SANGINI: A Warrior Princess (RagSan) – CHAPTER 7 Written Episode

Mansi and Swara returned to home by night. After dinner both went to their respective rooms. Mansi sit on the window sill and saw Moon. She think about today’s incident about Manav and his love for her.


Mansi is standing infront of mirror and she is removing her jewels. She seems to be sad. There is no sparkness in her eyes. Suddenly she notice through mirror someone’s trying to climb into her room. Her eyes widened when she saw that person’s face. She is about to shout before that he closed her mouth with his palm from back. Both eyes met each in mirror. Both lost conscious and stand there as statue. He turns her to face him and hugged her. Mansi push him away.

Mansi: Manav, what are you doing here? That too at this time. If anybody see you, what they will think? Tomorrow is my marriage.
Manav patiently: yeah, i know. Tomorrow is your marriage. But I love You Mansi, from our childhood. I know you too love me.
Mansi turns her back to him: stop talking rubbishly, Manav. I never loved you. Get out from here.
Manav: Your eyes already said to me truth. Please, don’t spoil your life as well as mine.
Mansi: if you marry me means only, your life will be spoiled. Already there are so many problems between our family. After to my parents death mumma and papa (Sanskar’s parents) take care of me as their own daughter. I can’t betray them by denying their decision. Please, Manav go away from here.
She breaksdown in tears. Manav is about to hold her. But she gestures him to go away. Without any option he went out with tears.

Next day, After to wedding Mansi went to her husband home with her husband in his car. Her heart is full of pain. She is going to miss her family, Sanskar. But God thought that her wish is to be fullfilled. Unexpectedly, their Car met with horrible accident. Mansi is injured badly. She is admitted in hospital. She gain conscious only after 2 days, her family is around her. Sanskar smiles at her with tears. His parents too.

Sanskar mom: thank god, for saving my daughter for us.
Sanskar: don’t worry didi, i will be always there for you.
Sanskar’s dad: you are my princess always.

She is confused. Her in laws where not there. Later only, she came to know that her husband died in that accident and her in laws thought her as bad omen and left her.


Tears fall from her eyes. She wiped her tears.

Mansi: Sorry Manav, my this life is only for Sanskar and his family. If possible, we will unite in our next life.

Ooty, next day morning, Ragini and Sanskar where went down to hotel for break fast. While having food. Sanskar caressed Ragini’s foot with his under the table.

Ragini pulled her legs: Sanskar, what are you doing? If anyone see
Sanskar interrupts: what if anyone see, i am caressing my wife’s.
Ragini: Sanskar, can’t you keep your naughtiness inside the room.
Sanskar mischieviously: no way.

After breakfast, they came out, sanskar take car key.
Ragini: Sanskar, we will go by walk.
Sanskar: no way, i won’t let my queen walk in street.
Ragini: Sanskar, be romantic yaar.
Sanskar moves close to her with huge smile.
Ragini push him: Sanskar, i told about walk. See how beautiful sight, if we walk with hand in hand means, how cute it will be? Come on let’s walk.
She hold his hand and they start walking. They went to botanical garden and near by rose garden. Ragini exclaimed at each and every spot.

Ragini: Sanskar, we will go in toy train.
Sanskar: Ragini, it will take 5 hours to finish one raid.
Ragini: so what, we can see so many places. We are here for sight seeing only na. Let’s go.
Sanskar murmurs: she changed the definition of honeymoon.
Ragini: what did you say?
Sanskar: nothing, let’s go.
Ragini smiles at him.
Sanskar’s POV: Anything for this smile.

They went in toy train, they reached botanical garden only after 5 hours. When they resume their walk, it’s already night fall, also it starts raining little. They rush to their hotel room, which is one kilo metre away from there.

Ragini: Sanskar sit here, i will bring towel and dry your hair, otherwise you will caught up with cold.
Ragini brings towel and ordere him to remove his wet shirt and she starts drying his hair. She is still in her wet saree which shows her curves accurately. Sanskar is mesmerized at her.

Ragini: Go and wear anothet shirt.
She tries to dry her hair, sanskar hold heŕ hand. Ragini looks at him.
Sanskar huskily: let me dry you.
His voice itself did something to her. He take the towel from her hand and throw it away. He hold her two hands and pulled her closer to him and he cupped her face. Their eyes met eachother deeply. He started caressing her lips with his. Both closed their eyes and kissed each other intensely. Pouring rain produce heat into them.

Both separate for breathe. Sanskar is not in mood of wasting single minute. He hugged her tightly from back. He removed her hair and plant a kiss on her shoulder.

Ragini moans: Sanskar
He slightly kissed her neck from back and he untied her blouse knot. His fingers caressed her back. She hold a chair tightly. He kissed her bare back. Plant a wet kiss. It constantly produce heat into her. Meanwhile he removed her necklace. He pinned her to wall and gave her a bone crush hug. Still her eyes are closed. His hands travelled from her shoulder to palm and he removed her bangles which shattered on floor. He is standing very close to her that both can feel their hot breath, which make them feel more intense. His lip met her neck and little lower to it. He kissed it passionately while her hands went into his hair and pulled him more closer.

He take her in his arms and went to bed and removed her anklet and kissed her foot and caressed it. He moved little upper and removed her waist chain, while removing it his fingers caressed her bare waist.
Ragini moans: Sanskar
Sanskar smiles and kissed her neck, then he started kissing her belly by removing her saree. He plant a wet kisses all over her belly and finally his lips catched her navel, Ragini clutched the pillow tightly and moans his name. He licked her navel and suck it deeply. Again he kissed it wildly. Her body starts shivering, Sanskar continued his activity and he lean over her and cupped her upper sensual area along with blouse and he starts kneading it softly. He captured her lips and he went wild in kneading her upper sensual area. She struggles to breath and she pushed him away. Then she came over him and plant a kiss all over his Chest and face. Sanskar pulled her more to him.

After a while of their intense love making, both slept in each other embrace, wrapped themselves with blanket tightly.

Next day, Mansi and Swara again went to the palace for cleaning front part.

Mansi: it’s enough, if we clean the kitchen and hall and three rooms and guest room.
Swara: bhabi, i think it will take nearly 1 hour to clean one room. One room itself looks like one house.
Mansi smiles: Swara, this is just front part. Just clean the ceiling and floor. Other things are covered in cloth. So it will take only 20 minutes. If you see entire palace means, you will faint.
Swara: why this much is enough?
Mansi: these are always usable rooms. No one will go to other parts of palce.
Swara: haven’t you seen those, yet?
Mansi: no dear, those are restricted. I don’t know why. Let’s clean, we have to go home early.

They start cleaning the rooms. After cleaning downstairs, they went to upstairs. Swara went to one room and Mansi went to another room. While cleaning, Swara saw a book on dressing table which is covered with cloth. Swara is surprised to see it out. There is no dust on that.

Swara: Bhabi told everything will be covered in cloth, but this book is outside and also, there is no dust. Means, anybody intrude into the house. No chance, then hiw all are kept neatly.

She take a book in her hand, it looks so old and contain hard pages and painting in cover is tampered, she read the book name “SANGINI: A WARRIOR PRINCESS”

She turned the next page and starts reading, it is written in black (Chat coal) as 580 A.D. WAR BETWEEN SINDHALA AND SHAKUNTH EMPIRE.

This chapter ends here.
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