Raja Beta 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva gets Rahul’s messages during MahaShivratri celebrations Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Vedant coming to Dadi and seeing her talking to Dada ji’s pic. Dadi tells that all family members stay together, but are not happy. Vedant tries to cheer her up and says he ordered food from Om Sai’s kitchen. Dadi says nobody wants to be together. Vedant cheers her up and asks her to say ho…hi hi..they laugh. Vedant hugs her. Dadi kisses on his forehead. She says you are my loving Son and don’t accept defeat. Vedant says first they will dance, do puja and go to temple. Dadi asks about Purva. Purva tells Pankhudi that Vedant doesn’t care about her when his family comes and asks Pankhudi to bring food for her. She says I will eat much. She gets message from international number. She reads the message and sees Rahul’s name.

Manjula gives gifts to everyone. Sumiti taunts Narendra. Gomti and Ramesh come there. Gomti tells that she has changed her dress and apologizes to Dadi. Dadi hugs her. Manjula gives gift to Vedant and says this is for you. Vedant says I didn’t get the best gift than this. Manjula asks him to check. Vedant says what could be more precious than my mother’s gift. He says you didn’t buy anything for yourself. Manjula asks him to see everyone’s happiness. Radhika tells that mummy is telling that they will have bhajan and keertan. Vedant says they all will dance as today is marriage of Shiv and Parvati. Manjula tells Vedant that he is getting successful as everyone is happy. Vedant says not now. Pankhudi comes to Purva and asks what happened? Purva shows Rahul’s message. Pankhudi says he left not only you, but India too and asks her to go and meet him, and says you have the right to know the truth. Purva says I don’t want to see his face. Pankhudi asks her to go and talk to him and asks do you really don’t want to know. Purva says she is married now.

Vedant comes and asks do you want to dance? Purva says you want to lecture me on everything. Vedant says Bua has changed her clothes and is with everyone. Purva says it is her trick. Vedant says everyone shall get the second chance on this Mahashivratri and says I am talking about me. He says it is your wish to give me a second chance or Rahul. He says I heard when you both were talking. Pankhudi asks will you let your first love go and says he might have some helplessness. Purva gets another message and makes Pankhudi read. He asks her to read once. Pankhudi tells Sanju that the decoration is good. Sanju says very beautiful. Pankhudi says Sanju. Sanju says Pankhu…

Dadi tells Narendra that all couples will make each other wear garland and they will unite for 7 births. Dadi asks Vedant if she is still angry and says her anger shall be gone before 12. Vedant says surely. He asks Pankhudi if Purva will calm down. Pankhudi says first love can’t be forgettable. Vedant asks if there is no second chance. Once he leaves, Pankhudi says there is second chance. Gomti hears her and understands. Purva thinks to go downstairs for Dadi and Vedant, just then she gets Rahul message. Ramesh dances on the song oh meri zohra jabeen….Narendra and Sumiti dance next on the song hum aage peeche dolte hai….Radhika says time for next generation and calls Sanju and Pankhudi. Sanju and Pankhudi dance on the song kitte chaldiya morni banke…Dadi waits for Purva. Vedant claps. Pankhudi ends dancing with Sanju and imagines dancing on the song tu aata hai seene me….with Vedant. Radhika says we will start our last performance and then we will go to temple, then we will have food. She calls Vedant and Purva to dance. Vedant gets up and tells that Purva is unwell so she is resting. Pankhudi asks Vedant to dance and says I will join you. Dadi says it is not needed as wife came to support husband. Purva comes downstairs. Vedant smiles.

Precap: Purva gets a message from Rahul that he is in jeevan rekha hospital. She thinks if Vedant knows about Rahul. Dadi asks Vedant to make Purva wear garland. Vedant turns and sees Pankhudi standing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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