Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Mouli is in deep pain Written Episode

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mouli enquire about Kunal health. Kunal ask Mouli why did she hidden that she has complications in her pergency? Mouli ask which complications? Kunal says now I understand why you were irriatated, frustrated, angry and stay away from me. I always wanted to have kids and start new life, now I shall not force you. I want baby but not on before you. For everyone me, dida and mom you and your health is first. Mouli stop him and ask which complications are you talking about? Kunal says I read your pregency report. Mouli smile and say that its Mouli Mehra my patient and she can go for IVF… Kunal say for a moment I lost my life… Mouli tease him and they enjoy.. Kunal kiss her forehead and goes, while Mouli get teary eyes.

Ishaan imagine his and Mouli marriage celebrations in dreams and see Kunal. He wake up and think dream and realities are like Land and sky which not meet easily and if look like they will meet at highest point, still they are very far.

Kunal think is Mouli doesn’t love me any more or I am overthinking. Mouli is crying thinking about past and present..

In morning Mouli feel sorry about addressing Ishaan as Kunal. Radhika and Dida pacify her and ask her and ask to correct this mistake. Mouli hug dida and goes.. Dida ask radhika do you think its God’s wish that pari, misty, kunal and Mouli stay together? Radhika say I just know one thing that she needs and deserve happiness now, she had beared too much pain in life.. Dida say yes, but we fall in love once and if destiny want they meet again and again.. Mouli hear them..

Kunal think about Mouli and her lie. Mouli come and goes to get ready, when Kunal ask about, she divert topic and goes into washroom.. Kunal get suspious.. Mouli think I am cheating both Kunal and Ishaan, I need to find solution soon..

Ishaan think that how pari called dida, radhika, kunal, mouli, misty and ishaan as happy family.. He get call from Mouli, who ask him to meet at Mall near clinic. Ishaan try to avoid stating kids are alone, Mouli say she has sent parmila to look after them.

Mouli goes near flower shop and write message, kunal is following her. Ishaan is waiting for Mouli in coffee shop… Mouli is about to go when she is stoped by Kunal and he almost taunt her stating about her looks and occasion.

Precap: Ishaan happily meet Mouli, when Kunal interfere in their talk

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