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The Episode starts with Sukha asking Varun to say. Varun says I am telling truth, a kinnar is staying as bahu and biwi in Gurdaspur and the panchayat wants to snatch baby from a father and wants to give to kinnar. Sukha says if I had known this truth today then I would have made you and your family sit on a donkey and get humiliated. He says thankfully I got to know about this last night. A fb is shown, Varun tells that Sukha Mama called me impotent and inauspicious due to a kinnar. He says I didn’t feel pain when my parents died, but I am feeling utmost pain today. He thinks he can’t get defeated by a kinnar. Sukha hears him and asks what he said about Soumya. Varun says kinnar. Sukha slaps him and asks if Harak Singh’s bahu is a kinnar. Varun says yes, he is saying truth. Sukha asks him to tell in Panchayat and says I am with you, says Harak Singh can’t even touch you. He asks do you have the courage to say. Fb ends. Sukha asks Harak Singh to keep his respect in control and says your own people of your community will take your procession. Sarpanch asks him to say. Sukha says he is saying truth and says when he told me, I couldn’t believe. Neighbors gossip and asks how we couldn’t know. Veeran asks Sukha how you can blame your jija. Sukha says I am sad to say that he is my Jija. Sarpanch says we want to know the truth. Harak Singh says they all are lying. Harman asks Soumya not to worry. Some goons hold Harman. Sukha says we are telling truth. Varun says Harak Singh’s family have special relation with kinnars. Harman says neither me nor my son is related to anything. He asks Soumya to come and are leaving. Varun stops him and says your wife is kinnar. This truth needs to come out. He says I knew this and thought Mama ji’s respect as my respect. He says I have to tell this to get my son back.

Sarpanch asks Harak Singh if this is truth. Harak Singh says Varun is provoking the people. Harman says I am her husband and knows the truth. He asks why are you interfering and says we are leaving. Neighbors tell that we shall know. Other neighbors tell that how can his bahu be kinnar. Other neighbors tell that Harman remarried, but no baby was born. Harman says I have fault in myself. Harak Singh asks Preeto to take them. Sukha says this decision shall be made in front of Panchayat, if the baby shall be given to Kinnar or not. Sweety says if she is a kinnar, then what she knows about motherly love. She says if she is a kinnar then she has no right to raise the baby. Soumya hugs Harman and tells that she will not give her son to anyone.

Harman assures her. Harak Singh says I will see you. Sukha asks neighbors if they want to know that a kinnar is staying in this society or not. They all ask them to tell. Sarpanch says I want to know. Harman asks Soumya to come. Sarpanch asks villagers to surround Harak Singh and his family. Varun and Sukha smirks. Harak Singh, Preeto and Raavi hold their hand to protect Harman and Soumya. Sarpanch asks Harman to tell. Varun asks him to ask Soumya to keep hand on baby’s head and tell that she is not a kinnar and says I will agree. Harman says Soumya will not swear. A woman asks them to call the doctor. Preeto gets angry and asks do you know who we are. She says nobody will come infront of us. Chameli comes to Saya running and tells that Varun told in the Panchayat and asking Soumya to swear on Soham that she is not a kinnar. Saya says Soumya is in trouble, we shall go there. Neighbors ask Soumya to say the truth and say we want to know the truth. Varun and Sukha smirks again. The neighbors shout asking Soumya to say the truth. Harman asks Soumya not to worry and says you tell that there is a strength of love and asks her to tell the truth to everyone. Soumya nods no. Sukha and his family smiles. Harman asks Soumya to see around her and says all family is with us and asks her to tell and show their love power. Nani is boiling milk in the house when she touches the utensils and the milk bowl falls down. Maninder and beeji come there. Nani tells him that she is getting bad thoughts. Maninder says what worse can happen now and says big inauspicious is Soumya. Saya and other kinnars reach there.

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