Saga of Five Sisters – Chapter 3 Written Episode

Voice: I will take care of my Chaachi, you go to class.

Tina and Anushka turned in the direction of voice. Both smiled at that person.

Tina: Siddharth
Siddharth: chaachi, how are you? Anu, sir arrived before our class got complete, go quick.
Anushka: ok bhaia, chaachi just 3 hours. Bye

Anushka left to class. Sidhant take Tina outside the class and he put chair for her and he sit in steps.
Tina: how are you, Sidu?

Siddharth: fine, chaachi. What about you?
Tina: fine dear.
Sid: when will you come to our home?
Tina remains silent.
Sid: now a days, chaacha is neither eat nor speak well. He loves you so much.
Tina: Sidu, leave it. How is Kartik?
Sid: fine, Chaachi. He is missing you so much than me.
Tina smiles: tell him, soon i will come with his little sister.
They chit chat without know how long they are speaking, because they met after so long.

Siddharth Nigam as Siddharth, Inter student, Mrunal’s nephew as well as Tina’s. Elder brother of Kartik.

Kartikey Malviya as Kartik, 9 std student, nephew of Tina and Mrunal, younger brother of Suddharth.

Sid: chaachi, shall we eat bhel puri, it’s your favourite na.
Tina: Sidu, it’s already late. Bhabi(Sid’s mom) will be waiting for you. We will eat it tomorrow. I will come here tomorrow also. You go home carefully.
Sid: how you will go home alone with Anu, chaachi? I will come with you.
Voice: no need to worry about your chaachi, i will go with her.
Sid: Avika chaachi, what a pleasant surprise?
Meanwhile Anu came.

Anu angrily: these many days i used to go home alone, but you never cared for me, but you are caring for your chaachi.
Sid fake angrily: oh my god, why you guys send my sister alone? Don’t you guys have heart?

Avika: stop acting Sidu, while coming only she will come alone. While going i will join her.
Tina: You go Sidu, mom will be scared.

Juhi Parmor as Juhi, Sid and Kartik’s mom, Mrunal’s bhabi.

They reached home and Tina called to Juhi.

Tina: hello, bhabi.
Juhi happily: Tina, how are you, ma?
Tina: fine bhabi.
Juhi: Today you went to check up na, what did doctor told?
Tina: everything fine bhabi, baby is healthy.
Juhi: thank god.
Tina smiles: whether Sidu came home?
Juhi: haan, ma. Now only
Tina: ok bhabi

Dining hall, Avika, Tejaswi, Anu and Barbie where siting in dining table. Sriti and jenni are busy in kitchen.
Avika: didi, dinner
Jenni: Wait Avi,

Tejaswi: i am waiting for dinner before you. So, didi i want first roti.
Sriti: Girls will you stop arguing.

Avika: didi, i not even drink coffee. So, first dosa for me.
Jenni and Sriti: keep quiet.
Anu and Barbie look at each other. They silently get up and went into kitchen. Here, both Teju and Avika argue with each other and lie on table because of tiredness. Anu and Barbie came out with plate full of Puri. Avika and Teju widened their eyes. And smelled it and they went into kitchen with shouting their sisters name.Anu and Barbie smirks.

Mrunal’s home, Mrunal enters home with sad face.

Juhi: Mrunal, come and have dinner.
Mrunal: i am not hungry bhabi,

Juhi forced him to eat: if you didn’t eat means, she would come na. You know what, she will definitely come because she told to Sid today that she will come soon with little baby.

Mrunal POV: She won’t come bhabi, for make him happy at that time, she might lied.
Mrunal: bhabi, whether Sid and Kartik had dinner?
Juhi: haan.
Mrunal: bhabi, bhai went to out station.
Juhi: haan, he informed me.
Mrunal: ok, bhabi. You have food. I feel sleepy,
Juhi nods.

Mrunal went to his room.

Mrunal: All husbands are informing each and everything to their wives but me.


Mrunal’s house, night fall. Everyone went to bed. She is sitting in dining table. Almost she slept. Someone patted her shoulder.

Tina: bhabi
Juhi: why are you sleeping here Tina? Whether you had food or not?
Tina: bhabi, still Mrunal ji is not yet came.
Juhi: Tina, he went to out station. Now only Sid’s dad told me. I thought he might informed you.
Tina sadly: oh, he didn’t inform me bhabi.
Juhi: leave it, Tina. He will be like that only. You have food.
She served her. She knows if she left she won’t eat.

After 2 days,

Tina: if you are going anywhere, please inform me Mrunal ji.
Mrunal: in the urge i forget Tina. Also, is it necessary to inform wife?
Tears formed in Tina’s eyes.
Mrunal hold her: hey relax, for this small thing why are you sheding tears?
Tina: but these small things are big things to girls.

Mrunal hugged her gently: ok, i will inform you hereafter, happy. Smile na.


Mrunal: i am a idiot. Don’t know how to keep wife happy.

This chapter ends here.

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