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The Episode starts with Soumya praying to Mata Rani in the temple and asks if there is no corner for her and says she wants to spend her life peaceful with Soham there. Harman calls her and asks where is she? Soumya says she is coming and is on the way. She prays to Mata Rani and asks her to help her get her rights. Preeto tells Raavi that they will have food after Soumya comes, just then she comes home. Preeto asks about Soham. Harak Singh asks if they troubled Soham. Harman says she must be hungry, let her eat first. Preeto asks her to have food. Harman feeds food to Soumya with his hand. He asks if she met Soham. Soumya thinks about Sunaina and Sweety not letting her see him. She tells that Soham cries and then keeps quiet. He plays and smiles. Raavi asks did they give Soham to you? Soumya says yes, and says they gave me Soham to make him quiet. She tells Harak Singh that Mallika didi, Chameli and others came to Sukha’s house, and tells that she told her that she saw Gary hiding weapons in the toys truck. Harak Singh says nothing will happen and asks her to have food.

In the room, Harman asks Soumya if they let her meet Soham. Soumya says whenever she tried to see him, they used to hide him. She says she has done all the work, but they didn’t let her meet him. She cries hugging him, and tells that she will go tomorrow also and will get the proofs against them. Harman says you shall get the fruit for your work and takes out wine bottle from the cupboard and asks Soumya to come. He goes to Sukha’s house and calls everyone. Sukha comes out along with others and feels pity on Harman’s condition. Harman acts drunk and says you all are a coward and used a baby to take out enmity. He signs Soumya. Soumya goes inside and takes baby in her hand and kisses him. She plays with him. Gurmeet asks you came again? He threatens to beat him again.

Neighbor comes and asks him to go. Harman asks Gurmeet to lift him. Sukha says he is my son. Harman says he is just your son and asks him to lift him and put him on ground. Varun says decision shall be done, if Harak Singh’s wrestling is deep or Gurmeet’s 10 years old revenge. Harman challenges him. Sukha says there will be wrestling between you both. Soumya feeds milk to baby and make him sleep. She keeps the bottle back. Sukha asks Gurmeet to show that his blood is not water. Harman recalls promising Soumya that he will not fight with anyone. Gurmeet is about to attack Harman. Harman asks him to stop and looks at Soumya, who came out and hides. He tells that today he is not in a mood to fight and says we will fight some other day. He says good night and asks them to sleep. He walks away from there.

Harman asks Soumya if she saw Soham. Soumya says she played with Soham, held him, fed him and made him sleep. She says she felt peaceful seeing him and thanks him. Harman says today he did something different and acted to be drunk for the first time without drinking wine. He asks her to tell Soham whatever he has done. Soumya says surely. He says lets go outside. Harman says we will tell him everything. Soumya says we shall sit here for sometime and talk.

In the morning, Harman comes to Soumya and says good morning Gulabo. She asks him to let her sleep. He asks her to drink tea and check the time. She checks the time and asks why you didn’t wake me up before. She tells that she will take bath and go. Harman asks her to have tea first. Soumya thanks him. Harman says rest is good. Soumya says you are here to take care of me and asks where is your tea? Harman says I brought tea with the hope that…Soumya makes him drink tea.

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