Saga of Five Sisters – Chapter 2 Written Episode

Jennifer and Tina where sitting in coffee shop. Mrunal sit behind pillar in the way of hiding himself.
Jennifer: what do you want Tina?
Tina: hot chocolate didi.
Jennifer òrdered two hot chocolate for them. Jennifer looks at Mrunal, he gestures her to drag time. Jennifer nods.

Jennifer hesitatingly: Tina, when you are going to compromise with Mrunal?
Tina: why are you taking his name now?
Mrunal POV: who asked her to take my name? She is damaging my image more. Bhabi, please change the topic.
Jennifer: Doctor told na, your BP level is high. It’s because of him only na. Atleast for the baby’s sake.
Tina: didi, please. I am ok without him.
Jennifer: What Ok? Look your baby needs dad.

Tina: bhabi, you upbring Anu and Barbie without jeju only. I can also upbring my child without him.
Mrunal feels bad.
Jennifer: Tina i am just not physically with him. How far he is not matter still he is close to us. If you can bringup your child alone, then why you not yet divorce him?

Both Mrunal and Tina jerked.
Tina: didi
Jennifer: because you love him so much. Your heart needs him.
Tina remains silent and she turned her face. Mrunal suddenly hides behind pillar. Tina noticed him and she raised her eyebrows.
Tina’s POV: Didi, you brought me here for him only.
Tina: you are right didi, i should divorce him i no need him.
She smirks inside her heart. Now, Jennifer is jerked.

Mrunal’s POV: Bhabi
He is about to go near their table. Jennifer gedtures him to stop. With face full of anger and sadness, he went out. Jennifer look at him through mirtor glass.
Tina: whom you are looking didi?
Jennifer innocently: no one.

Tejaswi: we should celebrate my victory in revenging that company, baby.
Anushka: but, i am not satisfied Chaachi. You should throw it away. Then, it will delay their work for little more time.
Tejaswi: leave it, baby. I will do this in anyother company. Let’s eat ice cream.
Both sneak into kitchen and opened the bridge.
Anushka: if jenni ma knows, she will punish us.
Tejaswi: if she knows means only na. We will have little. Then she won’t know.
Tejaswi put ice cream in two bowls. When they are about to eat.
Voice: Teju…Anu
Both turn towards kitchen entrance.

Tejaswi mutter under her breath: Sriti Di, when did she come?

Sriti: what you are doing? Don’t you know she caught cold?
Tejaswi turns to Anushka and shook her head as really?
Anu nods. Tejaswi looks at her angrily.
Tejaswi: i don’t know di, she didn’t tell me.
Sriti snatch the bowl from them. Both look at bowl longingly.
Tejaswi: di, she only caught with cold. I am not.
Sriti: if you have, it will tempt her. Go, i will bring coffee to you.

Both went out of Kitchen with disappointment.

Barbie is sitting in sofa in uniform.
Tejaswi: Barbie doll, what you learn today?
Anushka: chaachi, i am getting late. I have to go to my class.
Sriti: wait baby, i will bring coffee.
Tejaswi: you are going to class when everyone going to home.
Anushka: what to do chaachi?
Jennifer and Tina enters home.
Jennifer: Anu, from today Tina will also cone with you and she will be in your institute till class got over. Then you both return home together. Because doctor told her to walk.
Anushka: ok ma.

Anushka and Tina went to Institute by walk.
Anushka to guard: Dada ji, she is my chaachi. She will be here only until class got over. Please, take carr of her.
Voice: i will take care of my chaachi, you go to class.
Tina and Anushka turns in the direction of voice.

This chapter ends here.

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