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The Episode starts with Harman telling Soumya that they all are with her. Harak Singh says no need to give life for someone. He says that he don’t need this society and says he don’t need to be good in anyone’s eyes, and want to die being good to his family members. People come to Maninder’s house angrily. An old man asks are you a father of a kinnar girl. Maninder, bebe and Nani get shocked. The villagers ask Maninder to leave with his family and try to kick them out. Nani says it is not a sin to be a kinnar. Nani, Bebe and Maninder ask them to leave them. The villagers tell that they will burn the house after kicking them out. Saya comes there and asks them to stop. Villager says this is our matter. Saya says this is our matter too. Villager gives 24 hours to maninder and says they can’t let a kinnar father stay here. Maninder says his respect is ruined and now they will call her kinnar’s father. He says I wished that I would have killed her that day. Saya says you shouldn’t hate your daughter. Maninder asks what shall I do? Saya tells that if you had accepted the truth then this wouldn’t have happened. Nani says she will go there. Saya stops her and says circumstances are very bad. Sarpanch, Sukha, Varun and villagers release poisonous gas inside. Everyone coughs.

A villager tell that they shall not forget that a baby is inside and can get harmed. Sukha says let the baby gets sacrificed for killing that kinnar. Sarpanch nods. Other neighbors come and tell that they will kill that kinnar. Everyone go to a room and closes the door, but still smoke comes inside. Soham gets unconscious. Soumya cries and tells everyone. Preeto checks the baby and wipes his face with water. Baby Soham starts crying. Harak Singh, Soumya and others take a sign of relief. Soumya tries to go out and says atleast they will not harm my family taking my blood. Harman says you will not go out. Soumya says let me go. Harman says I took rounds with you and sworn to protect you always. He says your re not just my wife, but my son’s mother. He says I will go out. Gurmeet says we shall burn the house with petrol and then they will come out. More people gather there with a dummy with Soumya’s pic. Preeto says nobody will go out. Harman says Mata Rani will solve the problem. Nasiba song plays. The villagers burn the dummy and tell that they will burn the house. Sukha gets happy.

Nani comes and asks how you will burn. She says Soumya’s Nani is alive. Harak Singh and his family pray to Mata Rani. Harak Singh sees smoke not coming and keeps the rotating fan near the window. Soumya says Mata rani heard us and hugs Harman. Harman reminds Soumya of her promise to Surbhi and says we won’t let anything happen to you. Preeto says nobody can shaken up our house. Nani says I will take Soumya very far from here. The villager tell that they will throw stones on her. Sukha signs them and says she is her nani, let her take Soumya from inside. Neighbor asks how can we let her go. Sukha says once Soumya comes out, we will do what we want.

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