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The Episode starts with the marriage decorators coming to Vedant’s house. Ramesh scolds them and says this is my house. Decorator asks if Vedant is your son. Ramesh says no. Dadi tells that their house is run by Vedant’s money and you got the money. Ramesh says Vedant is not my son and he has to pay as they brought them up. Vedant reaches hospital and checks a patient. He tells that she will have a normal delivery. Urmi comes to Shanti’s house. Shanti says if Ranesh has any objection. Urmi asks her not to worry. Purva says she wants to set all sarees. Dadi asks her to think about her tomorrow. Vedant asks him to take extra money, but marriage will happen there. Ramesh says I need 30000 extra. Vedant says you will get it from Dadi and ends the call. Vedant looks at the bay after the delivery and recalls his troubled childhood. He promises to Dadaji’s pic that he will keep his family united. Dadi calls him and tells the riddle. Vedant asks her not to have icecream. Vedant asks her to give 30000 to Bau ji. Nani argues. Vedant asks her to give. Vedant meets his patients. Dadi gives 30000 to Ramesh and says I wouldn’t have given if Vedant haven’t asked me. Purva tells Pankhudi that her life is so perfect. Pankhudu tells her that she wants her happiness. Vedant meets the patients. A goon comes thee and tells that he has his Mrs comes there. Goon asks Vedant to treat his wife and threatens Vedant. Vedant asks Dr. Rashmi to do her tests,

Sumithi tells what she will wear during the marriage. Manjula says we will not wear new clothes. Ramesh asks them to wear new clothes and asks them to tell Vedant. Radhika introduces herself to purva. She asks who will perform. Dadi asls Nani not to be hesitant. Radhika tells that Vedant will dance if Dadi insists. Purva checks the dress and tells that it is not hers. Vedant is in the OT. Purva calls him and tells that wrong dress came after alteration. Goon threatens him to deliver the baby and he can’t go before that. Purva calls him again. Vedant says delivery will happen in sometime. He calls designer and asks him to deliver Puva’s dress. He tells Rashmi that he will go out and tells her something. She comes out and asks Goon bahubali’s goons to break the coconut. They can’t break it. Vedant is finding chance and leaving, but Bahubali tells that his baby shall be born at 5:55 am so that he becomes CM. Vedant asks him to trust him.

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