Sitara 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chabeeli enters in Nethra’s body Written Episode

Sitara 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viraj and Sitara head towards the south gate. Sitara thinks she will find all her answers today.

Yamini and Nethra decide to go from the back gate.

Vrinda gets ready as the queen of Vishloka. Her sisters are also dressed beautifully. Vrinda asks her sisters if Sitara will recognize her. They are positive Sitara will hug her as soon as she will see her. She has felt it that you are her mother.

Viraj is shocked to see the way. It is inside our palace yet I am unaware of this place. They resume walking further. Nethra and Yamini are following them while also maintaining a safer distance. First mystery door opens itself surprising Sitara and Viraj. The same thing happens with the next doors. Viraj is holding Sitara’s hand tightly. They walk past many doors which open magically.

Vrinda says my daughter is here.

Sitara wonders why that lady called her her daughter. Why did Baba say that you all are fooling me? I will get all my answers today! They step inside Vishloka. It is lit up and Vrinda and her sisters are nowhere to be seen. Viraj asks her what kind of a place is this. She says it is this place only. Those women were right here but where are they now?

Rajguru and Kuldeep peek at them. Rajguru says I was sure Sitara and Viraj will come here to check on Vrinda and her sisters so I created this sham. Kuldeep asks him how the doors opened automatically. Rajguru shares that Sitara powers at her peak. She is more powerful than all the other Vishkanya’s present here which is why the doors opened automatically for her.

Vrinda calls out to Sitara. Sitara asks Viraj if he heard the voice. He denies. Vrinda keeps calling out to Sitara. That room is a magical mirror. I am right here. Come to me. Sitara is in tears. I couldn’t find my answers today too. Viraj hugs her so as to comfort her. Maybe Rajguru got them arrested or sent them somewhere else. We should also go. We will be in trouble if someone catches us. She nods. Vrinda shouts at Sitara to turn and come to her. I am right here. Don’t leave. Vrinda and her sisters look on helplessly as Sitara leaves with Viraj. Rajguru and Kuldeep walk away as well. Yamini and Nethra get inside the Vishloka.

Vishkanya’s realise that 2 people have come here from the Vishloka. Vrinda creates a storm and pushes it towards Nethra and Yamini. Chabeeli uses her powers and captures Nethra. Nethra disappears and reappears before Yamini. Yamini asks her if she is fine. Nethra mumbles that she is fine but it is Chabeeli who will go outside with you

Vrinda tells Chabeeli to take their revenge. It isn’t just about Kalindi Didi now but also about our Sitara. Chabeeli has gone out of Vishloka by entering in Nethra. We will fulfil our mission through her now. She will bring the keys for all these 7 doors and free us! Gyanendra will come here tomorrow for his monthly round. He shouldn’t know that Chabeeli isn’t around. We can use our powers to make it happen. They direct their energies at Chabeeli’s body because of which Chabeeli opens her eyes.

Next morning, Sitara meets Rani Sa. Rani Sa tells her that Viraj’s wedding is due in 7 days. Sitara is taken aback. Rani Sa says they look good together but Viraj’s behaviour has changed since last few days. He neither spends time with Nethra nor does he care about her. On the other hand, Nethra is very possessive about him. It will be a problem in future if things will continue like this. It will be great if you can talk to Viraj from a girl’s perspective and make him understand. I am sure he will understand your point. Sitara agrees to talk to Viraj.

Viraj is working. Nethra / Chabeeli stares at him. I feel like killing you right away to take my Didi’s revenge. She leans closer when Vrinda tells her not to mess up things for them. Nethra will be blamed if you kill Viraj right now.

Viraj is surprised to see Nethra. When did you come? She says just now. I was missing you. She puts her arms around his shoulders. He takes them down saying someone might come. It will get weird. She says I am a girl yet you are feeling shy. I have to accept it as I am going to be your wife. We will be married soon. Sitara looks on. Chabeeli looks at her for a brief moment and then walks out of the room.

Vrinda and her sisters are positive that Chabeeli will manage everything there. We have to fool Gyanendra when he will come here.

Sitara asks Viraj why he was acting so strange with Nethra. You seem to be upset / distant from her. Did you both have a fight? He denies. There is something weird. Everything was fine earlier but her possessive nature irritates me. She tells him he does not understand girls. She calls them complicated. She sits down to explain everything. Nethra was nowhere at fault over what happened in my birthday. you are going to marry her but you lied to her and were celebrating my birthday. It is natural to feel bad. He asks her to become his Love Guru as she has so much knowledge about women. She says how I can be your Love Guru. I have never fallen in love. He looks at her. You are aware of the feelings atleast. She says it isn’t enough. He tells her not to make excuses. You can simply say no if you don’t wish to help. She agrees to help but asks him to follow her instructions without any questions. He willingly agrees.

Rajguru comes to Vishloka. He strengthens the wall of mantras around them but is confused to see them so silent. They seem so tensed and afraid. He looks at Chabeeli intently. Why does she look like some statue today? Vrinda smiles seeing him leave but he turns around without a warning and attacks Chabeeli. Surili holds her. Rajguru asks Vrinda to tell him where Chabeeli’s soul is. I will destroy her body otherwise. She tells him against it. Her soul has entered in someone’s soul in the royal palace. She is roaming freely in your royal palace!

Precap: Viraj and Sitara dance on a song. She goes down on her knee and holds out a rose towards him as she says I love you to him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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