SANGINI: A Warrior Princess (RagSan) Chapter – 8 Written Episode

Swara is cleaning a room. She found a old book which is named as SANGINI: A WARRIOR PRINCESS. Painting on the first page is tampered. She turned to next page and starts reading it.


Suddenly, Swara hear a little girl crying noise outside. She looks outside through window. A little girl is crying due to the fear of dog which stands opposite to her. Swara kept the book on table and she rushed downstairs. Already, Sangini is standing inbetween the child and dog. But except that dog no one knows that. Swara came and take the child in her hand. She try to chase the dog away, but it barked at her. She too afraid. Sangini gave a angry look at dog. It went away.

Swara: what are you doing here baby? Where is your home?
Girl: i came here to pick that flower.

She gestures one side. Swara picks a flower for her.

Swara: where is your home?

Girl gestures to nearby house. Swara accompanies her to her house.

Here, Mansi came to the room, which Swara cleaned. She shouts her name. But no response.

Mansi to herself: where this Swara went?

She turned to go out. Her eyes fell on that book.

Mansi: what book is this? How it came outside?

She take that book in her hand. Flashes of her past went in her mind. She opened the book and touched the writings with her fingers. Flashes of her past in which she is writing came. She looks like mesmerized.
She immersed in reading that book.

580 A.D.

A battlefield is shown. Wherever turn fully sound of slamming swords. In the middle of battle field, soldiers are encouraging their emperor who makes his opponent fall on his feet.

Soldiers: Maharaj Sanskar won.
Female voice(roars): not yet.

Whole battle field went silent. The man who falls in feet of Sanskar lifts his head and shocked at that girl.

Man: Ragini, no.
Ragini: I am a princess of Shakunth empire. I will revenge you for my brothers Jai chand (Arpit Ranka) and Prithvi Raj(Pearl V Puri) defeat.

All soldiers burst into laugh. Sanskar gestures them to silent and he looks at Ragini.

Sanskar: are you going to kill me? You can’t.
Ragini: do you think a girl can’t do this? See my sword. Bloods shed by your soldiers.
Soldiers: attack her Maharaj. You are girl, see your brother condition.

She looks at Prithvi. He is so bad in condition. Tears filled her eyes. It is converted into anger.

Ragini shouts: Mahraraj Sanskar. I won’t let you today. You are a heartless person.
Sanskar calmly: ofcourse, my heart is with you only na, Princess Ragini. But instead i have your heart with me.
Ragini: That Ragini is no more Maharaj. Today this Ragini is brother of Jai chand and Prithvi Raj. She is going to complete her revenge by defeating her cheater lover.
Prithvi struggled to get up: No Ragini, this is war. It’s his duty to save his nation. There is no personal sentiments.
Ragini: that’s why i sacrificed my sentimental obstacle love and came to battle field.
Prithvi: If it is for noble cause means, your sacrifice has value. But our bhaiya (Jai chand) and dad’s intention is wrong.
Ragini down her sword: what do you meant bhaiya?


Swara shouts: Bhabi.

Mansi came to sense and she looks at a book in her hand confusingly. Names of those characters circled in her mind. She kept that book on table and went down.

Mansi: where did you went Swara?
Swara explained her: water bhabi.

In the meantime, Mansi forget about that book.

Sanskar and Ragini walking on the top of hill with holding their hands.

Sanskar: are you sure? This is correct spot.
Ragini: i am sure.
Sanskar: but no one is here.
Ragini: who will walk this much distance?
Sanskar: then why are you walking? (Ragini glares at him) okay, cool.
Ragini: already this place is cool.
Sanskar: yeah, baby. Give me something hot.
Ragini: Sanskar
Sanskar: see no one is here, give me one kiss.
Ragini: Sanskar, no. What if someone came?
Sanskar: no one will come.

He pulled her to him. She dodged his chest. Again, she try to go away. He pulled her again and hold her waist tightly.

Ragini silently: Sanskar, no. It’s public.
Sanskar: your lips is my private.

He moves towards her lips. She closed her eyes. His lips caught her lower lip and he started tasting it. He make his grip around her waist tightened and pulled her even more closer. Sanskar too closed his eyes and both melt in their passionate kiss.

Suddenly, few men who looks like goons move towards them.

This chapter ends here.

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