Shakti 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Soumya finds out Varun’s vicious plan Written Episode

Shakti 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman and his family showing the proofs to Lawyer. Lawyer says this was enough and says court will open on Monday. Varun’s lawyer tells him to give baby for adoption immediately and says Soumya must have collected proofs by now. Shanno tries to inform Varun. Soumya takes the phone and asks her to return her favor which she did and helped her deliver her child. Varun calls her. Shanno lies to him and makes an excuse. Harak Singh tells that they have to keep an eye on Sukha’s house. Saya comes there and says we will help you and keep eye on Sukha’s house. Lawyer says nobody shall know what we are going to do. Varun asks Lawyer to call his clients for adoption of baby today in the evening. Sunaina and Sweety say the same. Lawyer says ok. Saya asks Kinnars to keep eye on the house and see who is going with whom? She hears Sukha telling that Party is happening at 7 pm and asks someone to decorate the house. Saya calls Harak Singh and tells that Sukha kept Jashn at his house. Harak Singh asks her to keep an eye. Soumya tells them that Sukha and his family will not waste money for Jashn and tells that she will go there.

In the party, Sukha tells the guests that he became pure after coming out from jail and got a son, bahu and grand child. Lawyer comes with the couple. Varun takes them to room and says he is forced to give the baby for adoption due to the circumstances. He says he has some conditions and gives a list to him. Harak Singh and his family come there. Sukha insults them telling that Harman worked as a Servant in his house. Lawyer asks the couple to complete his condition. Soumya hears them and comes infront of the couple’s car. She asks the man. Man asks her to go. Saya and others come there and ask him to say. Man confesses that they came to see the baby for adoption, and tells that they had called them to give the baby for adoption. Saya records the statement. Preeto asks where is Soumya. Soumya tells everything to Harman. Harman asks her to be quiet. Lawyer calls Varun and says Soumya came to know about the baby adoption. Varun thinks so that’s what she was sharing with Harman and thinks to give the baby for adoption before Monday. He calls off the party and asks everyone to leave. They all leave.

Varun tells Sukha about Soumya and others knowing about the adoption. Soumya tells Preeto that she will stay there. Harak Singh asks her to let them stay there. Preeto says we will stay here too. Saya asks them to go, but Soumya says she will be there. Harak Singh tells Preeto that they shall be in the park and go there. He says I would have taught wrestling to Soumya if I had known her since childhood. He says she is weak. Preeto tells that Soumya is strong and gives strength to Harman. She asks if he had accepted her to be his bahu if he had known her. Harak Singh says they have to concentrate on future.

Harman makes Soumya wear his jacket and tells that she is delicate and feels cold, but not him. Saya and others are waiting. Sukha and Varun see them outside. Varun says if they sit here then we can’t give the baby for adoption. Sukha says Police will come if they sit till morning. Harman rubs his hand and puts on Soumya’s cheeks to give her warmth. Soumya smiles.

In the morning, Police comes there. Sukha says they did hungama all night and says I thought Harak jija ji will come, but they didn’t come. Inspector asks if they are doing dharna here. Harman says we were just sitting here. Varun tells Inspector that they want to steal his baby and asks him to arrest him. Saya and others are hiding. Saya informs Harak Singh on call. Harman tells that they sat outside after the party. Inspector threatens baby.

Varun and Sweety take the baby in car. Soumya runs behind the car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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