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The Episode starts with Harak Singh telling Preeto that he wouldn’t have seen this day if he had accepted Soumya long back. Preeto says best part is we are standing for each other becoming each others’ strength and we have accepted her, our family is together and complete now. Saya asks everyone to come and have food. Preeto tells Harak Singh that the kinnars are their other family members, and they shall have food with them. They come and sit for having food. Preeto asks Veeran, Shanno and Harak Singh, if they don’t want to have food and says they have even same ration as in our house, but the love is more here. She asks Veeran to have food. Veeran, Shanno and Harak Singh have food. Soumya is sitting sad. Harman asks her to eat for family members atleast. Soumya eats for family. She asks Preeto to talk to Mata Rani and asks Saya to pray to Aravan Devta for support. She says she wants both of their blessings bestowed on them.

Next morning, Harak Singh, Harman, Soumya and others pray to Mata Rani. Harak Singh asks Mata Rani to give some understanding to everyone like giving to him. Soham starts crying. Soumya asks him not to cry and says if we don’t go now then our family can’t stay together. Harman asks Soham to smile. Soham smiles. Harman says he knows that we are going to fight for him. Harak Singh and Harman come to their lawyer’s house. Lawyer tells that he can’t fight the kinnar’s case as the case will be dismissed in the first hearing itself. Varun’s lawyer tells him that a kinnar’s case will not be taken by any lawyer. Harman gets angry at his lawyer.

Lawyer goes to kitchen when his wife calls him. She says we have to bear a kinnar at our house. Lawyer says what to do, we can’t afford Harak Singh’s punches and kinnar’s curse and asks her to give tea. She says she will serve tea to Soumya in old cup and then will throw it. Harman and Soumya hear them and go inside the kitchen. Lawyer says cup was less so we used old one. Soumya says it really don’t matter to me, if someone or villagers force me to have food in dirty vessels, and says I just request you to fight case and give me Soham. She takes the tea and says I can drink tea in this old dirty cup. She takes a sip. Harman asks if she drinks tea alone, and takes tea and drinks it. He tells Lawyer that their blessings get touched too. Lawyer Sehgal and his wife feel bad seeing their love.

Lawyer gets ready to fight the case and tells that he wants to support them seeing Harman supporting Soumya. He says he needs a witnesses who tell that they are not affected by her kinnar truth and she can be a good mother. Harman says all my family members will support us. Lawyer tells that they need outsiders’ statement. They come home. Preeto says our villagers tried to kill us and will not support us. Harak Singh asks Shanno and asks her father who is a sarpanch in other village, to get some people to witness infavour of Soumya. Shanno says he will not agree and call them there by scolding me. Harman asks Soumya not to worry and says tomorrow they will go to court to appeal.

In the court, Sehgal tells Judge that this case is critical and controversial as one side is society and other side is kinnar. Judge surprisingly asks Kinnar? Harman gets up and says my wife is a kinnar. Sehgal asks Judge to give the verdict of the case before this case takes some other avatar. Varun’s lawyer enters the court and says we want the baby and this kinnar to reach at their suitable places. Varun’s lawyer gives some papers. Judge says we will tell about the verdict in next hearing seeing the sensitivity of a case. Everyone comes out of court.

Neighbors bring some people and protest against Harak Singh, and Soumya. Panch guy spits and says it is for Harak Singh and his family for sheltering a kinnar. Varun tells Harman that he is doubting to call her Soumya bhabhi ji or kinnar bhabhi ji. He says it was one-one fight, and now fight between society and you. He says everyone is getting cursed by this society. Varun’s Lawyer asks Sehgal why did he take kinnar’s case and insults him. Sukha threatens him of the danger ahead. People throws rotten tomatoes on Harak Singh and his family. Sarpanch and others smile.

Precap: Sukha’s goons and villagers enter Saya’s house and tattoes ‘main kinnar hun’ on Soumya’s forehead. Later the goons run behind Sehgal to kill him. Sehgal runs for his life. New Lawyer Rajat makes an entry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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