SANGINI: A Warrior Princess (RagSan) – CHAPTER 4 Written Episode

Mansi feeds Sangini, who is using Ragini as medium. Unknown feeling occupied Mansi’s heart.

Sangini thinks, “after how many years, you are feeding me chaachi. Soon i will born to mumma and papa, then you will feed me once again in my life.”

Her soul went out of Ragini’s body. Mansi, “Sanskar, i am going to study room. Whatever you do, i can’t hear it.” She smirks and left RagSan alone.

Ragini, “what she told now? Whatever you do means? What you are going to do?” Sanskar,” don’t you know what we are going to do?”

By saying that he comes near to her and hold her hand. Sanskar, “let’s go to our room.” Ragini understood what Mansi tells and she blushed.

Both went to their room. Sanskar locks the door. Ragini feels nervous. He came close to her. Hugged her from back and plant a kiss on her shoulder. It produced heat into her. She move away from him.

Sanskar hold her hand and pull her closer. He kissed her forehead. Trailed his lips from forehead to her lips. He kissed her lips gently. He pushed her towards wall and pinned her to wall. His lips explore her neck. He kneels infront of her and slowly removed her saree on her belly. While removing his hands caressed her navel. She closed her eyes. Her heart beats fast. He plant wet kisses all over her belly, then he deeply sucked her navel.

She moans, “Sanskar” her moaning drived him mad. He sucked her navel wildly. He slowly move upwards. He reached her lips and kissed it hard. She reciprocate in the same way. His hands where on her upper sensual area, he kneade it hardly while kissing her lips. He drives her crazy.

He take her in his arms and went to bed. He placed her on bed and lean on her. He unties her blouse knot and kissed her neck. She moans. Room went dark. They make intense love.

Morning, Ragini brings coffee to Sanskar. He came out from bath. He keep the coffee aside and hold her hands and move close to her. Ragini pushed him aside. Ragini, “Sanskar, already you are getting late. You have to go to office.” Sanskar,”so what? I will kiss my wife whenever i wish.” Ragini ran out, “now, how you will kiss me?”

Sanskar smiles at her and sip the coffee. He got ready and went down for breakfast. Sanskar, “today, what is special?” Mansi, “your wife made halwa for you.” Sanskar, “what? She made halwa. Then it will be gum only.” Ragini opened her mouth in O shape. Ragini, “what? My hand made halwa is gum to you. You no need to eat. Go.”

Mansi went inside to bring breakfast. Sanskar pull Ragini towards him and kissed her bare waist. Ragini, “Sanskar, what are you doing?” Ragini, “eating Halwa.” Ragini blushed, “Sanskar, i am going to kill you.” Sanskar, “okay, okay cool. Give me your hand made dessert.”

Ragini served halwa to him. He taste it and tells her, “delicious Ragu, sweet like you.” Voice, “sorry for disturbing you guys.” RagSan turned and surprised to see SwaLak.

Swara,” i think we disturbed your romance mood.” Ragini,”Swara.” Swara, “cool” Sanskar, “What is the matter? Is everything alright?”

Laksh, ” everything fine. We came here to give your honey moon package.” Ragini, ” what?” Swara, “don’t you know? These married couple will go to highly cold place” Ragini, ” shut up Swara, we can’t go. Mansi bhabi will be alone.”

Mansi,”Swara will stay with me. You two have a break and enjoy.” Sanskar,” but didi” Mansi, “no but, tut. You are going to Ooty for honey moon.”

Sanskar,”you guys are just informing us.” Laksh,”yeah, it’s mine and Swara and Mansi didi’s gift. Gift will be suspense only.” Swara, “you are going tonight.”


This chapter ends here.

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