Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th February 2019 Written Episode Update Written Episode

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamla coming to Roop and gives him haldi milk and says I know you are not getting sleep due to jigna and your Papa. Shamsher sees Ishika getting Kinjal’s bag ready for the college. He goes. Bua looks at them. Kinjal thanks Ishika and they go to sleep. Bua comes there and says tomorrow morning, there will be hungama at home and Shamsher’s mouth and hands will work. Roop tells Kamla that he is jobless, so how he will take care of his family. He says Papa said right, that nothing happens with big talks, I need to earn money. Kamla asks him not to test his competency and asks him not to be hopeless and says she is sure that he will find some solution for his problem, but won’t let Jigna have any problem.

Next morning, Roop calls Kinjal and asks her to come to college. Kinjal takes her bags and finds water leaking from her bag. She gets shocked to see all her books wet. She says how did water come in the bag? Ishika says lets go out and dry the books. Bua waits for Shamsher. Shamsher comes and says this is karma. He says if you don’t agree to your parents then nothing will happen. Bua thinks this is my work, and thinks she had poured water in the bag. She comes and taunts Kinjal. Ishika brings hair dryer and says Kinjal can go to college for half day. Kamla brings lemon water for Shamsher. Shamsher scolds her and asks her to bring medicine for headache. Roop recalls Shamsher was drunk when he came home. Samru polishes Shamsher’s shoes. Roop comes to Samru and asks him to stop Shamsher from drinking. Samru says he gets angry on me and picked his shoes to beat me. Roop asks him to try. Samru laughs and says I will ruin your family, and my motive will be fulfilled.

Kinjal thanks Ishika for drying her books. Ishika asks her not to thank her. Roop takes Kinjal to college. He comes home and talks on phone. Ishika asks if he didn’t get the job. Roop says he got the job in a hotel, but Papa will do the same which he did last time. Ishika asks him not to do job if he don’t want, but ask him to follow his passion. She says this is your passion, your choice and your world and gives him cooking spoon. She covers his head with the chef cap. She asks him to make his identity. Roop says he needs money for business. Ishika asks him to think what he shall do, and says we will think about money. Roop says you have become smart with me. Saawariya plays…….

Shamsher gets some boxes kept somewhere. Samru checks the bottle and finds wine. Roop calls Jigna andasks if she is fine. Jigna says hello, while applying ointment on her wounds and asks what is the use of asking her. She asks him to leave her and not to call her again. She ends the call and cries. Kamla says I didn’t ask her not to talk to us. Ishika says she is upset so her behavior is justified. Dinesh’s mother comes to Jigna and threatens and beats her. She asks her to make food. Jigna cries. Samru comes to the place where Shamsher kept the wine bottles and asks his men to take all the boxes and tells that nobody shall know. He says get ready for my attack Mota Kaka.

Roop asks Ishika to close her eyes and ties cloth on her eyes. Ishika asks what is it? Roop says I am kidnapping you. Ishika laughs. He blindfolds her and takes her out. Ishika asks where are we going? Roop says I will show you and opens the blind fold. Ishika looks at place. Roop says it will be my Dhaba. Ishika gets happy and says wow. He says we will make gold out of this sand. Ishika says we will when we are together. She says there is some positivity about this place. She realizes it is outside the house. She reads the pamphlet, 50000 deposit, 12000 rent. Roop says God will take out some way.

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