Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Samru attacks Bua Written Episode

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 7th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ishika and Himani shows video to Bua. Roop says nobody can save you. Bua says I didnt do anything. Roop says your truth will come out. Ishika says news will tell about your deed, Roop says you will be arrested, will you like that? Himani calls officers. She says I didnt do anything.. its her dream. Roop says you can give statement against Samru and Himani will save you. Bua says I didnt know about that alcohol. Himani says but Samru bought poisonous alcohol and made people drink it, they died because of it. Roop says remember you used to love father, he always respected you and took care of you, think when he knows that his sister trapped him then he will be so hurt, he loves you so much, Samru is not a good person, he is selfish, he will use and throw you too, we will be with you even then, dont let father bear punishment of deed he didnt do. Bua says I dont know about him but I love Shamsher, what he did was wrong, it was no helplessness, he shot Ranveer and killed our relation too, its good that this is happening with Shamsher, you can show this video to police, I will tell them that I was drunk, I will do what I want. Roop says he didnt do any crime, Bua says I wont change my decision, she leaves. Samru sees all that.

Roop and Ishika comes home. Ishika says lawyer will come, I am worried. Roop says dont know how to convince Bua, only her statement can work against Samru.

Samru comes to Bua. Bua shows him video and says they were blackmailing me with this but I told them that they cant do anything. Samru strangles her and says dont try anything, I am here to take revenge for my brother and I will forget who you are so stay safe.

Ishika comes to Bua and asks her to think about what they said, we wont let anything happen to you. Bua gets scared seeing Samru there. Samru asks Ishika to get lost, she leaves.

Roop asks lawyer to file bail papers, he says I will do. Roop gets call and says Shamsher accepted his crime, lawyer says now bail is impossible.

Kamla and Roop comes to jail. Kamla asks Shamsher why he gave statement? Samru is behind all that. Shamsher says I dont care, I said what I wanted to, I cant even look in eyes of people here. Roop says you gave so much to this department, your family is with you, we respect you, we wont let you lose. Shamsher says I dont need your love. Roop says Samru did all this. Shamsher says I dont care. Roop says remember in childhood you used to call me lion cub, cub protects his father lion. Shamsher says my time ended so nobody will support, leave me alone. Himani says dont argue with him. Roop leaves.

Roop recalls how Shamsher used to make him win like lion. Roop punches his hand. Ishika stops him and hugs him, she says dont lose hope. She sees his bruised hands and says this is not a time to get weak, dont lose hope. Roop says how we will do it? Ishika says dont worry, we will find a solution, you will do it. Roop says I know what to do.

Roop comes in house looking for Bua. Samru says this is my house. He shows him her confession video. Samru says she is my weakness so she is fighting death now. Samru says to Roop that you dont have much time left, save your Bua if you can otherwise bomb will blast. Roop asks where is Bua? Samru says you have 39 minutes to save her.

PRECAP- Ishika says to Roop that he said Bua is near water, she must be in well. Bua is hanging from well

Update Credit to: Atiba

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