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The Episode starts with Harman asking Sarpanch to give baby to them and punish Varun and others for accusing them to steal the baby. Sarpanch tells that there is no doubt that Varun gave baby for adoption and accused Soumya wrongly. He says Panchayat will take decision against you. Varun says I gave my son for adoption as I want to see him safe. He says he is my son and these people are his enemy and my enemy. He says I wanted to keep my son away from them and that’s why gave the baby for adoption. Soumya asks why did you lie to them that you wanted to give baby for adoption as his mother is dead. She asks why did you snatch baby from us and got married for him. She says when you brought a girl for him then why did you give baby. Sweety asks her to mind her language. Soumya says if you are Varun’s wife then you are Soham’s mum too and asks why did you give baby to adoption. Varun says because of your danger and tells that he is afraid of them. Neighbors tell that baby shall be given to Soumya as she is his maasi. Sarpanch says villagers will talk to neighbors and will take the verdict. He says tomorrow Panchayat will come again tomorrow and give the verdict. Harak Singh tells Sukha that once they get Soham, then they will settle the scores with him. Panchayat’s man asks Soumya not to worry and says decision will be in your favour. Soumya and Harman thank him. Preeto says now everyone knows what is the truth? She says I am sure. Harak Singh says decision will be in our favour. He says our bahu rani worked really hard to get Soham with true heart and that hard work will not go waste. Veeran comes there and says I talked to many people, everyone is in our favour. Soumya says no court can separate us from our Soham. Preeto says we feel good seeing your confidence. Soumya says now I have become a mother and when all family members are with me, then my confidence becomes strong. Preeto asks her to be confident always. They go home. Harman asks Soumya if Soham slept. Soumya says he slept just now. Harman asks her to come. Preeto comes and asks Soumya to go with Harman. He takes her outside and says he will celebrate the coffee date with her. They sit to have coffee date. Tu Hi mera khuda plays……Harman romances with Soumya and says what anyone will say, that we love each other madly and are dancing. He asks her to come…Soumya dances with him…jo mere dil ko dil banati hai….dhadak…song plays……

Varun and Sukha are drinking wine. They think about Sarpanch and Harak Singh’s words. Sukha says we are not able to drink this and says we have lost from a woman and says she showed your value and asks are you suitable to be called as a man. Varun says we have to find some way. Sukha asks him to wear bangles and saree and tell Sarpanch that he is a woman and can handle his baby. He says you are impotent for not been able to raise your own child and says when Soham grows up, he will called Harman as Papa. He calls him impotent and failure again. Varun gets angry and shouts Soumya.

Neighbors tell Sarpanch that baby shall be handed over to Soumya else Varun will give the baby to adoption again. Sarpanch asks them about Varun and his family. Neighbors tell that he knows that the decision will not be in his favor so he didn’t come. He asks villagers who are in Soumya’s favour. Everyone raises their hand infavour of Soumya. Soumya thanks them. Panchayat Sarpanch gives the verdict that the baby shall be handed over to soumya. Varun comes there and says wrong decision. Sukha, Gurmeet, Sweety and others come there with him. Everyone looks at them. Sarpanch asks what is wrong in this and says we all know that a woman has more motherly love than a man and Soumya is mausi of this baby. Varun says everyone’s love is less infront of mother’s less, and if she is Maasi then it adds to the love. He says motherly love and maasi will be there if she is a woman. Soumya, Harman, Harak Singh are shocked. Sukha and Sunaina smirks. Preeto holds Soumya. Harman asks what nonsense. Harak Singh says I will kill you today. Sukha says it is not easy to shoot. Sarpanch asks Harak Singh to calm down. Sarpanch asks Varun to tell. Varun says she will have motherly feeling only if she is a woman, but Soumya is a kinnar. Everyone is shocked.

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