Spoilers 10th February 2019 Written Episode

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Ilaychi exposes Phutri’s truth to everyone. She tells Murari that Phutri and her dad are big fraud. She reveals how they were blackmailing Pancham and demanding money from him. She plays the smart move to trap the greedy people. Ilaychi succeeds to help Pancham. She also saves Murari’s money. Ilaychi gets Phutri arrested. Phutri reveals Pancham and Ilaychi’s love affair to Murari. Murari tells her that she trusts his daughter, Ilaychi can never like a guy like Pancham. He doesn’t believe Phutri.

Sitara: Sitara has turned revengeful. She wants to kill Viraj, whom she had loved before. Her love turns into hatred, when she learns that Viraj’s family has done injustice with Vrinda. Sitara fumes on the royal family. She has served them heartily before. She now conspires against them. Sitara attacks Viraj’s uncle, which makes him lose consciousness. The family worries for him. Viraj wants to find the attacker. Rajguru tries to help.

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