SANGINI: A Warrior Princess (RagSan) – CHAPTER 6 Written Episode

Next day, Ragini wakes and she found herself in the hold of Sanskar. She removed his hands without disturbing his sleep. She went to take bath. After her bath also, Sanskar is not yet wake. She went near to him and ruffled his hair.

Ragini: How cute and good you are Sanskar while sleeping.
Sanskar: then when i was awake?
Ragini jerked: Sanskar, when you wake?
Sanskar: When you started ruffling my hair.

He pulls her towards him. She falls on him. He tugged her hair behind her ear and he carressed her earlobe. Ragini losts her control.

Sanskar: not yet answered to my question.
Ragini came to sense: hmm, very naughty and bad boy.

By saying that, she tries to get up but Sanskar pulled her again. Ragini look at him as what? Sanskar looks at her mischieviously.

Sanskar: you only told na, when i am awake, i am naughty and bad boy. What naughty and bad boy will do?

Sanskar touched her bare waist and pressed it hard. Ragini widened her eyes and get away from him.

Ragini: Sanskar idiot, first go and take bath.

Sanskar get up in one jump and pinned her to wall.

Sanskar: i am your husband, Ragini. You should call husband as hubby, baby, dear, darling, etc. Not as idiot. So you should be punished.
Ragini: Sanskar

He moves close to her and hold her waist and moves his two thumbfingers over her belly. He slightly removed her saree and insert his two thumb fingers into her navel. Ragini widened her eyes. He joined his forehead with hers and he kissed her nose tip while pressing her navel gently. She closed her eyes.

Ragini moans: Sanskar

He then pulled her close. She clutched his back.he caressed her neck with his face and inhaled her fragrance. His hot breathe produce heat into her. He placed a kiss on her shoulder. Both where lost their control in morning itself. Suddenly calling bell rings. Both came to sense and controlled themselves. Sanskar went to open the door.

Man: are you Sanskar?
Sanskar: yeah, what do you want?
Man: sir, i am a tourist guide. Your friend told me to give a data of spots here. Here it is. This is car key. You can go on your own. You can hand iver the key when you are leaving.
Sanskar: fine, thanks.

Sanskar locks the door. Again, he went near to Ragini. Ragini stops him and push him into bathroom.

Mansi: Swara
Swara: haan bhabi. Just a minute.

Mansi arranged breakfast for them. Swara joins her in short while. Both had breakfast together and they get ready to leave to Sanskar’s ancestral palace.

Ragini: it’s confusing Sanskar. Where we will go first?
Sanskar: we will stay in room itself.
Ragini: what? We won’t get another chance to come here. You will busy with your work after we go to Mumbai.
Sanskar: i too telling the same. We won’t get another chance to be alone like this.
He gestures towards bed.
Ragini: Sanskar, now a days you are becoming too naughty.
Sanskar: whether wish to be with wife is naughty?
Ragini: Sanskar
Sanskar: fine, first we will go for a drive. We will decide it later.
Ragini: Sanskar, will you able to drive in hilly area?
Sanskar: don’t underestimate the power of common man. Ok, before leaving
He pulled her close to him and hugged her very tightly and kissed her passionately. Then they went out for sight seeing.

Swara: bhabi, still how many hours it will take to reach there?
Mansi: we almost reached, Swara. Just half an hour.
Swara: you know what bahbi, for about 3 hours you are telling half an hour only.
Mansi smiles: now i am telling the truth, just half an hour.

They reached that place. Swara and Mansi get down from car infront of one old house. Mansi gestures towards other side to Swara. She shows her a palce which is 300 fert away from that house.

Mansi: that is Sanskar’s ancestral palace.
Swara: wow, so classic.

From the top of that palace Sangini is looking at them. It is the same palace where that two persons tried to intrude and prevented by Sangini. Swara is admiring the palace while Mansi enters little into that house. A boy is standing outside.

Boy smiled: didi, welcome. How are you?
Mansi smiles: i am fine chottu. What about you?
Boy: fine didi. Sanskar bhai got married na. When he will come here again?
Mansi: yeah, chottu. He is busy with his work. So, he can’t able to come here. He will come for his pooja in our temple. I came to see Guru jee for that Pooja arrangement only. What he is doing?
Boy hesitatingly: didi, Madesh bhai and Manav bhai have come. They are speaking with Guru jee.
Mansi face falls: then, we will come later. We will go to palace. Once they left, you signal me.

Boy nods. Mansi move out of the house. Swara came to her.

Voice: Mansi
Mansi stopped. But she didn’t look behind.
Voice: won’t you even see me?
Owner of Voice came infront of her.
Mansi avoides his gaze. Swara looks puzzled.
Another man: Manav come quick.
Manav(Pearl V Puri): haan bhai, Mansi whether i did any sin, so that you are not at all looking at me?
Mansi remains silent.
Manav: i still loves you so much. Till my death you will be in my heart only.
Another man: come on Manav, for her Sanskar is more important than you.
Manav: for the mistake done by my elders why i should be punished? Anyways bear it in mind, for me Sanskar is important as he is how much important to you. I never go against him.

He went away. Tear drops escaped Mansi’s eyes. She wipes it.

Swara: bhabi, who is he?
Mansi: i will tell later. Now, we have to meet Guru jee.
Boy: don’t take Madesh(Arpit Ranka) bhai’s word seriously.
Mansi smiles.

They entered the house. Guru jee welcomed them. He is a old person. Mansi and Swara take blessings from him.

Guru jee: now a days Jai chand is behaving weird. He us hurting everyone. But Prithvi is good boy. Don’t mind anything whatever he said.

Swara wonders about whom he is speaking.

Guru jee: About those who argued with your bhabi. I used to call them by that name only.

Again Swara wonders. Because he gave explanation to the thought in her mind.

Mansi smiles at her: Guru jee, we have to do pooja in Sanskar’s family temple and should welcome Him and his wife in palace.
Guru jee: haan, i already told to chottu about Pooja. After to 3 days only it will happen. But palace, You should take care of it Samyukta (again Swara is confused).
Mansi: ok Guru jee. I will take care of it. Then we will take leave.

After they went to palace, Swara: bhabi, why he called you as Samyukta?
Mansi: he used to call me like that only. I don’t kniw why?

Sangini: because you are my chaachi princess Samyukta.

A flash of Mansi in royal princess look is shown.

Mansi: this is third time i am entering thus palace.
Swara: but you spoke with that Guru jee as well known.
Mansi: listen correctly Swara, i am telling this 3rd time i am entering this palce not this place. I will go to that Guru jee’s house from my childhood. Whatever good things happened in our house, we will get permission from him first. He will suggest whether it is good or bad for family.
Swara: oh. Bhabi who are they?
Mansi: their grand dad and Sanskar’s grand dad are business partners. As like their sons also. Me, Sanskar and they both are used to play together in our childhood. But all got separated when Manav’s grand dad asked a share in this palace. He asked it for money only. But Sanskar’s grand dad refused. So, he developed a grudge against Sanskar’s family and vowed to acquire it one day. Before his death he take a promise from his son that no one from that family should not maintàin any friendship with thus family and one day they should buy this palace from Sanskar. At first, Sanskar’s dad wish to give this palace for the sake of friendship. But his friend became enemy and crash papa’s business. It create bitterness in our family too. But Madesh and Manav are good. I don’t know how they are now.
Swara: that Manav told he loves you still. Means whether you loved him.
Mansi remains silent.

Ragini: Stop stop stop
Sanskar panicked: what happened?
Ragini: Sanskar, see that. It is open air cafe. Please Sanskar, we will have a cup of cofee there. See nature surround it.
Sanskar smikes: your wish my order. Let’s go.

Both entered the cafe. Ragini spot a table under a tree.
Ragini: Sanskar, we will sit there. I will bring coffee, you go.
Sanskar: i will bring.
Ragini: no, i will.
Sanskar went silent. When she brings coffee, she saw a group of girls around him. Her temper got raised. She went near to them. Sanskar didn’t notice her.
Girl 1: Sir, you are longitudinal Company chairman na.
Sanskar: no no, i am a Partner. No one is chairman there.
Ragini’s POV: so important for country.
Girl 2: Sir you are so handsome.
Ragini gritted her teeth.
Girl 3: please sir, one selfie.
Sanskar agrees and take selfie with them. That’s it. Ragini become as Goddess Kali.
Sanskar saw Ragini: oh no she is going to dance Ruthra thandav. Girls, i have personel work
Girls: ok, sir. Bye.
Ragini went near to him and scan him from top to bottom. Sanskar smiles at her innocently.
Ragini burst out: how you are smiling Sanskar? Who she is to tell you are handsome? You are taking selfie with them. Why you didn’t deny? Whether you are that much worth to take selfie.(Sanskar raised his eyebrow)
Sanskar: baby, it’s common in business man life.
Ragini: oh ho, that is before marriage. See you deserve punishment.
Sanskar accept it. She brought boiling coffee to have in that chill climate. Out of anger she spilled it on his thigh. Sanskar screams.
Ragini: don’t overact. That became cold before itself. Also, you wear jeans. How it will be hot?
Sanskar pouts: it may be cold, but it contains my jaan’s anger na. So it is hot.
Ragini: then, what i will do, when i spot you with bunch of girls?
Sanskar: they are just fans. I am always yours baby. Please smile naa. Little little.
Ragini smiles and hugs him.
Sanskar: shall we go boating. Ragini nods. Their first day in Ooty went with love and romance.

This chapter ends here.
Hope you guys will like it.
If you have any doubts please ask me.

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