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Kunal forbids Mauli touch him, he thought Ishaan had an eye over Mauli but then he noticed Mauli. The situation was even worse there. He questions Mauli if she isn’t hurt by hurting others. Ishaan intervenes and says Kunal can’t blame Mauli’s character, he doesn’t know the truth. Mauli forbids him say a word. Kunal laughs that two lovers haven’t been able to hear a single word against each other. Ishaan and Kunal have a face off. Kunal cries and asks Mauli why she went against him, he loves her so much; and then why she is betraying him. He now understands why she didn’t want him to start over the family planning. She introduced him to Ishaan’s children so that she can have a chance with Ishaan.
There at home, Dida asks Pandit ji not to take much time anymore. Pandit ji suggests that next Monday will be suitable. Dida was excited and calls on Kunal’s number. Kunal tells Dida and Radhika to take a seat, if they are standing. He tells them that Mauli is betraying all of them. She loves someone else. Dida and Mamma were shocked. Dida drops the thaal in her hand. Kunal says Mauli’s innocent face is fake, she has betrayed them all. He will return home, but not before he finds out how she cheated on him. He cuts the call. He now turns to Mauli and questions since when this all is going on. Mauli goes back to the days when Mauli uttered the same words. Mauli’s distress and heartbreak in the past also echo in Kunal’s mind. He asks Mauli how this all happened. He gets a head ache but doesn’t let Mauli closer. He wonders what’s happening. Mauli remembers the doctor’s advice that if ever Kunal begins to regain his memory; she must try and inquire him about it.
In the car, Pari was crying. She tells Mishti that her Buddy often took her to movie and shopping. She miss him, but it seems he will never love her again. Mishti hugs Pari and offers to go and meet her Buddy. They will ask Popsy to think of some idea and plan their meet up with her Buddy. She asks the driver to take them home.
Mauli tells Kunal he is right. She repeats Kunal’s past dialogues. She says she accepts she did wrong, but the truth is that they are no more the same. She reminds Kunal of Ganesh Chaturthi. She asks who was there with him then. Kunal tries to stress his mind, but the visions were vague. Mauli asks whose hand did he hold and danced with. Kunal gets blurred visions of Nandini. Ishaan tells Mauli to stop it. Kunal’s head ached badly, and he falls on the sofa. He wonders what’s happening to him and complains of severe headache. Mauli and Pari had reached home. Mauli asks Ishaan whom she should stay, then man she must love or the one she doesn’t love. She tells Kunal she will never lie to him. Pari and Mishti had reached the door and stops by, watching the drama inside. Kunal regains his memories of Nandini. He shouts at Mauli to stop it, how much she will lie to him. He complains that Mauli has always lied to him. She lied of being pregnant, how could she lie to him about it? He himself met that doctor. He asserts that Mauli wanted to save the relation that was already broken. Mauli asks why she would have lied to him. Kunal gets another vague memory of Nandini, confessing love for each other. Kunal says Nandini left him only because Mauli was pregnant. It was Mauli who lied. The recollections of Nandini were clearer, but Kunal faints on the couch.
Mauli cries watching him.

PRECAP: Ishaan tells Mauli that he believes she must give Kunal another chance. This time, he is asking her to leave him

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