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Siddhi Vinayak 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjari refuses to believe it but Urvashi insists it was she who killed Rudra. I did it so I can rule this house. I shot him! Flashback shows Rudra and Siddhi struggling for the gun. URvashi watches them from a corner and shoots at Rudra thereby killing him. Manjari is shocked to realise that Siddhi is innocent. I thought it was Siddhi who had killed my Rudra but it wasn’t her. She starts slapping Urvashi. Urvashi breathes her last. Lady constable checks her pulse and confirms that she is no more. Manjari shouts / cries for Rudra’s baby. What just happened!
Shankar says you killed your elder son’s kid with your own hands and confessed your evil thoughts against your second son in front of him.

Manjari tries to caress Vin’s face but he shifts. What did you lack Ma? You tried to even take my sign stealthily when I was unconscious. You only wanted my property? I would have given you everything if you had told me once! You were everything for me but i was nothing for you. You could have just ordered me. All this was not required. Shankar adds that she had everything but her greed has turned her into a beggar today! Siddhi says I tried to warn you so many times but you did not pay heed. Rajvir and Prachi say the same thing. You have fallen so much. What did Urvashi get in the end? Manjari agrees that she turned blind in her greed and put every relation at stake. She apologizes to Shankar with folded hands. I love you with all my heart. I don’t know what I did and why. I could not see the difference between right or wrong. I could only see money! She walks up to Vin. I have hurt my loved ones. She tells Siddhi she was right. I would have been the happiest woman of the world if I had listened to you but I ended up becoming the worst woman in my greed. I don’t deserve to live. She picks a gun but Siddhi throws it away. I wont let you do any mistake again. I was against you as you wanted to hurt my family. I have nothing against you now that you have realized your mistake. You complete our family and are an important part too. Please surrender to police if you want to do penitence for your mistakes. Manjari nods. Siddhi says it will be a punishment for all of us. We will all be away from each other but the entire family will welcome you when you will come home. Manjari nods tearfully and pats at her head. Kundra Family joins hands together. Siddhi remarks that Siddhi Vinayak’s entire family will wait eagerly for the most important person of our family. Police arrests Manjari.

Siddhi and Vinayak pull Bappa’s idol out of water. Siddhi apologizes to him for the trouble. Shankar smiles. Bappa never gets upset with his kids. They all join hands in reverence. Gauri requests them to turn into Bappa for her too. Shankar is furious with her. She apologizes to him. I did not come here to seek a part in your property but in your hearts. Siddhi had made me understand but I was still swayed. I am just a poor soul. Give me one chance. I will be the best DIL. Siddhi speaks in her favour. I have no qualms with her. Please forgive her. Shankar pats at Gauri’s head. Gauri cries in relief.

Vin is dressed as a groom. Gauri says they have been through so much but things are finally falling in place. Rajvir says Vin must be so impatient right now. Siddhi comes downstairs dressed as a bride. Vin is mesmerised by her. They all smile as he looks at her without blinking his eyes. Siddhi jokes that maybe it is not his desinty to marry her in his senses. He smiles. I get lost whenever I see you. This has been there since childhood. They both smile. Rajvir and Prachi are very happy to see Siddhi Vinayak together finally. Rajvir says even we did not start our life on a good note. Why don’t we start afresh? They both pull each other’s cheeks and share a hug. Siddhi and Vinayak get married following all the rituals.

Vinayak: this is the moment for which I have been dreaming since the age when I was not even aware of the meaning of marriage. Now, with Bappa’s grace, that dream is coming true.

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