RAB SE SONA ISHQ:TWINJ:Episode :53 Written Episode



A beautiful morning first scenario comes 

A room come fully messy everywhere candles and rose petals and all’s.Then slightly a view went towards bed a beautiful couple sleeping in each other embrace.Our Kunj and twinkle he holding her from her waist fully while Kunj back facing to ceiling duvet covering him till his lower back. 

His face nuzzles under twinkle neck fully she covered herself with a transparent white silk sheet with her off shoulders. Her messy hairs coming on Kunj.Kunj holding her one hand linked their fingers tightly 😛😛.both were in sleep slumber. 

Sunlight falling on them directly the view was really beautiful.Due to phone notifications sound twinkle sleep slightly get disturbed.She take yawn feels slightly heavy because of Kunj who sleeping on her.She slightly open her eyes and moving her eyesight here and there due to canopy didn’t see room. Her eyes moved and see Kunj who sleeping beside her almost on her. 

She see him and recalled last night beautiful moments she blushed and see Kunj who peacefully sleeping. 

Twinkle:Kunj.Aha she feels sorely.Last night was really beautiful.Finally we become one.Let’s go twinkle you have to warped this all mess.she can’t moved due to Kunj.Kunjjj leave me na.She caressing her name hairs Baba kunjj you sleep but let me go.Kunj sleep get disturbed he moves and rubbed his face on twinkle neck. 

Kunj:hmmm let me sleep. 

Twinkle:haa but let me go uto na you are so heavy.Kunj raise his face but his eyes were still closed.He open his eyes and look at twinkle who beneath him. 

He see her and remember their last night encounter.He smiled and see her face she looks down Kunj take yawn. 

Kunj:good morning.. 

Twinkle:good morning. Kunj Tucked her hairs behind her ears and caress twinkle face. 

Kunj:I can’t believe it twinkle she get shocked to listen this and look at him. 


Kunj:last night was really beautiful twinkle she blushed after listen this. Kunj kissed on her forehead and hold her hand.Thanks for last night twinkle. you have given yourself to a boy whom you trust more than yourself and i am that boy for you, even if i die, i will be around you as ghost.. 

Twinkle:Kunj please don’t talk about death. 

Kunj:said it just like that, our love is so pure that even death will love our love. Both chuckled. 

Twinkle:offo Kunj last night was special for me too. you changed my life, our relation started on a weird note but you made me learn how to love, you made me love you, you are so nice, so pure hearted that i have got all happiness by getting you, i see God in you Kunj and i will not take much time in getting ready now. 

Kunj: really 😝😝.

twinkle:yes Kunj our family take best decision ever for us I mean I never thought about us. 

Kunj:true even I too we are like this he look at her😝😝.even you taught me what is love twinkle I’ll give you all happiness of this world really you are my life.He rubbed his finger on her lips. Look at yourself you glowing so much😝.  

Twinkle:acha.I’m tired Kunj very much. 

Kunj:hmm I can understand your problem.Are you fine na I mean. 

Twinkle:hmm just little bit sore. 

Kunj: sorry I hurt.. she cupped his face.

Twinkle:nope you didn’t hurt me at all you only said it’s natural 😛.finally we become one Kunj. 

Kunj:yeah twinkle. Finally humare fight night woh bhi ashli wali winked at her both gives blushing smile twinkle covers her face with palms 😛. Kunj removed her hands.Kya twinkle you blushing so much now making me more crazy. I’m thinking twinkle let’s 😛one more around. 

Twinkle:no don’t dare to think of it kunj. I don’t have time you sleep let me go. She push him try to get up but due to blanket she backoff Kunj smirked at look at her. He nuzzles his face in her neck. Leaveeee

Kunj:last 5 minutes twinkle please. 

Twinkle:no means noo.let me go.Try to kiss her while she pushing him. Leave me she try to cover herself more. 

Kunj:why you getting so shy haa and covering yourself haa I have seen everything last night now nothing is left😝😛.Twinkle started hitting him playfully.

Twinkle:shameless 😝😝.. 


Twinkle:please let me go. 

Kunj:no baby.he cuddles her tightly kissing on her neck passionately twinkle didn’t said anything let him do.While kissing Kunj falls in sleep. When twinkle didn’t feel anything. 

Twinkle: good he sleep nahi toh we’ll not leave me.She slightly come out of his embrace and composed herself and sit and see Kunj pagal. She kissed on his lips and get up feels weak she went in washroom.Twinkle entered in washroom taking bath last night memories flashing in front his eyes she smiling anything and see love bite marks give by Kunj.I really love him. 

She get freshen up and went out of the washroom take out beautiful saree for herself.She wear and went towards dressing table she look at herself smile glowness comes on herself.She getting ready beautifully all set she get up and look at her room condition her and Kunj clothes scattered everywhere she chuckles to see this than look at Kunj who busy in his sleep.

Twinkle:see this shameless sarna aha this room before anyone see I have to clean this all things.She started clean room within no time she cleaned whole room and than take deep breath I have to go now dadi and dadu must be wakes up.she open the door and closed fully and went downstairs she come in living room.She see no one was at living room.Thanks no one of is here.She went in kitchen and started preparing for breakfast. Meantime Usha and Avantika entered in kitchen see twinkle who fully busy in work.They smiled to see her she always come first never failed to amazed them. 

Usha:good morning. 

Twinkle: good morning. Avantika see things.

Avantika:anything is special today so many things in breakfast haa. 

Twinkle:nope just mood hua so I thought let’s make it even Rudra and Aayat demanding na.  

Usha:so sweet of you beta.Today you glowing so much.ahem ahem 😛.Twinkle blushed she try to controls. 

Twinkle:nothing Choti Maa.I’ll give tea to dadu and dadi she take tea tray and escape from there while Usha and Avantika giggles.Twinkle served tea to them.After sometime later everyone wake up for breakfast.They come downstairs.

Rudra:where is bhaiya he didn’t wake up till now. 

Omkara:haa nowadays he sleeping so much😝. 

Twinkle:I’ll see him.She went in her room she entered in room see he still sleeping she hold her head.Kunjj she went towards her.And sit beside him.Kunj wake up everyone is wake up waiting for breakfast get up.She patting on his back.After so much he open his eyes. 

Kunj:Kya hai.

Twinkle:nothing wake up fast.Kunj turned and rubbed his eyes. 

Kunj:uff siyappa queen. He about to throw blanket twinkle closed her eyes. Kunj see her and smirked.Oye open your eyes she open and see him. 


Kunj:what did you think haa dirty head. 

Twinkle:whatever sadu. 

Kunj:yup I’m too Smart.

Twinkle:go fast and get up.I’m going down okay.She didn’t wait and

immediately went downstairs. While Kunj ruffles his hairs and stretch his arms. 

Kunj:uff still sleepy Babaji best night ever this girl na.He went in washroom and soon he get freshen up and get ready quickly while twinkle arrange breakfast on table she started serving everyone just than Kunj come down he take his seat beside Rahul.Twinkle served him too and take her seat beside Anjali. 

Rahul:he look at Kunj face. Good morning. 

Kunj:hmm good morning. 

Tej:how’s your health now. Kunj look at tej nodded his head. 

Kunj:fine.Rahul giggles itself. 

Rahul:acha bhai today you shining so much and sleeping till so late why??

Kunj:aise hi let me have my breakfast please. 

Rahul:acha I don’t think so.anjali gestured Avni to see twinkle who looking so beautiful Kunj magic shinning her like anything.Lata, Prithviraj,Tej and Manohar had Their breakfast and went to living room.

Anjali: twinkle where you both went so suddenly after dinner we all searching you. Twinkle look at Kunj he too. 

Twinkle: woh di. Actually Pooja ke baad heavy kha liya tha na upar se fast bhi ta I get tired.. 

Rahul:even Kunj too went.. 😛

Omkara: haa I was calling you too.

Kunj:I even too not feel good there so I thought let’s go with twinkle only.What if She needs something. 

Rahul: acha 😝😝. Haan saale sab samajta hai hu mein.Twinkle ko kaun si help ki zarurat thi or tujhe Kya chahiye tha. 😝😝. Kunj look at him give him look all heard and giggles Anjali take a bite or apple piece.

Anjali:by the way twinkle today you are looking more beautiful kuch new try kiya hai Kya.like newly bride look come after😛.Twinkle don’t have any words she drenched in shyness. 

Rahul:haa kiya na Kunj ke pyaar Ka make up jo kiya hai aaj usne😛😝.Kunj and twinkle chocked and coughs out. 

Omkara:Arey Kunj and twinkle are you okay. 

Anjali:Arey aaram se Rahul and Anjali pass glass of water to them. 

Rudra:I didn’t understand what you talking about haa.

Rahul:Rudra you a baby leave it it’s elders talk 😝😝😝.haina Kunj.he pass him death glares. 

Usha:Bas karo stop teasing my Kunj and twinkle. 

Anjali:offo Maa What we didn’t wrong it’s true na Avantika and Usha get up and went while all laughs at twinkle and Kunj.Twinkle get shy she looking down. 

Avni:aww see how twinkle blushing seems like kal hi Shadi hui hai😝. 

Rahul:see Kunj my sister is so smart. 😂.

Anjali:haa even our Kunj not looking less tell us about magic behind your beauty 😝😝.Anjali gesturing Kunj in a naughty way. 

Kunj:shit di aap bhi na.Twinkle can’t take it anymore. 

Twinkle:I’m coming she get up and went in kitchen. 

Rudra:😳still confused bhaiya you did something.??

Rahul: I’ll tell you. 

Kunj:just shut up.Rudra don’t listen them 

Dirty people. 

Rahul:haa tu toh bada doodh ka dula hai. 😝😝😜. 

Kunj:Chal abey..stop teasing me and my wife.You all just thinking nonsense. 

Omkara: we didn’t said anything you itself looking differnt😝😝. 

Kunj: tum bhi om yaar at least you don’t. 

Rudra:I’m free today. Let’s watch match uff he get up and went. 

Rahul:see this lady killer is so dumb😝. 

Kunj:my innocent brother not like you husband and wife😛😛.They all get up and went in living room.Twinkle blushing while doing her work. They all sitting today they all at home. 

Avantika:Anita has invite us for dinner at her place.

Kunj:why so suddenly bua.. 

Tej:you leave about this all are you take your medicine haa Kunj look at him than remember he didn’t take.. blinked his eyes. 

Manohar:bhaiya Kunj isn’t small now anymore he was married now.Kunj get call he went inside. 

Tej:so what for me he is small always.I had just his tension always.Last night make me so worried about him. 

Anjali:aww bade papa you love Kunj so much.They all chit chatting with each other’s.Anjali went in the kitchen to tell her don’t make anything for lunch Anita called them at her place only everyone they all have dinner and lunch together. 

She went stand near her.Twinkle don’t make anything okay. 

Twinkle: why ?? She tell her. Arey but. 

Anjali:Leave lets enjoy today.Just than Anjali eyes went on twinkle neck she see love bite marks 😝😛.She look at her twinkle see expression understand and covered neck with duppta.. Kya hua. 

Twinkle:kuch nahi di.. 

Anjali:I think you are very much happy hmm. 

Twinkle:haa di. 

Anjali:good I can see after see your face stay like this only.I’m so happy for you and Kunj.She give twinkle side hug.aur hows my brother is😝😝.Twinkle get shocked. Anjali laughing like anything 

Twinkle:Kya di aap na Kuch bhi bolte ho.

Anjali:Arey it’s normal I’m your nanad cam friend. 😛you can share with me. Twinkle turned reddish.Usha and Avantika come there and see them get confused. 

Avantika: Kya hua girls. They see them and get shocked.

Twinkle:kuch nahi mummy ji. 

Anjali:haa I’m just kidding with my bhabhi 😝😝.. 

Avantika:go and get ready we’ll leave after sometime.

Twinkle: yeah sure.. 

At afternoon@

At twinj room twinkle folding their

clothes Kunj entered in room.He see twinkle and closed the door slightly. 

He backhugged her she get scared than understand. Kunj lock his hands around her waist.Rest his chin on her shoulder and smells her.

Kunj:hmm you smelling great.She blushed. 

Twinkle:chodo mujhe. 

Kunj:kyu chodu.. he lift her from waist only and both falls down on bed. 

Twinkle:ahah kunjj.He rest his elbow on bed rest his head on his palm and look at twinkle. 

Twinkle:what is this haa. He pulled her closer to himself. Kya hai tumhe haa. 

Kunj:bhut kuch hai mujhe.Caress her hairs acha looking beautiful today everyone is damn right i mean totally different she look at down.

Twinkle: acha she feeling shy to look at him. 

Kunj:Arey why you getting shy.He held her chin and made her look at him. Everyone giving you compliments because of me only na twinkle come upon her.Her hand resting on his chest. 

See your glow..😝😝😜. 

twinkle: shut up don’t tease me I’m looking like always. 

Kunj: acha than must be apply your paint. 😝😝. 

Twinkle: not at all I didn’t why you all thinking. 

Kunj:Arey twinkle it’s because of my love magic. 😍😍.Winked at her she blushed so badly.Aww twinkle blushed this much in front of me haa.Why you getting why. 

Take her hands in his hands and kissed on her hands she shivered. 

Twinkle:now you are happy mr Kunj Sarna haa. I fulfilled your wishes.

Kunj: haa very much. You are most amazing thing happened in my life my love is increasing more day by day for you she blushed. Don’t blushed this much baby I’ll loose my control again😛.

Now you getting shy last night you were toh so wild haa. 

Twinkle:what I’m wild you are wild sadu sarna didn’t let me sleep whole night. 

Kunj:haa so what sleeping beauty if one night you didn’t sleep than nothing will happened.. even feeling like eat you meri blushing queen.

Twinkle: Kya Kunj tum bhi daily new new name dete ho mujhe. 

Kunj:what to do twinkle. Last night you give me everything how you did that all things. 

Twinkle:she remember and laughs I already done everything for you. 

Kunj:for me or yeh for us😝😝.she give him slap playfully. 

Twinkle:Hatt naughty head.Kunj kissed on her forehead very bad you are.Kunj playing with her bangles. 

Kunj: acha what says again winked at him. 

Twinkle: you becoming very naughty day by day.Don’t fly too much look at me. 

Kunj:hmm 😛😛.. twinkle remember something. 

Twinkle:acha tell me one thing you told 

Me that thing last night both look at each other’s and remember.

Kunj:haa so what I said everything right. 

Twinkle: haa you were right she locked her hands around his neck. I mean baby how you know before only I don’t know about this things for because I never had before last night how you know 😛. Kunj raise his eyes brows and give her smirked look. 

Kunj: haa I know because I’m smart. 

Twinkle:what smart tell me how you know. 

Kunj:Arey it just knowledges.

Twinkle:acha knowledge what kind of knowledge you have.  

Kunj: bas hai. 

Twinkle:don’t act smart with me kunj I’m girl I don’t know but you know tell me. 

Kunj: he think something Than thought to teased her woh someone tell me her experience that’s why. Twinkle eyes pop out. 

Twinkle:kaun hai woh dayaan🤬🤬. I’ll kills you sadu Sarna. 

Kunj:Arey babes meri jealous queen I’m just kidding twinkle.He went near her eyes and said something in mute😛😛. Woh na I’m caring husband na have to think about my wifey. 😝😝. 

Twinkle:sadu sarna.Kunj pulled her cheeks.

Kunj:Chal Leave this all things truly you looking beautiful 😛😛. Why you do this with me haa. 

Twinkle: what I have done haa. 

Kunj: always making me go crazy for yourself twinkle ji. 

Twinkle:control karo na Kunj ji aap ki biwi ab itni hot jo hai😝😝.Both laughs out.Kunj kissed on her cheeks and bite her cheeks. Ouchh Kunj..

Kunj: Ouchh kunjj What bachi.

Twinkle: me bachi Than leave me bachi huna yeh sab nahi karte😛😛😝. 

Kunj:na my bachi is allowable for this 😝.. linked their fingers rest their hands on bed .

Twinkle:everyone is so bad teasing us like anything.This happened because of you. 

Kunj:what I have done now??ab I don’t know na my love magic work out on you like this. Did you remember our first night I mean. 

Twinkle: haa so awkward 😛😛😝.

Kunj:specially your Than baby clothes😝.Twinkle hit on his back.He look at her juicy lips. Twinkle covers his lips with her hands .

Twinkle: not.. 

Kunj:what not now don’t do this drama we done more than this last night.He removed her hand and sealed her lips with his and started kissing her passionately Kunj bite her lips while twinkle too give him back she try to free her hands but Kunj didn’t leaves her hands.Both lost in their kiss fully.Kunj didn’t leave single corner of her lips nibbles her lips like anything he bite her lower lips.She moaning his name.

Twinkle:aha kunjjj.they kissing and playing with each other’s lips after lack of oxygen they break the kiss both look at each other’s breathing heavily like anything.Kunj see her lower lip which he bite.She side her face he nuzzles his face in her neck and kissing her love bites there too.And kissing her fully making her neck wet. 

Kunj: I can’t control now. 

Twinkle: now not we have to go Anita bua house na. Not this time. 

Kunj: than when.

Twinkle: still you didn’t satisfied haa last night only we had done. 

Kunj:haa why I’ll satisfied never ever get it just wants you more and more. Cuddles her fully pecking on her lips. 

Twinkle:bas karo stop your romance leave me.Messed up my makeup I have to do again. Just than Priyanka knock at door. 

Priyanka: bhaiya and bhabhi please come down we all going.They both look at each other’s. Kunj make faces .

Kunj:haa pinku coming.. twinkle push him. 

Twinkle:let me get ready. She went near wardrobe finding dress for herself Kunj went near her. 

Kunj: I’ll help you.He started finding hmm this isn’t good than he find a saree for her he take out and put on twinkle see her.This is perfect suits on your Wear this they all teasing you now show them my wife is the best😛. 

Twinkle: saree acha ji I’m already looking perfect.

Kunj: haa but wear this I want to see you in this, 

Twinkle: Kunj saree it’s been so difficult to hide this all marks. 

Kunj: what marks show me she show him her neck which fully red covers with love bites. 😛. So what you do your paint 😝😝😝. But wear this only. 

Twinkle:huhu okay I’ll wear if anyone will teased me na I’ll not leaves you. 

Kunj:okay whatever.She take saree and went in washroom and get freshen up quickly and come out went towards dressing table and Kunj come and see who is shirtless he went near her. Whistling 😗 wow hot. 

Twinkle:hmm she started getting ready then see her shoulder and murmured. Wild sarna. Kunj heard this. 

Kunj: what did you said wild sarna what about you. See my back what you have done just gives me nails marks you wild cat.He turned and show her his back fully drenched with nails marks.. twinkle chucked and bite her tongue. Kunj see her ab Bol who is more wild. 

Twinkle: this also happened because of you. 

Kunj: haa everything just happened because of me only tu toh badi innocent shi hai. 

Twinkle:haa you were only behind me meri wish puri kar de despo sarna. 

Kunj:hehe very funny last night you were more despo than me dong act smart with me 😝😝. Even you enjoying too. 

Twinkle:stop speaking Nonsense totally. Let me get ready she get busy in her make soon she get ready even Kunj as well. Chale??

Kunj:sure they went for downstairs while everyone is just waiting for them. 

Rahul:where is this both man. 

Rudra:haa bhaiya always on time now see him always late huhu. Just than they come down all look at them.

Lata: finally my Kunj and twinkle come. 

They went towards all. 

Omkara: you take enough time Kunj. 

Kunj: haa twinkle takes not me. 

Twinkle:haww when you take. 

Kunj: what me you only takes all time in your paint.😝. All look at them. 

Avni:guys we are here only always fight like Tom and Jerry. 

Rudra: haa bhaiya and bhabhi room me they must be fight only Rudra and Omkara laughs out. 

Rahul:fight but different 😝😝fight. They all look at Rahul while Kunj get embarrassed.

Kunj:I’ll bring out my car he went from there.All laughs out girls tease twinkle they all went outside elders it’s in their one car while siblings in another car Kunj was on driving seat while Omkara beside him Rahul sit beside Anjali and twinkle next to Anjali.Kunj starts the car. 

Kunj set mirror on twinkle. 

Rahul:Kunj mirror baad me set karlena samja please humhe safely Luthra Manohar pochan dena 😛😛. 

Kunj:kam Bol you can go in another car samja.

Anjali:bas bas lets go everyone must be waiting for us.Kunj starts the car.They all left for Luthra Manohar While Taneja’s too.Yuvi was so excited Avni coming at her home for the very first time.He checking everything numbers of time which make maya and Dev confused. He finding clothes for himself he mess up all his room Dev come there and see yuvi. 

Dev:Arey my dear one and only saale why you doing this.

Yuvi:Arey jiju help me which I should wear see this T-shirt. 

Dev:you can wear anyone yuvi why you behaving like your Gf is coming 😝😝. 

Yuvi:not in sense woh aarahi hai meri dil ruba.

Dev:what yuvi. ?

Yuvi:nothing jiju tell me. 

Dev:this one is perfect go and get ready sarna’s will come at anytime.Yuvi takes his clothes and get ready quickly while thinking about Avni.Taneja’s was on the way. Mahi was busy in her dream world. Thinking about Omkara. 

Mahi:in heart I’m going to see Omkara ji again why I feels so good.Soon they reached Taneja’s was first they come out of the car and went inside. 

Kunj looking at twinkle while driving in between.Rahul and Anjali busy in their romance while twinkle admiring Kunj who looking so hot while doing driving. Both share a eyelock and smiled Kunj didn’t see speed breaker he was busy in twinkle due to this car bounce all shocked.

Rahul: Arey kunjj bhai maarna hai Kya Anjali see him 😭😭.. 

Kunj:shut up I didn’t see speed breaker.

Here is so difficult to drive man. 

Rahul:it’s your mistake I know where you eyes stuck babes. 

Kunj:babes really you see yourself shameless.All laughing at them they soon reached like this.They all come out of the car while Kunj went to park his car all went insides.Taneja’s already sitting yuvi standing and just waiting for Avni 😝😝. Like owl.. Anita and Surjit see them and went towards and welcomed them. 

Anita: finally you all come.. they went ahead and settled down Anita looking for Kunj.Arey this Kunj didn’t come this boy na kesha nephew hai yeh just he went to his in laws house all giggles😛.

Leela: Arey Anita he didn’t come there too.Just than Kunj entered inside. 

Anita: Kunj he is here. He went towards them.

Kunj:what happened why you looking at me like this bua…??

Usha:your bua thought her nephew didn’t come he toh just went to his in laws house.. 

Anjali:he toh don’t went hai na Kunj only this time to take back his biwi back😝. Kunj make faces and went and sit in side. Mahi and Omkara look at them while yuvi and Avni saying hi hello to each other through their eyes.Rahul and Kunj sits in side. 

They both taking so slow only they can understands.Siblings were sitting in side & chitchatting with each other.

Anjali and twinkle were sitting beside others and Onkar and Mahi were sitting opposite each other’s and Mahi was talking to Priyanka in between om was admiring her. And Mahi was also in between her conversation glancing at Omkara both were smiling when their eyes were meeting.Rohan come yuvi calls him too.He went toward his buddies and sit beside Rahul while Aayat sitting on Kunj lap busy in her iPad elders sitting in side. 

Rahul:abey Rohan didn’t you see our Kunj babu.. Rohan checking out Kunj. 

Rohan:why you telling this??

Rahul:see na something new. 

Rohan:hmmm yeah he looking more handsome😛😛. Haa arey yaar. Lagata hai humare virgin Kunj Sarna is seemed like no more virgin😝😝Rahul and Rohan hifi and laughing so loudly. 

Rahul:uff aankh hai yeh Scanner 😝😝. Kamine all others look at them Kunj holding his head. See Kunj who didn’t understand chapter in one go but read your face 😝😝😝. 

Rohan:congratulations yaar.. 

Kunj:don’t want. 

Rahul:haa ab tu humhara kahi lega😝. 

Kunj: stop you both shameless why you making fun of me I’m not one who did get it. 

Rohan:haa but unexpected from you na😝.. 

Rahul:Leave I toh understand that time only when you fhuar from mandir last time. And your honeymoon suite.

Kunj: NAAM mat le at last Moment pe they calling me and tell me booking is cancel. 

Rohan: f**k than .

Rahul: than he f**k nothing else😝😝.  Kunj hit on his arms.Ouchh.. I’m happy for you idiot you understand everything.

Kunj:hmm this wouldn’t happen without my mummy and pa😛😚.. 

Rohan: hmm enjoying lot I think.

Kunj: haa yes I’m any doubts 😝.

Rahul: le Kamine. Than Rahul noticing Mahi and Omkara who busy in their eyes romance.whispers Kunj dekh humhare philosopher ko ankho ankho me hi ashiqui ke maze le raha hai. Kunj and Rohan see Mahi and Omkara. 

Kunj: shut up Rahul tu bhi na kuch bhi bolta hai.Malika take seat between Kunj and Rahul they four of them resting their arms around each other’s shoulders. 

Rahul:nahi yaar see na Teri sali or mere saala keshe trues Ka game Khel rahe hai. 

Rohan: hypnotze😝😝.. 

Malika: even I’m thinking this only Kunj since the day I saw them. Don’t you think so. 

Rahul: abey Malika iss ko iss ki biwi ke alawa koi nahi dikhta hai..😛😛. 

Kunj: very lame so what I’m interested in my wife more than this I notice maybe it just normal. 

Rahul:acha normal lagi bet. 

Kunj:me kyu lagau we all know Omkara. 

They four of them laughing and gossiping with each other’s on Omkara and Mahi Rohan crack a joke which make them laughs out like anything.they rolling on the couch.Each and everyone just look at them and get shocked. 

Lata:what happened this all. 

Maya:uff what they were discussing like this which make them laugh this much. 

Kunj:bas Rahul pa is here only. 

Malika:bas Rohan yaar my baby. 

Kabir:what happened baby look at this bubbies busy just in each other’s. 

Rudra:haa bhaiya See Om. He look at Avantika and correct I mean O.. 😛. 

Anjali: tell us too why you all laughing this much. 

Rahul: nothing Anjali 😝😝.. controlling on themselves. Again they get busy doing ghus phus in each other’s  ears. 

Maya: Anjali see Rahul and Kunj is busy in each other’s like bf and gf they side hugging each other. They whispering each other like they thought no one loathe their talks they are also talking like no one listen their talk. While twinkle and Anjali were laughing because they toh knows about their husbands. Twinkle and Anjali why you married them. They should be married to each other’s they behave like husband and wife 😛only. Anjali and twinkle agree on this. 

Twinkle:our husbands are like this only they spend more time with each other  than us.. imagine if they got married to each other. 

Anjali: haan for toh bedroom me bhi officie  khelo khelo mean office is kam hi hota. Forget about romance. Soumya and Avni they too laugh out on this. Rahul see them they laughing while looking at them only. 

Rahul: Kya baat hai ladies Kya baatein Chal rahi hai. 

Anjali: kuch nahi bas aap dono ki hi baatein Chal Rahi hai. 

Kunj:acha he comes and sit beside twinkle. While Rahul beside anjali.

Rudra: bhaiya and G maya didi was saying ki or bhabhi ko aap dono de Shadi nahi karni chahiye thi.. they heard this and get confused and giving weird looks. 

Rahul/Kunj: kyun.😳.kya burai hai humare Andar.

Rudra:koi burai nahi hai ba hum soch rahe the aapko or g ko Shadi karni chahiye thi both look each other’s 😳. Give what look. 

Rahul: ewww..

Kunj: haa Chii.. no we are good as a burley wese bhi we are normal all were laughing at them Rahul hold Anjali hand while Kunj under her saree palu.. I’m happy with

My wife don’t want this. I don’t need this beshsaram aadmi😛😛. 

Rahul:acha saale.miliyo mujhe office me. 

Twinkle: in his ears should I tell them tumhari besharmi ke bare mein😛.

Kunj: in no voice no baby. Woh toh sirf tere liye hai.. hattt.. 

Rahul:even I’m having my sweet Anjali why do I need this sadu sarna. All giggles.  They all chit chats and laughing Lot. Kunj get irritates. 

They all had their lunch with lots of laughs tej and Avantika get so happy to see Kunj and twinkle. After lunch again they sit and doing their time pass. Avni and yuvi busy in each other while Rohan admiring Priyanka who sitting beside Kunj resting her head on his chest and both brother and sister playing game in phone .

Kunj: Cheater.. 

Priyanka: I didn’t bhaiya. Huhu. 

Kunj: lets see in next level. Again Priyanka do cheating Kunj pulling her hairs slightly. 

Priyanka: ahah.. 

Omkara: you both na.. 

Kunj: she is such a big cheater. 

Kunj: get bored here I’m toh get bored he take yawn.. 🙄.MAya come with ice cream. Before maya give to Kunj. 

Tej:maya beta don’t give. 

Rudra:haa give bhaiya Wali mujhe..🤗. 

While all others went in garden playing games in garden while Kunj and Priyanka or Aayat Rudra didn’t went in sunlight they playing games in phone soon they slept in that position only after sometimes later when everyone Come inside and see them and get surprised. Peacefully sleeping Priyanka and Aayat resting their head on Kunj chest while Rudra and Kunj holding each other’s hands and sleeping. 

Yuvi:uff this sibling is amazing.

Tej:good they sleep if they went in sunlight makes us Trouble Lot. 

Rahul:babies sarna’s😝😝. They sit in side and having tea and snacks. 

Maya:ahem ahem glowing lot what’s the magic behind this 😝😝😛. 

Malika:yeah.She bite her tongue. 

Anjali:who sleeping he is only 😝😝😛. 

Twinkle:diiii.. 🙈🙈. 

Maya:hoo Kunj 😝😝😛.Maya see love bite mark on twinkle neck she started teasing her lot and others too joint them. 

Just than Kunj phone beep his sleep get disturb due to his phone he wake up and take his phone talk.

Kunj:hmm send you just a second. He carefully get up. Rahul.. 

Rahul: hmm.

Kunj: I send you that reports please send me back na.

Rahul: I have to check because I didn’t add. 

Kunj: just check mr Singh wanted..?? Kunj get up and come towards their he take Rahul phone and started finding. See I get he send the reports. 

Rahul: good. 

Surjit:now toh yuvi too working fully. 

Rahul: hoo impressive. Ladki dekhe bhai ke liye ab😝. Kunj having headache she see this she get up and went in kitchen Make his favourite strong coffee for him. 

She come with coffee and give to Kunj. 

Kabir:So caring wife Kunj see Maa before marriage she didn’t do anything 😛😛. 

Twinkle:you always said this bhai huhu. While Rahul and Kunj get busy in their phone doing their office work both enjoy lot. 

Anjali: again this office work. 

Rahul: do what this one is best Kunj. 

Kunj: hmm again let’s check it out na at last Moment don’t want anything. 

Rohan: this hitler takes time to approve yaar. 

Rahul:who knows better than me and Kunj since childhood he never impressed with us kitna hi karo in crying voice 😝. 

Omkara:aww di see😛😛. 

Maya:you both are together always na. 

Kunj:hmm always.. 😎. 

Omkara: they did everything together. 

Kunj: even you too with us but you behind us one class😛😛.

Rahul: itna toh laila majnu heer ranjha romeo juliet ne saath me nahi hoge like us😎😛😂. School ke first day se leke university ke last day and now life to😝.

Twinkle:you didn’t get bored with this sadu isske sahare raho roh diwaro she baate karni padti hai😛😝..all giggles at Kunj elders joint them. 

Usha:Kya hus kaun diwaro se??

Avni:Choti Maa our Kunj.. 😛bhai. 


Tej:kyu kiya hua. They three of them too wake up and come to them Priyanka and Aayat cuddles tej who is still sleepy.. while Rudra too Kunj and Omkara. 

Rudra: where I’m bhaiya 😴. Lets go to Trafalgar Square na I didn’t went there. 

Maya: what is this. 

Kunj: Rudra wake up Trafalgar Square isn’t here. He raise his face and look at Kunj. 

Rudra: where we are wanna go London back 😫😫😫. Pa let’s go na ab toh bhai ki Shadi Hogi.

Anita: aww missing your place. 

Anjali: not bua missing the place but missing his live 😝😝. 

Tej: yeah absolutely right Anjali which he didn’t get it here his nonsense friends groups. 

Rudra:pa they are best you don’t know anything.You toh just love your friends only. 

Tej: acha I know about your friends failures likes you. 

Rudra: I’m not. What about bhaiya?? 

Kunj:what me. 

Manohar: Kunj don’t have much friends.

Rahul: abye crying baby he calling us indirectly😱😱.

Kunj: you understand very late 😏😂😂. 

Rahul: for your kind of information I’m always second huhu.. 😎😏. 

Rohan:haa. Me and Malika kaha. 

Malika:pata nahi😝😝. 

Surjit:and you kunj..

Rohan:yeh bhai saab toh first always 😛full year just wanted to come first.He and his books omg if you finding Kunj than don’t worry just go to library he just there only 😝😝. I never understand didn’t you got bored Kunj.. 

Rahul: jab Bade papa ho tab bore hone Ka toh khayal bhi nahi ta hai dimag me🙁😏. 

Tej:haa toh I’m absolutely right.Kunj get up make a excuses he went in washroom. This Rudra didn’t listen me kunj and Rahul is good. 

Rahul: still you 😝😝. 

Lata: haa tej tu bhi na you Always behind Their studies😛😛. Whole day they passed like this than all ladies prepared dinner and they all sits together having dinner while Rudra lazy hand having from Kunj and Omkara hands while Avni went inside yuvi see her went behind her.Avni feels someone presence she turned and see yuvi. 

Avni:you haa??

Yuvi:haa do you need anything Avni😛.

Avni:nope I just come normally. 

Yuvi:hoo come I’ll show you my house. Avni give him helpless look 

Avni: sure he take her and showing her whole house than take her in his room they entered Avni see room condition and started laughing. Shit yuvi so messy life. 

Yuvi:you come and clean all mess of my life.. 😛.She look at him.Yuvi hold her hand pulled her towards himself she get nervous. 

Avni: yuvi Leave me what are you doing?

Yuvi:I wanna say you something Avni. 

Avni: please if anyone will see us than we are in trouble specially my bhai.She push him. 

Yuvi: what your brother romancing openly and you scared of him😫.

Avni:yes mr Luthra after all he is my brother by nice room.She went from there.Yuvi ruffles his hairs he too went inside now everyone finished their meal and sit. 

Prithviraj:lets go now.

Usha:thanks Anita and Surjit for this make our day.Aayat pulling tej hands lets go na. 

Aayat:pa lets go.

Tej:Arey wait.

Aayat:I want that you promise me. 

Tej:acha at this time Kunjjj. 

Kunj:haa.. In scared way. All giggles.

Maya:why you so scared of Mammu. 

Tej:take her what she want let her. 

Aayat:haa bhaiya. I want two two. 

Kunj:again want injection. 

Aayat:nope this time tell nurse give injection you last time doctor gives so many injection like same to same than ru bro crying 😫😫like this ahaha.they all laughs out Rudra pulled her pony. 

Kunj:lets go.He hold her finger.

Aayat:shit sushu hold hand knees. Ahah. 

Kunj:Aayat not here wait he lifts her run in washroom.After they come out Kunj make her wear her shorts.now chale.

Rudra:I’m too coming. 

Kunj:take her I’ll bring car Rudra lift her in bridal style.They went from there. 

Manohar:we should take a leave. Omkara and Mahi look at each other’s they all stand bid bye to each other’s and went outside it’s in their cars while going Avni look at yuvi Their cars left. 

Soon they all reached sarna’s went inside while Prithviraj and Lata got bua dadi call she coming at Sarna Mansion. 

Twinkle went inside and others too she taking out her saree and take her night dress and get freshen up place Kunj in side after sometime later Kunj and Rudra or Aayat come back from outside Rudra and Aayat went to tej and Avantika room while Kunj in his room he entered in room and see twinkle who bedding he smiled and went ahead she see him. 

Twinkle:finally you come.. 

Kunj:hmm I have something for you he take out cotton candy twinkle see and get so happy. 

Twinkle:aww thanks she take.You go and get freshen up you have office tomorrow today toh maza Aaya.Kunj take his clothes and changed in room only.Twinkle closed the door while Kunj went in washroom she come and lay down on bed Kunj come off lights just dim light.He went towards twinkle and lay down covered the with duvet.


Kunj:goodnight why you laying there come to me he pulled her near to him. She cuddles him. 

Twinkle:love you. 

Kunj:I love you too.Kissed on her forehead. And caress her face she look at him Kunj looking at her. 

Twinkle:what.. 😛.

Kunj:what what??? 

Twinkle: sojao samjhe office hai. 

Kunj: issliye hi toh after I get busy didn’t get time😛😛☹.Make puppy faces she giggles.Cupped his face kissed on his cheeks.Lock her arms around his neck. 

Twinkle:okay.just for sometimes.. 

Kunj:yeah chalega😝😝.Lock their lips and get busy in their romance.Kunj covered them fully under blanket and both lost and made a love again.After sometimes sleep. 

At morning@

Everyone was wake up again back to the life.Twinkle wake up and see Kunj she get up and went In washroom quickly she get ready she heard Prithviraj conversation with Lata bua dadi come at anytime so she get ready fully transitionally in saree. And take out Kunj all things went down she and Anjali make breakfast Kunj wake up twinkle went in room to check him he come out of the washroom.She handover him his clothes and make him ready fully for office.She give him his phone and wallet and watch and his medicines. 

Twinkle:chale everyone is waiting for you. 

Kunj:haa Both went downstairs and everyone come for breakfast they all sits and have their breakfast. 

Tej:lets go.. Kunj gestured twinkle she went in side. 

Kunj:acha I’m going bye.Kissed on her temple she hugged him. 

Twinkle:come back soon. I kept medicine in your bag please take na. 

Kunj: hmm Rahul and Kunj left for office along with tej and Manohar while Rudra and Priyanka or Soumya for college and Avni take Aayat with her to drop her at school. Like this they all went while rest of them sits. 

Prithviraj:didi will come at anytime. 

Usha:acha again uff.bua dadi reaches with her daughter in law.They entered inside everyone see them and went towards gate. 

Prithviraj:Arey didi aap aagaye tell me I’ll come at station to pick up you na. 

Bua dadi: Arey nahi I come na. I come near Amritsar due to some wedding so think let’s come here.

Lata:acha you did right.Twinkle see her immediately covered her head with saree palu.. they went towards bua dadi and take her blessing by touching her feet’s bua dadi look at twinkle head to toe. 

Bua dadi:acha lag rahi hai Kunj ki bahu.. 

twinkle give smile.They sits while twinkle went in kitchen making tea and snacks for bua dadi her daughter in law( name is shakshi) quickly she make it. And take in living room served them. They had and praise Lot twinkle. 

Lata:aap ko aaram karna chahiye. 

Bua dadi:haa shakshi beta.

Usha:she is shakshi look totally different now. 

Shakshi:haa Chachi ji.. 🤗. 

Avantika:good na beta. 

Bua dadi:acha twinkle I have to clear you everything. So now till I’m here you will prepared everything breakfast and lunch or dinner. 

Twinkle: okay dadi ji.. 

Bua dadi:and my guru had make some rules for me so you have to cook food after bathing everytime.Firstly I had my tea at 5:30 after my path so be ready from tomorrow all see her twinkle just nodded her head in yes.Anjali give twinkle helpless look.Bua dadi and shakshi went in room to take rest. 

Twinkle didn’t wait for a second she went in kitchen get busy in her work whatever bua dadi tell her. 

Twinkle:uff how I do this all I have to do but lets start twinkle. 

Other side Kunj finished his work he thought let’s call to twinkle he went in his cabin and sits take out his phone and thinking something. He looking at pics of yesterday.then he remembers about how twinkle palnned everything.for fulfilling his wish.he thought to have a candle light dinner with twinkle.so he messaged her be ready at evening we r going somewhere. just u & me.with kisses…

Kunj:uff great. 

While twinkle didn’t read the message than Kunj called her. Still she didn’t pick up the call Than Rahul come with a file for discussion Kunj think twinkle will read in sometime may be she is busy he get busy in his work. 

While twinkle get busy in lunch everything have to pure fully not garlic and ginger.. after sometime later they had their lunch twinkle didn’t get time to sit for sometimes she again get busy in kitchen Usha and Avantika come there. 

Avantika:twinkle beta dady has already told you its not compulsion if you are not comfortable then dont wear ok..

Twinkle:no mummy its absolutely ok..you both are doing na ..thats hardly matter of some days ..we can do for her happiness..

usha:we r very lucky to have a dil like u ..

Avantika: I’ll help you beta. 

Twinkle: no mummy ji.. I can do.. 

Kunj finished all the work soon.he was very excited for dinner..

in evening kunj reached Sarna Mansion 

Went in side Kunj finding twinkle everywhere he giving her voice 

she was in kitchen preparing snacks according to the choice of bua dadi…..

He asking servant they tell him she is in kitchen. He went in kitchen he entered in kitchen his eyes went on twinkle who busy in work. he saw twinkle was in saree bug covering her head with pallu…

kunj: tu ready ni hui abhi tak. Twinkle see him and get confused.. 

Twinkle: what and why??


Kunj: what you mean by this twinkle 

Message kiya tha na.

twinkle:kaun sa message i didn’t read it…again get busy in her work as bua dadi eat everything according to time…she didn’t listen…what kunj wants to say.kunj also get miffed…because twinkle didn’t listen him..

Kunj:she didn’t listen twinkle …tere pass na mere liye time hi ni h …& went outside ….twinkle was sad …because kunj didn’t listen her…..he assume everything itself. Kunj get busy in his work.  After sometimes later everyone come for dinner ta dinning table. Siblings come and bua dadi come and take her chair all see her and making faces.While twinkle come with dinner just than Kunj come with muffed face. Bua dadi see him. 

Bua dadi: Arey Kunj where were you haa? Subh de aayi hu but tu mujhse mila ji nahi Arey. Kunj get surprised to see her. Bhai itna bhi busy mat raha karo tum ko time ji na hi hai milne ka in taunt way Kunj went towards her and take her blessings. Twinkle started serving food to everyone. And Kya baat hai bahu lagta hai tum Abhi take apna magic mahi chala payi ho tabhi toh pati itna late aa raha hai she taunted at twinkle.She didn’t said anything knows she is old minded..while twinkle was just listening her…bowing her head down …

kunj:i had some work bua dadi that’s why.

prithiviraj: kya didi aap bhi…chlaiya khana khaiye….twinkle looked at kunj with sad  face….& start serving everyone they all having dinner..

Lata: Kesha hai meri twinkle bahu Ka haatho Ka magic..😛

Bua dadi: acha hai.. just than Arey you know my elder bahu bless with a girl all smiled to hear this. 

prithviraj: dadi. Arey waha leave na di…khana khaiya aap…

bua dadi: khana toh thk h prithviraj but ye batao…tumhari pota bahu….khushkhabri kb sunane wali hai…..then she will look towards twinkle say…kyn twinkle bahu kya socha h..Everyone will be freeze for a moment…twinkle and Kunj looking here and there and twinkle playing with her saree edge. 

lata: ye toh baba ji kripa hai jab hogi.toh khushkhabri bhi aa jayegi.

bua dadi :but the way kunj is coming late from offices and if they both will not do anything then baba ji bhi kya kar sakte hai aasman se toh bcha ni aayega na..while kunj was looking down and twinkle feel awkward.ab twinkle and Kunj ki Shadi ko 6 months hogaye hai bache ki news toh aani chahiye but aaj kal ki ladkiya bhi kaha itni jaldi bache karti hai unka figure jo Kharab hojata in cold voice.Twinkle slightly look bua dadi koi na it’s their wish. 

Everyone feels bad but can’t saying. Twinkle had tears in her eyes she managed. Scene freezes here only.. 


(Next bua dadi behind twinkle 😝😝. While Kunj was dying to spend time with her?lets see what will happen in next..)


How’s was the episode guys??

Hope you all like.

I don’t know anything.. ☹☹. Because I’m not well I get throat injection very badly due to this I can’t have everything. And so now taking injection for this unbearable pain because i get ill very easily 😫😫☹delicate darling 😝😝😛.

still write for you all and specially for yashu di😍😍.. 

leave mistakes. And do share your views please. And i m busy now so I’ll give normal updates if you okay can’t write very much if I get 1 hour free I’ll try to write for you hand up🖐 hope you understand me. At least till 1 a week.. 

love you all.. 

Bye allahafiz

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