RAB Se Sona Ishq: twinj: episode56 Written Episode

Episode: 56


tej and Avantika was sitting beside Kunj and caressing his hairs Kunj who sleeping but having breathing problems.Tej and Avantika adoring him.

Tej:see avantika my son .how he become so pale.I told u na to take care of him.but u totally neglect him after twinkle…

Twinkle was outside the room..she listen what they were talking …

Avantika:twinkle was taking care of him .so i left.but now i will make sure he take his medicine on time …I m sorry tej .

meanwhile twinkle was feeling already very sad because of kunj condition….after listen their conversation..she think , what type of wife i am .? I m unable to take care of my husband needs..He is not taking his medicine…i should have check him…

Twinkle went from there. 

Avantika:whatever is it tej but your son is too responsible for himself. I don’t have any idea that he didn’t take his medicines. 

Tej:in stern voice I don’t know anything Avantika you are his mother it’s your responsibility to see him but you were busy in your own life.Avantika stop because she knew if she said anything tej will give him back.last time his health become so worse still you become so careless towards him haa. Now see him. 

Avantika:hmm twinkle is right at her place. 

Tej:acha you both knows about him specially you Avantika gussa itna aaraha hai. 

Avantika kissed on Kunj forehead and went out of the room.While tej still sitting beside him.While others left for their place. 

Twinkle was sitting in living room alone she thinking about Kunj.Tears escaping from her eyes fully.Avantika was passing from there she see her and went towards her and sit beside twinkle. 

Avantika:twinkle beta?? As soon as twinkle see her she immediately wiped her tears. 

Twinkle:mummy ji… 

Avantika:haa why you crying.. 

Twinkle: no I didn’t… 

Avantika:acha calling me mummy ji still doing this haa hiding your tears from me. 

Twinkle: Nah mummy ji.Avantika cupped her face she wiped her tears. 

Avantika:don’t cry bacha I know you worried about Kunj twinkle give up she cuddles Avantika and started crying loudly. She caressing her back. Bass. 

Twinkle:mummy ji mera kunjj😭😭. She smiled. 

Avantika: shhh she cupped her face. Look at me here twinkle beta.. 

Twinkle: kunjjj.. 

Avantika: haa Kunj don’t worry nothing happened to him..due to medicines this all happened bacha he’ll get fine na. 

Twinkle:don’t know anything mummy ji this all happened because of me I m not good wife because of me papaji scold you and it’s my duty to take care of my husband but.. 

Avantika: noo who told you this haa. This all happened because of Kunj only let him get fine once than me and you will take his class perfectly.You are best don’t say and don’t think about tej words he is very possessive towards his kids and specially for Kunj because since starts he trouble himself. 


Avantika:I’ll tell you one time incident. 

When Kunj was in his university that time he having his exams you know what he had done having all things fully me and tej was out of the town so we don’t know anything about him.He leave his medicine and after exams at last day he faint in university. 

Twinkle: what?? Than.. 

Avantika:than what he hospitalised till 1 week and tej was so angry at me and Rahul he get fine after what tej did with him you know. 

Twinkle: 😛😛what??

Avantika :make him do all house chores. 

Twinkle: what😱😱😛😛. 

Avantika:yes because he troubles himself so how can he leave him. Now too 😝. Don’t ever think this meri bahu toh best hai. 

Twinkle: sorry still.

Avantika: acha tell this to your kunjj ji😝😝. Both chucked. 

Twinkle:aap bhi na mummy ji na… 

Avantika: acha you should sleep now I have to look for Aayat okay. 

Twinkle:hmm.Avantika and twinkle get up and went from there. 

Rudra and Omkara or Aayat laying in Omkara room..Rudra and Omkara patting on Aayat forehead. 

Om: now sleep baby.. 

Aayat: O bro what about bhaiya. 

Rudra: Aayat you sleep..?

Aayat: mumma 🙁.

Rudra: now mummy is busy na so you sleep with us.. 

Aayat: okay don’t leave me alone. 

Om:haa.. Aayat cuddles Omkara and Rudra and try to sleep while both brothers caressing her hairs Avantika finding Aayat she entered in Omkara room and see them she smiled.badi Maa in low voice.. 

Avantika: hmm sleep sorry haa. 

Rudra: how’s bhaiya now??

Avantika: sleeping.. 

Om: good. 

Avantika: okay good night.take care of my doll Rudra and Omkara arching their eyebrows. 

Avantika:my Kunj does better than you both 😝😝.She went from there. 

Twinkle was in Priyanka room.Tej see Kunj and he get up and went out of the room. 

Priyanka: bhabhi you sleep now.. 

Twinkle:hmm I’ll comeback she get up and went towards her room slightly she entered in room and see Kunj was all alone she went ahead and sit beside him.Tears flowing from twinkle eyes to see Kunj.His face fully become dull she takes his hand in her hands see drip injected she kissed on his hands.kunjjj yeh Kya kiya tum ne I’m sorry na morning me I teasing you.twinkle kissed on his forehead caress his face.Ab sadu please get well soon haa now you

becoming sleeping beauty.Mummy ji right you are responsible for this.She rest her head near his head.Cuddles him tightly. 

Tej was roaming here and there in tension while Avantika entered in room with milk.. 

Avantika:tum yeha.??

Tej:hmm. He is sleeping peacefully now. Avantika I’m thinking let’s call Kunj doctor here??

Avantika: tejjj what is this I mean you calling doctor from London seriously it’s normal tej he didn’t take his medicine this will happened obviously. 

Tej:how can I no no.You sleep I’ll see Kunj. 

Avantika:sleep now tej. 

Tej:let me see him na once.. 

Avantika:okay I’ll too come.they both went to twinkle and Kunj room.They entered inside their eyes went on bed see twinkle.Who sleeping in sitting position while cuddling Kunj which make them happy. 


Tej:let them sleep.. 

Avantika: hmm.They went outside and closed the door went in their room. Both lay down while tej didn’t getting sleep. Tej sojao. I know you will not sleep till when your son didn’t get fine fully. 

Tej:keshe Avantika you know mujhe uski kitni chinta hoti hai.both turned their face tej just thinking about Kunj only. While Avantika sleep.At midnight tej wake up and again Kunj thought come in his mind.He get up and went near twinkle and Kunj room.If Kunj needs me than.I should go no no it will be bad. 

I’ll sit here only he sits in side. Avantika wake up didn’t find tej beside her she get confused than she come out of the room and walk here and there than she see tej was sitting near twinkle and Kunj room. She understands and smiled she went towards him and sit beside tej. 

Avantika: tum bhi na still same to same sometimes telling me I didn’t let my kids grown up even mummy ji too,, what about you she rest her head on his shoulder. 

Tej:Kya karu helpless., 

Avantika:but I love this tej you love your kids so much they were in pain but dard tumhe hota hai.. 

Tej:Yes Avantika after you I just love my kids most.. 

Avantika:haa I know this.whole night tej and Avantika was wake up they didn’t sleep. 

At morning@ 

Tej and Avantika sleep while sitting. 

At room Kunj and twinkle too sleeping. 

Twinkle sleep get disturb she wake up and look at Kunj who sleeping peacefully she kissed on his forehead. She open the door and see tej and Avantika get shocked and surprised as well at the same time. 

Twinkle:mummy ji and papa ji Here. Tej wake up with jerk he look at twinkle and immediately get up.. 

Tej: twinkle beta.. kunjj.. 

Twinkle: uff papa ji calm down Kunj sleeping peacefully. 

Tej: haa. 

Twinkle:you go and sit with him.. Avantika too wake up. 

Avantika:haa tej go. 

Tej:hmm he went inside and went near him see him peacefully. Let him sleep. 

Avantika: haan its good for him.. 

Tej:hmm.Tej and Avantika went out of the room while twinkle take her clothes and went in washroom she get freshen up quickly And went downstairs.Each and everything come for breakfast. 

Twinkle went in mandir she standing in front of god tears falling down. 

Twinkle: please mere kunj ko thk kr do lata saw her…she goes to her. 

Lata:twinkle beta…kunj will be fine…stop crying beta…

Twinkle:see na dadi …he is suffering so much …i can’t see him like this….crying…

Lata:beta it happens with him ..when he neglect his health…he will be fine …don’t worry ..

Twinkle:dadi…i m not gud wife…see i didn’t take care of him…

Lata:no beta…you are good wife …even we are blessed to have a dil like u…

U toh don’t know about his condition….

Plz beta don’t cry…come lets have breakfast together. 

Twinkle:hmm.They went towards dinning table they all sit.

Anjali: twinkle have your breakfast last night also you didn’t have your dinner. 

Usha:haa it’s not good.. 

Manohar:bhai Saab aap bhi. We all know after Kunj you leave everything. 

Twinkle:haa papaji whole night you didn’t sleep. 

Tej:Arey I’m fine.. 

Prithviraj:he still sleeping.. 


Rahul: apni puri neendh puri karega 😝😝.They all giggles with heavy heart they all have their breakfast afterwards. 

Aayat and Rudra went in twinkle and Kunj room and they both lay down beside Kunj and kissing on his cheeks. 

Aayat:bhaiya wake up na. 

Rudra:haa bhaiya please.tej and Avantika entered in room.Slightly Kunj opened his eyes.


Avantika:haa I’m here now wake up fast.Tej and Avantika help him to get up and sit. He sits and look at them his eyes didn’t opening fully. 

Tej:how’s you now haa.. 

Kunj:hmm.. he looking down. 

Tej: Avantika tell twinkle bring his breakfast and Omkara call doctor too. 

Om:haa bade papa.: Kunj try to get up.


Kunj:woh washroom.

Tej:sits here only. Avantika bring.. 

Avantika:haa.She went in washroom and bring toothpaste and brush give to tej he sit opposite to him and put toothpaste on toothbrush. 

Kunj:I’ll do pa.tej show him his anger eyes.He immediately shut his eyes down.Others all entered in room.Tej brushing Kunj teeth’s twinkle entered in room with breakfast she see this and get shocked.While Kunj sitting like a small baby.Twinkle smiled so much to see this. 

Rahul:waha hitler toh pura hai pumpkin pie banjata hai when Kunj get ill.. 

Twinkle: in mind.aww it’s so beautiful. 

Kunj:pa bas.. 

Tej:haa he wiped his face. 

Lata:ab keshe ho Kunj beta Kunj blinking his eyes. 

Tej:now have your breakfast what about doctor Omkara. 

Om:bade papa doctor coming in 1 hour. 

Tej:shit.Avantika bring his diabetic machine.Avantika went towards wardrobe she open and started finding but she didn’t get it. 

Avantika:Arey I kept here only tej Kunj where is your monitor haa?? Kunj stuck now he didn’t said anything. 

Twinkle:mummy ji I didn’t see in my wardrobe. 

Tej:kunjj kaha hai. 

Kunj:don’t know.In low voice.. 

Tej:what to do you mean by this.When didn’t you check your sugar level last time haa. 

Kunj:pat..a …Na..hi.. this make tej more angry now. He raise his hand slightly Kunj closed his eyes. Sorry pa.. 

Tej:Avantika bring from our room. 

Priyanka:I’ll bring. She bring and give machine to tej.

Tej:see what type of man he is haa he don’t know when he check his sugar level haa.In loud voice .

Rudra:murmured bhaiya Toh Gaye this time. 

Tej:show me your finger now.. Kunj give his hand in her.Tej Hold his finger and pricks needle in his finger all closed their eyes. Slightly blood dropped oozes tej Apply the blood droplet to the test strip 

and wait for result. Soon the result comes.He look at Kunj he too him.Very well done Kunj. 

Lata: Kya hua??

Tej:still sugar level is so high.. don’t know what he wanted can’t he take care of himself.Avantika sit beside Kunj.He hide his face behind her back. Now why you hiding behind your mother haa. 

Prithviraj: tej leave na now.. 

Tej:everytime you all say this only he too did same to Same pa.Problem hi Kya hai ek medicine lene me haa he isn’t very small we have to give him medicine in his hands. 

Kunj: I take medicine. 

Tej: acha you take medicine really. 

Twinkle:papa ji he is liar he didn’t take his medicine since when he was went to London. All get shocked and look twinkle and Kunj. 

Tej: what??

Twinkle:sorry papaji even I too don’t know about this. I toh give him his medicines on time only itself.. 

Usha: how you know this??

Twinkle:so I checked his medicine boxes all medicines still there hardly he takes 2 and 3 times. And office me bhi he didn’t take. 

Tej:see Avantika now what I should do with him haa.Means since long time he didn’t take his medicines haa. 

Twinkle: I’m responsible for this. I should check before. 

Tej:you don’t be sorry beta he is like this only.Kunj cursing himself Lot.Twinkle give tej Kunj medicine.Ab medicine leni hai yeh phir. 

Kunj:I’ll take na. 

Tej:acha kab you will take Kunj.look here.He slightly look at tej.Lo medicine he give him his medicine and forward water glass.Kunj try to hold water glass but his hands shivering fully which make everyone shocked.Give me he take glass and make him take his medicine and drink water with his hands.Kunj rest his head on backboard. Twinkle give breakfast tray to tej. Now have your breakfast Kunj quickly. 

Kunj:I’ll have na his eyes were still closed. 

Tej:I didn’t ask you open your mouth. Kunj open his one eye and look at tej with puppy faces.He open his mouths. He feeding him breakfast with his hands with heavy heart Kunj having everyone giggles Lot. 

Kunj:it’s so untasted.. 

Tej:haa you’ll not get yummy food give him boil food just. 

Anjali:my poor brother. 

Prithviraj: take care of yourself Kunj now they all went downstairs expect Than siblings and tej and Avantika.. 

Kunj: bas I’m full.. 

Avantika: okay.. 

Tej: now rest..

Kunj:hmm.Avantika and tej get up they went downstairs. 

Rudra: aww bhaiya you looking so cute. 

Om: haa Kunj.. 

Kunj:don’t eat my head go from here now.He take yawn and again lay down on his back. 

Rahul:Kunj you are wrong Kunj.. 

Kunj:ab tu mat leave me alone please I don’t have energy now.. 

Aayat:Me aapko head massage du bhaiya. 

Kunj:nahi I’m fine Aayat.They all went out of the room.Haa my head paining so much.he cuddles pillow and resting. 

After sometimes later Taneja and Luthra’s visit at Sarna Mansion just to

Meet with Kunj.They all sitting Leela see twinkle face after Kunj she become so dull she went near her. 

Leela: keshi hai. Meri beti??

Twinkle:Me toh theek hu maa. 

Leela:I know you worried about Kunj.

Twinkle:Kya karu Maa he isn’t well na. Now see he just on bed. 

Leela:he’ll be fine., she cuddles Leela.

Twinkle:hmm Maa.. I’ll come I have to make lunch for Kunj okay she went in kitchen. 

At twinj room@

Kunj was laying down bed Aayat and Rudra laying beside him he was in middle they trio playing game in tv having fun. 

Aayat: I’ll win bhaiya. 

Kunj:hmm let’s see Kunj have dripped still but he don’t care.. 

Rudra:bhaiya how’s you now.

Kunj:hmm okay.. 

Doctor entered he went towards everyone. 

Dr: hi Mr Sarna.

Tej:thanks doctor you come.. 

Dr: hmm you call me how I’ll not come Avantika and others see dr and get shocked he is here,. 

Avantika:mr grosh.here.. 

Dr: yes Avantika I’m here. 

Usha: but aap toh London me te.. 

Dr: haa I come India due to my work tej calls me last night that time I was at Delhi airport going back to London when I told him he told me to come Amritsar so I come. All look at tej. 

Tej:thanks for this dr really. 

Dr:don’t be formal tej I know you all since long time. 

Prithviraj:right still it’s really big thing. 

Dr:hmm.He sits twinkle bring water for him.He take the water. 

Lata: how’s everyone.. 

Dr:all good.. where is my permanent patient 😛. 

Tej:he is in his room.I’ll call him down. 

Dr:no I’ll see him there only.they get up and went towards their room.Door was slightly closed they opened and went inside tej and others get shocked to see them they playing game.Kunj immediately leave the remote.. 

Tej: what’s going on??

Avantika: see Kunj who come.they went ahead Kunj see dr grosh he get shocked. 

Kunj:dr uncle.. aap yeha.. 

Dr:yes I’m here you didn’t come back London so I come to check my favourite patient Kunj Sarna he sat beside him. 

Kunj: hoo.. 

Rudra: you come here specially for bhaiya wowo.. 

Dr:yes it’s just because of your father. 

Kunj look at tej tears appears in his eyes.I’ll check you okay.siblings come stand in side.Dr examine Kunj fully. Hmm this time again you leave your medicines Kunj not good na.Even your sugar level is too high.it will be dangerous for you na.How much sweet things you have eaten haa. 

Tej:don’t know dr he toh missing his medicine from Long time. 

Dr:yeah I can see this.I’ll prescribe him some medicines and few test you do this soon okay. Now I’m giving you one injection firstly you feel dizzy little bite afterwards it’s fine okay even pain. 

Kunj: that one which you give me last time. 

Dr:absolutely that one only.You told me it’s first and last see why you troubling your mamma and pa this much you toh very matured haa ab toh Shadi bhi hogi hai bachi bhi.All get shocked 😨.

Rahul:bache nahi dr uncle 😝😝. 


Dr:hoo so what hojayege.dr giving him injection Kunj clutched his fist having pain so much.Okay done take care of yourself okay.


Tej: come with me.. Avantika and tej along with dr they went downstairs. 

Others all siblings they sit in side. 

Anjali:Kya hua kunj.. 

Kunj:kuch nahi.. 

Om: you should have taken your medicine now see your condition in one day my brother become so dull flower cuddles him even Rudra too. 

Rudra:haa bhaiya I just love you can’t see you like this.You taking so many injection. 

Aayat: haa didn’t cry😛😛.. 

Kunj:hmm I’m strong na ahah.. 

Rahul:oyye bas kar strongman.Shadi ke baad Shari energy went don’t know where. 😛😛.

Kunj:shut up.. twinkle entered in room with juice she went near Kunj. 

Twinkle:Kunj you drink this juice. 

Kunj:no I don’t want now. 

Anjali: Arey why.. 

Kabir: haa kunjjj.

Twinkle: drink this or else I’ll call papa ji. 

Kunj: acha call na.. 

Twinkle: okay pa..pajiiii.. Kunj look at her. 

Kunj: huhu he take the glass and look at juice he take one sip. Ewww twinkle no sugar yuck.. 

Twinkle:haha now you’ll get this only Kunj you didn’t take medicine na. 

Kabir:right tit for tat. 

Om: Arey I’ll help you na.Omkara and Rudra make him drink with his hands. 

Rudra: hogaya bhaiya good boy. 

Kunj: really 🙄🙄.. he again take yawn. 

Rahul: Arey sleeping beauty Kitna dino se soya nahi hai tu… 

Kunj:Kya karu due to this getting sleep only. Infect I get tired Lot. 

Om: haa now stop working like mad.. 

Kunj: Arey did you submit that project. 

Rahul: yes I did yaar both started talking about their work all get shocked giving them impossible look. 

Twinkle: sadu I’ll take out your clothes.. 

Kunj: innocently why??

Twinkle:office chale😛😛.. 

Kunj: huhu.. 

Twinkle:I’m right here you aren’t well and still thinking about work.. 

Kunj:so what. 

Rudra: lets continue our game only na. 

They started playing game again while twinkle snatch remote from Kunj hands. 

Twinkle:rest karo samje na. 

Kunj:please na.Huhu I’ll not talk to


Twinkle:I should be.she said this and went downstairs while they all sitting and chit chat with each other’s.They all went downstairs for lunch.While Kunj get bored in room he went downstairs he coming down holding handrails walking slowly slowly.Tej eyes went on Kunj.. 

Tej:kunjjjj.. Kunj started breathing heavily he stop and hold the handrails tightly.Tej went towards him.Kya hua. 

Kunj hold tej hands tightly. 


Tej:why you come down haa call Me. 

Kunj:nahi so I get bored na.. 

Tej:come with me he take him in living room.Make him sit on aide couch Kunj breathing heavily sweating so much.Tell me are you fine na.he nodded his head in yes.To see Kunj like this twinkle getting scared like anything tej wiped his face sweat.Kunj rest his head on his shoulder.Closed his eyes tears escaping from his eyes having pain due to injection.All smiled to see this.acha you want anything.


Lata:tej you sit with him only you know he’ll not let you go anywhere. 


Lata:lets have lunch you sit here only. 

They all went towards dinning table sits and having their lunch.

Kunj:you go I’m now okay. 

Tej:tell me if you not fine haa. 

Kunj:haa.Tej get up and went while Kunj hold his mouth he went in washroom throwing up.Yuck if pa get to know about my health he’ll kills me.He come out of the washroom and went in Avantika and tej room lay down.They all done with lunch Avantika went in her room and see Kunj she understood him she went near him.Caress his hairs Kunj look at her. Mummy.. 

Avantika:I know you not feeling well tell me hiding something. Kunj get up and cuddles her. 

Kunj:don’t tell pa okay.she wiped his tears .

Avantika:why you doing this Kunj now see you suffering so much. 

Kunj:hmm.Don’t call pa okay.You stay here. 

Avantika.okay I’ll bring lunch for you. 

Kunj:na.Kunj rest his head on her lap she patting on his forehead. 

Avantika:lets go outside sit with everyone. 

Kunj:na I can’t even stand on my feet’s. 

Avantika:tej is right about you.   

Kunj:acha ji,, 😛. 

Avantika:yes.I’ll bring food for you na. Than take your medicine. 

Kunj:why you giving me that yucky food. 

Avantika:you will get this only. She hold his hand and they went downstairs Kunj sit in side Avantika bring food for Kunj he see and get shocked. 

Kunj:what is this. 

Twinkle:it’s your food from now.. 

Kunj:I’ll not have this now I’m fine.Tej look at Kunj. 

Tej:really Kunj don’t behave like kids have this. 

Avantika:tej you sit I’ll handle him.She sit and take spoon in her hands take near Kunj lips Kunj look at tej he opened his mouth and have it.All giggles to see his face expression.Tej sit beside him. 

Tej:eat Kunj why you looking at us. 

Rudra:haa bhaiya now pa will not leave you.  

Anjali: I’ll bring sweet for us😛😛.She went and bring sweet for everyone and give them Kunj looking at Anjali. 

Tej:your food is here.He feed him. 

Anjali: bade papa aap ki. 

Rudra: Arey give me pa and Mummy ki toh now They will not have anything till bhaiya not get fine giving him accompany. 

Rahul:Arey why you eat bade papa it’s Kunj punishment.They all having and teasing Kunj.Anjali give to tej and Avantika they about to have Kunj look at them. 

Aayat:pa kaha jao.. 

Tej:nope this can’t happen he leave the dessert cup Kunj give smiled.. 

Kunj:bas I’m done. 

Avantika:last piece of this Kunj. 

Kunj:no.he drink water making puppy faces.They all sit while Kunj sitting in side alone blinking his eyes just. Suddenly he feels nosebleeds he get up

About to run before blood oozing rapidly from his nose he hold his nose both hands drenched in blood all see and get shocked.Twinkle went near kunj.


Kunj:twinkleeee..while tej hold his head to see Kunj. Kunj sits Avantika and Omkara patting on Kunj back. 

Avantika:show me.she wiped Kunj face. 

Tej: now why you doing this all Avantika. If you take care of him before this wouldn’t happened haa. 

Avantika:tej this isn’t time for this all why you blaming me haa.Tej and Avantika started argument.. 

Lata: you both shut up look at Kunj. 

Kunj: in low voice don’t please it’s normal. 

Tej:what normal in loud voice.Arey I told her but she is busy she thought after his marriage her all duties over.Avantika just listen and tears escaping from her eyes.She hold Kunj hand and take him inside.While twinkle feeling so bad and thinking this all happened because of herself.Kunj feel okay he take his medicines and sleep after others too went while Avantika and tej didn’t talking to each other’s.Kunj was with Avantika in Their room. 

At night tej entered in room with food. 

He went near bed Avantika turned her gaze.Kunj open his eyes and see tej.

Tej:how’s you now??

Kunj:good.. he sit. 

Tej:Avantika your food and Kunj.

Avantika:I don’t want. Kunj look at tej and Avantika. 

Kunj:why you both get angry with each other’s because of me. 

Avantika:I didn’t he started first. 

Tej: acha. 

Kunj:please don’t argue na.I don’t want any stress now. I want you both na. And who said this mummy leave me after marriage hmm somewhere 😛😛. He chucked Avantika look at Kunj. 

Avantika:acha huhu. 

Kunj:I’m right mummy 😛😝just kidding. 

He cuddles her.Good I get ill so i get attention otherwise toh all footage Rudra and Aayat takes na.


Avantika:huhu.Kunj take the plate from tej hands. He tore the morsel and feed Avantika forcefully he take another morsel for tej but get scared.Rudra and Aayat or Priyanka entered in room they jumped on bed. 

Rudra:aww bhaiya pa.tej hold Kunj hand and itself he eat.pa you love bhaiya Lot today we see for bhaiya you scold my mummy so much huhu.Kunj look at Tej.

Tej:you just stuck here only okay. 

Avantika: now have your food Kunj. 

Kunj:now don’t get angry with pa.. 

Avantika:you are in my team or in his haa.Priyanka and Aayat cuddles tej while Rudra and Kunj looking at tej and Avantika.They cuddles both of them. 

Kunj:we are in your team because you both are one team only 🥰🥰.tej and Avantika smiled they parents and kids share a group hug.Now I’m hungry. 

Tej:haa.Tej and Avantika feed Kunj he happily eat..they all kids rest their heads in their parents lap they both admiring them and kissed on their foreheads. 

{Yeh tera mera rishta

Khuda ne banaya hai na

Tabhi to milaya zameen pe hai na}

Rudra:bhaiya now you didn’t get scared of pa when you get ill😛😛.. 

Priyanka:haa so true.. 

Kunj:kam bolo.. 

Aayat: where is bhabh.. 

Kunj:Arey I totally forget about twinkle in my health.. he think where she is?? 

Priyanka:I’ll call bhabhi.Priyanka get up and went in their room and see twinkle sleep.She went back and tell she slept. 

Avantika: haa let her sleeps after Kunj she is very much worried about you kunj.. 

Rudra:haa bhaiya after mummy and pa now you worried bhabhi as well for you. You calling us careless what about you.

Tej:this last time Kunj If again you’ll do this things than see what I’ll do. 

Kunj:sorry 😐.. 

Aayat:now sleep. 

Rudra:I’m toh sleeping here only. He cuddles Kunj. 

Priyanka:even I too. 

Aayat: this is my bed go from here. 

Kunj:acha before you ours too. They four of them started their cheesy fight tej and Avantika just look at them and laughs.. 

Avantika:bas karo you all sleep here only.They take the blanket and try to sleep Avantika and tej patting on their heads soon they slept they both kissed on their foreheads and covered them perfectly. 

Tej:nothing is best than this Avantika in this world to see your kids sleeping peacefully.See them how peacefully they sleeping sometimes I feels like didn’t single tears drops falls down from their eyes. 

Avantika:haa tej. Inn ko aise dekhar lagta hai puri duniya ki Khushi mere haatho me hai mere bache. 

Tej: haa sorry for this. 

Avantika: hmm I forgive you because you love my kids so much nahi toh I’ll not at all. 

Tej: hoo they are our kids 😛😛.They hugged each other’s now where we’ll sleep. Still feels like they are small 😛. 

Avantika:you never let them grown up. They lay down beside them only fallings down but didn’t care at all closed their eyes and sleep.. 

At morning Kunj wake up and see themselves he laughs out to see their condition and see his parents.He slightly get up.

Kunj:see my pa and mummy they are the best.Kunj kissed on their cheeks and went in his room.He entered in his room and see twinkle wasn’t on bed.Where is my siyappa queen went haa.He went near washroom door and knocking at door.Twinkle are you there??? He went near bed and lay down.After twinkle come out of the washroom and see Kunj laying down on the bed she smiled to see him.Kunj closing his eyes.She went near bed and started getting ready. Kunj open his eyes and look at twinkle.

Kunj:twinkleeee.she look at him and ignore him.She get ready fully went downstairs.what happened to her?? Let her I’ll sleep more than I’ll see her. He cuddles the pillow and sleep😝😝. 

Like this 2 and 3 days has been passed away twinkle was feeling so bad cursing herself due to Kunj when she see him its gives her more pain.Each person of family they all taking care of Kunj while twinkle fully see Kunj each and everything.She itself didn’t have normal foods which she make for Kunj she too had this only leave chocolates everything and haa she just talk to Kunj in yes and no. 

At kitchen twinkle making breakfast for each and everyone.Kunj come back from hospital after checkup.He went in their room resting on bed. Twinkle entered in room with his breakfast she went near him. 

Twinkle:kunjj tumhara breakfast.. 

Kunj:haa.. she about to go Kunj pulled her hand. Kaha ha.. 


Kunj:tera pati bimar haina tujhe uske saath betna chahiye na..😛😛..   

Twinkle:acha.. she looking so plain.. Kunj look at her sense something is fishy. Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj:twinkleee Kya hua are you angry with me haa I seeing you from many days you didn’t talk to me very much just formally why?? 

Twinkle: nahi.. 

Kunj:I know something is there now tell me and why you looking so dull. Tears escaping from her eyes automatically her fave drenched in tears Kunj get shocked to see her like this. Twinkleeee. What happened why are you crying haa. 

Twinkle: nahi bas aise hi. 

Kunj:don’t lied with me tell me. He made her look at him she look at him sobbing so badly.Kunj engulf her in his arms.. shhhh don’t cry. 

Twinkle:kunjj im sorry because of me today you are in this condition Kunj get shocked to listen this. She raise his face. 

Kunj: what are you saying haa pagal hogi hai Kya?? 

Twinkle:yes I’m sorry please forgive me because of me papaji scold mummy he is right I’m not good wife it’s my duty after marriage to take care of your medicine. 

Kunj: ugh really I’m wrong I shouldn’t get Ill who told you this haa. Look into

My eyes I’m absolutely fine. It’s normal for me twinkle it’s not your mistakes who told you this haa you aren’t good wife you are the best. He wiped her tears and kissed on her eyes don’t cry Samji na. 

Twinkle:Than why you didn’t take your

Medicine haa.. 

Kunj:Arey I get irritates that’s why. And don’t think about pa he is like this too much possessive about me that’s why. 

Twinkle:hmm because of you everyone come in tension.. acha what doctor tell about you haa.. 

Kunj: still not fine but I’ll get don’t worry. 

Twinkle: pagal don’t do next time nahi toh I’ll never ever talk to you. 

Kunj: acha ji you chatterbox I’ll get happy😝😝. 

Twinkle:huhu she hits on his chest playfully and cuddles him really Kunj I get scared to see you like this don’t do you know na I can’t see you In pain. 

Kunj: I know I’m sorry pa is right me sab ko pareshan kardeta hu.. but I did purposely 😛.. 

Twinkle: means.. 

Kunj: woh I didn’t get everyone attention so.. but you toh busy in your work didn’t come and sit with me huhu. 

Twinkle: really I thought mummy boys needs pa more 😛😛. So it’s so beautiful to see papa ji aww Kunj he loves you Lot. After your condition he didn’t sleep properly even leave his office work. 

Kunj:haan woh toh hai pa Ka..even I’m too needs him only when he is arounds me I feel so secure.. 

Twinkle:aise toh you didn’t talk?? 

Kunj:woh toh aise hi. 

Twinkle: leave this drink this beetroot juice. 

Kunj: no twinkle yaar give me something else ice tea cold drink and all’s. 

Twinkle:are you thinking I’m mad now you’ll not get anything now my cute baby drink this and get well fastly. Kunj smell the juice and making faces.

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Kunj:no I can’t twinkle please yaar. 

Twinkle:for me na.. Kunj smirked and winked at her.

Kunj: if I drink this what I’ll get haa. 

Twinkle: what you wanted Kunj give her naughty smile..hmm don’t think naughty.

Kunj:na just one kiss see na I didn’t get from many days this lips dying to feels your lips on mine twinkle give blushing smile. And you looking so boring huhu. Bimar me hu but looking like you. 

Twinkle:hehe don’t play games with me. Now drink this we’ll think later about this kiss and all’s now just do rest. 

Kunj:haa toh kiss me kaunshi kushti karni hai humhe😛😛.. aur tera pati bimar hai na kuch apni suna aur kuch meri sun.

Twinkle:achai jaahapanan Kya suna aur Kya suna hai..😛😛

bimar ho phir bhi shameless didn’t went.. 

Kunj: yes never ever. Chal kiss de and here I’ll drink this glass 😛😛😛. 

Twinkle:nope ji. 

Kunj: please na. 

Twinkle:okay first drink. 

Kunj:hmm he closed his nose and drink the juice in one go make pouty lips😝😝 twinkle blushed.Their face is just inch apart.Kunj going near her lips twinkle closed her eyes blowing her lips.Kunj raise his eye he smirked and bring out something under pillow he wear face mask and went near twinkle lips she open her eyed and get shocked to see and screamed falls down while Kunj see expression and laughing Loudly. Tears escaping from twinkle eyes slightly while Kunj laughing like anything. 

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Kunj:oops twinkle I’m sorry 😂🤣.twinkle tera expression muhh boo😂.ouchh. Twinkle get up and went towards him. 

Twinkle: Kya hua.. 

Kunj:dard hua!!

Twinkle: kaha. He take her hand place on his heart.

Kunj:yeha.. sorry. 

Twinkle: Kitna Khush lag rahe ho Kunj tum Babaji Kare tumhari yeh smile aise hi bani rahe I just wanted to see you happy always. 

Kunj:I’m always happy when you with me.Both joint their foreheads.They both spend sometime with each other’s.After this condition of kunj….Twinkle had become very much possessive for kunj…

From  morning to night she was just behind him..She had become little bit strict now towards kunj..In morning she firstly give his medicine….now she was not giving him any dish which contain any type of sugar…Rather its a rice ,potato….

She was now giving him…karele ka juice, lauki ka juice…in the breakfast…with salads & oats.She specially send him his lunch..which is oil free& full of nutrition & water for his dehydration.She had even set an alarm in his phone for drinking water….after each an hour.his alarm started ringing..Even she was not giving him any kind of sweet dish.no ice cream, no kheer anything.Everyone was sitting in garden Kunj and tej come back from hospital they went towards everyone.. 

Lata: finally bacha come back..

Kunj: haa dadi this dr is so annoying. 

Avantika: what dr said about him??

Tej:at last his sugar is in level.They both too sits Priyanka bring juice for them. 

Omkara: this all happened because of twinkle now she taking care of Kunj fully. 

Priyanka: bhaiya you juice and pa yours she give them while Kunj look at glass he rolls his eyes.

Kunj: Arey yaar again this nonsense juice I too want orange juice.Twinkle come with fruits. 

Twinkle: how’s your reports.. 

Tej: absolutely amazing twinkle beta just because of you thanks.. 

Twinkle:why you saying thanks to me papa ji it’s my duty even you and mummy too responsible for this. Acha Kunj have your fruits. 

Kunj: Kya me tum sab ko kahane wali machine dikh raha hu haa. 

Tej: yes have your fruits 🍉 🍈 🍇 .. 

Kunj: no I wanted something else dadi. 

Tej: Kya dadi kunjj drink this bittergourd juice. 

Kunj:but pa.. it’s really bitter I can’t. 

Tej:you should think this before my son when you happily missing your medicines and having nonsense things. 

Kunj:dadi and dadu😭😭.tej show him his eyes he take the glass and drink. Chiiiiii. 

Tej: good boy now lastly take this insulin than all okay. 

Kunj:pa it’s so painful.while Kunj doing so much drama. 

Tej:Avantika I’m thinking something he will do Drama like this and leave him on himself only. We’ll go Mumbai for some meeting and send twinkle Taneja Mansion he troubles her lot. 

Kunj: what.. 😱😱. He immediately get up. Taneja mansion all get shocked to see Kunj expression. Why haa. 

Rahul: see him biwi ke naam se never thought Kunj will be this much shocked 😝😝. 

Kunj: what. 

Tej:yes twinkle beta you go and packed your things.. 

Kunj:no. I mean. Wo.. 

Twinkle: haa papaji you were right I’m too thinking he’ll do drama in all things. 

Kunj:this isn’t good. 

Tej:acha If you don’t wanted we’ll send your wife than like a nice boy take this insulin and have this fruits too. Kunj look at Avantika. 

Avantika: I can’t do anything. 

Rudra: bhaiya I’m here only. Kunj look at twinkle he show her anger eyes. 

Twinkle:this will not work out. Kunj look at insulin he take and give smiled. 

Anjali:fruits still left bhai saab😝😝. Kunj take the bowl in his hands and taking bite or fruits. 

Rahul:bade papa you increase Kunj sugar level again after this topic sending twinkle at Taneja Mansion 😝😝. 

Anjali: really see his expression itna tension biwi ke jaane pe😝😝. Twinkle blushed while Kunj looking down. 

Prithviraj: after all beta kesh Ka hai tej Ka 😝😝. 

Usha:true bhai saab always give this looks whenever Avantika think to go her mother place 😝😝😜. 

Om:but our Kunj is so different na😛😂. 

Rahul:bhai biwi ke maamle me sab aise hi Hote hai😝😝.. haina kunjj Don’t worry we’ll not send your wifey anywhere. 


Tej:acha lets go inside don’t sits here. They all went inside only Kunj and twinkle or Anjali and Rahul left.. 

Anjali: chale twinkle packing karne😝😝. 

Kunj: acha ji should I send Rahul somewhere haa😝😝. 

Rahul: Kamine what I did with you haa Kunj pulled twinkle hand.. 

Anjali: see my innocent brother become so shameless 😝😝. 

Kunj:yes di it’s needed na after all to see my big sister. Sugar level badegi weshi hi besharmi bhi na😝😝. 

Rahul: lol… Anjali I thought he is master in studies now see 😝😝😝. 

Kunj: yup after all learn from you only. 

Twinkle:bas karo lets go.. 

Rahul: Chal what you’ll do here in this heat😝😝. Hoo I understand continue. 

Kunj: what did you understand haa. Nonsense. 

Anjali: chalo tum toh they both went inside Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s. 

Kunj:I hate you huhu. 

Twinkle: even I too hate you. 

Kunj: you are very bad twinkle doing my complain to pa huhu last time too about my medicines. 

Twinkle: yes I’ll do this only. Fruits kaho she take the spoons and feed him. 

Kunj: bad.. I wanna eats you.. 

Twinkle:really but I’m not interested 😝. He cuddles her from her waist.. and bite her cheekbones 😛😛. 

Kunj: very bitter.. 

Twinkle: okay leave me. 

Kunj: why I’ll Leave you. I’m thinking today I’m fully free so.. both look at each other’s. 

Twinkle: so what. 

Kunj: I’ll not tell you here let’s go in room😝. 

Twinkle:hatt shameless creature. She push him and run inside while Kunj laughing he too behind her.. 

In evening kunj was siiting with all except twinkle…

Twinkle made cold coffee with chocolate brownies..she went to the poolside & give everyone cold coffee…kunj was going to take…

Twinkle: no ..u can’t…she handover him…beetroot +pomegranate juice…you have to drink this not cold coffee …

Kunj:What is this yaar now i m perfectly fine please ab toh mjhe ye cheeze enjoy krne de…

Twinkle:no bilkul bhi ni..

Next time bimar na pdo isliye tumhe ab yhi peena pdega..She went to kitchen…

Kunj:rudy….mere bhai …thodi si coffe share kr le…mere sath…ye syappa queen ..toh mjhe hath bhi ni lgane de rhi h …

Rudra:nope bhaiya ..bhabhi will scold me…you have your juice..

Kunj:  ab teri demands bhi na teri bhabhi hi fulfill kregi mere pass mt aana…huhh..

Om:kunj you had ur juice otherwise twinkle must be coming to check you.

Kunj:uski checking ki toh baat hi mat kr…

Pta h aaj kya hua…i was in meeting & or usne jo alarm set kiya hua h woh bjne lga…kunj drink water….kunj drink water…

Everyone was staring at me…

It was embarrassing yaar

Rahul:hehe you should be thankful…you having this much caring wife…

Kunj:haan but some time its irritating yar…

Twinkle: what irritating kunj?

Kunj:kuch ni…

Twinkle:tumne abhi tk juice ni khatam kiya …Finish kro fast…

Kunj:its not good yr …i m not having it…

Twinkle:you have to  ..

chale i will give u company…she had one glass for herself also..Chlo now toh drink…

She had her juice without any complain…

Kunj was like twinkle why are you drinking this…You can toh have cold coffee na…

Twinkle:no if you can’t  then i will also not..afterall ardhangini hu tumhari…Chlo have your juice..She made him drink his juice..

Kunj admires her …she is doing so much..

She went to kitchen….Pagal h meri biwi….

Anjali:pagal ni h …she loves you alot kunj….that’s why she is caring for you like this…She was continuously crying when she saw you in that condition.You know kunj…the diet she is giving you she is also following the same…But never told you …

She is also not having any sweet nothing…

Because you can’t have it.Kunj thought twinkle love me this much…socha ni tha. ❤. Twinkle come back she sit beside Kunj. Kunj just admiring her without blinking his eyes.. 

Twinkle: why you looking at me haa??

Kunj:kuch nahi.. he give her smile. She pulled his cheeks while Kunj pinch her nose both totally forgot they surrounded by everyone’s 😝😝. They all smile and look at them. 

Rahul: bhai we are here ?? 

Kunj:so what did I told you anything. 

Anjali: so true .

Avni: now what Kunj bro. 

Rahul: again busy life uff.. 

Kunj: yes. 

Twinkle: now take care of yourself Kunj again you did this than I’m surely went Maa house forever didn’t come back. Kunj give her look.

Kunj:acha I’ll too see how you’ll go.

Om: we’ll call Kabir. 

Kunj: bhai mere ho na.. 

Twinkle: even devar mere hai samje.. 

Kunj: now I’m fine please stop treating me like baby.

Rahul: acha what about you who stick with Hitler like kangaroo baby😛. 

Soumya: damn true Kunj bhai. We didn’t see you with him every much. 

Rudra: haa bhaiya went to pa when he isn’t well otherwise toh he hiding from pa like ghost😝.. Kunj playfully slapped him. 

Kunj:you talking too much don’t forget I’m your elder brother. 

Priyanka: so what bhaiya. 

Kunj: really..😂. Pinku toh bhut hi Bolti hai aaj kal. 

Om: haa she is your carbon copy now bhaiya change after bhabhi so she too 😝😝😝. 

Kunj: study karo dono samje na exams will come. Last time i leave you Rudra this time I wouldn’t fit in your minds.. Rudra bow down his head. 

Rudra: haa.. 

Twinkle: Kunj you itself workaholics and book worm don’t make my cute sa devar.

Kunj: devar ki bhabhi jab pa Will bring his ticket na than do this and tell him same line 😝😝😛. Shameless creature. 

After sometimes later they all had Their dinner and went in their respective rooms. 

Twinj room@

Twinkle entered in room with Kunj medicine she went Near him he was laying down on the bed. 

Twinkle: come take your medicine she give him with her hands he take. Good now sleep. 

Kunj: Kya twinkle I get bored now. I sleep

Enough. Come na let’s do romance. She lay down beside him. 

Twinkle: Kya romance. You teased me lot. Now I’ll not give you anything. 

Kunj: why.

Twinkle: I’ll give you punishment..

Kunj: what?

Twinkle: yes don’t come close to me for one week till you didn’t get fine fully. 

Kunj: are you serious haa. Twinkle yaar due to bua dadi I didn’t get time with you Than I get busy after this health issue. You didn’t sit with me. 

Twinkle: this you should think before doing this all things.  Sleep peacefully. 

Kunj: Kya yaar this isn’t fair how I stay nowadays now I can’t I’ll not take your much time promise. what??

Twinkle:what what mat karo samje na everything is fair In love and war.who tell you about time if I’ll let you do

Something na than we’ll talk about time. 

Aise toh I don’t have energy now from where your energy come for this romance. 

Kunj: for romance I’m always energetic baby😛. Tu hi hai fuss bulb 😛😛. 

Twinkle: sadu sarna. 

Kunj:acha twinkle…ek kiss toh de de…itne din bad thk hua hu..

Twinkle.:koi kiss viss ni …

Kunj :plz twinkle aisa  mat kar.

Twinkle:krungi …tumne bhi toh meko tang kiya ..Kunj didn’t listen her take her beneath himself. 

Kunj: ab kaha jayegi bach ke.. 

Twinkle: this isn’t fair. 

Kunj: everything is fair in love and war😎. He sealed her lips with his.. twinkle hitting on his back while Kunj linked their fingers tightly started kissing her fully in starting she teasing him after she too give up. Both kissing each other’s madly Kunj biting her lips. Twinkle moaning his name. 

Twinkle: ahah kunjjj.. she too bite his lips they making kiss so wild,, didn’t take name to leave each other’s lips chewing each other’s lips.. after they break the kiss due to lack of oxygen. 

Kunj: finally I get feels so good. 

Twinkle: shameless 😛.. 

Kunj: I didn’t show my shamelessness should I you’ll regret Lot twinkle afterwards. 

Twinkle: acha 😝😝.. Kunj about to remove his T-shirt..kunjj please not now. He lay down beside her both cuddles each other’s. 

Kunj: today I leave not everytime.. 

Twinkle:I miss you Lot this days.. 

Kunj:even I too, thanks for each and everything twinkle I mean because of me even you having all those things which I having haa. Why.??

Twinkle: what do you mean by this when papa ji and mummy ji leave all things. Than why not me after all I m your wife I have to support you In each and everything.

Kunj: haa they doing since start with every siblings.. 😛. But tu toh mere bhukhd panda hai na😝😝. 

Twinkle: me panda jao yeha se.. 

Kunj: I’m kidding my little big panda.. between what happened to Malika.. 

Twinkle: nothing due to baby kicks she having pain in her tummy. 

Kunj: hoo you know this happened with mummy at Aayat time we all get surprised and used to feels. It’s so amazing feelings. 

Twinkle: Arey waha you know each and everything already I mean. 

Kunj: haa due to Aayat at her time we all little grown up😛😝. You’ll too get to know at your time he winked at her. 

Twinkle: kuch bhi haha. 

Kunj: ab iss me kuch bhi Kya. It’s natural one day happened with all girls. 

Twinkle: I didn’t like stop even you talking like Maa and dadi or Bebe they always stuck at baby whenever they see Malika baby and started topic on me😝. 

Kunj: haa dadi and dadu behind my marriage for this only 😝😝. So they can see their great grand kids soon😛😂. 

Twinkle: hehe so funny.. don’t start this baby topic. 

Kunj: why you getting so irritates with this haa I’m not telling you twinkle let’s have baby. 

Twinkle: acha than what you wanted. 

Kunj: Abhi toh mujhe pet bhar ke apni biwi ke saath romance karne de think about this later. 

Twinkle: so mean..😛😛. 

Kunj: acha mean Than I don’t minded twinkle let’s start now only. 

Twinkle: kunjjj she hide her face under pillow 😛😛. Kunj laughing loudly. 

Kunj: Kya twinkle baby ke naam pe itna blush 😛😂. He take out the pillow and see her face which become all red. Meri tamatar I think one day I’ll get cherry tamatar soon😛😛😜, 

Twinkle: cherry tamatar means.. Woh mean. 

Kunj: woh tu bada tamatar Than yours will be cherry tamatar 😝😝😝😂. 

Twinkle: very lame sadu.. let me sleep. 

Kunj: okay good night kiss on her lips both cuddles each other’s and sleep took overs them. 

At morning.@

Twinkle wake up and get up and went I washroom she get freshen up quickly she arrange Kunj all things and went downstairs goes in kitchen and see Anjali already make all breakfast things.. 

twinkle: Arey di why you do this all things I’ll do na. 

Anjali: today I did so what. Where is your husband??

Twinkle:sleeping.. I’ll make his coffee. Soon she make coffee for Kunj and take in room she entered in room find Kunj sitting on bed reading new papers she went near him Kunj your coffee please. 

Kunj: haa he take coffee mug twinkle give him his medicine. He take medicine she bring his all things. 

Twinkle: now get ready fast. 

Kunj: haa he get up and went in washroom get freshen up he get ready within no time. Twinkle closing his shirt buttons. 

Twinkle: acha I put all things in your bag please take on time. 

Kunj: why you so worried this much I’m fine now don’t be please. Acha get ready tonight. 

Twinkle; morning hui nahi tum chalu Kunj how you work at office haa??

Kunj: my god knows na😝😝😛. Kunj kissed on her forehead. Chal let’s have breakfast than I’ll go for office. 

Twinkle: hmm they both went downstairs they all come for breakfast. They all sit twinkle bring Kunj things which dr recommend him. Kunj smiled he didn’t said anything eat all things. 

Prithviraj: now my Kunj look better. 

Lata: haa in few days my son become so dull, 

Kunj: bas dadi this twinkle again get behind me. 

Avantika: good na she did this all things for you otherwise toh you didn’t listen us. 

Kunj: I listen everyone. Okay I’m going. 

Tej: wait im too coming Kunj get scared. 

Don’t worry. 

Rudra: bhaiya your good days went again hitler days 😝😝back tej give him death glares😝😝.. 

Kunj:hmm pa.they all left for office. 

Other side Yuvi was thinking about Avni and himself just he was playing with pens. 

Yuvi: what to do now maamu thinking about Avni wedding here I’m thinking about her what should I do.Yuvi went in dream where he seeing Avni getting marry with someone else and he was showering flowers at her with crying faces.Yuvi screamed loudly noo.,,😱😱😱.He come out of the dream.And breathing heavily uff no if this dream become true where I’ll go before anything happened I’ll do something. I know this dr sahiba will not expect she had feelings for me. See na twinkle and Kunj they get married with their family wills how they were happy with each other’s.I’ll talk to avni firstly than do something else.But what I’ll tell her. Ahaha I’ll gone mad one day for sure behind this girl. He take out her photo and admires ahyee look at her after see her face I get everything this eyes uff wanted to sinking in these beautiful eyes. I’ll do something fast

he take his car keys and went to Luthra mansion.. 

He went inside see Anita and maya sitting they seeing few girls pictures yuvi come and sit beside them. 

Maya: Arey you yuvi at this time??

Yuvi: haa what you both doing it??

Maya: finding bhabhi for me.. 😝😝. Yuvi falls down from the couch. 😛.

Yuvi: what bhabhi which bhabhi??

Anita: Arey now you are free so we thinking to find a girl for you. Bahu for me like twinkle what’s say. 

Yuvi: what is this mom.. no he take the photos in his hands Chii this all girls isn’t my type one I’ll not get marry. 

Maya: ache did you find someone tell us. 

Anita: I don’t mind.. yuvi making cry faces. 

Yuvi:mom how I tell you I mean. 

Anita:see na yuvi even tej bhai Saab finding boy for Avni.. 😛😛. 

Maya: haa mom maamu find one boy.. 

Yuvi: tell me.. 

Anita:why. Let me find girl for yourself yuvi. 

Yuvi:how I tell mom about Avni.. mom I like someone.. 

Maya:kaun Bata humhe bhi yuvi.. 

Yuvi: you know her mom.. 

Anita: kaun your friend Aditi?

Yuvi: no mom not Aditi.. 

Maya: Than kaun.. 

Yuvi: please don’t think me wrong. Woh he closed his eyes she is Avni.. Anita and maya get shocked to listen this.. 

Maya: what Avni??

Anita: Avni kaun.. 

Yuvi: mom Avni.. Rahul ki behan.. 

Anita: what Avni. That one are you mad. 

Yuvi:I don’t know anything mom I love her lot don’t know when but I falls for her completely.Maya and Anita was shocked after listen this.. 

At Sarna Mansion..

Soumya and Priyanka was sitting with avni , anjali & twinkle…Rudra come with a magazine.

Rudra: sumo sumo..

Soumya:kya h cry baby..

Rudra:dekh tere realtives…


Rudra:showing a photo of 

chimpanzee…see ….giggling…

Soumya:.shut up ..mere ni these e r toh ur friends.. jinke sath tum ghoomte ho..

While all laugh at them..How they are fighting like tom & jerry ..

Rudra:chal chal chimpanzee khin ki…

Soumya:chal na monkey khin ka…


Soumya:monkey… monkey …jo hmesha sona or khana psand hai bas

Twinkle:arey suno …aise toh tum dono relative bn gye…

Both :how ??

Twinkle:arey chimpanzee & monkey r kind of same…they both have same features…

Everyone started laughing…both were looking at each other …then they duo start laughing…kya bhabhi aap bhi..

Anjali: you both are impossible.. 😝😝.. 

Avni: true bhabhi.. 

Rudra: I get bored bhabhi. Let’s dance kishi ki shadi nahi aai hai family me. 

Twinkle: haa Rudra. 

Priyanka: Abhi toh Avni ki aayegi na😝.. 

Avni: Kya Priyanka. Just than Rahul and Kunj or Rohan come back from office together. They trio sits on couch. 

Anjali: so soon today why??

Rahul: see my wifey Rohan usually wife’s get happy when their husbands come back from office early and see my wife. 

Anjali: hehe Rahul this doesn’t suits on you okay. 

Kunj: Bas karo husband and wife. Where is my wife.. 

Twinkle: here only.. bolo.. 

Kunj: kuch nahi get tired bas. Priyanka ja kuch leke aa.. 

Priyanka: haa she get up and went in kitchen make cold drink for everyone she come back with cold drinks and served everyone and sit beside Kunj. 

Rohan: tasty Priyanka. Kunj take sip of juice and taste he pulled Priyanka hairs slightly.

Kunj: didn’t put sugar na?? Cheater.. 

Priyanka: bhabhi strictly told everyone didn’t used sugar in your things that’s why. 

Kunj: acha you didn’t listen to me so nicely bhabhi ki chamchi bring sugar wala for me. Kunj again pulled her hairs. 

Priyanka: ahah bhaiya I’ll tell pa about you. 

Twinkle: Kunj pee na hai toh peeo nahi toh Leave it we don’t mind Priyanka show tongue to Kunj and laughs out while Rohan admiring Priyanka fully. 

Rahul: bhaiya kaha khogaya Rohan babu. 

Kunj: Rahul I’m thinking Chal Rohan ki shadi karwa dete hai Avni se😝😝😎. Rohan chocked do badly, Kunj laughing out so loudly,, 

Avni: Kunj bhai very bad joke he is my bhai haina Rohan bhai. 

Rohan: haa Avni Behana yeh Kunj toh Kamina hai😝😝..

Rahul: saala. Think about Priyanka.

Kunj:kyu meri Behan ka Kya hai. Avni bhi meri behan hai you try on my sister so I’m thinking let’s do it na what’s say.. 

Rohan: just shut, 

Rahul: acha than I’ll too find someone for Priyanka very soon.

Kunj:go ahead tej Sarna is waiting for you 😝😝😝.. maarega.. they all laughing so loudly,, 

Rahul: true Kunj..  bade papa hai na Avni ke liye whatever he’ll do best for her, 

Twinkle: haa papaji choice is best. 

Rudra: haa bhabhi bhaiya ki toh Chii aap bhi toh dadu and dadi or pa ki choice ho😝😝 .

Om; haa Kunj you clearly deny for you. 

Twinkle: yeh sadu sarna hai na. I’m the best. 

Kunj: meri choice tu hi hai sochle..😝😝. 

Anjali: so cleaver 😝😝. Damn sure your kids will be went on you only.. 

Kunj: di you went so far kaha baat meri Chal rahi you went on space.. 😛😂.

Rohan: Arey think about theirs I mean so filmy like their names 😝😝. I’m petty for Malika baby yaar how she is so cool. 

Rahul; haa Arey now madam changed Lot. We trio always stuck in trouble due to her, 

Kunj: she is Killer how nicely she fooled her parents and bunk the classes..

Rohan: you both didn’t 😝😜. 

Rahul; if we did na hitler will kill us..

They trio started laughing loudly while recalling their old memories. 

Scene turned again At Luthra Mansion. 

Anita: yuvi is this nonsense. 

Yuvi: what is nonsense in this mom. I love her you talk to maamu about us. I wanna marry her. 

Maya: yuvi look at yourself first and Avni maamu will never give approval to this alliance I mean he is very much punctual about things. 

Yuvi: this I don’t know listen one thing if Avni not than I’ll not marry to anyone.. that’s final he said this and walk out from there.. Anita and maya hold Their heads while Surjit was standing at side he listen each and everything from side. 

Episode freezes here only.. 


(Next; Rahul see Avni Chitchat with someone at mid night..)XX 

How was the episode??

I know I’m late little what to do I mean busy firstly than like our Kunj babu even I too get Ill 🤒. Again that’s why yashu di you are right I had long term relationship with fever 😝😝😝.. 

Leave this all thanks for your comments. 

Hope you enjoy this episode.. 

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Let’s see what will happened now finally yuvi told his mother and sister about his feelings for Avni?? What destiny hold for them. 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

Bye love you all 


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