RadhaKrishn 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Rescues Radha Written Episode

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Krishna sees Vyomasur kidnapping Radha and disappearing in sky He calls Garuddev to help him follow Vyomasur. Balram says when Seshnag is there, why he wants to call Garuddev. He turns into his original Seshnag form of huge multi-mouthed snake. Krishna flies in air and jumps on his head. He follows Vyomasur in sky, and Krishna warns him to leave Radha, else he will be killed. Vyomasur asks how dare a small cowherd is provoke him and drops Radha asking Krishna to save her if he can. Krishna jumps behind Radha and holding her brings him down. He lies Radha under a tree safely. Balram asks if he will spare sinner Vyomasur. Krishna says Vyomasur did a big sin of kidnapping love devi Radha, he cannot hide in the whole universe as I am the universe. He flies back to universe and warns Vyomasur he is finished today. Vyomasur uses his power, but fails, thinks why his energy is totally lost, Krishna seems to be mahapurush, who is he. Balram/Seshnag says he is standing in front of Narayan. Vyomasur apologizes Krishna for underestimating him says he needs mukti/his end from Krishna’s hands. Krishna says he will get mukti, but before that he has to give a message to his uncle Kans. Vyomasur agrees.

Kans asks Akroor if he got any news from Vyomasur. Vyomasur falls down in front of him and tells Krishna sent a message that Kans is a fool to kidnap Radha, he did a big mistake and should be ready to face consequences. Kans stands shocked.

Krishna returns to earn and gazes Radha, wiggling his fingers over her tresses. Radha wakes up and asks if he is fine, where are they. Krishna says she is safe in Barsana. Radha thanks him for saving her. Balram with whole team enters calling Kanha. Krishna says Dau knows where he is, but acts well. They all walk near Krishna and Radha. Vrishbhan rejoices seeing Radha and asks if she is fine. Radha says she is fine, Krishna saved him from Vyomasur and he sensing Vyomasur’s intentions disguised as Gopadevi came to rescue her. Vrishbhan asks if Balram was Baldevi and thanks them both. Radha says she misunderstood Krishna. Vrishbhan thanks Nand next. Nand hugs him emotionally. Vrishbhan asks Krishna how did he rescue Radha from Vyomasur. Krishna says Mahadev saved Radha, he just chanted Mahadev’s name and Vyomasur became energiless and left Radha. Vrishbhan says let us go home. Krishna says one more task is left.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that a man works hard for his family to earn wealth to fulfill family’s needs, but if wealth is enough; they may say they can get education, food, etc.; wealth did not buy medicine, father’s hope did the magic; similarly hope and believe keeps family bonded and not wealth.

Precap: Balram asks Krishna when Radha is a good girl, what problem he has if marries her. Krishna says he wants to enjoy the phase before marriage. Krishna asks Radha it is time for Krishna’s marriage or not?

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