Started from after bua dadi exist all get relief.Twinkle and Kunj was very much happy while Kunj was hell busy in his office work both didn’t get time and due to this new project work procedures make Kunj really frustrates have to look for each and everything personally. Didn’t even care about his health as well hardly he had something whole day.Come at late night and sleep and went early while twinkle was busy in her family. 

Normal day@

Kunj was getting late for his office he didn’t get his shirt which he going to wear today for his important meeting. 

Twinkle was at down making his breakfast.

Kunj: ugh my shirt where is. Twinkleeee yaar where are you please come and give me my clothes I didn’t get it. He calling twinkle 2- 3 times while she was busy in kitchen. Kunj mess up whole wardrobe throwing clothes here and there.. just than twinkle entered in room with Kunj breakfast she take step ahead in room and see the scenario and get shocked to see room condition. She keep the Tray in aside and see Kunj who throwing clothes in whole room.. 

Twinkle: kunjjj what happened why are you calling me haa.. Kunj turned and see her. 

Kunj: you coming now haa since from 10 minutes I was calling you and you didn’t bothered to come haa.. 

Twinkle: don’t talk to me in this tone Kunj what I have done I’m just making your breakfast and what is this this is the way to take clothes mess up everything everytime I have to set wardrobe just because of you Kunj.. 

Kunj: Arey yaar please leave this all things I’m getting late for my meeting. 

I’m not finding my shirt..

Twinkle: which one??

Kunj: Arey that white one.. 

Twinkle: almost you wearing white shirts only side me hona I’ll give you sadu. Twinkle went near wardrobe and see wardrobe condition gritting teeth at Kunj she take out his white shirt and handover hime. Happy now yeha hi toh to Kunj but you are so sadu na.. just increasing my work load.. ye toh rhi tumhe bhi na …kch ni milta… she about to go Kunj held her hands. 

Kunj:kaha who will help me in wearing this. 

Twinkle: acha you aren’t small baby so I have to helps you everytime. 

Kunj: twinkleeee. 

Twinkle:why you behaving like insane haa tell me what happening to you. 

Kunj: nothing you just help me na. She started closing his buttons while Kunj making irritating faces twinkle see this. 

Twinkle:in mind this sadu always on his sadu mode.. 😏😏she about to go again Kunj give her look.

Kunj:can’t you wait for me firstly I’m your duty finished my work whole day I didn’t teased just in morning you can give me time twinkle itna toh haq hai mera..  twinkle rolled her eyes. 

Twinkle: acha Haq hai. 

Kunj: wallet?? 

Twinkle: wait she bring his wallet and give to him while Kunj give him expression. 


Twinkle:see here I keep your all things ready but you wanted everything in your hands.  Woh raha tumhara phone I charged fully. Now I’m going. 

Kunj: Kya twinkle. 

Twinkle: mere ko kaam hai.. 

Kunj: so what mera kaam kar Degi toh Kya ho jayega tera kaam kaun sa bhaga ja raha hai. I get irritate with you now always eating my head. Twinkle get shocked. 

Twinkle: Kunj now what I have done I did all of your work still you doing this I didn’t understand what you wanted behaving like mads haa you are good at office only don’t come to me for anything. 

Kunj:haa ja na who dying to come to you siyappa queen.He started sweating in his hands. Don’t know where is my file man. Everywhere just tera make up and all’s shit.. he itself shouting at twinkle. Meanwhile tej and Avantika were passing from their room they listen Kunj voice and get confused went near their room door.. 

Kunj: kaam chorni😏😏😏. This was listen by tej and Avantika siyappa queen ek number ki pure di make up karwalo.

Twinkle: I’ll kill you her eyes went on tej and Avantika she smirked and started crying fakely.. 

Tej: what is this Kunj.. as soon as Kunj listen tej voice he get shocked Avantika and tej entered ahead.. how you are talking with twinkle in this way haa. She is our daughter in law and we all treat like princess. 

Kunj: woh.. pa I was just asking for my things in low voice.. 

Tej: see Avantika he become so big still he is same sometimes your mom is right you all siblings is just same to same. 

Or kuch bhi bola na toh mujaheddin bura koi nahi hoga.. get it.. twinkle giggles inside her heart.. 

Kunj: murmured. Haan iss ghar me sabko iski hi Padi rehti hai meri toh kishi ko padi hi nahi hai.. this tej and Avantika listen. 

Tej: what what?

Avantika: leave tej. You both come downstairs. 


Tej: do tell me twinkle beta if he again do. 

Twinkle: haa papaji😛😝😏. Tej and Avantika left Kunj look at twinkle who giggling like anything. 

Kunj: kaam hash Samji na.. 

Twinkle: mazza aaya na she show him tongue.. 

Kunj: Teri toh me Mein batata hu ruk zara before Kunj catch her she run away. He get ready quickly and went downstairs. 

Each and everyone come for breakfast. They all settled down and twinkle and Priyanka bring breakfast. 

Lata:Kya hua kunj??

Kunj:nothing dadi.. what happening to me why I feels so uneasy. 

Tej:all set for meeting na Kunj and Rahul. 

Rahul:yes sir. Just than Kunj get call from his pa. He get up and take the call. 

Kunj:acha I’ll come quickly you call others. 

Manohar: what happened?

Kunj:woh chote papa meeting Ka kuch kaam hai I’m going Rahul you come soon. 

Avantika: at least have you breakfast na why are you in so hurry.. 

Kunj: I’m fine mummy I’m going bye he take his office bag and left for office. 

Usha:again this boy went without having anything. 

Tej:don’t know what’s going on in his mind. 

Lata:this all done by you make my Kunj likes you firstly. 


in hustle and bustle Rahul too finished his breakfast he too quickly run away for office. 

Rudra was playing cricket in college there someone teasing Soumya. 

Boy: you are so cute baby doll. 

Soumya:mind your tongue get it. He hold Soumya hands she try to push him but all went in vain. Rudra see this he rushed towards Soumya. 

Rudra: Kya hua sumo.. 

Soumya:Rudra see him na he misbehaving with me.Rudra see that boy face who holding Soumya hand very badly hurting her lot. 

Rudra:leave her hand get it. 

Boy:no I wouldn’t what you will do. 

Rudra: acha Rudra grabs his collar and while that boy push Soumya she hit with side pillar Rudra see her. He slapped that boy.Next time if I see you near her I’ll kills you get it.. that boy run from there Soumya who was winching in pain Rudra went towards her. Are you okay sumo.. she nodded her head in yes. Rudra see blood slightly oozing from her  finger he make her sit on beach. Don’t worry now he’ll not come back. Kitna blood uff take her finger in his mouth and started sucking the blood Soumya just look at him and admires Rudra fully who having tears in his eyes just to see Soumya in pain. 🖤🖤🖤🖤 HUMDARD PLAY IN BACKGROUND MUSIC.. 

{Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi

Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi

Toh khuda se maang lun

Mohalat main ik nayi

Rehna hai bas yahaan

Ab door tujhse jaana nahi

Jo tu mera humdard hai

Jo tu mera humdard hai

Suhaana har dard hai

Jo tu mera humdard hai}

Rudra: now okay. 

Soumya: haa thanks Rudra she hugged him immediately Rudra smile he hugged her back. 

Rudra:acha now don’t become cry baby likes me. He cupped her face and wiped her tears drops and kissed on her forehead acha sun now we don’t have any lecture so I’m thinking let’s go out for coffee what’s say Priyanka was busy with Mahi. 

Soumya:good idea let’s go.Rudra hold her hand and they both left for near cafe of their college. 

Other side twinkle was busy fully busy in her work she didn’t message Kunj at all she is little angry with him due to his frustrated behaviour. At the same time she is worried about him he went office without having anything. 

Twinkle:see this sadu didn’t have his breakfast and left I’m missing my baby. She making cute faces.. Anjali and Avni entered in kitchen and see twinkle face expression which make them laughs out. 

Avni:see bhabhi our twinkle sarna is busy in her husband dreams uff so romantic.Twinkle come in sense and see them. 

Twinkle: acha Avni nowadays our Avni is talking about romance and all’s what’s going on Anjali see Avni face which make her scared.. 

Avni:bhabhi don’t look at me like this nothing is there.. 

Anjali: ale meri nanad ji I didn’t said anything 😝😝. Infect i would love when my Avni will find her mr perfect soon. 

Twinkle:ahem ahem😝😝. 

Avni: don’t talk about this in front of bhai you know him so possessive. 

Anjali:haa true.

Twinkle: hehe even Priyanka condition too same when anyone talk about her. 

Anjali:because you don’t know about your husband ji if anyone connected his sister name with anyone even in fun.he get so virulence even that two Rudra and Omkara didn’t you see how they spying at Priyanka 😝😝. 

Twinkle:sometimes I saw Kunj. Didn’t let her go away from his eyesight so caring every brothers is like this di.. 

Anjali: acha listen today all men’s toh busy and our Purab and Natasha come back so I decided to call them we all youngsters and ladies will do kitty party our both boring husbands didn’t care about us at all let them busy in their work. 

Twinkle:haa di today your sadu brother make me angry me Lot. Huhu. Acha than I’ll make something for us and you message them. 

Avni:and I’ll too see other things. 

While in office Kunj and Rahul fully busy in work they didn’t get time to sit. While don’t know why Kunj feeling so low his hands started shivering fully. 

Sara: sir everyone is come let’s start the meeting. 

Kunj: haa you go I’ll come. She went Kunj check the cd Rohan and Rahul entered in cabin and see Kunj who was in full tension. 

Rahul: Kunj are you okay why you looking so low. He wiped his face .

Kunj: haa I’m all fine just heat hai na that’s why. 

Rohan: don’t be scared meeting will be successful. 

Kunj: don’t know anything yaar if anything happened wrong pa will kills me. 

Rahul:this we will see later now let’s go. They trio composed themselves like a gentleman.They went in conference room. All employees and clients were sitting.They went inside and take their seats while Kunj stand. 

Tej:So Kunj let’s start the meeting. 

Client:yeah I’m just waiting for our second session of meeting. 

Kunj: haa. All lights went off. Kunj take pause water sorry tej gesture him to drink. He went in side and in no go he drink full water. Kunj take deep breath. Babaji please help me today. He leave everything aside and play the CD. 

All lights went off Kunj started giving presentation while tej just admires him how beautifully his son giving his presentation. Inside in his heart Kunj feeling so uneasy everything starts blurry in front of his eyes he clutched his fist and with heavy heart he giving his presentation each and everyone was hell happy get stunned to see Kunj technology level idea.In middle Kunj wiping his sweat.After long hours meeting get over Kunj get scared because tej giving him look. 

Client:aww Kunj amazing really you are small packed and but big dhamaka.he clapped for Kunj. Bow down his head which really make everyone surprised such a big business tycoons bow down just in front of Kunj who is just raw in business.Really tej you are blessed to have son like him very talented where were you hides him.. 😛.

Tej:it’s means Lot you find my son best. 

They shake Hands while Kunj just giving faint smile he don’t know what happening to him.They all bring champagne and cheers. Kunj stand in side.what happened haa. 

Kunj:nothing sir..

Tej: acha listen this is finished go and check all engineers work process. Take Rahul with yourself and lastly I wanted this meeting all details and in my hands with all in formation and haa Kunj it just start. 


Rahul: lets go.They both didn’t wait for a second immediately left for site seeing. 

Kunj: Chal jaldi we don’t have time. 

Rahul: haa driving. 

Kunj:I’ll do na.Both sits in car and left for outskirts. In car only they checking files. 

Rahul: this hitler always behind us yaar I mean what a presentation you have given still he said those typical words huhu. 

Kunj: leave na we don’t wanted this our destination is something else. 

Rahul:haa woh bhi hai bhai.Kunj ruffles his hairs. He driving so fastly Kunj calm down. 

Kunj:Kya calm down Kitna kaam bakhi hai Rahul. Ek yeh meri biwi hai. 

Rahul:hehe why you taking out your work load on her haa. Just than in middle of the way their car stopped.. 

Kunj:shit this car. I’ll see they both come out of the car and see the tyre get puncture. f**k iss ko bhi Abhi hi hona ta Kya.. 

Rahul: there is no garage here Kunj.

Kunj:kaha se hoga we come far from town Rahul.We have to do something.

Kunj and Rahul changed the tyres.After so much time they again sits and drove off. 

At Sarna Mansion€

Both Taneja and Luthra’s as well Natasha and Purab too come after see them all get so happy they get bored today Lot.. 

Avantika: superb idea Anjali beta. 

Natasha: haa even I’m missing you all. They all settled down. 

Malika: or babes how’s your honeymoon winked at her both Purab and Natasha blushed. 

Purab:amazing bhabhi 😚😋. 

Anita:great after all honeymoon toh enjoyment ke liye hi hota hai. 

Twinkle: hoo see Anita bua.. 😋😛. 

Usha:haa you must be enjoy lot at your time.Avni come with cold drinks. She gives everyone. 

Maya:where is our pinku and Rudra. 

Just than Rudra and Soumya entered

Together both laughing happily which make everyone shocked usually they always fight like Tom and Jerry.. 

Anjali:Arey waha aaj suraj kaha se Nikala hai aaj humare sumo and cry baby saath saath me hoo..😋😛.

Twinkle: haa Anjali di right. 

Soumya: nothing is like this sometime hum bhi saath me happy rehte hai twinkle bhabhi even you and Kunj bro to fight Lot. 

Lata: true always on. 

Bebe: aise toh Kunj didn’t speak anything in front of us. 

Twinkle: haww Bebe you don’t know about him he is very master mind always argues with me ladai kar walo ek number Ka sadu sarna hai. 

Leela: twinkle puttar aise nahi bolte hai pati hai tera haa akhir😛. 

Avantika:my bahu is absolutely right Leela ji. Yeh ladka kam ke chakar me sab kuch Bhul Jata hai. By the way Rudra where is Priyanka you come alone didn’t bring her again your pa will scold you haa. 

Soumya: no aunty woh na me and Rudra left early from college today Priyanka and Mahi is together. 

Malika: I’ll message Mahi come here only directly. 

Rudra:good one.I’ll come after get freshen up. 

Other side Omkara was walking on roads he was searching something for his arts.his eyes went on Mahi and Priyanka they too there. 

Omkara: pinku and Mahi??

Priyanka: Arey bhaiya aap.. 

Omkara: haa I come here for some work. 

Priyanka: even we too. Acha O bhaiya do one thing I wanted books from library you please take her till Than I’ll take my some project things from other store.. 

Mahi look at Priyanka. 

Omkara: okay but if you go alone than??

Priyanka: I’ll manage.. don’t worry about me she said this and went in side store. 

Mahi: woh me. 

Omkara: come with me. They both went to library. You too love books. 

Mahi:yes I just love books it’s gives me peace. 

Omkara:you are so different from now girls.They both started finding books while finding Omkara and Mahi sharing gaze. They both sits in side and they didn’t see the time while someone come and closed the door or library. 

Mahi: finally I get my book let’s go. 

Omkara: haa Mahi. They went towards door Omkara try to pulling door but it was locked. 

Mahi: Kya hua. 

Omkara: yeh door keshe lock hua?? He again pulled shit someone locked the door.Than Mahi see the time. 

Mahi: Arey time up hogaya now what we’ll do. She started crying. 

Omkara:don’t worry I’m here na.Calm down.Mahi went in side and get panic while too see her Omkara didn’t feels good. He went near her. Take deep breath okay I’ll do something. He try to calling anyone Mahi see rat she started screaming. 

Mahi: Omkara..😭😭. She didn’t wait for anything just hugged Omkara tightly their first hug 🤗. Omkara get surprised to see this.. he hugged her back. 

Omkara: shhh. 

Mahi:I’m scared of rats please.Don’t leave me alone.Omkara smile on her cuteness.He rubbing her back while she feels so good in his embrace and smiling itself don’t know.Both hugged each other’s tightly didn’t wanted this moment ends ever.suddenly lights went off Mahi clutched Omkara more tightly. 

Priyanka take her all those things which she needed. She pay the bills went out of the stop juster than some thief come and grab her bag and run from there. 

Priyanka:Arey mera bag haaa.She started giving voice but no one listen to her than she run behind that thief. She running fully didn’t see here and there. She about to bumped with a car but suddenly someone pulled her on time and both falls down on side Priyanka cuddles whoever save her. She was beneath him.She closing her eyes. 

Music play in bg it was rohan who save Priyanka. He look at Priyanka. She slightly opened her eyes and see Rohan. 

Priyanka: roha…n. 

Rohan: haa me.florist flowers started showing on Rohan and Priyanka both fully drenched under flowers.Both adoring each other’s while at road people’s watching and them giggles to see there position.They both come in sense. Priyanka push Rohan she get up and composed herself. 

Priyanka: aap.. 

Rohan: haa thanks to god I come and save you nahi toh today my dream girl will be gone🤭🤭🙄. Priyanka give him look. 

Priyanka: matlab.. 

Rohan: kuch nahi miss sarna. What are you doing here on street roads haa if your father and brother will see you than. 

Priyanka: in cute voice woh na I come here to take my project things but suddenly a thief stole my bag I was just running behind him only. Rohan smiled. 

Rohan:acha waha aaj toh pinku pahalwan Kya Ba’ath hai. 😛. 

Priyanka: whatever huhu. 

Rohan:hoo boo giving me this Tashan I like it.She about to hit with bicycle Rohan pulled her towards himself.. careful towards yourself Priyanka pulled her cheeks she get surprised but smile. 

Acha leave this all things I’ll drop you at Sarna Mansion. 

Priyanka:haa please how I’ll go alone and please don’t tell about this to my bhaiya. 

Rohan: pinky promise both laughs out. 

Rohan and Priyanka sits in car and left for Sarna Mansion. 

Mahi and Omkara still in same position Mahi break the hug their face is very near.Both can feels each other’s breaths.Omkara cupped her face wiped Mahi tears and kissed on her forehead. 

Both just look into each other’s eyes with love desire Mahi closed her eyes while Omkara tucked her hairs behind her ears they leaned for kiss just than someone opened library door they both open their eyes and reality stuck what they going to do just now. It’s become awkward for them. 

Man:please come out. 

Omkara:haa.. he gestured Mahi both get up and went outside. Mahi and Omkara thinking about just now.Mahi slightly blushed this seen by Omkara. 

Omkara see Malika message they left for Sarna Mansion only.. 

Together Mahi and Omkara or Rohan and Priyanka reached they went inside. 

Tej and Manohar too come back. Prithviraj and Hansh or Bebe, Lata sifting together busy in their elderly talks. Tej see Priyanka. 

Tej: where were you are haa??

Priyanka: pa she rushed toward him and hugged tej tightly. All get confused and surprised as well. 

Tej:what happened to my pinku.. 

Priyanka: pa Priyanka hold tej hands. Aayat come there and sit on tej lap. 

Tej: Kya hua. 

Priyanka: you know what happened today with me she narrate all things to tej. All get shocked and look at Rohan. 

If he wouldn’t have come today than. 

Rudra: Than toh miss Priyanka tej Sarna will fuss than me and bhaiya 😝😝. 

Aayat: still I’m here my pa doll. 

Priyanka:see pa Rudra bhaiya is so rude with me. Rudra come and sit beside tej and pulled Priyanka hairs. 

Tej: thanks Rohan. 

Rohan: it’s okay. 

Rt: good we all again meet.. 

Manohar: haa here at least we can meet with you all. 

Usha: haa at London this both brothers busy in work.Kabir come with baby toys. 

Malika: finally my baby come all look at Malika and Kabir started teasing them. Omkara and Mahi sits. 

Anjali: baby🤪🤪😛.

Kabir:see I bring toys for our baby.. 

Twinkle:it’s so cute bhai aww she takes the toys and cuddles them. I love this toys lot all look at twinkle. 

Bebe: now yours days went twinkle puttar..😝😝. 

Anita:haa twinkle puttar ab toh tumhara bacho Ka time hai.twinkle get shy. 

Anjali: haa bua even bua dadi too saying this 😝😝. Ahem. 

Twinkle: I’ll come. 

Leela:Arey why you get shy it’s normal twinkle puttar. 

Rudra: why you all behind my bhabhi haa see first this Anjali di and G and bhaiya have me and Aayat we are his babies. 

Aayat: haa😝😝. 

Kabir:acha big babies we want their babies 😝😝. By the way where is our Kunj Sarna and Rahul Malhotra two besties.. 

Rohan: they have some work.. 

Maya: this two always two together like Fevicol 😝😝. God knows how they sleep 😜😜. 

Rudra:di and bhabhi knows.All laughs out at them fully. 

Surjit: Anita where is your son??

Anita:Arey he went with Rishi na.. 

Avni: haa they both went to see match na.. all look at Avni how she knows?? 

Malika: hayee our Avni knows everything about mr Luthra.. 😝😝. She blushed. 

Twinkle: Chal let’s play a games na. 

Priyanka:haa they all sits in group and playing games.. having fun.. 

Rahul and Kunj reaches to site they come out of the car and went inside. All workers doing their work. Engineers come and show Kunj all work. 

Kunj:Shazam it’s not correct??

Shazam:don’t worry sir still finishing is left.. 

Rahul: but I didn’t like the way you doing work.. 

Kunj:same you know tej sir.. 😛. 

Shazam:haa. You both sit I’ll bring something for you.Shazam went.. while Kunj and Rahul running here and there they both checking all work they get tired so much both drenched in sweat. 

Rahul sit on staircase. 

Rahul: Kunj I’m done yAar. 

Kunj:acha you sit I’ll bring water for you. 

Kunj went in side he bring water for him. 

He give him water and hold side pillar. And breathing heavily.. 

Rahul: kunjj ab Kya Kare I didn’t think so here work process is going correctly. 

Kunj:true let’s go and find the old data. Both get up and went in office and sits and started checking all old data. 

Rahul:I didn’t understand one thing.

Kunj why chote papa give project to this darsh father both father and son is same.

Kunj:chod Rahul yaar you know na his father is Choti Maa cousin brothers that’s why I bear him otherwise toh you know I’ll break his mouth.Soon they both get some details. Rahul bring sandwiches for them Kunj didn’t feels like to have anything.They leave the site and see again their car stuck. They see the time weather wasn’t too good. Leave this car Rahul let’s find something else have to submit reports as well. 

Rahul: haa Kunj but at least you sit na look at yourself why you sweating this much haa. 

Kunj:aise hi Chal they both running on roads they get bus they never sit in bus and all’s.They went inside and didn’t get any seats whole bus was fulled with passengers.they both stand and Kunj get frustrated due to this all. Kya driver hai god knows seemed like koi bail Gadi chal raha hai.. 

Rahul:it’s so funny na great Kunj Sarna grand son of Prithviraj sarna sitting in bus hehe.. 

Kunj:so what. Don’t eat my head now. 

Rahul:acha kamine show your real face twinkle is right you are sadu sarna. After long hours Kunj and Rahul reaches they leave the bus and. You go office and I’ll go home what’s say.. 

Kunj: haa I have to make reports.

Rahul: should I come. 

Kunj: na I can manage you tired lot.

Rahul: even you too. Okay bye bro.They left. 

Rahul reached Sarna Mansion he run side tej pa was there only even Rahul too. Rahul finding tej??

Rahul:where is hitler..he looking here and there. Daria Mirza was standing. 

Rahul went towards everyone sir breathing so heavily.Yuvi come as well. 

Tej:what happened why you breathing so heavily. Anjali see Rahul condition. 

Rudra: see di g😛😛😜. 

Rahul:sir all work is done.and me and Kunj see all site process.. 

Tej:acha good. Daria see their work if anything isn’t correct don’t think once throw it. 

Daria:sure sir.. 

Rahul:sir firstly see na.Tej take the file and see the work. 

Daria:sir I’ll see na. She take the file.. 

Tej: where is Kunj??

Rahul: he went office he had some work. 

Tej: acha I have something for you.. 

Rahul: sir please. 

Manohar: daria give him. Rahul Make faces he sits in side daria bring file and give to Rahul. 

Rahul:thanks miss Mirza. Anjali yaar bring my laptop na. 

Anjali:why I’ll haa. 

Rahul:Kunj is absolutely right you wife’s just eat husband heads. 

Anjali:acha huhu she throw cushion at him.Rahul get up and bring his laptop and come and sit and going his work. While twinkle was thinking about Kunj where he is.yuvi see Avni and giving her smile.. 

At office Kunj finished his all work he started feeling uneasy..


he hold his head.he check the time.Chal Kunj beta.he take the file and left for Sarna Mansion.With lots of difficulties he drive the car.He parked his car and went inside with heavy steps.Kunj went towards tej.All messy hairs loose tie face colour fully dull.  Sir???

Tej: Arey Kunj hogya. Twinkle see Kunj and make faces but feels so bad to see him.Tej checking the file.But I told you know I want each and everything.. 

Kunj:haa sir I give na see he shows him. 

Kunj blinking his eyes fully.. 

Tej:Kunj are you okay where.

Kunj:wait let me see na.He take the file and started checking his Hands shivers fully. See here he show tej. 

Tej:hmm fine I’ll see later.Kya condition bana ke rakhi hai haa. Kunj bow down his head.He give him file and went near Rahul..Rudra come and give him backhugged. 

Rudra:bhaiya mere.. 

Kunj:Rudra please don’t irritate me.. Aayat and Priyanka or Rudra start their cat fight which increase Kunj anger.You guys can’t sit quietly haaa.. 

Omkara: Arey Kunj why you shouting at us haa. 

Rahul:I’m done man.. 

They all sitting and chitchat with each other’s.Everything roaming here and there in Kunj head. 

Kunj:mummy.now Kunj can’t handle anymore.He hold side table and about to falls down. All see him and get shocked. 

Tej: kunjjjj😱😱. Tej and Avantika rushed towards him held Kunj hand. 

Twinkle:kunjjj..Avantika take Kunj head on her lap. Kunj blinking his eyes. 

Tej: kunjjj Kya hua.. 

Avantika: kunjjjj. She patting on his cheeks. Kunj fully drenched in sweat. He hold tej hand tightly. 

Kunj:pa….pa.. medicine… 

Tej:medicine.. kunjjj don’t closed your eyes look at me.. tej make him stand while he don’t have energy.He get unconscious in tej and Avantika hands. 


Tej:Omkara call doctor please.. 

Avantika: tej mera kunjjj..

Twinkle: I’ll bring chocolate for him.. she went in kitchen and bring chocolate for kunj. Mummy ji.. Avantika take and put in Kunj mouth. 

Tej:stop.Twinkle didn’t understand anything.They take Kunj inside the room. 

Tej and Avantika hold his hands. Kunjj open your eyes. 

Kunj:pa…pa😓😓😓. Avantika wiped his sweat. 

Twinkle: what happened to Kunj haa tears started coming from her eyes. 

Avni: don’t worry. Soon doctor come. They all standing in side in tension. 

Kunj lips shivering fully tej see this and get shocked. 

Dr:I’ll check him please. Tej about to go but Kunj didn’t let him go..

Kunj: p….a…: 

Dr:sit I’ll examine him.. dr started checking Kunj see his condition he too get shocked.I have to give him injection. 

Tears escaping from Kunj eyes.While twinkle hold her hands she never see Kunj like this. Dr give injection to Kunj check his bp and sugar level.. 

Prithviraj: kya hua?

Dr: hmm mr sarna how can someone this much careless haa.. 

Tej: means??

Dr:his sugar level not upto.haa I damn sure Kunj didn’t taking his diabetic medicine from long time that’s why this happened. And I have to give him insulin instead of medicine. 

Avantika: but it’s not good for.. 

Dr:I know what to do he itself bring this situation I mean I warned him last time too if he does this than I have to give him insulin.. Kunj just blinking his eyes. 

Tej:hmm doctor. 

Dr:I’ll come tomorrow again till Than please take care of him. 

Omkara: come with me.. dr and Omkara went downstairs while tej was in anger. Kunj clutched the bedsheet. 

Tej: what is this. 

Avantika: tej please not now.. 

Usha:let him rest.. Kunj leave Avantika hands and he doze off due to injection. 

They all went downstairs. Avantika was scared of tej while each and everyone was in tension. 

Tej: I need a answer Avantika.did you listen what dr said haa he didn’t take his medicines haa.Now see his condition 

He sits down. 

Omkara: bade papa don’t worry Kunj will be fine. 

Tej:keshe om see him. Tej get up and went near Avantika. It’s your responsibility na to take care of his medicines haa. Keshe hua yeh… 

Avantika:tej I really don’t know about this..

Tej:if something happened to my son I’ll not leave none of them. 

Avantika:Kya bol rahe ho tej.. 

Tej: numbers of times I told you kuch bhi mat karna bas Kunj Ke medicine ka dayan rakhan bas. Yeh bhi hota hai. Tears escaping Avantika eyes Rudra and Priyanka cuddles Lata. 

Prithviraj: bas tej ab we all worried about Kunj. 

Rahul: since morning he wasn’t well now I understand why he sweating so much. 

Lata: haa tej you give him so much work. Mera pota.. twinkle went inside and crying Lot. 

Twinkle:Babaji please mere Kunj ko theek kardo na I didn’t understand him why he behaving like this.

Tej:aap sab log na.never understand me.Tej went from there Usha and Leela consoles Avantika.. 

Usha:Avantika don’t worry you know na bhai Saab love Kunj so much. 

Avantika:hmm.Keshe hogya yeh.. 

Tej went in twinkle and Kunj room and he standing in side and watching Kunj who sleeping while drip injected in his hands. He went near him and take his hands in his hands kissed on Kunj forehead. 

Tej:mera beta😔😔. He rest his head near Kunj.. 

Anjali: twinkle don’t cry.. 

Rahul: haa twinkle Kunj ke saath aisa hota hai when he didn’t care about himself.. 

Omkara: haa twinkle his sugar increase haa.. 

Twinkle:it’s my mistakes I have to see him na om he didn’t take his medicines.. it’s my fault 🥺🥺🥺. When I see him today it’s hurt me lot.kam kam bas let him get fine once I’ll not leave him. 

Anjali:haa yeh hui na Baath.. 

After sometimes later everyone sits for dinner while tej was just playing with food. 

Rt: tej have you dinner if you not eat.. 

Anita:haa bhai Saab.. just than Kunj wake up and he screamed so badly. His voice coming till down as soon as they heard Kunj voice. Tej and Avantika run upstairs. They see Kunj breathing so heavily. 

Tej:kunjjjj. Kunj cuddles tej tightly.. 

Avantika: kunjjj don’t do… 

Kunj: don’t leave me.. 

Tej: haa we aren’t going anywhere.. look at pa.. Avantika go bring something for my son.. 

Avantika: haa.: twinkle entered in room which juice.. 

Twinkle:mummy ji.. juice. 

Tej:haa give me.. tej take juice glass. 

Kunj: no.

Tej:just little.. tej made him drink juice slightly. He drink slightly but throw back. All over on tej. 


Tej:let him.. 

Kunj: I can’t.. now pa.. rest his head on tej shoulder. Breathing heavily.. 

Twinkle: mummy ji kunjj..

Avantika: haa me Aati hu.. 

Kunj: don’t… 

Tej:leave everything. 

Avantika: you come na twinkle beta. 

Twinkle: nahi mummy ji you both stay with him..( in heart let them stay together see papa ji is so worried about Kunj) she went out of the room..tej changed Kunj clothes he too get freshen up. Still Kunj body didn’t support him.. 

Kunj: pa don’t go.. you know na I’m scared. Tej caress his hairs. 

Tej: haa I’m not going anywhere. 

Avantika: Me aur pa yehi hai.. should I call twinkle haa. 

Kunj: hmm nahi I’m…ok… rest his head on tej lap.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

{tej and Kunj moments together)next,, 

freezes here only.. 

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i know not good but I was busy so.. I just come because of Anusha di..happy birthday 🎁. May Allah gives you all happiness and fulfilled your all dreams.. ❤❤❤❤🍾🍾🍾. Enjoy your day.. so leave my boring episode guys this time next Me I’ll promise you entertained you all Lot.. leave errors.. Bye love you all again happy birthday 🥳. Allahfiz..

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