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Vrinda remarks that Sitara has offered her revenge to her in a plate. She has done very wrong! Now even God cannot save these Rajvanshi’s from me! Sitara enters just then and stands between the Vishkanya’s and Rajvanshi’s. Sitara and Vrinda are fighting. Vrinda’s sisters look on helplessly. Sitara asks her mother why she is compelling her to kill her mother. Vrinda asks her if she is threatening her mother. Sitara tells her not to insult a mother by calling herself mother. She pushes Vrinda who gets hurt. She shouts in pain. Sitara manages to defeat them and they disappear.

Vrinda is unhappy with the path that Sitara has chosen for herself. She is only following Kuldeep and his ideals blindly. She is ready to hurt us just to follow whatever her Baba tells her. Chabeeli tries to clean the blood off her sister’s head but Vrinda tells her against it. The pain given by loved ones hurt more than anything else. It is time I will teach a lesson to Sitara and Kuldeep. If she cannot respect our relation then from now onwards I too will forget it. She does her tilak with her blood. I swear upon Mahamata, this time Sitara will lose her relation with me and the lives of all the members of royal family.

Next morning, a servant gives a box to Viraj. He opens the box and looks at the rings. There is a ring inside which is identical to the one he already has (for Nethra). His sister hugs him and asks about the ring. He tries to avert the topic but she insists upon knowing. No one gifts a solitaire to someone without any reason! Viraj makes her promise she wont tell anyone. She agrees. He shares that it is for Sitara. She reminds him he is to marry Nethra. Viraj reasons that he isn’t yet married to her. I have tried a lot but I cannot feel this way for Nethra. I feel very differently for Sitara. I think I am in love with Sitara. By marrying Sitara, I will actually save Nethra’s life. Even his sister admits she likes Sitara more than Nethra. He smiles. I am going to propose Sitara now. Bring her to a particular room. She is hesitant but he insists so she agrees.

Vrinda and her sisters offer their prayers to Mahamata. She cuts their palms using a dagger. A snake appears from Mahamata’s feet and sucks their blood. Mahamata comes to life.

Sitara comes to that room and finds it beautifully decorated. Why is it decorated? Why did Padmini call me here? Viraj smiles looking at her from far.

Vrinda and her sisters greet Mahamata. She blesses them.

Sitara calls out to Padmini but gets no response. She turns to go when a song starts playing. She walks further inside the room. There are cut outs of Viraj and Sitara. She wonders who is humming this song. Who is there? Viraj is strumming guitar and singing Tune Mujhe Pehchana Nahi. Sitara smiles looking at the cut outs. Viraj holds her just when she is about to fall. They share an eye lock. He keeps his finger over her lips as she starts talking. I have lived my life as per time table. I have planned everything appropriately but freshness has come in my life since you came in my life. You are the exciting part of the life which I thought to be boring. I thought I have started living only now. He holds her hand. I understood the true meaning of friendship and love after you became a part of my life. Nethra is a good girl. I said yes for this alliance myself but back then I dint know I will forget everything after falling for a girl named Sitara. It is better to hurt Nethra a little now than hurting her for an entire lifetime. Till now I had only read that love is magical but you have actually made my life magical. This love has become the basis of my life. I am because of you. I have no existence without you. I love you Sitara! She is overwhelmed. He proposes her for marriage. She smiles broadly. They share a hug. Vrinda’s words suddenly echo in Sitara’s head. She recalls being a Vishkanya. Viraj tells Sitara he cannot live without her. I want to see you every day. I love you very much. Sitara thinks his love will turn into hatred the day he will find out her trust. We cannot be together. She withdraws her hands and steps back startling Viraj. She walks out from there. He calls out after her but she does not stop.

Precap: Viraj confesses his love to Sitara. She is standing in shade. Viraj says I only love you. Will you marry me? He bends down on his knees holding a ring in his hand. Lights come on and he notices Nethra standing there instead. Vrinda stabs Sitara in her back using some stick.

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