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The Episode starts with Harman trying to stand on his feet knowing Soumya went to Singapore. Preeto says how you will walk? Inspector says once you stand on your feet, you will go to Police station. Harak Singh scolds him. Soumya is at the girl’s house and wakes up shockingly calling Soham. Girl comes and tells her about Nishant Bhalla, a big business whose wife Shruti lost her baby recently. She says if you talk to them then they might understand your situation. Soumya says she have his phone number and asks if they can trace the number. Girl says it is not easy to locate their address using phone without court notice in Singapore. Soumya says what we will do? Girl says I know someone who might help us. She asks her to have tea fast.

Nishant arranges pool side party and tells that he wants everything to be blissful for his wife Shruti. The man arranging the party tells that all arrangements is done. Girl meets a Singaporean guy and asks for his help. He locates the address and gives to Soumya. He says I hope you find your son. Harak Singh and Preeto stand out while Harman tries to walk with nurse help. Preeto tries to help him. Harak Singh stops him and says he has to struggle to stand on his own feet and says this struggle will make him win in life.

Nishant thanks the guests for coming and asks Raj to bring the cake. They bring the cake. Nishant says today is the special day for us as we are celebrating the birth of our son. Soumya comes there and says he is my son.. Namo Namo plays…….Soumya warns him not to call her son as his son. Shruti asks who is she? Nishant says may be some mad girl and says I will see. He stops them and asks them to come out, as guests are here and it doesn’t look nice. They go out near the pool. Soumya tells Nishant that Soham is her son. Nishant tells her that he has adopted Soham and shows Varun’s pic, says his mother is dead. Soumya tells her about Surbhi’s death and everything. Nishant tells that he didn’t know anything about this. He tells that Shruti lost the baby few months back. He asks her to give him some time. Soumya says I understand and asks him to take his time. He goes back to party. Soumya thinks Harman ji, we found Soham. Nishant and Shruti cut the cake. Everyone claps. Shruti asks who was that girl? Nishant says mad girl and calls Police.

Inspector comes to Harman and asks him to get ready to come to Police station. Harak singh asks if he couldn’t see that he is a patient. Soumya calls Preeto and informs her that they will get Soham in sometime. Preeto gets happy. Soumya tells Riya that Soham united the family members. After the party ends, Riya tells Soumya that they shall go and talk to Nishant. They see Police stopping them. Riya says he has played a game with us. Soumya tries to go to Soham and shouts his name. Shruti asks Nishant about Soumya. Nishant says she is mad and says you know that he is Nick. Riya and Soumya take help from the people on the beach. Nishant sees that and sends Police to arrest them. Police comes to them and says you are not supposed to enter here and arrests them. Riya tries to stop them. They get arrested by the Police. Nishant calls the lawyer and asks whose baby, he has given to him. He says a girl came here and doing drama infront of all. Lawyer calls Varun and adds Bhalla to the conference call. Bhalla asks Varun about Soumya. Varun asks him to see what he can do and says baby is your responsibility now. Nishant Bhalla tells that we have adopted the baby legally so nothing will happen to us. He says I will complaint against you. Varun says I will see what to do.

Police officer tells that Nishant is a good man and he didn’t arrest her because of him, and says he has legally adopted the baby. Riya tells Soumya that she will get him engaged in talks and asks her to go silently to Nishant, else he will go with the baby. Soumya runs.

Varun tells his Lawyer that Soumya reached Singapore. Lawyer tells that he got done many adoptions, but never saw such woman who went following the baby. Varun says it is really surprising, how did she go alone, Harman is in hospital. Soumya runs and see Nishant and Shruti walking outside towards their car. They sit in the car. Soumya silently sits in the car decky while he drives off.

Precap: Soumya comes running to Nishant and Shruti and ask them to give the baby. Nishant guards stop Soumya and hold her hands. Harman reaches there and fights with them. Soumya smiles seeing him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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