RadhaKrishn 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Irks Radha Written Episode

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Krishna takes Chandravali to show her room. Balram thinks what is Kahna up to. Radha gets jealous thinking that Kahna did not have time to meet her, but is spending time with Chandravali. Balram walks to her. Radha asks if he saw what his brother is doing. Balram says he is spellbound and says Kanha told she has a defect. Radha asks what defect. Balram says Kahna told she is jealous, so she is getting more possessive towards Kahna. Radha is amused hearing that and she will know now what jealousy is. Balram says Kahna is worried about everyone and helps everyone. Radha says except her, she will make Kanha realize his mistake. Balram says even he now thinks that Radha is jealous and possessive.

Krishna shows Chandravali her room and says she can see a beautiful garden from here. Chandravali praises Krishna that he is very helpful and heard he helps everyone. He says it is his duty. She says she heard he plays beautiful bansuri and if he can play bansuri for him. Radha hears their conversation near door and thinks Krishna will not play bansuri for anyone else except her. Krishna tells Chandravali he will play bansuri. Radha walks in and tells Krishna that someone is calling him, takes him aside and asks what was he doing with Chandravali, how dare he is to agree to play bansuri for Chandravali. Krishna says he can play bansuri for anyone. She says he should not except her. He says as a human, she is very jealous. She says she is not. He explains her that she is bestowed with love, but she is getting jealous and possessive in love, which is wrong. Radha says she understood him well, he thinks she is wrong and thinks she has defect, that is not the case and she will prove that. Krishna leaves from there unable to explain her. Chandravali enters and says Krishna is so good. Radha says she does not know Krishna’s true colors. Chandravali says she heard Radha loves Krishna. Radha says even she used to think same, but she was wrong, Krishna is too selfish and can go to any extent to get what he wants, so Chandravali should stay away from her.

Krishna returns to Balram and says situation is getting out of control. Balram asks why did he get such a fat in this human avatar. Krishna says it human’s deeds that decides their fate. Balram asks what will he do now.
Krishna sees Radha and Chandravali coming and says his fate and solution are both coming. He raises hand, time freezes, he walks to Chandravali and pushes her, then restores time and holds Chandravali stopping her from falling and asks to be careful. Chandravali thanks him for saving her. Radha gets jealous. Kirtida then asks them to come and have food. Chandravali says she will help her. Kirtida says Chandravali is a guest, so she should relax. Krishna praises Chandravali that she is so talented and well cultured. Radha gets more jealous and tries to pick dish from Kirtida’s hands to help her, gets her hands burnt due to hot dish. Chandravali rushes with water glass and asks her to put her fingers in it. Chandravali signals Radha to do so and praises Chandravali that she is even a vaidya, so has so much knowledge at such a tender age. Radha burns in jealous and says she will serve food to everyone..

Krishna gives moral gyaan that when a person gets success, he/she gets arrogant and thinks he should not bend in front of anyone, he forgets that whatever he gained is via bending, he learnt to walk by bending and falling down repeatedly, took his parents’ blessings bending, farmer did agriculture bending, etc.. One will get respect only via bending and the more he bends, the more success he gets.

Precap: After serving food to Krishna, Balram, and Chandravali, Radha tries to sit with them, but Krishna gets up and says she should have sat with them when they started eating food, now they cannot wait more. Radha hears Chandravali telling Krishna that with his and Radha’s behavior, they seem to be in love, and Krishna says nothing of that sort.

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