Spoilers 15th February 2019 Written Episode


Raghu kidnaps Dhanak and her family. He can’t take her rejection and hatred. He tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her, with or without her will. He forces his one sided love on her. He points gun at her, while she keeps a knife at his neck. Dhanak didn’t know she will be caught while attending Maya and Raghu’s marriage. Dhanak wanted to know about Maya’s claims. Raghu had planned everything to marry Dhanak. Raghu threatens to kill her dad, and forces her to marry. Raghu forcibly marries Dhanak.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Elena is in love with Arez. She wonders why is she developing feelings for Arez. Kabeer doesn’t want Elena to get married soon. He tells his family that once Elena finishes her studies, they will find a nice guy for her. Elena had broken the unwanted relation with Sameer by the help of Arez. She gets worried when Kabeer gets against Arez as well. She wants the family to give their consent to Arez and her marriage. Zara promises Elena that she will set everything fine. She asks Elena to keep faith in her and not take any wrong step in haste.

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