Raja Beta 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva leaves Vedant’s house again Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Purva asking Vedant to give her divorce. She says you are not getting anything from this marriage, but you lost your peace and Babu ji takes out his anger on you. Vedant says you are my peace and says I want to take care of you. Purva says I will say thank you to you for the final time. He says I am saying whatever I am feeling. He says I won’t let you go anywhere being a husband and friend. In the night, Purva gets tensed thinking about the trouble she faced in the Police station. She gets up shockingly. Vedant pacifies her and asks her to hold his hand and sleep. She sleeps. He sits by her side all night. Tere Sang Yaara plays……

Gomti chats with someone who writes that she has stolen his heart and asks her to bring bandage when she meets him. She replies that she can’t stay now and dances. She collides with the table. Ramesh asks what happened? She makes an excuse. Purva wakes up and sees Vedant at her side. She goes to bathroom. Dadi comes to room and asks Vedant to ask her to do what she likes. Nani tells that she wants to go to Vaishno Devi. Pankhudi says you will give with senior group. Purva comes to the baked bhojan kitchen. Vedant says he will make cake and takes the flour in the bowl, and sneezes. Flour gets on her face. Purva wipes his face. He tells the poetry. Purva also completes it. Ramesh comes and asks them to close the business. Vedant says what worse you can do and says they have taken the case back on a condition that baked bhojan will not start again. Purva is shocked and goes out of kitchen. Ramesh gets happy. Vedant says how can you be so happy ruining us? Ramesh says you are not my son. Vedant says I am your son but…..

Gomti gets ready. Sumiti asks where is she going? Gomti tells that she is going to meet her boyfriend. Sumiti says this means you will go from here after marriage. Gomti says yes. She shows something. Vedant comes and asks did you see Purva. They say no.

Pankhudi asks Dr. Rashmi about Dr. Vedant. Rashmi asks her to check him in his cabin. Pankhudi comes to the kitchen and sees Sanju sitting on his chair. She asks where is he? Sanju says your eyes are on him, and asks if she has some interest in him. Pankhudi says I care for him as he is my senior and my sister’s husband. He says both sisters are troubling him. Pankhudi asks him to be in limits. He asks her to leave. Nani calls her and she comes home. Purva is in Nani’s house and tells that she is troubling Vedant for some reasons since their marriage. Pankhudi says you came here because of guilt. Nani asks her to become good like him. Pankhudi says you got a good man easily so you don’t value him. Purva says I have so much respect and care for him, but don’t love him. Vedant hears her and leaves. Nani says now you will go to your house and apologizes to him. Purva says you can’t do injustice with Vedant to set my house. She says she don’t love him. Nani says you have gone mad. Pankhudi asks her to talk to Nani mausi (Dadi) and says if she agrees then I will go with Di. She thinks I love Dr. Vedant very much.

Sanju tells Ramesh that a patient will have a son. Ramesh sells a stone telling that they will have a son. Patient’s husband asks Vedant about his son. Vedant says it is illegal to determine the s*x of the baby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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