Raja Beta 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva brings Pankhudi to Sanjeevani Sadan Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Vedant coming to hospital and recalls Purva’s words. She thinks what to do and thinks she left not to trouble him, and thinks if she shall return and apologize. Pankhudi comes to his cabin. Vedant asks her about his appointment diary from Dr. Rashmi. Pankhudi says I felt that you were on the door and heard everything. Vedant asks what? He says you have a misunderstanding. Pankhudi says someone can’t lie. He tells that it is difficult for a woman to forget her first love. Vedant says but marriage had happened. He asks her to bring his appointment diary. Sanju asks Vedant to teach him now itself. Purva thinks of Pankhudi’s words asking her not to trouble Vedant. Purva says I shall not increase his troubles and shall apologize to him. Nani asks where are you going? Purva says where I shall go. She leaves. Ramesh talks to a man and says this is icchadhari stone. Man says he has two daughters and wants a son. He tells that his wife is getting treatment in his son’s hospital. Ramesh says he is just his Servant. Vedant tells Sanju that he will be happy when he becomes a doctor. Sanju looks on. Ramesh calls him and asks him to enquire about Sumeet’s baby s*x determination. Sanju says ok. Sanju comes to the sonography ward and thinks who is Mrs. Sumeet.

Just then Dr. Rashmi comes and takes her with her for sonography. Purva comes to the hospital and asks about Dr. Vedant. Pankhudi says he left. Purva asks her to drop nani and come to sanjeevani sadan. Dr. Vedant comes. Pankhudi asks him to take coffee. He sees Purva and calls her. Purva comes to him and says pankhudi said that you left. Vedant asks Purva why she came? Purva says Nani is going to Vaishnavi temple and asks if Pankhudi can stay with them. Vedant says she can stay with them. Purva thanks him for his help. He says sorry. She says we will have coffee together in the evening. Vedant says ok and says bye. Sanju calls Ramesh and tells that son will be born to Sumeet according to the report. He says he made a stone which will fulfill his wish to have a son. Sumeet says ok. They come to show report to Vedant. Vedant checks the report. Sumeet asks how is his son? Vedant says how can you be so sure and says everyone wishes to have a son, but they forget that she is the respect of the family etc. Sumeet says your father is selling stones and guarantees that we will have a son and you are saying this is illegal. Vedant asks him to leave.

Purva and Pankhudi come to Sanjeevani Sadan. Ramesh says Pankhudi can’t stay there. He says I will show your right place and throws Pankhudi stuff out. Vedant comes and takes the trolley back from floor. He asks Purva to take Pankhudi to her room. Ramesh shouts Gudadi lal. Vedant says you will be quiet and says I have decided that she will stay here. He says I told you many times and did deal also. He asks which did he sell fake hope to patient’s husband. Ramesh says Sanju told me. Vedant says I thought you wanted to study and says I will teach you at home only. Ramesh says you can’t do this. Vedant says I will break the deal and says you both will go to jail for s*x determination of the baby. Ramesh gets shocked and tells that he wanted to see Sanju as a doctor before his death. Vedant says ok. Ramesh tells Sanju in room that he wants him to fail in the exam so that Vedant loses and he can open his gems store. Purva brings coffee and gives to Vedant. Vedant thanks him. She asks what is he reading. He says medical journal. Pankhudi comes and sees them happy and smiling. They have an eye lock. Sanju looks at Pankhudi peeping inside their room and thinks my doubt was right.

Precap: Ramesh ells that Vedant shall get short circuit. Sanju tells Pankhudi that Purva will get electric shock. Pankhudi thinks how can I stop it as it is sudden.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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