RAB SE SONA ISHQ: TwInj: episode: 49🥳 Written Episode

#Episode: 49..


In whole reception night Kunj and twinkle sharing romantic eye locks when Kunj winked at her she immediately turned her gaze due to blushing.After game than toh Kunj giggles so much because of his sweetie wifey he wins.than suddenly Kunj met with his long time friends in reception. 

Just normally they talking with each other’s.Twinkle see them from far and gritting teeth’s on them.Than they all sit for dinner.Each and everyone come.The last chair is left beside tej already Rahul got seat beside tej only who making crying faces. While Kunj stand looking here and there. 

Rt:arey Kunj beta sit na. 

Rahul:haa bhai.Kunj look at him and gestured his mother. 

Tej:what happened.. 

Kunj:in fast voice NO SIR.. 😢he take the seat and sit beside him while all laugh out. 

Anita:haha Kunj tej bhaiya isn’t your Sir boss here haa why you calling him sir.All look at Kunj only. 

Yuvi:haa Kunj mom is right I always heard you call maamu sir..??

Rudra:because he is Bhaiya sir na bhaiya and G working with pa and chote papa. Even they called pa HITLER Rahul and Kunj choked so badly started coughing their morsel stuck in middle only.They both look at Rudra with roar eyes who give them toothy smile.All giggles. 

Tej:are you okay na. 

Rahul:hmm sir.Give pass water glass. They take and drink water.Try to manage. 

Om:aaj tu Kunj ke haato se gaye Rudra 😝Mahi was beside Omkara while having food their hands touching.Omkara and Mahi share romantic eye lock.Just than man and woman come. 

Man:heyy tej you are here.As soon as tej see them get up. 

Tej:you what a pleasant surprise Man. They share a hug.Man name is Yash and woman is Tanisha.

Tanisha:hi Avantika you all in India. 

Avantika:yes we came India Long time back tanisha. Meeting you after years ago.

Tanisha:yes how’s your son. Kunj now he become big haina.. where he is?? Avantika gestured her on Kunj.Aww still he is same when I saw him in Chicago. 

Yasha:he is just 5 years old.After Atul we didn’t meet with each other’s. 

Tej:haa nice to meet you Yash lets meet what’s say..

Yash:yeah I’ll try tej they bid bye each other’s.They finished their dinner waiter served dessert to everyone.Tej see Kunj plate he about to having it before him tej pull the plate. 

Tej:what are you going to do haa. 

Lata: arey tej let him na just for today. 

Tej:no Maa you know he is not less than aayat about himself. When he know sweet things isn’t good for him than what’s the need of this. And I see in whole wedding sessions he having whatever comes.

Prithviraj: sometimes you become over caring tej. 

Tej:I have to papa did you remember last when he get ill due to this all.Whole night didn’t let me and Avantika sleep make his health worse already he is diabetes person I can’t take risk. 

Avantika:tej is right.Don’t dare to touch. Kunj nodded his head in yes.While he wanted to eat something sweet. He gestured dadi and dadu they feed him while tej just look at Kunj and them 😘. After they dance on slow music twinkle was in Kunj arms his hands resting on her bare back. 

Kunj:aur kya socha Mrs Sarna.Let’s do it here only. 

Twinkle:totally become beshram ha Kunj. 

Kunj:so what numbers of time I told you this.Their face is just inch apart. 

Twinkle:don’t know about you I toh my husband is just officeholic.Sport me bhi interested impressive. 

Kunj:acha ji you don’t know anything about me.This all I know just because of my pa.He push me take part in this activities.Itself no at all after get interested. 

Twinkle:papa ji put all talent in you only what about others two.. 

Kunj:they are cry babies na.always hide under mummy palu😝.At my time pa had time after me he busy fully in business dadu get retired na.So I just only comes in his hands they are lucky.He moving his finger on her back sensually twinkle shivered heat passed in her spin. 

Twinkle:kunjjjj. Background song. 

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon

Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai

Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon

Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai. Kunj humming the song line. Hoo becoming singer haa. 

Kunj:hmm tere pyaar me become singer too.Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai. In cheesy way she blushed.Twinkle leave him and hold tej hand while Kunj hold Priyanka hand. Rohan eyes just stuck on Priyanka.While dancing twinkle and Kunj just looking at each other’s only..

Ek tum, ek main, teeja maangu kya khuda se

Dil doon, jaan doon, kya doon itna bata de

Tera mera rishta hai saanson se bhi naazuk

Tum sa, hum sa, koi duja na hoga na hua re

(Twinkle pick up the line and singing while Kunj looking at her she too.) 

Do dil sa ik seene mein hai jaise Main aur Tum

Ab dono hum ik jeene mein hain jaise

Main aur Tum

( they twirl their partners twinkle swirl fully Kunj hold her finger ) they sing together others watch them while tej and Avantika just admire their son. )

Jaan se zyada chaha tumko piya re

Harpal, hardum, humdum tumko jiya re

Aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon.

Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai

Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon

Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai

[They end the dance and song twinkle hands resting on Kunj shoulder while his on her back they both looking at each other’s and smiling beautifully..]

Each and everyone clapped for them they come in sense and leave each other’s and smiling Kunj ruffles his hairs.. after they all stand for wedding cake cutting Natasha and Purab come and cut the cake feed each other’s and others while Rudra and yuvi started applying on everyone faces as well they had fun.lot than they sit and asking Natasha and Purab how’s their night they both blushing while Kunj holding his head when he heard their talks. 

Anjali:blushing mean. 

Natasha:uff you guys bhi na.. 

Rahul: why you people teasing them it’s their personal moment.haina Kunj. 


Rahul:what nahi did I ask you about your night haa see them teasing this birds.

Kunj:you people are impossible kuch bhi baate karte ho.they didn’t leave Natasha and Purab Kunj just listening smiling while twinkle and Kunj see each other’s face. 

Yuvi:this Kunj is so boring yaar twinkle.

Kunj:acha you are very interesting haa talking fully rubbish.cheapo.Kunj and Rahul get up went from there they went outside just than there they saw one man he see them as well they see each other’s he is here f**k??

Rahul:Leave na I knew it he is here only after he will come in Purab wedding. He come towards them.

Darsh:: hey Kunj and Rahul aww you both. 

They give him fake smile and darsh and they giving him Tashan.( he is with them only darsh didn’t like Kunj and Rahul because he always get jealous of them didn’t win against Kunj and Rahul you all can say they are Enemies of each other’s.

How’s your work going on??

Kunj:great like always.

Darsh: hoo confidence yeh over.

Kunj:my confidence not over like you darsh Kapoor. 

Darsh:lets see bro who win this years your company yeh mine.

Kunj:acha till now you didn’t get satisfied still want more haa like always my company only bro.

Rahul:yes you didnot win with us in studies here also can’t.Darsh fumed.Tune play in Bg rahul and Kunj walk out from there. Reception end.They all set to go back their place.They sit in their cars while Mahi going Onkara looking at her only. Om aaja see later what you wanted 😂.He sit and ruffles his hairs.Avni busy in phone with yuvi. Aaj kal all the time you were busy in phone Avni haa.

Avni:no bhai just friend. Kunj sit in backseat beside twinkle.

Rudra:today Bhaiya leave his driving how??

Kunj:no mood.. 

Rudra:may I please.

Kunj:acha thik hai but slow.Rudra and Omkara sit in front seat while Anjali or Rahul ans Avni in second seat and in the end Kunj and twinkle or Priyanka.Rudra starts the car.Kunj hold twinkle hand she get shocked and look at Kunj gesturing him Leave her hand while he didn’t leave her hand.Bow down his head and kissed on twinkle hand no can’t see this.Twinkle blushed she talking with Priyanka while Kunj playing with her hand caressing her fingers.Twinkle bangles sounds echoed in whole car. Just than Rahul smirked.

Rahul:yeh kesh ke bangles baj rahe hai haa😂😂😝.: he slightly turned his face and look at Kunj he rest his head on seat board Kunj come near his ears. In slow voice.Abey London express slow Teri Amritsar express kahi nahi jayegi Saale. 

Kunj:acha saale what about you did I said anything to you when you romancing with my sister that also in front of me. 

Rahul:we made for love 😝😝:

Kunj:aur hum upar se aaye hai na.

Rahul:na you all just come to watch us. 

Kunj holding twinkle hand. 

Kunj:chal Biwi meri hai.. 

Rahul:ja kar do whatever you want to do😂.While talking they reached. They come out of the cars while twinkle not she struggles due to her outfit. 

Kunj:give me your hand than come.

Twinkle:hmm. She give her hand in Kunj hands and come out of the car uff. 

Kunj:what’s the need of this Tam jham..

Rudra: get tired.. 

Tej:now sleep don’t forget you have college no drama in morning.They went in their respective rooms. Twinkle and Kunj entered in room while Rahul passing from their room. 

Rahul: kunjj don’t stop 😂😂. Kunj shut the door on his face while twinkle removing her accessories standing in front of mirror. Kunj lock the door and went towards bed side and removed his coat and while opening buttons he break all buttons.And went towards twinkle.

Kunj:I’m tired today.

Twinkle:same.uff this dress is so heavy. 

Kunj:hmm. See Natasha she is so happy and you make your spend your times in crying only. After wedding next day you just crying like baby. 

Twinkle:huhu. Sadu her husband loving her my and her condition not same he didn’t let her miss her family 

Kunj:acha bachu😜.Tu bol deti I’ll romance. 😛. This all is so shameless.

Twinkle:it’s natural Kunj all friends teased like this only. 

Kunj:haa even with you?!

Twinkle:hmm I get so tired asking me numbers of questions what I’ll tell them.


Twinkle:because nothing happened na. 

Kunj:true.She removed everything than turned. 

Twinkle:go and get freshen up. She take out their night dress and give Kunj and went in washroom they changed their clothes and quickly come and lay down on bed they are very much tired and sleep

took over them immediately. 

Next day in morning sunlight coming on twinkle face she wake up and stretch her arms and open her eyes get up and sit there only. 

Twinkle:after long days I get my beauty sleep.She look at Kunj who sleeping like cute baby.His back facing to ceiling.She Bend slightly and caress his hairs.My love.Kabhi nahi socha ta iss sadu sarna se mujhe pyaar hojayega.😊 she rest her head on his back shoulder. Kunjj I’m going baby wake up. 

Kunj:hmm in sleep.. she kissed on his temple.And get up went towards wardrobe thinking what she should wear it. 

Twinkle:Kunj love me in saree why not saree.She take out nice saree. And went in washroom she take bath while taking she recalled Kunj and blushing started playing with water.After bath she come of the washroom in her saree she went towards dressing table and dry her hairs.And did her make up as per Kunj choice. While getting ready she just looking at Kunj only back to back.She get ready fully wake uppp.She went downstairs goes in kitchen Usha and Avantika was in kitchen only they were talking normally just than twinkle entered in kitchen wish them

Good morning they too.. 

Usha:looking beautiful.. 

Twinkle:thanks Maa. 

Avantika: I’ll go and wake up Rudra and Priyanka nahi toh tej will get angry. Twinkle beta please Kunj ko bhi.

Twinkle:haa mummy ji. 

She make breakfast and tell her other things to chef and make coffee for Kunj. She take the coffee and went in her room. While Avantika wake up Rudra and Priyanka somehow they wake up and get ready for their college. Everyone come down after get ready twinkle entered in room and get shocked to see Kunj still sleeping she thought he must be get ready. She closed her eyes and keep the tray aside and went towards bed.Look at this man he didn’t wake up sleeping.I thought he wake up but not Kunj wake up na. Everyone wake up papa ji waiting for you you’ll get late for your office.Kunj didn’t give her heed. She get tired with him she pulling the blanket and went open the curtains. Sunlight comes on his face fully which disturb his sleep. 

Kunj: arey please closed the curtains.

Twinkle: acha do I look like mad wake up fast she sit beside him and patting on his back he open his eyes and look at her face.

Kunj: what type of wife you are didn’t let your husband sleep haa.

Twinkle:acha than get ready to scold by papa ji. He make faces and than get up lay down there only taking yawn

Kunj:after weeks I slept fully. 

Twinkle: hmm go fast. I’ll take out your clothes she went towards wardrobe and taking out his clothes Kunj see her in saree he get up and went towards her. 

Kunj: hmm good morning my love. She smiled. 

Twinkle:good morning. 

Kunj:what about my kiss.She closed her on eyes.She turned and look at him. 

Twinkle:what kiss go and get ready.She pushes him and Kunj hold her hand. 

Kunj:I’ll not leave that’s my promise will get my Kiss as well.He went in washroom while twinkle arranging bed Sheet after bath Kunj come out of the washroom in towel looking hot he ruffles his wet hairs 

Twinkle look at him adore his hot body..

Kunj take his clothes and wears.Twinkle come to him closed his buttons.Kunj look at her head to toe she looking breathtaking. What’s your plans.

Twinkle: what??

Kunj: maarna hai kya.

Twinkle: innocently kish ko😛.

Kunj: ISS hot and innocent boy ko me. She look at him. 

Twinkle: hoo. 

Kunj: looking hot what so special saree??

Twinkle.If anything is special than only I can wear haa. 

Kunj:I didn’t said this.I toh usually love you in saree. 

Twinkle:only for you I wear she pulled his cheeks.She went in side to pick up wet towel while Kunj went towards mirror and get ready.She give him his coffee and medicine while Kunj look medicine. 

Kunj:in heart. I’ll take it.Last night I eat lot sweets.He take the medicine and coffee as well.Than they went downstairs everyone already come for breakfast they went towards dinning table Kunj sit beside his brothers.While twinkle served everyone breakfast than she sit. 

Tej:you both come fast meeting will be starts soon I don’t want late comers.they both nodded their head in yes.Nicely they finished their breakfast.Twinkle went in room and bring Kunj wallet and office bag she come down and give Kunj his things 

Lata:finally Avantika you get free.

Avantika:haa mummy ji my daughter in law handle everything of my Kunj.. tej and Manohar left.While aayat went with Rudra and Priyanka.Avni and Soumya as well. Kunj looking at twinkle who gestured like what?? 

Rahul:aaja bhai I’m waiting for you. 

Kunj:yeah.Avantika and Usha went in their rooms while Lata and Prithviraj in garden 

Twinkle and Anjali went too out with their husband Rahul bring car. Kunj hold twinkle hand acha I’m going bye. 

Twinkle:hmm bye have a nice day.She correct his tie Kunj kissed on his forehead gently she smiled. 

Kunj:take care and I’ll take my kiss remember.She blushed and nodded her head in yes. 

Rahul:aaja Kunj baki ka baat me karlena.

Kunj:yeh kamina na.. 

Twinkle:shh Jao ab. Kunj went sit in car while going he passed fly kiss to twinkle. She take and pass him too.Kunj and Rahul left.Twinkle went inside. 

In the car Kunj driving and while Rahul

checking presentation in laptop. 

Kunj:see fully last moment pe no drama.. 

Rahul:haa bhai.I check everything is perfect.Rahul closed the laptop and look at Kunj.Aur bhai kya aaj kal my early raiser become late Latif. Hehe Kunj look at Rahul. 

Kunj:nothing is like that Rahul just tired.

And you know me.twinkle get tired try to wake up me but I didn’t. 

Rahul: hehe cool while talking didn’t realised when they reached office they parked the car and went inside as soon as Kunj and Rahul see them they both rushed towards them.

Sara:sir tej sir is ready.. they waiting for you in conference hall clients is come.

Kunj:great.. you go and set everything I’ll be in just 2 minutes. Kunj went in his cabin lastly he check everything and he and Rahul left for meeting.. they entered in conference hall everyone was presented their they went ahead they meet with clients and shake the hands.. 

Tej:lets the meeting Kunj.. 

Kunj:sure sir.. 

Kunj starts the meeting lights went off all sits and Kunj giving the presentation all high points Rahul explaining. 

Rudra and Priyanka get stuck in traffic. 

Aayat: bro I’ll get late for my school.

Rudra: hmm this traffic. After so much time traffic get clear they reached aayat school. Now go baby.

Aayat: you leave me.. Rudra come out of the car and take aayat school bag puts on her shoulders. He hold her fingers and take her towards school gate.Rudra sits on his knees. Caress aayat face. 

Rudra:acha baby go and study well.

Aayat: even you too don’t bunk the classes Rudra raised his one eye brows like his Kunj bhaiya. My bhaiya did perfectly. Rudra pulled her cheeks. 

Rudra:acha chuii okay bye he kissed on her cheeks she hugged him. 

Aayat:bye.  She waved to him and went inside while Rudra watching that she going safely or not.Than he went back to his car and start the car and drove off. Soon they reached the college.Rudra and Priyanka went inside the class soon their teacher come and call a girl she entered in class as soon as she entered Mahi and or Priyanka and Rudra get shocked to see. 

Teacher:come she is our new student Soumya Mehta. 

Soumya: hi everyone all pass smile to her. 

Teacher: Soumya go beta and sits.

Rudra:this sumo in my college and same class f**k man. Now she will give my all report to my bhaiya shittt.. 😭😩making cry faces while Priyanka and Mahi waves their hands she see and get surprised to see them she went towards them. And take seat beside them. 

Priyanka:you are in our college class too.

Soumya: haa I don’t know you people too it’s good na

Mahi: yup.. while Rudra gritting her teeth’s.

While twinkle get busy in her house chores after sometime later finally she completed all work and Make the lunch as well. She come out of the kitchen and went in living room.

Lata:come beta you finish your work.

Twinkle:haa dadi. 

Avantika:my bahu get tired why you working we have servants na.. 

Twinkle:I’m fine. Twinkle see her phone. Let me message my sadu there only she send him messages.Hi baby how’s you what about your meeting all the best.❤emoji.Avni come back from Clinic she sits.

Avni: uff.

Usha: what happened beta.

Avni:kuch nahi Choti Maa today I got some nonsense patients irritated me lot. 

Twinkle:hehe.. they all chit chatting. 

Other side Kunj finished his presentation all get up and started clapping for Kunj and Rahul tej and Manohar look at them client is very much impressed by them.

Client:really amazing man in this young you both have a brilliant mind tej really appreciated them and their working skills. 

Tej: thanks. 

Client:just for you both I wanna work with you this project I wanna give you both.

They both get hell happy it’s their dream project to do on a very huge scales.They shake the hands while Kunj and Rahul was very much happy. But I’ll give you first trail test than we’ll think more.

Kunj:sure sir.. they sits and discuss and than sign the deal finally.Kunj and Rahim smirked and give thumps. Clients went while tej and Manohar.

Tej:nice.While Manohar hugged them. Tej went from there. 

Rahul: this hitler na kitna bhi Karol.

Manohar: rahull😛then he laugh even they too starts Manohar went. 

Kunj: crack the bro hifi. Just than Kunj see his phone see twinkle messages.Ho my Biwi they went in the cabin.Rahul sit and Oder coffee for them while Kunj message twinkle.Thanks.While twinkle phone beep continuously she see Kunj message Kunj

Call her she cut because of everyone they all look at her. 

Twinkle:me aati hu..she get up and went from there while all giggles. She entered in room and went towards bed.

Kunj:why this girl didn’t pick up my call Rahul enjoy lot.finally twinkle pick up his call. 

Twinkle: hello.. 

Kunj:hello why you cutting my calls. 

Twinkle: I was with everyone that’s why. 


Twinkle:how’s your meeting. You didn’t reply to my messages back. 

Kunj: woh that time I was in meeting. That’s why and because of you my presentation was amazing and I crack the deal. 

Twinkle:aww congratulations.From back Rahul.

Rahul:even I’m here too.Twinkle heard this laugh. 

Twinkle:haa aap ko bhi congratulations. Just than their coffee come they take.


Twinkle:aur kya??😛😛.. Kunj went in side.While Rahul closed his ears just pretended. 😝. 

Kunj: I’m missing you so much.

Twinkle: kaam karo samje.

Kunj: don’t forget my kiss. 

Twinkle: anyone will listen Kunj. 

Kunj: so what I’m not talking with my

Neighbour wife😜. 

Twinkle:maar dalugi samjena.

Kunj:O meri Manikarnikab bas.kiss toh I’ll take anyhow twinkle that’s my promise. 

Twinkle: lets see.😂😝.

Kunj: I love you.. 


Kunj: what hmm haa.. 

Twinkle: kunjj I love you too.. Kunj closed his eyes. 

Kunj:it’s feels so good to listen this from your mouth.. just than Anjali giving voice to twinkle for lunch.. 

Twinkle: acha pati Dev ji im going down everyone waiting for me for lunch. 

Kunj:okay bye.. 

Twinkle: bye love you sadu.. she about to cut the call.

Kunj: love you too siyappa queen twinkle heard this and laugh out.she went downstairs and joint everyone for lunch. 

Kunj back to his seat.. 

Rahul: kya Bol raha ta that you can’t talk to her in front of me haa Saale.

Kunj:nothing just aise hi. 

Rahul: acha I’m your guru don’t forget. 

Kunj: haa pata hai.. 

Rahul:confession ke baad kuch mila yeh Phir aise hi??😛. 

Kunj:acha kya yaar she running away so much. Now let see and I wanted to go with flow it’s so beautiful.

Rahul: that’s true yaar this girls is like this only bhut papad belne padte hai ek kiss ke liye bhi. 

Kunj: acha I’m serious way. But you and di love each other’s from starting.

Rahul:so what she is too girl she take so much time just to say yes for marriage.

Kunj:woh toh hai:.😛😛😝.Because of you both numbers of time we both stuck in troubles.

Rahul:that’s why I love you lot my partner in crime 😘. 

Twinkle having her lunch. Just thinking about Kunj and his demand for kiss fully behaving like a baby who dying for chocolate she blushed and smiling itself. All see and get confused. 

Anjali: twinkle Bhabhi ji what happened you smiling so much. She shakes her she come in sense. 

Twinkle: haa di.

Avni: why you smiling haa in your own world.

Anjali: arey Avni I know why she must be thinking about our hot brother Kunj 😝. Haina ahem how romantic nowadays badi Maa even our Kunj too changed didn’t you think so. Last night dancing with his wife so beautifully that Kunj who always deny to dance 😛😛. 

Avantika:haa beta now his wife has come na so he’ll dance with her obviously 😝.

They teasing twinkle lot. She blushing.. 

Twinkle:kya aap bhi.I didn’t changed him. 

Usha:arey twinkle after you at least he seen in house otherwise his office only his house 😛😛slightly talk too. 

Lata:good na at least for his wife he changed himself lot whatever is it my Kunj is the best.mera pota innocent kam bolta hai but his silence speak lot.. 

Twinkle: dadi and dadu really love their grand sons lot. 

Prithviraj: hmm.. they three of them our lifeline. 

Anjali: what about us dadu??

Lata:you girls toh our sunshine. 

Anjali: huh I know you dadi just love your Kunj lot.he is your heart and that two too. 

They have their lunch with lots of chats and laughs.After sometime later they passed away.

#At evening Rudra and Priyanka or

Soumya aayat come back home. While Rudra stop at outside only he get call so he get busy in phone while Priyanka and Soumya went inside and aayat was in Rudra arms who slept in car.Just than tej and Manohar too come back along with Rahul and Kunj they get tired fully today after so much work.They sit in living room twinkle see them she went in kitchen send water for them.And make tea and or coffee snacks for them she keep them on gas stove while servant seeing. She went in living room see Kunj who closing his eyes.

Tej: arey aayat didn’t come haa I knew no one will go to pick up my doll. Kunj go and bring aayat she must be waiting. 

Kunj:hmm pa just than Rudra entered there they see aayat who was in his arms he went towards everyone.He sits and make aayat lay on his lap perfectly all see he knows how to take care of his sister. 

Tej:you pick up her.

Rudra:haa. She slept in car only. 

Avantika: give me I’ll take her in room.She take aayat and went in room. Kunj get up and went in his room he lay down on bed twinkle give everyone tea and snacks and didn’t see Kunj understands he must be in room so she went in their room she entered in room just slightly shut the door and went towards him and place tray on table. 

Twinkle: kunjjj. 

Kunj:hmm kya hua.

Twinkle: what happened tired.

Kunj: Like hell. 

Twinkle: acha I’m toh thinking to give leave it if you are tired she giggles while Kunj open his eyes he immediately get up.

Kunj:no I’m not tired come lets do it. Twinkle stand while Kunj too he cupped her face and look at her. 

Twinkle: kunjj anyone will come.

Kunj: kya twinkle dekh room na door bhi band hai twinkle keep her one hand on his shoulder while Kunj caress her cheeks and 

And me bhi yeh aur tu bhi ans we both are alone. They share eye lock. both look at each other’s he learn for kiss while twinkle look at him and push him he falls down on bed. kYa..

Twinkle:Abhi mere mood nahi hai.. sorry she went down. 

Kunj:twinkle yaar.. rukk he rest his chin on his hand kab tak rutegi aur chilayegi dil kehta hai ek din haseena maan jayegi.

Isme tera ghata
Mera kuch nahi jata
Zyada pyaar ho jata
Toh main seh nahi pata (x2) he murmured the song 😛😂😂😂😂

He makes faces and he drink his coffee and snacks rest for sometime after sometime later at night. Dinner was ready twinkle fully drenched in sweat so think let’s get freshen up she went in washroom downstairs than went in her room she didn’t find Kunj than heard shower voice she went towards dressing table. 

Twinkle:I’ll get ready. See myself Chii.She stand did her fresh make up.just than Kunj come out of the washroom after shower twinkle see him through mirror only she applying lipstick bold colour Kunj remember what she has done with him sometime with him Kunj throw the towel in side and went towards her she knows what will be coming now.she mess with Kunj Sarna.He come near her Kunj lock his hand around her waist Kunj hands went under her palu and move on her bare tummy she chuckled 😛.Kunj rubbed his nose on her neck. He smells her. And see her back dori Kunj kissed on her back she moan slightly. Kunj make her turned towards him. 

Kunj:ab Bol. Kaha. She keep her hand on his chest. Twinkle caress his wet cheeks. 

Twinkle:good you had shower now let’s have dinner together. 

Kunj:don’t change the topic. 

Twinkle: kya kunjj. Bola na dedugi.. 

Kunj:I wait enough twinkle yaar look at me 

Asked anyone about their husbands.. 

Twinkle:haa bas bas.Kunj lock his hand around her neck.Play with her earrings. 

Kunj:I’ll loss my control don’t blame me afterwards meri tamatar.she blushed on this new name.Twinkle hugged him and rest her head on his chest.Kunj caressing her back. Why this paint again subhe enough nahi ta kya😂😂she look at him.he pulling her cheeks. don’t get ready so much I am not able to control myself infront of all jaan she blushed so hard.. Kunj pat on twinkle cheeks.Eww so much makeup.. 

Twinkle:sadu I didn’t got ready so much it’s just normal for wedded girls even Some months only passed away our marriage so it’s needed😛. Kunj moved his nose on her cheek.

Kunj:hmmm digging his nose in her cheeks more. You have applied numbers of layers of makeup twinkle saying it’s normal really makeup vanity 😝😝. Twinkle give him roar look. 

Twinkle: mere hard work ki koi value nahi hai tumhare pass Kunj.I’m crying voice. Usually husbands wants when they come back home from office so their wives should be get ready for them to look good to induce there whole day stress level. But look at you I got husband like you. Here I get ready for you spend my time in this all things just for you and what I got in return nothing huhu. Me bhi pagal huna after being in love with you I totally forgot that I married with sadu sarna. She about to take out her earring Kunj held her hand. 

Kunj:hoo itna gussa meri tamatar today you become angry bird😋😛😛.It’s happened because we are Antich na my siyappa queen.Appreciated your hard work 😝.Kunj lock his hand around her neck tucked her hairs behind her ears. Caress her cheeks.Who told you there is no value of your hard work after you

already my all stress vanished to see you like this and didn’t get anything this make me cry 😝😝.she blushed become


Twinkle:naughty hote ja rahe ho day by day tum.

Kunj:aaj kal na..😝😝. I love you. 

Twinkle: I love you too.

Kunj: 3😛😝they continue like this. Twinkle cupped Kunj jaw ans give him kisses on his cheek tightly Kunj get so happy. 

Kunj: hayee margye😛😛.Twinkle push him. 

Twinkle:pagal.come everyone waiting for us only.They went downstairs.While going twinkle see Kunj cheek her lipstick mark still on Kunj cheek.Everyone was in living room. Twinkle see Kunj. Kunjj.

Kunj:hmmm.she hold his hand take him side.Kya hua pagal control kar.

Twinkle:shut up. She take her saree palu and cupped his cheeks and wiped lipstick mark.

Kunj:hoo good. If anyone will see this than toh teasing world war 2 starts..😜

Twinkle:now perfect. Kunj give her peck on her cheek and run down while twinkle giggles to him and touch her cheek.Pagal she murmured.She too went. Each and everyone sitting together chitchatting while aayat playing with her doll combing her hairs.

Aayat:pa I want new doll now this doll become so naughty.

Rudra:acha what about you pidhi.. 

Aayat: ahaha screams. 

Tej:Rudra why you teasing her let her play. 

She went towards tej and show him her doll. 

Aayat: see my doll pa. Even bhaiya didn’t brought doll for me.

Kunj:acha last time toh I brought lots of toys for you what you doing just your toys scattered here and there in whole mansion. 

Aayat:yup.I want world whole toys.. tej and Avantika laugh out. 

Tej: remember Avantika.. 

Avantika: yes obviously.

Anjali: didn’t get it badi Maa. 

Avantika:even same demand Kunj did when he is small.Once we went mall with him than there he saw cars whatever he want he buy but after still didn’t satisfied. 

Tej:when we ask him what he want now. So he like be I want all car toys of this world. 😝. 

Rudra:bhaiya play with toys I toh just see him with books only😝😝.

Anjali:woh told you we play lot even more than you people everyday bade pa and papa bring toys for us. 

Rudra:acha huhu. 

Manohar:and bhai Shab toh Leave his meeting just for Kunj if he come in office he play with him.This make everyone

surprised while Kunj smiled inside in his heart while twinkle look at him. Kunj get call he excuse and went in side. Ab toh he didn’t demand for anything.

Tej:hmm whatever time I had in starting top of that he is our first child. 

Avantika:yes give him time but after what tej: he look at Avantika.Than toh you fully get busy. 

Rudra:pa just love aayat and Priyanka just.Kunj come back and sit. 

Lata:lets have dinner. 

Prithviraj: haa I’ll take my medicine. 

Kunj:I’ll bring dadu.Kunj went in room and bring Prithviraj medicine he bring water

and give him medicine with his hands. 

Twinkle:in heart( he know about everyone take care of each and every person but about himself fully careless baby my).

They all went towards dinning table and take their seats.Twinkle served them and sit beside Kunj. 

Manohar:smells coming yummy.

Soumya:haa twinkle bhabhi.she give smile they all starts the dinner.Twinkle busy in food while Kunj hold her hand under the table twinkle look at him while Kunj passed innocent smile. While twinkle knows if she try to struggles he will not leave so she leave it twinkle having her food happily.Kunj removed his shoes and moving her feet on twinkle feet’s.This Kunj think. Kunj see twinkle she didn’t give any response he get confused than Rahul look at Kunj. 

Kunj:why this twinkle skin become so hard.Rahul smirked. Rahul smash his feet on his foot. Ouchh all get shocked and look at kunj😝😝.

Lata: kya hua.. 

Kunj: kuch nahi.dadi.He look at twinkle than Rahul winked at him.Kunj understand while Rahul giggles so much all get confused.😛😝.Happily they finished their dinner. After dinner twinkle along with Anjali they busy in chores while Priyanka and Soumya discussing about their new project. 

Soumya: Kunj bro you know I got admission in same college in which Rudra and Priyanka there.

Kunj:awesome Soumya now I got you. 

Rudra:listen sumo don’t poke your nose in my matter get it.. 

Kunj:acha padegi. 

Rahul:Kunj play save today me if not than 😝😝. 

Omkara:what happened while Rahul tell Omkara in his ears they both laugh outs.

Kunj:shut up I’m your elder brother 😛. Rudra bring Pepsi bottle in that he mixes alcohol slightly.Kunj snatch the bottle from his hand and take few sips while Rudra get shocked but he didn’t said anything. 

Just than Anjali and Twinkle come there Kunj look at twinkle because of her everyone making fun of him.She see him get scared.Kunj went in side twinkle behind him. 

Twinkle: what sadu.

Kunj:chal bhut drama Hogaya now give my victory prize my kiss.You get

chocolates because of me only. Twinkle snatch the bottle from his hands she started drinking both blinking their eyes slowly alcohol effects starts on their heads. 

Twinkle: kya kiss haa ha mene promise kiya but. 

Kunj:me kiss leke rahuga Cheater she went in room and look at herself in mirror twinkle seeing her nose in mirror. 

Twinkle:like baby hum kiss nahi karshakte kunj.Kunj come and look at twinkle. He went towards her give her back hugged. 

Kunj:meri kiss.She turned and look at him.

Twinkle:hum kiss nahi karshakte Kunj??


Twinkle:because nose beach me aati. 

Kunj:nahi aati hai pagal. Chal.He closed his eyes she too. They about to kiss but their nose come between their lips. 

Twinkle:aha see I told you they try 2 time

More again same happened.

Kunj:something is not correct your nose is very big he pinch her nose.

Twinkle:my nose is perfect but not yours. They didn’t in sense twinkle went towards couch while Kunj leg stuck in carpet and he and twinkle falls down on couch Kunj hands resting on twinkle waist.They both look at each other’s and share eye locks and Sajna ve played in BG.Just than all siblings entered in room they see twinkle and Kunj and giggles because of them they come in sense and get up. 

Omkara:we come in wrong time guys. Twinkle looking here and there she went in washroom while they all sits on bed.She come out of the washroom and sit with them while Kunj went towards wardrobe finding his night dress. 

Twinkle:kunjj I’ll give you don’t mess my

wardrobe Baba she get up take out his night dress and handover him and he take went in washroom.Two times this sadu changed clothes huhu. 

Priyanka: bhabhi coffee please.!

Twinkle:haa why not no please.Kunj come out of the washroom and take his book. 

And sit in side couch. Get busy in his book while twinkle bring coffee for each and everyone and give them.

Rahul:arey Kunj we are here you busy in your nonsense book.Why you reading this books now you should read novels haina twinkle 😝😝. 

Kunj:very funny.he leave his book enjoying his coffee.Rudra rest his head on twinkle lap. 

Rudra:bhaiya it’s so long we didn’t went anywhere for holidays.Kunj take yawn 😵. 

Kunj:chalo go and sleep I have meeting. 

Anjali:this boy wanted to send us out of his room we can understand brother 😛. Have a great night bhaiya and bhabhi. 

Kunj:kuch bhi di Aap na. I have meeting even they have college both brother and sister go and sleep. If I see you both using your phones na that your phone will gone.

Twinkle:why you become so sadu😝. 

Kunj:you siyappa queen. 😝

Rudra:this bhaiya na bhabhi doing atyachar on us😝😝.They all get up and went out of the room.Twinkle went and closed the door.She come and lay down on the bed while Kunj still on couch she closed her eyes. He stay like this only. 

Kunj:this siyappa queen wait he leave the couch and off the lights and went towards bed he directly on upon twinkle she open her eyes and get shocked to see Kunj. Kya tu beauty sleep. Always just sleep sleep you did enough drama for today now don’t make me angry. 

Twinkle:let me sleep baby. 

Kunj:nope baby..Kunj told her about whatever happened at dinner time she laughs out so much.See you laughing at your own husband twinkle. 

Twinkle:aww my poor baby.She cuddles him he rest his head on her chest and tucking there while twinkle hit on his hand.

Hatt badmash.Kunj cuddles her like a baby.While twinkle caressing his hairs.

Kunj:tomorrow is last day. 

Twinkle:hmm. Now let’s sleep you getting sleep when everyone was there. 

Kunj:hatt I’m toh just sending them from there I get night only to spend sometimes with you. 

Twinkle:ache se we’ll spend not sometimes but our all time to each other he look at her. 

Kunj:chal jhooti chorni 😛😝. 

Twinkle: kunjj now I remember you brought gift for everyone but what about me you told me you’ll give me. Now give me. Kunj giggles he lay down beside her and take her on himself.

Kunj:I give you your gift 3 days back only. 

She didn’t getting anything. 

Twinkle:means baby.. Kunj held her chin.

Kunj:baby hoo cool😛.She blushed. 

Twinkle:kya Kunj you making me shy always 😚😚.Kunj roll down her and come upon her she hiding her face with her palms. Kunj removed her hands and see her face.

Kunj: gift world ka best gift toh Diya that nowhere you can find out. 

Twinkle:what?? He take her hand and place on his chest on heart side. 

Kunj:mera DIL. You are the one who is at fault here, having to steal this heart of mine but I love you for that. My heart is not anymore my twinkle.To everyone I give things but you I give my heart for rest of my life. You are the one who is at fault here, having to steal this heart of mine but I love you for that.she just look at him only with love eyes.Now you are the reason my heart beating. Is not it’s very precious gift I gave you ever. Do you want anything else.She had tears in her eyes slightly.

Tw:You taught me what love is when I fell in love with you kunj.You give so precious things what else I want more haa. Without even realising it, you taught me a lot of things.Not only about life, but how it’s okay to feel something extraordinary about someone.She cupped Kunj face. Kunj look at her without blink their eyes. 

Pyaar Karna Tumne Sikhaya, Pyaar Pe Yakeen Karna Tumne Sikhaya, Sapne Sajana Tumne Sikhaya.Bas tumhare Bina jeena nahi sikhaya. Aur woh me kabhi chahati bhi nahi Kunj.  

Kunj:zindagi me kabhi me kishi bhi Khel me nahi hara but pyaar ke iss khel me tumse bar bar har na chahta hu twinkle. Kahani nahi zindagi chahiye tujhsa nahi tu chahiye😘😘.Both giving each other lovely Dovely smile. She hugged him tightly. 

Twinkle:I don’t know my sadu knows poetries too ha. 

Kunj:hehe.In annoyingly.

Twinkle:but I m impressed you aren’t less than Omkara. 

Kunj:after all bhai hai mera same genus you know. 😛. 

Twinkle:very good my husband ji. Just than Kunj got call from his Client he take his phone and on screen caller name flashing in big letters twinkle see and look at Kunj with questioning way. Caller name is Mehak.. 😛.. 

Kunj:don’t look at me like this client hai meri. 

Twinkle:did I said anything. 

Kunj:I know can understand with your expression. 

Twinkle:huhu😏😏.. Kunj received the call while twinkle put the call on speaker Kunj talking with her while twinkle smirked she kissing on his neck.Kunj can’t talk to her due to twinkle touch 😛😛.Twinkle see this enjoying lot she moving her hand on his neck.She give him love bite.. 

Kunj:I’ll talk to you in office. Bye he end the call and twinkle about to turned he hold her both hands. Smart with me haa I’m talking to someone it’s important na.

Twinkle: acha Jiii what about me when I was on call you disturb me lot didn’t let me talk to anyone.

Kunj:huh you always busy with your Fevicol friends Asha and Chinki or that Natasha.You are mine just.Kiss on her chin.Both facing to each other’s face. Blinking.Their eyes sinking in sleep fully. Kunj playing with her chuda.Both cuddles each other’s and sleep took over them. 

Another day come with full of happiness. 

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping cuddling each other’s they wake up together at the same time and give bright smile to each other’s it’s was little cool morning twinkle cuddles Kunj more and more.

Kunj:good morning kya hua today

someone getting love on me. 

Twinkle:hmm.They both didn’t said anything just stay in each other’s embrace. After sometime twinkle keep blabbering didn’t got any reply back than she raise her face and look at Kunj who sleep again. She smile.My cutie pie pulled his cheeks she see the time and come out of his embrace and went in washroom. After get freshen up she get ready and went downstairs twinkle knows Rudra and Priyanka Soumya have classes early so she went in Priyanka room there twinkle see both girls sleeping peacefully she smiled and open the curtains and wake up them. 

Twinkle: girls wake up. 

Soumya: good morning bhabhi thanks for this.

Twinkle:yup now get up fast. This pinku fully like Kunj wake up my nanad ji. 

Priyanka: kya bhabhi.

Twinkle: now let me see my baby devar. She went out of the room goes in Rudra room she entered in room and see the scenario started laughing.He is really cute. Rudra and Omkara sleeping like couples Rudra fully cuddling Omkara she went towards them and sit beside Rudra. 

Rudraaaa caress his face he open his eyes.

Rudra: hmm bhabhi. 

Twinkle: wake up you have a college na.

Rudra: let me sleep na. 

Twinkle: 5 minutes I’ll get ready your things till than okay.

Rudra:yup.She get up and take out his clothes and arrange his all things on table after 5 minutes later twinkle wake up Rudra like a baby and Send him in washroom.He get freshen up and come out twinkle give him his shirt and he wear his shirt get ready fully. Thanks bhabhi.

Twinkle: you go down Rudra no one is wake up till now.

Rudra:haa it’s just 6:30. 

Twinkle: haa because I knew it you people have college early and due aayat mummy ji sleep late now you come fast okay.She went downstairs see sun didn’t come fully  servants on the lights she entered in kitchen and started preparing for breakfast twinkle quickly make breakfast and take and place on dinning table. Meanwhile Rudra and Priyanka or Soumya they trio come down they sits and see the breakfast.

Rudra: my mummy. 

Priyanka:bhaiya why you calling mummy let her sleep na:

Twinkle:haa you guys have your. breakfast go college.Twinkle served them breakfast and sit beside Rudra he playing with food twinkle take the morsel and feeding him breakfast with her hands he finished his breakfast. 

Priyanka:lets go.. 

Rudra: hmm. Bye bhabhi he hugged her they bid bye twinkle left for college. 

In tej and Avantika room.They sleeping peacefully along with aayat.Just than Avantika wake up with jerk she get up and see the time and get shocked because she knew they have early classes important. 

Avantika:shitt I get late now they will miss their classes and tej will not leave me she tie her hairs and get up and went out of the room she run towards Rudra room didn’t find him get confused where he is than she went downstairs come in hall she looking here and there giving voice to Rudra just the twinkle come there and see Avantika.

Twinkle:mummy jiii.

Avantika: twinkle beta tum itne subhe..

Twinkle: haa what happened to you.

Avantika: haa beta you know they have early classes and I wake up late now. Don’t know where is this Rudra. Twinkle smiled.

Twinkle:mummy ji they went college already.

Avantika: what when??

Twinkle: sometime before only. 

Avantika: I didn’t get it. 

Twinkle: I know they have classes so I wake up early and them too send them college on time I knew it you sleep late na. Avantika get so happy to see twinkle she caress her cheeks and kissed on her forehead.

Avantika:you never leave me surprised twinkle beta thanks for today I m bless to have daughter in law like you.

Twinkle:why you saying thanks to me mummy ji now you all are my family na even they both too so it’s my duty too. 

Avantika:haa.didn’t this Rudra teased you beta..

Twinkle:Nope I know how to handle him. 😛. 

Avantika:🤗.Good he too come in your hands only like his bhaiya. I’ll go and get freshen up.

Twinkle:hmm I’ll see aarti preparation as well. She went in her room. While twinkle get busy in morning aarti preparation after sometime later each and everyone wake up.Twinkle went in her room. And see Kunj she went towards him remember yesterday their kiss drama she sit beside him and combing his hairs with her fingers and recalled the moment how they tried to kiss.(hum kiss nahi karshakte nakh beach me aati hai..while remembering she blushed so much. 

Kunj: jitna us baat ko yaad karegi utni hi sharam aayegi. Twinkle heard this and look at Kunj who was wake up and he open his one eyes and look at her she immediately get up and pulling the blanket. 

Twinkle:kya yaad haa me kaha sharma rahi hu.mujhse kuch yaad nahi hai.

Kunj:acha. He get up.

Twinkle:get up she pulling the blanket while Kunj pulled the blanket back along with twinkle their face is just inch apart. He learning for kiss she push him and went towards dressing table take hair brush and started combing her hairs Kunj look at her.

Kunj: rukh aisa yaad dilauga na tujhe aaj kabhi nahi bulegi tu he get and went towards stand beside her keep his hand around her back she see and chuckled Kunj Make her turned from his waist she faced him. He went closer to her face they shared eyes lock. 

Twinkle: Kunj time.

Kunj: perfect hai. He closed his eyes and he about to kiss her. But twinkle put her hands on his mouth Kunj open his eyes and see her.

Twinkle: mr husband ji perfect time nahi hai you getting late for office go and take bath till than I’ll bring your coffee.

Kunj: make irritated faces twinkle tu nA.

Twinkle: I know I’m awesome I’ll bring your coffee she pulled his cheeks Hamm. Twinkle went from there. While Kunj just see and get peeves. 

Kunj:pura Romance ka band bajaa bajadeti hai yeh ladki but kiss toh I’ll get it at any cost he ruffles his hairs and went in washroom.After at downstairs all stand for Pooja just waiting for kunj he come down and all see him he went towards the joint them twinkle closed the eyes she starts the aarti and sang again beautiful bhajan which refresh everyone again. She end the aarti and give aarti to everyone as well parshad she gives others went towards Kunj. He see her. 

Twinkle: Kunj aarti.

Kunj:hmm.He take the aarti forward his hand twinkle give him parshad while taking Kunj winked at twinkle make pouty lips she get shocked hit on his shoulder playfully she make O face Rahul come there they laughed out.. 

Rahul: kya hua.. something else you want kunj😝.Kunj have the parshad and look at twinkle. She blushed and went towards mandir keep the aarti tali there only take out duppta from her head she went towards dinning table Chal. Kunj abhi parshad se hi kaam chale twinkle ka meetha baad me lelena😝.

Kunj:chal hatt di ko bolu kya.they both too went.They all sits. Anjali and twinkle served them and sit too. Just than tej.

Tej:where is Rudra and Priyanka or Soumya.Didn’t they come for breakfast.

Avantika: they went college long back tej.

Tej: what?? Early he wake up how?? You toh didn’t wake up na??

Avantika: haa I didn’t wake up today early if Twinkle not than they missed their college when I come they already went college she wake up and send him on time all look at twinkle and give smiled.

Prithviraj:see my daughter in law tej.I always saying I’ll get best girl for my Kunj who will handle my whole family in one fist.Kunj look at twinkle and gestured her waha. 

Tej:yes papa your choice is the best. Haina kunj. He immediately leave his food. 

Kunj: haa. 

Rahul:he asked twinkle is the best ?? He look at twinkle everyone.. answer na. 

Kunj:mujhe kya pata.Blow down his head all smiled to see him while Usha pulled Kunj cheeks. Aha Maa. 

Usha:why you like this like every husband praise your wife haa still same to same old Kunj shy baby. Your father didn’t like this and you uff. 

Omkara:true Maa.See bade papa he never leave single Chance to praise my badi Maa and see Kunj in small things he get shy.Kunj hold his hand.Twinkle enjoying it lot this. 

Avantika:haa at his age tej toh omg😛😛.

Kunj:I’m happy with myself please??

Lata:haa lakho me ek hai mera pota.

Anjali:dadi but see your daughter in law😂. She toh fully lost in Kunj thoughts whole day you know yesterday what she has done she making tea instead of sugar she put salt in tea 😛😝.All started laughing. And look at twinkle who looking down get awkward.While Kunj look at her get surprised to know about her this.Ek kam bolta hai dusra chatterbox perfect combination you did dadu..😍😍.They end the breakfast. After twinkle went in her room she sit on couch and folding Kunj clothes just than Kunj come there. He went towards bed and sit there checking his office bag and look at twinkle who pretending ignoring him.

Kunj:think.she is ignoring as she doesnt remember anything,she must be having fun in making me wait,such a spoil sport,

Side by side twinkle seeing Kunj face expressions and enjoying it lot.

Twinkle: in heart.Kunj must be angry, let me tease him little and see how he reacts, i am sure he must be so much angry on me, they both stare each other,Kunj starts to leave, he looks at Twinkle.He get up started to leave but stop.

Kunj:tumhe kuch kehna hai kya??

Twinkle:nahi mujhe kya kehna hai.in teasing tone.Kunj get dander. She get up. Actually yeah I want to tell you something he get happy. That your and Jiju lunchbox is ready take it from kitchen okay. Have da great day. 

Kunj :you are stubborn and cheat, you have broken promise twinkle 😏

Twinkle:😛 i accept that i did promise but there is no time frame that i have to do it in that only😉

Kunj :😒i cant believe this. he starts to leave, twinkle laugh out. 

Twinkle:take lunchbox.

Kunj:i wont and leaves, 

Twinkle:I know Kunj and I’ll fulfilled my  promise but In special way.while Kunj went outside twinkle went in balcony and see him he going towards his car while Rahul see twinkle he gestured Kunj he look at towards his room balcony see twinkle standing there waving him she give him flying kiss😛.Kunj make faces and sits in car and Rahul waved her he too sits they drove off. While twinkle went back in her room and sit.This sadu get angry man. Than get take her phone think message to him.While Kunj is in car he get message from twinkle. 

Twinkle:I promised you and it will be fulfilled Kunj tonight. Kunj see get excited he reply her back.

Kunj:how did she changed her mind??😜.think in heart. You have changed your mind but how?? He stuck in traffic so not driving. Rahul busy in file. 

Twinkle:she see his message. Kunj some moments are special and they should be celebrated specially and I wanted to

Make our moment special. She replied him. 

Kunj:he see message and I’m coming back home right now only.

Twinkle:no Sabr Ka Fal Mitha Hota Hai?  

See you soon at night she send and blushed so hard while Kunj too. 

#Soon he reached office they went inside.

Kunj and Rahul fully get indulgent in work.

While twinkle keep their clothes back to wardrobe and arrange the room she thinking what she will do.She think

something and Oder few things.After sometime in afternoon. 

At Taneja Mansion@

Leela whole family going back to their place in two day so they thinking something.Even Natasha come to stay with mother and father they going abroad due to work so she come next week she going for her honeymoon so she come here to spend sometime with them.

Raman: Leela behan why not call twinkle here after her wedding we all didn’t spend time with her.

Bubbly: haa bua call twinkle didi na please.

Leela: hmm.

Natasha:yes even I’m here too. 

Leela: okay I’ll think because Kunj??

Natasha: what Kunj?? Massi Maa.. call her na what Kunj will say her.

Leela:acha I’ll talk to her mother in law. 

Just than rt. 

Rt: I’ll asked tej directly na?? Rt immediately dial tej number in one go he pick up his call. Hello.

Tej: rt ji aap hello. What happened?? You call me so suddenly??

Rt:with laugh can’t I call my one Samdhi. 

Tej: you can rt ji.. I’m just normally. 

Rt: haa I call you because we wanted to call twinkle for two days here so wanted your permission?

Tej: why you asking me this talk to your damad ji😛he only will answer you.

Rt: hmm I know but you know Kunj didn’t mingle and didn’t talk too much so I thought why not I’ll asked you only directly.He tell the reason 

Tej:don’t worry I’ll send twinkle. 

Rt:thanks both talk than end the call.Tej give permission I’ll call Kabir while coming back from office he’ll bring twinkle with himself and Mahi as well. 

Other side Kunj try to finished his work as soon as possible after get message from twinkle he can’t wait anymore wanted to go back to him right Now only but this can’t happen back to back he get meeting! Same with twinkle she wanted to over her work than she can decorate their room in some romantic way.but she didn’t get chance guru ji come than she get buys in his snack and tea.While tej call Avantika ans informed if anyone will come to take twinkle than kindly send her she said okay.after college Rudra and Priyanka or Soumya went in festival which was near their college while Mahi didn’t went.Kabir and Abeer come to pick up they pick up

Mahi and drove off for Sarna Mansion. 

Just than Mahi asked after see the way.

Mahi: did we going didi house??

Kabir:yup papa told me to take twinkle with us.After listen this Mahi get so happy 

Mahi:what wow.soon they reached and come out of the car and went inside while Lata and Prithviraj along with Usha and Avantika they was in living room while Anjali and twinkle went on terrace due to some work. They went ahead they all them and smiled welcomed them.

Usha: you all come beta.

Kabir: yes aunty. We come here to take twinkle.

Avantika:yes I know still sit beta they sit and servant bring water for them give them. 

Abeer: where is twinkle?

Usha:she went on terrace. Just than Anjali and twinkle down as soon as twinkle eyes falls down on her sibling she get surprised to see them she went towards them.

Twinkle:bhai you all here??

Kabir:yes sista now get ready fast everyone was waiting for you at home. 

Twinkle:what why??

Avantika:yes twinkle you go and get ready you going to your house.For 2 days. She get stunned after listen this.. 

Twinkle: what?

Kabir:has come maamu maami nani all going now come fast.Twinkle curses herself she think about Kunj.

Lata: go beta.. 

Twinkle:hmm she went upstairs while Mahi went behind her they went in room while twinkle just lost in herself.

Mahi: di fast. 

Twinkle: Mahi you go na I can’t go.

Mahi:why di.

Twinkle:aise hi tere jiju ko dekhna padta hai na.

Mahi:di everyone is here for jiju before you jiju manage for some days also now let’s go na I wanna spend sometimes with you didn’t get after your wedding last when you come all the time busy in yourself. 

Twinkle:murmured even Kunj too wanted to spend sometimes with me mahi.I

planned so much for him for tonight. 

Mahi:di last time next time I’ll not asked anything she making puppy faces.And papa take tej uncle permission.Twinkle get melted by Mahi cuteness.

Twinkle:okay you wait I’ll get ready quickly she went in washroom and get freshen get ready Nicely take her necessary things others things she get there only.They went downstairs and went towards everyone. 


Lata:acha beta and come soon.. 

Kabir:where is my jija?😛.

Avantika:at this time your jija is in office. 

Kabir: chale?? Twinkle look at her mother in laws both even grand too they gestured give positive response she take their blessing and left with her siblings.They sit in car and left for Taneja Mansion. While in car twinkle seeing Kunj photo on her phone screen. 

Twinkle: I’m damn sure he’ll leave maybe he knows papa ji told him na.while thinking don’t know why they reached Taneja Mansion they come out of the car and went inside everyone see twinkle and get so happy and hugged. 

Pinni: twinkle you looking so beautiful what Kunj giving you haa after marriage getting beautiful day by day. She blushed.

Twinkle:nothing maami I’m beautiful since birth.. 😛😜. 

Natasha:finally you babes I’m so happy I thought you’d not come. 

Twinkle:hmm I come na still.They all sit and chit chatting with each other’s after elder leave the living room went in garden for tea and snacks specially for evening sunset view.girls gang sitting Kabir Behind Malika have this and that know her baby bump getting increased.All enjoying them lot. 

Natasha: see this soon to be mamma and papa. 

Kabir: one day you’ll too. Don’t forget. 

Twinkle: hehe. 

Malika: this Kabir is so annoying sometimes always behind me and making me Moti that trio Gandhi ji ke bandar will make fun of me😝.

Natasha: that Rohan bro is so cool. 

Malika:hmm at the same time kamina one number in our group. 

Mehar: haa but he look so innocent. 

Malika:innocent word very far from him only Kunj is innocent he just concentrate on his studies on others thing never he think about that all. While we three had fun lot he too but when he wants he had aim from the starts want to to top in whole university even he did it man didn’t let anyone stand beside him rank. Twinkle just listen him.

Twinkle: still even he is same now always busy in his work.Didn’t think about other things. 

Kabir: you should take care of him while he isn’t baby he can do his work.. 

Twinkle:he isn’t less than any baby bhai want his all thing perfect and even on time as well too much punctual about

everything if anything happened above his way than toh his anger went so high level. 

Malika:since starting he is like this like tej uncle.😛have to follow all rules and regulations everything should be on time no complains now things has changed time by time Rudra and Priyanka is lucky as I saw Rahul and Kunj or Omkara. 


Scene turn.. 

at office Kunj finished his work get happy think about twinkle feels like Blossoming flower in the heart. Just than Rohan come along with tej Rahul and Kunj stand up after see tej they both went ahead. 

Rahul:anyone sir??

Tej:hmm yup.Now that another project you both working on it sahib Mehra Rohan father who working with Sarna’s in many project now sahib wanted his son get trend under Tej.Now you three of them working together okay.They look at him who making cry faces. And I’ll check each and everything on time if I get anything missing than you trio gone not think this is your university but my office.They three of them nodded their heads tej give file and went from there while Kunj and Rahul sit with jerk and Rohan hold his head.

Rahul: waha beta.

Rohan: my Father is so mean I mean how?

Kunj:aasman se gira khajoor pe atke perfect phrase for him. 

Rahul: hell true.

Rohan:I don’t know why father bring me India for this I doubt somewhere when I heard about that project. 

Kunj:let it be. Like always we rock this time too.

Rahul:even that blo*dy darsh. Too.

Kunj:why you giving him so much importance let it be. 

Rohan:I saw him in reception. 

Rahul:even we too again started his over confidence drama level man. 

Kunj:if is in not in Maa relatives than I’ll not leave him that for sure. I’m hungry. 

Rahul:we didn’t get time to have anything today let’s Oder pizza.

Rohan:yup.They Oder the pizza soon their pizza come while driver bring aayat At office directly she went In tej cabin play with him for sometimes than.

Tej: aayat I have meeting you stay with bhaiya okay than we’ll go 

Aayat: okay. She went in Kunj cabin she entered and went inside they see her they having pizza aayat went towards Kunj.

Rohan: she is here??

Aayat: yup. Kunj lifts her make her sit on desk. 

Kunj: where is pa.

Aayat: my pa is in meeting so I come here.

Rahul: good baby doll. Pizza.??

Aayat:aaha open her mouth. 

Kunj:wait I’ll. 

Aayat: no I’ll have today she take pizza slice and having even making her face and uniform dirty in sauce they see her.

Kunj:aayat I’ll feed you na look at yourself. He take and feed her and have too. Kunj get up.

Rohan: where??

Kunj: arey let me clean her na. Kunj take her in washroom and wash her face and clean her fully come back and wiped his face with his handkerchief. 

Rohan:now you become expert man Kunj. 

Kunj:kaha you don’t have little siblings that’s why.

Rohan:she isn’t small but too much small man😝. 

Kunj:yup my doll kissed on her temple she busy in herself fully.They trio get busy in work while aayat playing without doing any noise after she feeling sleepy he come to Kunj and sit in Kunj lap he understood her make her lay down his lap perfectly patting on his head slightly soon she sleep in his arms Rohan and Rahul click their photos. WhAt is this??

Rohan:in future we’ll show this to your own babies 😝😂. 

Kunj:very funny. 


twinkle sitting and thinking about Kunj she checking her phone. 

Twinkle:I didn’t message me still he is in office. 

Natasha: kya hua. 

Twinkle: kuch nahi.

Mahi: di thinking about jiju I know Asha and Chinki too come. 

Asha: why just today you come?? Still babes. 

Mahi: di toh don’t wanted to come.They all like O. 

Natasha: why when I come who just get married some days before. 

Twinkle:nothing is like that it just that I didn’t In formed Kunj. 

Chinki:didn’t he permit you for here. 

Twinkle:not like that Chinki still without lettering him know I come he’ll get angry now. 

Natasha:bas kar pati ke pyaar me dubi ladki.They all giggles. 

All offices work over for today at least by the time aayat wake up but didn’t leave Kunj she feeling lazy.Tej and Manohar already left for house while Kunj and Rahul about to sit in car.

Kunj:you drive she didn’t let me. 

Rahul:yup Rahul sit on driving seat while Kunj beside him they too left while Kunj keep thinking about twinkle smiling inside in his heart now his wait will be over soon. 

Quickly they reached and went inside. 

Kunj give aayat to servant they take her. While Kunj eyes finding twinkle everywhere .

Kunj: I’m back my love twinkle where she is?? Must be in our room he went upstairs goes in his room he entered in room find empty no sound twinkleeee where are you he check her in balcony and washroom but she is nowhere.Than Kunj get confused he went downstairs finding her everywhere. Than he think maybe she is mansion only he having headache he went in his room and lay down on bed his leg falling down. 

Avantika:Priyanka beta go and give coffee to bhaiya.

Rudra: where is my bhabhi.

Usha: she went her house.

Rudra: why you people send her again and again once she come her fully after wedding why that Kabir bro come to take my bhabhi huhu. They both mothers laugh. 

Avantika: you Priyanka. She take coffee mug and went in Kunj room she went towards him. 

Priyanka:bhaiya aap ki coffee. 

Kunj:hmm rakh de pinku. He thought twinkle send coffee for him. She went whine Kunj get up and take coffee mug in his hand take the sip after one sip he stop. It’s so different taste twinkle didn’t make where she is man?? Twinkleeee loudly than he leave the coffee and went downstairs. Ask Rudra??did you see your bhabhi??

Rudra: na I didn’t see after I come back bhaiya she went 😭😭.

Kunj: where??

Rudra: Taneja Mansion.. Kunj get stunned. 

Kunj: what Taneja Mansion when?? Why

Rudra: I don’t know this.

Kunj:this twinkle how can she went didn’t ask me once let me see he went in his parents room Kunj see his mother was alone he went inside and sit on bed Avantika see Kunj.

Avantika: yes??bolo..

Kunj: mummy where is twinkle.

Avantika: she went her mother house Kunj.

Kunj: but why who send her??

Avantika: your father send her I didn’t so don’t ask me this.

Kunj: even didn’t ask me once what’s the need of this to send her evertime. 

Avantika: Kunj so what everyone girl should go na.

Kunj: but I didn’t see you and Maa.

Avantika: how you’ll see us after babies she’ll also not go get busy in her own family. 😂like us kunj hold his head get irritated fully.

Kunj:yaar mummmyy aap bhi na. Just than tej come there.

Avantika: alo your pa come ask him only na Kunj get up and stand.

Tej: what?? Come inside.

Avantika: your son asking why I send his wife?? Tej look at Kunj. Who looking down. 

Tej: acha what happened in these I told rt ji call Kunj and ask him only but he said their damad didn’t talk to them very much so they ask me directly so I give permission any problem in these? Kunj nodded his head in no.. 

Avantika:kya tej I’m just joking and you become serious with my son. 

Tej:but I’m they don’t he talk to with twinkle family Kunj it’s your duty to get mingle with them I saw him he didn’t sit with them. May I know the reason after they are your in laws.. Avantika look at than Kunj who just looking down tej taking step towards Kunj while he doing in backwards this tej see.Why you in backwards I’m not going to kill you. 

Kunj:sorry sir. 

Tej:acha sir great yeha bhi. Avantika leave her work went towards Kunj.

Avantika: tej I’m just joking and you started fully.He just saying normally whether he wanted to send his wife or not it’s not crime think about you. 

Kunj:no I didn’t meant like this I just saying.If you send her why I’ll say anything sorry. 

Tej: good. He went in washroom while Kunj look at Avantika she cupped his face.

Kunj: huhu aap bhi na mummy when did I said anything 😏.

Avantika: acha sorry now go and get freshen up mera bacha. Pa just saying normally even I too Observe this.

Kunj:kya observe I do whatever they told me. And I’m not doing specially with them only I’m like this only and you know very well.

Avantika:haa pata nahi twinkle se keshe baat karta hoga😝😝.

Kunj:whatever even she too like you all eating my head and ears chatterbox now I’m happy my ears get relief. 

Avantika: but your face saying something else my boy😛.in teasing tone. 

Kunj:even you also becoming like others. Teasing your son not good. 

Avantika:so what can’t I teased my son. You didn’t tell anything what’s going on my old Kunj is good before marriage wala make puppy face playfully😝.. 

Kunj: I can’t understand you all first when I didn’t wanted to get marry but you all behind me just one mantra get marry Kunj now this uff where I’ll go Babaji. 

Avantika:hatt same to same everything is good between you and twinkle.You know mujhe aur tumhare pa ko always yeh hi tension rehati hai our Kunj is best in each and everything but apne liye nahi. How he’ll handle his marriage life. Kunj cupped Avantika face.

Kunj:I know this mummy and you and pa always worried about me but why I have you all In my life and more my dadu and dadi they help me lot you don’t worry like you all me and twinkle will to successfully fulfilled all duties of our. And mummy she is perfect for me I can’t get better partner than her she understands me lot didn’t give me single chance to complain me and   Sometime but chalta hai😛😛.He give her side hug tej come out of the washroom and see mother and son he smiled.

Tej:what’s going on??

Avantika:nothing.He come near them. Maa aur beta ka moment. 

Tej:awesome.He joint them he too hugged while Kunj is in middle he rest his head on Avantika shoulder while tej caress his hairs. 

Avantika:sit with your pa.. 

Tej:now my Kunj is that small Kunj who didn’t wanted to leave his pa for a second. 

Kunj:I’m coming. He leave. 

Avantika: you also uff.

Tej:what did I said wrong in these Avantika hardly he talk to me my small Kunj is best. 

Avantika:and you know the reason why. Itself you make him like this. 

Tej:still that words echoed in my ears.I’ll not talk to you pa.whatever I have done just for his bright future see your two kids if I’m not strict with them their condition and look at Kunj. 

Avantika:haa tumhara bas chale toh you become with them too but Kunj didn’t let you. 

Tej:always come to save them. 

Avantika:best brother my Kunj.You come your twinkle bahu not so I’ll make tea. She went from there.

Tej:only I know how much I love Kunj.

Kunj went in Omkara room there all sibling sitting he try to call twinkle but she didn’t pick up his call.. 

Omkara:what happened bro..

Rahul:bhai ki biwi went nA this needed😛😝. 

Anjali:so what just for two days.. 


Avni:today we all sibling spend time didn’t get na. 

Priyanka:yup. Kunj ruffles his hairs in frustration he get up and went in his room. He entered and see in side flowers.

Kunj:just two days uff how I’ll stay with out her to think about this making me die. And look at this twinkle let her come I’ll not leave her she making planned now I understood why she messaging me just this all because she toh going Taneja Mansion and I come in her talks huhu.He take his night dress and went in washroom.He get freshen up twinkle wasn’t so he get busy in his work try to call twinkle.After sometime later.. 

Everyone sit for dinner Rahul and aayat or Priyanka fighting at dinning table.

Kunj:you three of them can’t have your dinner quietly. 

Rudra:bhaiya bhabhi ka gussa humpe kyu😝😝.Kunj show him his anger eyes. 

Lata:hehe..Kunj puttar.Lata feeding Omkara and Kunj with her hands they happily having after so much time they get their old time spend together.Rudra pulled Priyanka hairs. 

At Taneja Mansion everyone sit for dinner today Leela and Aisha make everyone favourites.They all start the dinner.Having while chitchatting. 

Aisha:twinkle you should bring Kunj too. 

Twinkle:na massi Maa he not come he had work na.

Chinki: he just busy in his work don’t know how he get free at his wedding time 😛😝. 

Asha: arey ho hoga hi na free after usko twinkle ko lejana ta na😜.Twinkle hit on her hand playfully finally they finished their dinner sit for sometime than all elders went to their respective rooms. While all siblings and cousin sitting at poolside. 

Kabir: Malika you go and sleep.

Malika: has even I’m thinking this. She get up and went while Naksh teasing his parents lot.

Mehar:uff Abeer handle him.

Natasha:sometime it’s so tough to handle kids. 

Twinkle:hmm but it’s fun full we have aayat she is favourite of each and

everyone specially papa ji like she is his lifeline didn’t let her cry. 

Mahi:haa even her all siblings too take care of her. 


Asha: haa Kunj.

Twinkle:he toh knows her very well what she want when.Taking care of her lot like a small baby.She is too smart just giving Kunj love while she and Rudra all the fight and fight like cat and rat.. bubbly went in room and see twinkle phone continuously ringing Long back she take her phone and went down.

Bubbly: twinkle di aapka phone baj raha hai.

Twinkle:give me.. she take her phone and see Kunj 100 calls and 50 messages she get shocked to see. 

Asha:kish ka call hai.She didn’t said anything.

Chinki:yeh bhi batane ki baat hai kya obviously Kunj ka hi hoga..Kabir and Abeer or Natasha teasing twinkle with Kunj name.

Kabir: hmm he is old radio. Hehe.

Twinkle:bhai please don’t say this to Kunj.

Kabir: kyu I’ll say😛.

Twinkle: acha you can’t pati hai mera. 

Abeer: hoo pati Natasha if you see her face at her wedding time you’ll laugh she crying so much mimics of her papa I’ll not go😂😂. Now saying this pati hai mera. She blushed.

Twinkle: you are very bad Abeer bhai I’ll tell about you my papa. 

Abeer:maamu will not say anything to me I’m saying truth.again twinkle phone ring she cut the call. 

They all sitting at in their one room playing games while girls busy in movie and Kunj in his phone.

Kunj:she cutting my calls now she getting on my nerves. 

Mehar: twinkle you go and talk to him he’ll get angry. She get up and went from there run in her room she shut the door. 

Twinkle:aaj toh me gaii Babaji. She sit on bed and call Kunj he see her call than he cut tit for tat. 😝. Sadu I know you cutting all itself kamina oops twinkle.No he is my


Kunj:now she’ll understand what I’m feeling.Kunj get up. 

Rahul:where are you going?? Bro sit. Today twinkle bhi nahi. 

Kunj:aaye he show his phone.

Rahul:hoo ja.. 

Kunj went from there.He entered in his room.And went towards bed. He lay down in sitting position. He call twinkle she immediately pick up his call.

Twinkle:why you cutting my calls haa sadu.

Kunj:oyye sadu ki biwi. Where are you?

Twinkle:acha don’t you know. 

Kunj:how dare you went.You went didn’t informed me.In stern voice she knows this will come out.She closed her eyes. 

Twinkle:sorry na.

Kunj:hatt and why you didn’t picking my calls. 

Twinkle:I was down that’s why. 

Kunj:haa why you’ll care siyappa queen. 

I come and you are not here what I felt think about me haa you make me fool that all messages fake.

Twinkle:no Baba Kunj I really planned but at the time Mahi come and I wanted to go but she insists lot that’s why I come. 

Kunj:ha you listen everyone expect than me. 

Twinkle:no baby I listen you.You are my first priority who told you this.Even I missing you so much can’t stay with you.


Twinkle: na.

Kunj:itself you promise and break as well. 


Twinkle:no I toh give your kiss today.

Kunj:meri kiss😭😭. Jhooti ek number ki. Just than Asha and Chinki or Mahi, Natasha entered in room twinkle become silent. They went towards her.

Natasha: hogi pati Dev ji se baat haa. 

Kunj heard this. Natasha take phone and put on speaker. Hi Kunj.kunj stunned.

Kunj: hi.. 

Chinki:leave your biwi ji. Kunj.He make faces.

Kunj:acha she is with you all only. 

Twinkle:Chinki don’t. Chinki changed her voice and act like twinkle.

Chinki: hiii😂Kunj. Everyone went now we both talk whole night my baby sona all giggles while twinkle gestured her no.

Kunj:Chinki try this on someone not on me 

I know you are not twinkle don’t make me fool I can recognise her voice very well. Twinkle get surprised at the same time love he understands her so much. 

Chinki: huhu.

Kunj: bye. He end the call.

Twinkle:Chinki uff yaar you know him now he cut the call. They all girls sit and chit chatting. 

Asha: acha twinkle aur Bata Tera aur Kunj ka. 

Twinkle: kya mera aur uska. 

Chinki: he propose you or not. 

Twinkle:hmm they all get surprised.

Asha: when you didn’t told me haa. 

Twinkle:at Natasha and Purab wedding day we both confessed. 

Asha:aww ahem now. Winked at her. 

Chinki:now I understands why he can’t stay without 😝. 

Natasha: hehe men’s is like this only. Just for Their needs they run behind girls.

Twinkle: acha but I don’t think so. ThAn she remember how Kunj behind her just for kiss. 

Kunj went back to his siblings.They all watching horror movie while Rudra and Aayat scared Kunj sit beside them and having popcorns while aayat and Rudra cuddles Kunj tightly. 

Rudra:bhaiya ghost. 


Kunj:than why you watching this. 

Soumya:cry baby bas.. 

Kunj:lets do something else na. 


Kunj:where at this time.


Anjali: haa. 

Omkara: but if anyone will see us than we are gone.

Rahul:don’t make noise na. 

Kunj:lets go.They all get up and went in 2 floor Their no one will see them.They all see pool and jumped  while Kunj make Aayat wear floating ring.They take ball and happily playing in pool with water laughing.Rahul making their videos and than he video call twinkle she pick and see the scenario get surprised 😛😛. Kunj playing they all pushing each other’s.


Mahi:at this time.

Natasha:enjoying ho ho.  

Kunj:Rudra don’t.  

Rahul: see your husband ji. Bye. End the call. While Avantika and tej Sitting just than they heard noise they went towards window open the curtains and get shocked to see the scene.Their all kids  was in pool and playing. 

Tej: what is this.

Avantika: this all again started now. 

Tej:get ill. Let me see. 

Avantika: tej let them just see them they are so happy tej I love this when they all together and happy.She rest her head on his shoulder while Usha and Manohar too seeing this.

Manohar:Maa is right no one can’t break their bonding. Fully become kids. 

Rudra: pee.. all shout not here.

Kunj: Rudra not go in washroom.

Rudra: so what?? Bhaiya.. 

Omkara: Rudra Chii you are not baby. 

Aayat: haa I’m baby so I done long back😛😛.They all get shocked shout loudly. Ewwww.


Kunj:eww baby.They all sit aayat still in pool Kunj pulled make her sit on his lap. 

Tej:pagal hai pure wish they just stay like this.They all click group photos. While their parents adore them. Just than aayat started sneezing.. 

Tej:hogya..  their parents come down they heard  elevator noise understand they run from there but their parents caught them. They all get shocked stand become statue .

Tej: what is this. 

Usha: haa at this time you went in pool.

Aayat sneezing continuously while Kunj too.

Avantika:see this. 

Aayat:mumma I didn’t started crying but in fake way they knows😝😝. 

Tej:go ans Changed they went in

washrooms and quickly changed.While Avantika call them in room they come Avantika dry her kids hairs while tej bring hot milk for them while Usha and Manohar too.Now drink quickly.They drink in one go. 

Take cold medicine. 

Avantika:now go and sleep.

Aayat:mumma I’m sleeping with bhaiya okay goodnight give kiss to her parents they all went in room and lay down cuddles the blanket.Later twinkle message Kunj he reply her.Twinkle see all girls sleep.She pick up the call. 




Kunj:why so slow.

Twinkle: nahi wait sab hai she take blanket and went in balcony and sit there ab bolo. 

Kunj:kya tu bol when you coming back.

Twinkle:I’m just come today only everyone is here na. Baby.

Kunj:kya baby. Twinkle I’m done now.

Twinkle:you behaving like baby Kunj

Just for kiss it’s right men’s will be men’s 😝.

Kunj:acha ji should I show you haa. Now come fast now I can’t. 

Twinkle:ha they talk for sometimes than see the time it’s 4: 30.Taking yawn. Aayat wake up in sleep she started crying Kunj consoled her.

Kunj: bas bas sojao.

Twinkle:kya hua she wake up.


Twinkle:acha now you sleep baby you have office.Good night love you.

Kunj:love you.Too goodnight both kissed on phone.They keep the phone aside Kunj covered Rudra perfectly cuddles aayat and sleep.While twinkle too while thinking about Kunj.. 

At morning@ 

Sunlight coming in room but they all still sleeping.Later Usha and Avantika come and wake up them.They wake up and get freshen up.While same with twinkle. Kunj and Rahul left for office.Twinkle enjoying with her family going for shopping they all went for dinner while Kunj missing her like anything he make himself busy in work so he didn’t miss him.He catch cold him.Day passed every quickly twinkle and Kunj didn’t got time to talk to each other’s.At night they come back from office had their dinner and went back to their room. Twinkle waiting for Kunj call. Aayat come and she playing with Kunj hairs he feels good he called twinkle she pick up the call.

Twinkle: hello.. 

Kunj: haa I’m heavy voice and sneezing.

Twinkle:see you catch cold shit Kunj what’s the need of this playing in pool

Kunj: how you know.. 

Twinkle: I know each and everything you leave this take your medicine.

Kunj: I take.

Twinkle: how’s your day. 

Kunj: very hectic day twinkle back to back

Meeting didn’t got time to call you. 

Twinkle:same everyone is around me that’s why. 

Kunj: now come fast na.. ache se aayat.

Aayat: haa. 


Kunj:nothing my litter sister playing with my hairs 😛. She come and lay on Kunj chest. 

Twinkle: hoo.

Aayat: bhaiya with whom you talking??

Kunj:do you wanna talk. He put the phone on her ear.


Twinkle:aayat.. baby. 

Aayat:bhabhiiii. 😛😛.

Kunj:hmm bhabhi..

Aayat:when you’ll come back.. 

Twinkle: acha you didn’t come to take Me.

Aayat: Haww how I come I’m choti nA tell bhaiya. She give phone to Kunj and went from there. 

Twinkle: what she saying.

Kunj:even Aayat too missing you but no use huh. Kunj talking with her cheesy. 

She just blushed. 

Twinkle:bas karo naughty sarna.They lay down and keep talking with each other’s they didn’t see the time while talking both sleep their phone still on. At morning Avantika and tej entered in Kunj room to wake up they see Kunj phone on his hands. They sit beside him.Both look at each other and see twinkle call she cut the call.

Tej: while talking they both sleep.

Avantika: this quiet unexpected from our Kunj that he busy on phone whole night. 

Tej:yup good he gives her time. They caress his face and kissed on his forehead. You wake up I’m going office today he had meetings. Okay bye he went while Avantika wake up Kunj.

Avantika: Kunj wake up beta you getting late for office bacha. He open his eyes and look at his mother he rest his head on his chest and cuddles her.

Kunj:good morning mummy. 

Avantika:good morning my son now get up fast. She send him in washroom and take out his clothes she went and make breakfast for him while others done. She make Kunj come out of the washroom wear his clothes Avantika come back with breakfast she keep in aside and went towards him.She closed his shirt buttons make him wear his tie.Kunj get ready she make him wear his blazer.  Than they sit she feed him his breakfast. After so many days later I get time like old time.

Kunj: haa even I missing you after shadi you didn’t give me time huhu.

Avantika:aisa I think now you have your wife she done everything perfectly. 

Kunj: okay mum bye love. Kissed on her cheeks and left for office while Avantika arrange the room and see twinkle and Kunj photo frame and give smiled and went.

Kunj and Rahul get busy in meeting fully. 

Whole day they spend in meetings. Finally they get relief.

Rahul: uff this two days went of hectic man.

Rohan: haa arey. 

Kunj: okay I’m going. 

Rahul: where??

Kunj: she itself didn’t come but I have to go and bring her back.

Rahul:hehe Kunj look at your condition seems like you dying for something 😛😝. 

Never thought to see you like this so much curious for your wife.

Kunj: yup bye.He went down and sit in his car and left for Taneja Mansion while he didn’t informed them. 

Natasha:tomorrow everyone will go.

Mahi:haa I miss you all.They packed their all things.Soon Kunj reaches Taneja Mansion he went inside.While twinkle in her room. He entered Bebe and Hansh see him and welcomed Kunj.

Hansh: arey Kunj puttar. Come. He went and sit with them. 

Bebe:good you come.Twinkle ko lene aaye ho. 

Kunj:hmm.Leela and rt come and see him they to get happy Kunj take their blessings. 

Leela:finally my son in law come just for his wife good.now you come than have dinner with us only. 

Kunj:sure. Mahi see Kunj she went in twinkle room. 

Mahi: twinkle di Kunj jiju come. She shocked. 


Asha:bichara tujhe lene aaye hai😝😛. She went down and see Kunj who sitting with her family smiling at Raman jokes. 

Malika: what this Kunj make of himself. 

Natasha:haa he looking so frustrated 😝. Why twinkle.

Twinkle:I don’t know.. Leela went towards them.

Leela: Twinkle Kunj come you go and get ready beta. 

Twinkle:hmm Maa. She went in room take out nice suite and get ready she went downstairs Kunj eyes went on twinkle get stunned to see her beauty already he can’t control on his hormones how she making more worse for him.  She come down and talking with him through their eyes.

Kabir:usually you didn’t come to take twinkle today her devar ji didnot come haa Kunj.

Kunj:don’t know I come today. 😛. 

Twinkle:murmured sadu for itself he come. 

Kunj ruffles his hairs and gestured twinkle lets go she give him back have dinner. After Leela call everyone for dinner. Kunj take seat and sit. Leela serving him specially.

Natasha: see massi so much love for damad ji.

Leela:why not because my damad come sometime only.😝.

Rt: how’s your work going on..

Kunj: good. Just than he get call from client he didn’t pick up the call off his phone while twinkle come and sit beside him.She enjoying Kunj condition very lot. Look like baby want something that he didn’t get it his condition same to same. 

Kunj: siyappa queen jaldi jaldi kaha. 

Twinkle:kyu I’ll have the way I want sadu. They all having the dinner.Than dessert Mahi about to give Kunj but twinkle stop her.mahi don’t give him. 

Leela: arey twinkle beta little bit.

Twinkle:no Maa he has lot nowadays.She take the dessert and keep in side all love to see twinkle Care about her husband.

They all get up and sit while Kunj checking time. He get up and went towards twinkle.

Kunj: twinkle it’s too late let’s go.

Natasha:we not sending twinkle today😛. 

Kunj:why in Irritation😝😝. All giggles.

Malika: Kunj why you getting so irritate she is your wife only.

Kunj: you are my friend na. 

Malika: haa. 

Kunj: lets go.. 

Asha: nahiii. He show twinkle his eyes. 

Chinki:ho ho see this eyes waha. 

Twinkle:okay guys bye. She went and meet with her whole family members. Come back soon. Kunj too meet with them. While Raman pat on Kunj back hardly he manage😛. 

Rt:now go beta. Come Kunj. 

Kunj:sure papa. They bid bye to everyone and went out side Kunj gritting his teeth’s on twinkle they sits in car and left. While in car. You making fun of me along with them haa two days you stay there still want more.

Twinkle:bas bas now you become Amritsar express.Look at yourself everyone understands to see your face. Lusty.

Kunj:me lusty wait.. now don’t take name to go there till next year😛😝.

Twinkle: acha pagal mat Bano I toh come with if you not than I’ll come next year only 😝😛. Kunj make weird faces she pulled his cheeks soon they reached and come out of the car and went inside while till than everyone went in their respective rooms. I’ll meet with mummy ji.

Kunj:chal see them in morning.He hold his hand and take her in room. They see rose petals on bed everywhere both get surprised.

Twinkle: aww who did this??

Kunj: pata nahi just than get message from Rahul. Understand.

Rahul: enjoy 😉.

Kunj:saala.Twinkle get so happy she just lay down on bed and started playing with rose Petals. Closed the door and He too joint her and lay down beside her. 

Twinkle:I love this. Kunj hugged her.

Kunj:I miss you lot in this two days. 

Twinkle:even I too miss you. Kunj. 

Kunj: no give my kiss twinkle I wait lot not now.

Twinkle:kal paka.

Kunj:Tera kal kabhi nahi aayega samji. He come upon her try to kiss her before twinkle closed his mouth. This is not fair twinkle.

Twinkle:everything is fair in love and war baby.😝.He hold her both hands. 

Kunj: bas now can’t. 

Twinkle: you become so desperate for kiss didn’t you before.

Kunj: he raise his eyes brows.🤨😝. Haa I. Often time Twinkle get shocked and started hitting with her hands. 

Twinkle:I’ll kill you if this is true Kunj. 

Kunj:I’m just kidding never I have done.He cupped her face just wanted to taste yours only.She blushed and he rubbed his lip with his finger. Please.She look at him she can see that pure love he carry for her in his eyes.She turning her face while Kunj cupped her face and slightly sealed her lips both get numb firstly they look at each others with their eyes than twinkle closed her eyes give her response. Kunj too closed both started kissing each other’s slowly( so it was their first kiss finally 🥳🥳🤩🙈🙈) Sajna ve play in bg. 

In starting the kiss was slow. Both feel so good twinkle feels Kunj Lips on her lips giving her goosebumps.While Kunj like this he was just thirsty for her lips till now. Twinkle hands went on his nape and caressing his hairs then kiss become passionate and wild both nipping each other’s lips and biting each other. Kunj fully come over all Twinkle.While in kiss twinkle moaning Kunj name. Kiss becoming more wild. After 15 minutes later they break the kiss due to oxygen while Kunj is in no mood to stop but he have to.They leave each other than look at each other. Twinkle get shy due to Kunj. He rest his forehead on her. 

Kunj:finally I got my first kiss you are tasty twinkle she hit on his back playfully.Than he nuzzles his face in her neck started kissing her wildly.Twinkle enjoying his sweet torture.And moaning his name just. 

Than Kunj again look at her juicy lips. Bite her lips while she too both look at each other’s.

Kunj:what is this huhu.

Twinkle:50/50’😝😛😛.Again learn for kiss.Both kissing each other like there is no tomorrow 🙈🙈🙈🙈. 

I think Heaven will be like a first kiss.

Episode freezes there only. 


how was the episode??? I hope you all like it and Pooja happy birthday belated.. ❤❤. Finally twinkle and Kunj shared their first  kiss 🙈🙈..leave all mistakes I write in hustle busy Monday 😭😭😭😭 . Share your views please

Finally next is 50🙈thanks for your supports links more than 100 uff amazing. 😘😘😘🥰bye love you all..

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