Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update Written Episode

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roop comes to dhaba, he says dont know where Jigna is. Ishika says dont worry. A man comes there and says your sister.

Jigna is in panchayat with everyone. Shamsher says Jigna did a mistake, she will go to her inlaws house, Jigna says now. Shamsher says you will inlaws house only when you die. Dinesh says come with me, he starts dragging her but Roop comes there and says stop. Jigna cries and runs to him. Roop hugs her and glares at them. Shamsher says leave from here, Roop says I wont leave my sister. Shamsher says its about our respect. One man says women cant behave like this, she has to go to her inlaws house. Dinesh says its my goodness that I am accepting a girl like her, its because I respect Shamsher. He tries to take her hand but Roop stops him and says dont force her, she will go if she wants, she doesnt want to go so leave her alone. Shamsher says you have gone mad. Roop says you dont see that she is not happy? ask her once what she wants. He asks panchayat to give them time, I have to talk to her. Panchayat head says okay we give you three days. Roop thanks and leaves with Jigna. Shamsher is angry. Samru says wow, he didnt even listen to you.

Roop brins Jigna home. Kamla and Ishika hugs her. They all cry. Kamla asks what happened there? Roop says lets go inside. Shamsher says no one will go inside. He comes there and says I dont have a place for shameless girl like her. Roop says she is my sister so she will live with me. Shamsher drags Kamla from there. Roop leaves with Jigna.

Ishika offers food to Jigna. She sees her wound on arm and asks what is this? Roop says tell everything. She tells about Dinesh harassing her and beating her anytime he wanted. Jigna says he is an animal. Roop says dont cry, he beat you so I will beat him. Jigna says I dont want that, if you want to do something for me then dont let me go back to him. Roop says you didnt tell me anything? you dont trust your brother? Jigna says nobody wanted me to stay here. Roop says dont worry I am with you. Ishika sees Manish calling Jigna. She says Manish? Jigna recalls her moments with Manish.

Shamsher tells Kamla about Manish and Jigna and seeing them together. Samru says he wanted good for Jigna. Kamla says Jigna with some other guy?

Roop says to Jigna that you should have told us. Jigna says I was stunned to see that someone loves me too, I thought I dont deserve it and tried to continue with my life. Roop says dont worry, we will handle everything, we cant tell anyone, if anyone sees you then it will be a trouble.

Shamsher says to Kamla that after knowing all this, you still want to meet this girl? He tries to take her but Roop stops Kamla.

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