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Pari sips the drink while staring at Rohan. It chokes her. Arnav was concerned, while Rohan walks to spat her back. She was fine. Pari scolds Arnav what it was in the drink, she was about to die. Before Arnav could speak, Pari walks behind Rohan. Sukhmani asks Arnav if Pari liked the ring. Arnav says it chocked her throat, she didn’t watch it. Sukhmani felt bad as it ruined Arnav’s love story.
Veer joins Rohan for a drink at the bar. Veer asks Rohan when he will marry. Rohan asks him to stop this drama, he believes marriage means compromising one’s independence. Veer spots Mishti and calls her around, then tells Rohan that he will never snatch Mishti’s independence after marriage as well. He must marry if he meets someone like Mishti. Rohan stares at Mishti and asks if Veer is right and he should marry someone like Mishti. Mishti replies it’s his life, his decision. Pari joins them and thanks Rohan for that day. Rohan explains to Mishti he helped her friend one day. Veer introduces Pari as Mishti’s sister and the function organizer. Pari complains Rohan must not have clicked a single photo. Veer introduces Rohan to Pari as the fashion photographer. Rohan takes Pari’s hand in his while greeting her. Pari was apologetic and says she thought he was wedding photographer from Veer’s side. Rohan looks towards Mishti and says it’s alright, there have been many misunderstandings already; like Pari felt him as some goon at first sight. And, he felt as if Pari is the event organizer. And in that party…. He thinks about misperceiving Pari was Veer’s fiancé. Sukhmani comes to take Rohan for a few amazing pictures to be uploaded on social media. Veer joins them. Mishti asks Pari how she knows him. Pari says he had helped her the other day when the petrol in her scooty had finished. Mishti was curt over Rohan.
Mishti brings Rohan aside and questions what he wants from her, why he questioned that he should marry some girl just like her. Rohan replies it was a simple question of her opinion. Mishti inquires why her opinion matters to him. He is extremely wrong if he established some opinion after that kiss, it was only a dare by her Sukhmani. She could have kissed any guy that day, just to complete that dare. If he wants to threaten her that he can tell Veer, she will tell Veer himself. Rohan finally place his finger over her mouth and asks her to relax, it was just a kiss.
Pari comes outside with a bottle of drink. She finds Rohan’s camera on the table and scrolls the photos in it. Rohan comes from behind and says its bad manners to touch someone else’s belongings. He takes the camera off her hand, the drink spills over her dress. He was apologetic, but Pari apologizes instead. He offers her a seat while Pari offers her a drink. Pari says when she met him the other day, she thought he was extremely rude. She feels extreme cold and says it is for the first time she felt cold in Mumbai; she then felt hot. Rohan was rude and tells her to say what she wants to. He leaves, Pari regrets behaving badly.
Ansh comes to Mishti and Veer, he was happy that finally he got a company. There will be someone in the house who can take his side all the time. Mishti was clueless. Veer tells Mishti that Dadi kept Rohan as PG. Someone calls them for family photos. Rohan clicks the photos. Mishti tells Radhika that Rohan can’t stay as PG in their house. He shares a curt stare with Rohan. Later, Radhika tells Mishti that Veer might mind it. Mishti says she will speak to Veer. Pari and Ansh also second Radhika. Radhika says Rohan paid four months’ rent in advance, he wish to hire a good apartment; and he is Veer’s friend and he might dislike it now. Radhika convince Mishti that it’s an extra earning. Pari tells Mishti that Veer might actually dislike if they now deny. Veer comes there. Radhika tells Veer that Rohan can come to live over their place anytime. Veer was happy that they can now live relaxed.
The next morning, Mishti was curt and shouts at Pari that no one wants to listen to her stance. Everyone would regret not listening to her and let Rohan stay here. Radhika comes to take Pari to some relative with sweet. Pari tells Dadi she has a lot of work to do, and can take Ansh. Dadi drags Pari anyway. Rohan was decorating his room and comes finding hammer. He comes to Radhika’s room and spots the photographs of Mauli, Kunal, Dida and Ishaan. He doesn’t turn his back to them out of respect. Mishti came out of bath when Rohan reaches her door.

PRECAP: Rohan lay on his bed with tissue paper of Mishti’s lipstick print. Pari tells Arnav that Mishti has a problem with Rohan, though Rohan doesn’t interfere in others’ matters. Arnav asks Pari why she likes Rohan. Pari says he must be good as he is Veer’s friend, he is cute as well.

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