.

Maya:papa today you realised this why. 

You didn’t care about your daughter how I leave haa whenever I see any daughter with their father what I feel only I know this. 

Kunj:haan.Learn something from Manohar papa and Usha Maa they give us love of mother and father which you people didn’t give us.Maya hugged Kunj both crying so badly each and everyone feels so bad. 

Nani:waha tej ans jhavni you both just care about each other’s didn’t think about your kids once haa. 

Nandani: tej.??

Nani:and you nandani didn’t you feel shamed you breaking someone marriage life haa kyu. 

Nandani: what I love tej. 

Tej:really Nandani he turned and look at her. If you love me Nandani than you wouldn’t try to kills me haa. 

Nandani: what??

Tej:haa Nandini you think I’ll not get to know you are mad me and jhavni went for party and you failed my car breaks why answer me because we’ll die and you’ll get my all properties. I give you each and everything Nandani give you love and care which I didn’t give you. Most important thing my kids and yours always choose your both kids over my and give them love not my one but end of the day your kids choose their own father why because I’m not their father they and you just love me because of money.. 

Nandani:what tej nothing is like this. 

Tej:now I’ll not come in your tricks Nandani.I come Lot.When I come to know about you and yours kids I felt so bad and heart broken understand my kids and wife value, I don’t wanted to do anything with you please leave me now.Nandani didn’t said anything she just bow down her head and went from there tej went to Maya please bacha forgive your father.Please I don’t have anything now. Maya didn’t said anything she cuddles tej. 

Maya:papa I missed you😭😭😭.While kunj went in his room.Jhavni hugged yuvi while he console her. Like this days were passing after get to know about this all things.Everyone get shocked twinkle never things about this all Kunj and maya bear so much.Maya forgive tej and jhanvi while jhavni didn’t talk to tej so much while others get happy to see this.After Kunj went back to Bangalore along with his parents and wife or nani. Kunj didn’t sit with tej and just for maya sake Kunj let him stay with them while twinkle doing her all duties of bahu. Nani handover Kunj tej business he started working without saying thing while Rishi and Kunj working together tej doing all possible things to get Kunj forgiveness.Tej share great bond with his bahu twinkle. 

1 and half year leap, 

After a leap everything was good in their life.Kunj working so beautifully while maya and Rishi blessed with baby girl. Even twinkle too give good news to Kunj each and everyone was so happy. Nani and Kunj or jhanvi or tej taking care of twinkle lot while in Kunj absence jhavni&tej their grand kid is coming. 

Now twinkle was 8 months pregnant so she had become very chubby because of kunj care & luv….she was standing in front of the mirror & fixing her dupatta but she was not able to fix it properly because of her baby bump…….

Everyone was going to maya house their was party kept for their child……

nani : kunj…we r leaving for her house …u come with twinkle….

Kunj: ok…

So he went to his room…for checking…is twinkle is ready or not….

He entered in the room …& saw his lifeline is struggling with her dupatta…he back hugged her 

Kunj:kya hua baby….

Twinkle:see na kunj because of this …i m not able to fix my dupatta properly…..& moreover u made me so chubby …by eating lot of things…..

Kunj :ohh my baby bs itna sa …ruk i will do it…he side hair & fix her dupatta properly which was also covering her baby bump..

He kissed at her shoulders & neck….

Twinkle:kunj….we r getting late for the party so stop…don’t do it.

Kunj: but u looking very beautiful….so feeling like u to eat u…

Twinkle:: kha kunj….i m looking very fat….

Kunj:: u r not fat …u r chubby my  baby…after becoming like this …u look more cute…He hugged her…

Twinkle felt some pain in her stomach…so she started breathing heavily…

Kunj …..

Kunj :: what happen twinkle …r u fine …should we go to hospital?

Twinkle :: no abhi toh just 8 months completed…still have time…

Kunj :: giver her water…

Twinkle :: she drink water & calm down little bit…

Kunj :: lets cancel this we r not going ….

Twinkle :: no kunj …maya will feel bad…we have to go ..

Kunj ;; but u r note fine …how can we go ..?

Twinkle :: i m fine…lets go..

She gets up & start walking like penguin…chlo..

Kunj …hold her from shoulders…

Kunj start the car & theu leave for maya house..

Maya & rishi welcome them…

Kunj make sit twinkle at couch….& said don’t move from here…

Twinkle :: haan baba…but u go na …meet with everyone..

Kunj :: hmm i m coming be here only ok..

Kunj was meeting everyone..but his eyes were on twinkle…after cake cutting…

Twinkle was again having pain.

.but she was trying to be normal…kunj notice..this…He went to her…Twinkle r u alright…haan Kunj sit beside her only…after some time .

twinkle:kunj …its paining.   

Kunj :: lets go to hospital…

Twinkle:: but abhi toh time hai na..

Kunj :: its ok…we should go to hospital..

Kunj told yuvi that they r going hospital don’t want to disturb others..

Twinj were in car …when twinkle started screaming…kunj its unbearable…plz fast …

Kunj took her to hospital…

Doc took her to OT…doc said …its time for delivery..

Kunj :: doc but still some time is left for 9 months..

Doc:: it happens some time ..we have to do her delivery..u wait here only…

Kunj: informed everyone..soon everyone reach there…

Kunj was very nervous as he was hearing twinkle screams ..

Rishi:; don’t worry kunj…she will be alright…soon…

Soon they heard crying sound of baby…

Doc came & congratulations its a boy….

Kunj was very happy…he went to meet her…still twinkle was unconscious…but he saw his  baby …he kissed her forehead…

After sometime twinkle gain conscious…

Twinkle:: kunj….

Kunj:: thank u twinkle…u have given me the most precious thing …see our son…He laid the baby beside her…Twinkle admire the baby…

Twinkle:thanks to you kunj.After everyone entered in ward they all see baby and get so happy. Tej looking at baby. 

Maya:now papa and Kunj please leave everything now see we are so happy now Kunj your son too come at least for him. 

Twinkle:haa Kunj papa ji did all possible things now it’s over. Even you too mummy ji for my baby please. Kunj look at tej he went near him and place baby in his hands. 

Kunj:Papa see my son. Tej look at baby who looking at them. 

Tej: sorry Kunj. 

Kunj: now no more please. He rest his head on his chest.Tej hugged him.Jhavni see them they all smile.They all share family hug.Just than yuvi bring cake they all stand in group and twinkle and Kunj cut cake and feed each other’s and others too they having fun.They sit in side twinkle holding her son her hands while Kunj sitting beside her.Yuvi set the camera they all pose for photo and they click photo. 

Scene freezes on them on their happy face. 


So finally story is complete. 

How was the episode??

Hope you like the episode.. 

Please do tell me.. 

thanks for bearing me till here., 

Bye love you all


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