SANGINI: A Warrior Princess (RagSan) Chapter – 9 Written Episode

Sanskar and Ragini both melt in their passionate kiss. Few goons, move towards them silently, eyeing Ragini’s back. When one of them is about to touch her shoulder, a sand storm came inbetween them. Goons taken back when they saw Sangini came infront of them with angrier look. Ragini and Sanskar didn’t feel that storm but they felt something strange.

Ragini: Sanskar, i felt something strange around us.
Sanskar: yeah, me too. Let’s go from here.

They left that place. Goons gulped their saliva, when Sangini move towards them.

1 goon: she looks like that girl na.
Others nods.

After a while, that goons plead her and cries to leave them.
One of them: forgive us. We won’t do this hereafter.

Sangini looks at them from down. Actually, those guys are floating in the air.

Sangini: forgiveness is only for those who did mistake without any intention. Person who eye a girl with wrong intention should be punished only with death.
Goons: no…no…please
Sangini: you tried to misbehave with my mother. How i will leave you?
Goons: please, show mercy on us.
Sangini: there is no merciness in Sangini’s blood for wrong doers. That too like you guys.

She turns and walk with victory smile while that goons plead for their life.

Next day, Ragini is packing their luggage. Sanskar hugged her from back and thrust his face in her crook of neck.

Ragini: Sanskar, what are you doing? We are getting late.
Sanskar: I want it little more.
Ragini: Sanskar, there also i will be with you only na.
Sanskar: but, once we went there, office works will caught up in mind, tension, etc
Ragini turns and cups his face: i am there to reduce your tension. Not yet we reached Mumbai but you started worrying about office now itself like school boy.
Sanskar let out a single breath and pecked her forehead: let’s go.
By night, they reached Munbai.

Next day, morning.Sanskar is getting ready to go to office.

Sanskar: Ragini, where is my file?
Ragini: which file?
Sanskar: come and search it.

Ragini entered room with thinking about which file Sanskar is asking. Suddenly she felt a strong hold around her waist, she closed her eyes and open it slowly. Sanskar is smiling mischieviously at her.

Ragini: Sanskar, you pulled my life out in a second.
Sanskar: who will hold my wife with that much guts other than me?
Ragini: what do you want now?
Sanskar: winks at her.
Ragini: Sanskar, morning itself. That too you have to go to office.
Sanskar: don’t over think. I just want a warm kiss.
Ragini: whatever, no is my answer.
Sanskar: is it? But in girls language no means yes.
Ragini: ahaan, who told?
Sanskar: i know girls psychology.

By saying that, he move towards her lips and peck it and let her go with smile. He too went down after get ready.

Mansi: Sanskar, today we are going to our temple. Ragini, do you know about that place?
Ragini: haan, bhabi. He told about that place.
Sanskar: but didi, i have to go to office.
Mansi: Sanskar, it’s a ritual to go to temple. We will go by evening. You go to office now. I invited Laksh too. Tomorrow is saturday, you will have only half day work. Just half day work Sanskar. See, Ragini’s family is coming. Laksh and his family. All are agreed.
Sanskar: okay didi, if Laksh agreed means, no problem. When we will return?
Mansi: we will return by Sunday night.

Sanskar nods and had breakfast. Then, he left to office.

Ragini: thank you, bhabi for inviting my family and Laksh family.
Mansi smiles: Ragini, we all are one family.
Ragini smiles: i am excited to go to that place bhabi.
Mansi: even me too, because we all are going together na. Then it will be like family trip and funny more than holy trip. However, tomorrow only we have to go to temple, then sunday wd will have fun in palace.
Ragini smiles: haan, bhabi.

Sanskar entered Laksh’s cabin.

Sanskar: hi, Laksh.
Laksh: hi, Sanskar. How is your honeymoon?
Sanskar: thanks for everything.
Laksh: i will punch you, if you say thanks again.
Sanskar: what and all happened in this one week?
Laksh: nothing important. By the way, for our much more investment shall we put our shares in stock exchange. Just an idea.
Sanskar: why Laksh? Whether there is any shortage in money? I will bring fund, stock exchange is risky. It might lead to lost our ownership.
Laksh: there is no shortage, to extend our business level. You are right, we will take up from profit.
Sanskar: if i have to bring up fund means also, i am ready.
Laksh: no need, Sanskar.

Sanskar went to his cabin and start his work. Evening, Laksh went to Sanskar’s cabin.

Laksh: Sanskar, shall we go?
Sanskar: hmmm. Let’s go.
Laksh: i will join you in your home.

Both left the office. Sanskar reached home. He fall on his bed due to tiredness.

Ragini: Sanskar, get ready. Go and take bath. We have to reach there before night fall.
Sanskar lazily: what life is this? Everything is done in urgency. Give me towel.

He came out after a while. Feel of cool water on his skin gave him new energetic mood. Ragini gave him his casual wear.

Sanskar: how i am looking?
Ragini: handsome.
She gave him a flying kiss with her two hands. He pulled her waist. Ragini didn’t expect this from him at that time.

Ragini: Sanskar
Sanskar: i know perfectly well, once we went there, we can’t even see each other properly. So, please let me kiss you.
Ragini flung her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. His lips captured her lower lips and tasting it in hunger. She reciprocate him the same. Due to balance they move and atlast hit the wall. Their passionate kiss is not broken all that time. He lifted her little to make their kiss more tastier and passionate. After a while, he released her lips and kissed her whole face and he came down to neck and kissed her crook. Plant a wet kisses and strong kisses on her neck and little lower of her neck. She hold him tightly.

Ragini moans: Sanskar, stop it.
Sanskar looks at her and again kissed her lips wildly.
Ragini thinks as they will lost their control so, she tried hard and pushed him away and ran out of the room. Sanskar looks disappointed.

Ragini and Laksh’s family reached Sanskar’s home. Ragini hugged her mom with happy tears. Sanskar is happy to see Ragini’s happiness.

Swara: Sanskar, how is your honeymoon? Did you get your honey?
Janaki: Swara, call him jeju.
Laksh: oh, she called him by his name, that is only big mistake. Don’t you hear what she asked him? Aunty, teach her some shyness. So, that she will stop talking rubbish.
Swara: you don’t have right to comment my manner of speaking.
Sujatha: will you two stop arguing atleast for these two days?
Swara: aunty, your son only started it.
Janaki: chup.

They reached the palace by night. Everyone admiring at its antique look.

Sangini’s POV: Time to complete my parents work which they started and my vow.

This chapter ends here.
Hope you all like it.

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