Raja Beta 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Gomti troubles Purva Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Sumiti coming to Gomti and tells about Purva’s words that she will not bear when her patience level ends. Gomti thinks to taunt Purva. Purva comes to the dining table. Gomti taunts her. Radhika comes and compliments Purva for her lipstick. Purva wishes Dadi good morning. Dadi asks about Vedant. Purva says he went to hospital. Dadi says he takes care of everyone and asks her to have food. Purva says she is going to her house to meet Nani. Gomti tells that pagphera don’t happen like this. Manjula tells that brother comes to take the bride, it is old ritual. Purva says it is old ritual and tells that in old times, marriages used to happen in villagers and for safety reasons, brother used to come and take his sister. Gomti tells that she shall not speak before the elders and asks her to take elders’ permission. Purva takes Dadi’s permission and is about to go, but her saree gets stuck in her slippers. Gomti sees Purva not wearing toe rings. She tells that married woman wears it. Dadi and Manjula ask her to wear it before going. Purva tries to wear it, but she finds it difficult. Gomti offers help and makes her wear it forcibly. Purva feels pain. Gomti looks angrily.

Vedant comes to his cabin. Ramesh and Sanju are sitting there. Ramesh asks Peon to salute them. He asks Vedant to teach Sanju. Vedant says this time is of my patients. Sanju asks him not to make excuse. A pregnant lady comes there. Vedant checks her nerves. Ramesh scolds Vedant and tells that once Sanju becomes doctor, they will handle the hospital.

Pankhudi asks Purva why she is not eating kabab. She asks why Dr. Vedant stopped you from leaving even after knowing that she lives life on her own terms. Purva says Vedant is really a nice guy and she has not seen such man. She tells that he becomes weak for his family. Pankhudi asks if Vedant loves her. Purva says no and tells that Vedant will not love her. Pankhudi says you are perfect. Purva says even Vedant is perfect but the joint family was never my dream. Nani comes there. Purva gets up and feels pain. Pankhudi tries to bandage her injured toe. She asks why did she wear it. Nani says it shall be worn by the married woman.

Gomti looks at a pic and talks about her sasural. Dadi comes and asks her to help Manjula in work. Sumiti says she would have helped, but she is unwell. Gomti taunts Purva. Purva comes there and gives sweets to Dadi. Dadi asks her what happened to her foot. Purva says it was injured because of the toe ring. Dadi sees the toe ring missing and asks her. Gomti asks her to answer. Purva says she forgot it in Nani’s house. Dadi asks her not to be careless of her marriage things and asks her to call Vedant and asks him to bring it. She goes. Gomti tells Sumiti that it is good that Purva’s parents are dead, they didn’t teach her values. Purva asks her not to insult her parents and tells that she can say her anything, but not to her parents. Gomti thinks to make an issue infront of Ramesh. Purva calls Vedant. Dr. Rashmi picks the call and gives call to Vedant. He asks what is the issue? He signs Dr. Rashmi to excuse him. Dr. Rashmi goes. Purva tells him about the toe ring incident. Vedant tells that it must be Gomti and Sumiti’s doing and tries to cheer up Purva. Purva laughs. Vedant says they are ragging you oblivious to the fact that you are Maharani of ragging sultanant. Purva smiles. Vedant asks her to smile always. Purva says Dadi asked me to keep it safely and asks him to bring it from Nani’s house. Vedant says he has a meeting now. She gives all the best for the meeting. He ends the call and plays mouth organ happily.

Vedant tries to make Purva wear toe ring in Dadi’s presence and smiles.

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