Spoilers 22nd February 2019 Written Episode

Harman and Soumya try to get Soham from the couple who adopted him. She tells the couple that Soham is her child. She asks the couple not to dare snatch her child. She wants to get Soham back. She tells Harman that she will not let anyone take Surbhi’s last sign away. The rich couple also love Soham a lot. They refuse to give their adopted child to Soumya. Soumya struggles in her battle to get her child back.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika gets panicking when Puneesh puts Ved’s life in danger. She rushes to save her son’s life. She gets a huge shock when she finds Pankti and Sahil married. She faints down suddenly. Sahil gets worried for Vedika’s state. He rushes Pankti home. He wanted Vedika to express her love for him, by playing this marriage drama. Sahil didn’t marry Pankti, but just wanted to clear Vedika’s misunderstanding.

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