SANGINI: A Warrior Princess (RagSan) – CHAPTER 5 Written Episode

Ragini is packing their luggage for honeymoon. Sanskar entered the room. Sanskar looked at the bag.
Sanskar: Ragini are you planning to settle in Ooty?
Ragini: what?
Sanskar: you are packing this much clothes.
Ragini: i just packed 5 sets of dress and sweaterd and night dresses.
Sanskar suddenly pulled her hand and pinned her to wall.
Sanskar huskily: whether we need night dresses.
Ragini: Sanskar
Sanskar: whether Honeymoon is meant for sleeping?
Ragini gasped.
Sanskar: also, when we both are in each others embarace, whether sweater is essential?
By saying that, he hold her waist tightly. He kissed her lips. Ragini flung her arms around his neck. His kiss turn little passionate and little wild. Ragini pulled him more close into her embrace. There is no space for air inbetween them. After 10 minutes of deep kiss both part away and breaths heavily. They smiled at each other.
Both went downstairs. Mansi is busy over phone, she is speaking with someone. Swara and Laksh were fighting for tv remote. Mansi looks at RagSan and she disconnects the call.
Mansi: How long you both will take to get ready? Swara, Laksh Jaldi. It’s already late.
They went to airport.
Laksh: Sanskar, you will reach Bangalore by 6.45 pm. From there you have to take car journey. I have arranged for cab in travels. They will pick up you at correct time. You will reach your hotel room by mid night 12.30 am.
Mansi: take care of yourself.
Swara: Happy journey and Happy honey moon.
RagSan hugged them and they board the flight.
Laksh: let’s go. I will drop you in home and i will go home.
Mansi: have dinner and go Laksh.
Laksh: no didi, mom will wait for me.
Swara: he won’t have food in our home and all bhabi, leave him.
Laksh: hey fatty, where i had lunch today?
Swara: who is fatty? Either me or you.
Mansi: neither of you. Let’s go home.
Laksh dropped them in home and he left.
Mansi: Swara, tomorrow whether you have college?
Swara: no bhabi, why?
Mansi: we have to go to one place.
Swara: where bhabi?
Mansi: we have to go to Sanskar’s family temple. It’s their ancestral temple and their palace also nearby only.
Swara excited: oh really.
Mansi smiles: yeah, we have to do pooja after Sanskar and Ragini come. So, we have to arrange priest. We have to invite them personally by going to their home.
Swara: where it is bhabi?
Mansi:Bramhanvada. It will take 4 hours to reach there.
Swara: But Sanskar never tell about this.
Mansi: he himself went to that place only once, that too for his parents rituals. He didn’t remember that place.
Swara: why they did their ritual there?
Mansi: because that is their ancestral house. They use that house only during their house bahu’s pregnancy time and if any one in their family died they will do their rituals there and bury them in the nearby grave yard.
Swara: means they won’t do cremation .
Mansi: no, they will do cremation. But in earlier days they used to bury their family dead persons. Now a days they do cremation only. Also, that place is mostly forest area. But here and there, there will be houses.
Swara: scary bhabi.
Mansi smiles: no need to scare, if you step into that land. You will feel protection.
She prepares dinner. Both had dinner and make sure that Sanskar and Ragini were going to Ooty by car in their selected travels and they went to bed.

Here, Sanskar and Ragini were going in car. Both sit in back seat. Both looking outside. Sanskar caressed Ragini’s right hand which she kept on his side. She turn to him. But he is looking outside. She smiles and turns. He started kneading her hand and almost he crushed it and he smirks. Both reached Hotel room in midnight.

Out of tired Sanskar fall on bed and he slept a little. Ragini after changing her dress, she wakes Sanskar to change his dress and sleep.
Sanskar: Ragini, i am so tired, let me sleep.
By saying that he rolled, his eyes saw Ragini who doesn’t wear chunni. It add fuel for his desire. He pulled her, she fall on his worked out body. His upper sensual area dodged his chest. He hold her waist. His lips catched her lower lips and he taste it, while Ragini taste his upper lip. His one hand hold her waist and another hand enter into her top. He played with his fingers on her belly. His middle finger enter into her navel, he pressed it. Ragini gasped. Still they were tasting their lips hungrily. He placed her in bed and he came over her. He slowly moved his fingerd towards her upper sensual area. And he catch it in his hand and gave a gentle press. She pushed him aside.
Ragini: Sanskar, i am tired. Let me sleep.
Sanskar little disappointed: then, let me sleep in your embarrace.
He hugged her tightly and both slept.

This chapter ends here. Hope you all like it.

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